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March 28, 2015:

Kitty comes to the NYPD lab to talk to Barry about his secret

NYPD Plaza


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The cells look like Fruit Loops if Fruit Loops were all red. They clump onto one another at odd angles and as Barry Allen moves back away from the microscope he grabs a pencil and a piece of paper. His teeth chomp down lightly upon his lip as sits deep in thought, wondering idly.

His concentration breaks when the office phone rings its sterile tone. "Allen," he says with a slightly cheerful tone. "A guest? Sure, send them up." He probably would have asked who it was if he hadn't been so deep in thought. Had it been anyone other than Katherine Pryde, he probably would not have been a big deal.

But it is Katherine Pryde.

And said Katherine Pryde is now at his doorway. The young mutant knocks hesitantly at the door, then she peeks about the doorframe. Her face is creased in anticipation and worry. A hand clutches at the strap of her messenger bag. For once, she has left Lockheed at home, expecting that his absence may make this visit easier. She barely knows the man she's visiting, and yet she feels the need to see him, to talk about what happened.

"Barry?" Her voice is a bit higher pitched in it's question. She's trying to be as normal as possible, to let him take the reins of how this plays out: giving him options. But, it's already clear that she has something to say to him. This visit is certainly not just of the friendly 'how are you doing' variety.

"It's, uh, Kitty. Kitty Pryde? I'm not sure if you remember me. I kicked you in the head at a Knicks game."

Barry turns around, perhaps sharper than he means to as the mentioning of Kitty's name tears his concentration away from his notepad. "Hi, uh, Kitty. Yes, I of…I mean, of course I remember you. What's happening?"

Something weird is going on with the face of the man from Central City. He twitches just a bit, almost as if he has a nervous tick. Or if something is very wrong. Or if the person in front of him knows that he is the superhero known as the Flash who can run at incredible speeds.

"How are you?" he adds, without giving her the opportunity to respond to his earlier question which was pretty much like totally the same.

Of course he remembers her. And he was worried that maybe she told her friend Bobby Drake about him, and there was that whole thing at the coffee store that he got through alive. Hopefully this time he'd be as lucky.

Kitty slips into the office, noting the strange expression on the face of the man she now knows to be the Flash. She attempts to alleviate his nerves as best she can by smiling. She knows a thing or two about secret identities and how important it can be to keep them secret.

As he's stammering out a greeting, she shuts the door quietly behind her. She turns, a hand resting on the doorknob. It's her best attempt to ensure he doesn't feel crowded and that unless someone presses their ear against the door the conversation will remain between the two of them. At the second question, the smile turns into a bit of a grin. "I'm fine. I just wanted to stop by. You know, see how you were doing." It's awkward to try and figure out the best way to say that his secret's safe with her without just blurting it out and proving she may not be trustworthy.

"So, how are you?"

Almost reflexively, Barry's heels dig into the tiles and he rolls himself back closer to his desk by about six inches. Neat eyebrows knit closer together as he is clearly confused by her presence, but all the same the demeanor of his voice comes across as chipper.

"Me? I'm pretty good," he says gaining some ground. "Busy with work. All that stuff. You know." His head tilts to the side, "What about you?"

It's hard to miss Barry's sudden push backward. At that, Kitty can't help but give a soft laugh, "I'm not here to kill you or anything." Though, maybe, that's not what he's worried about. "You already asked me how I was and what I've been up to," she reminds him gently. Realizing that this is dragging out a bit longer than it really needs to and that she's dancing around the topic at hand, she leans against the door, crossing her arms in front of her.

"But, uh, you know, I hadn't seen you since that Planet of the Apes thing and I wanted to check in." It's her best way of saying, 'Hey I saw you as the Flash' without coming right out and saying it.

"Well," Barry says with a wry grin, "I'm not sure if you're able to reach through my skull and pull out my brain. I haven't had a good enough look at your powers in action yet." It's a clear counter and perhaps a 'if you tell on me I'll tell on you.' Or maybe it's just not in Barry's nature to save and hold that information.

And from there he sort of lets everything out on the table, "Does Drake know?" It had been bugging him intensely when he met Bobby, and he figures if he asks a straight up question he'll get a straight up answer.

For a moment, Kitty studies Barry, trying to figure out what he means. Then, she remembers the second speedster at the Knicks game. Bobby had called him the Flash, then. "I mean, theoretically? I might be able to. Not something I've really tried to experiment with." That's clearly not a threat, more of a continuation of the sort of thing she can or cannot do. He's the one that brought it up, of course.

Not realizing that Barry is actually asking ifs he told Bobby about his own powers, a confused expression crosses her face. "About what I can do? Yeah, of course. Though, he's never brought up the possibility of a mutant lobotomy."

"I mean about me. Cisco knows—I didn't really realize that you and I would keep running into each other after I found out about you during the Knicks game." Barry tilts his head, "Cisco is sort of one of my allies. He made my suit, and makes most of my tech."

After a pause, he goes right after it again. "Bobby is a part of a group that prides itself on being open to the public. But you're not part of that group."

"Oh! No, he doesn't. I mean, if he does, he didn't get the information from me. I haven't told anyone. I wanted to talk to you first." Kitty lets her arms fall and takes a step away from the door. "Bobby's group prides itself on being open about their own powers and what they can do. He'd never intentionally unmask anyone else unless he had their permission." Since they do work with the more secretive branches of the X-Teams, that would get a bit awkward if they told everyone everything they knew.

As for Cisco, she nods, a frown now forming. "I was going to ask. I figured since he was there, he probably knew, too. And, no, what I can do isn't a public thing. I'd really appreciate it if you both didn't tell anyone else."

She glances around the the office, taking it in for the first time, really. "It's a small world, I guess. Are you a mutant, too?"

Barry shakes his head, "I won't tell anyone. And either will Cisco. In our years together we have come across quite a few of us. And we don't want to make things any harder on those we might consider allies someday."

Barry folds his thin arms over his body and shakes his head. "No, I'm not a mutant. What happened to me was a lab accident back when I lived in Central City. All of the powers, none of the secret society—liberal cool factor."

At his assurance, Kitty smiles. "Thanks, I appreciate it. And your secret is safe with me. Like you said, future allies, red suits, the possibility to test out that cool tech you were mentioning Cisco makes for you, you know, all that sort of trust stuff." Now that the important and sobering discussion is out in the open, she's returning to her more casual conversational mode.

"Lab accident?" The idea wrinkles her nose. "I'm sorry. Though, is that really the right sort of thing to say? Sorry? I mean, I'm sorry you were in an accident, but you seem to be very comfortable with what you can do." Unlike many mutants who suddenly get their powers and wish only to be rid of them and the stigma that can come with it.

Barry nods to Kitty in response, "Honestly it's something you get used to. I've been running around with Cisco and a couple of other friends of mine for a couple of years. Because it isn't something that's incredibly noticeable and because it isn't something where it has negatively affected someone I love, I haven't really felt the bad parts that come with. There are a lot of mutants out there who have had a rough time accepting their powers for a whole host of reasons. How they lookthe danger of their powersthat sort of thing. To complain about it would be disingenuous and sort of a slap in the face to those people. Frankly, I love being the Flash."

"Yeah. I know what you mean. I've been able to phase through objects since I was twelve. I love what I can do, but, I also know people whose mutations have made it hard for them to live their lives." It's something she and Hank have talked about before. "It's been so much easier for me to have a mutation that didn't manifest physically and isn't outwardly aggressive. I guess they'd still worry about me walking into banks or something, but for the most part, people don't usually see me and think 'monster' or 'dangerous.'" Which is something that other mutants do have to deal with.

As for it affecting the people she loves, she shrugs, not dwelling on that part of the discussion. That's not something she's really up to discussing right now. Instead, she just says with a small smile, "It's good to be comfortable with yourself."

Barry laughs, "I didn't say anything about being comfortable with myself, just comfortable with my powers. I'm not sure any of us are comfortable with ourselves. If we are, we're either narcissistic or naive."

"The stuff at the Knicks game and the Gorillas. You do that sort of thing a lot?"

"Fine, with your powers, then. Even that can be difficult." Kitty grins and moves to grab a chair or something else to sit on. "It took me years for to do that." And she's still learning. "Or, very self assured." That may be the same thing as narcissistic, but she's going to count it as different.

"Well, not a lot. But, if someone's in trouble and I can help them, then, I'm going to help. What about you? Having allies, a suit, tech. Makes it sound like you do that sort of thing as more than just a hobby."

Barry nods, "It started out just as a way for us to find out more about my powers. There was a feeling, at least at the beginning, that what happened to me could be a big deal scientifically. That maybe it was an answer of some sort. Anways, once we got a taste of going out and helping people, none of us really wanted to stop. And it's been like that ever since."

Kitty knows a little something about that. "Sounds familiar. Though, I was far less organized about it." Perching her chin on her hands, she tilts her head just slightly. "So, are you? A big deal scientifically, that is. I mean, if they could recreate what happened to you, then that means that they could effectively give people powers." By the tone of her voice, she's not sure if that sounds like a good thing or not. "You could be like the Alexander Graham Bell of scientifically given powers."

"I mean, I guess so? We basically came to the conclusion that the chances of it ever happening again are pretty much zero. And then it happened again. So, I really have no clue, to be honest. It's something we like poking into, because we all love science. But really we only have more questions than answers." Barry shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head.

"Listen, if this is something you go out and do—I mean helping people. You can always call me if you need a hand."

"Huh." Kitty's asking these questions because it genuinely interests her. She doesn't know as much about science as some of the other X-Men, but how they became how they are is still fascinating to her. "I wish I knew more about that sort of thing. I'm more of a computer girl. I talk to other people who have studied mutants and I love hearing about it. But, then, they tend to be very cautious. It's one thing to study mutants, but it then turns into how to either eradicate us or warp us even further." In other words, a slippery slope.

At the offer, the young mutant smiles warmly at Barry, sitting up straighter. "Thanks, I appreciate that. I will. And if you ever need my help, let me know. Though, obviously, it'll take me a lot longer to get to where ever you need me, so just keep that in mind."

Barry chuckles and turns his head slightly, almost in a fake peer towards Kitty, "You know, you and Cisco really do have a lot in common. He's big into computers too." Barry shrugs his shoulders as if to say he's already had this conversation with her, and she's not biting. Too bad, though. Barry thinks Cisco is the bees knees.

"Yeah it might take a while, but I think you'd be pretty good in a jam. I mean, that trick in getting out of that mind control was pretty cool."

The fake peer gets a laugh from Kitty and she puts up her hands. "I'm sure we do. You know, he should sit down with my other computer friend, Doug. We could all have a LAN party." She's not the type to be pushed together with someone else, but she's always glad to have more friends with similar interests.

"I like to think so," she grins. "When I'm phased, mind control doesn't work on me. Something about it not being able to actually connect with my brain, I guess. It comes in handy. I wasn't even trying to get out of being mind controlled. Phasing is just kind of my default defense mechanism, so when I did that I saw what was actually happening. Being able to get anywhere in just about a split second's pretty great. Your power is pretty defensive, too, honestly. I imagine it's impossible for anyone to hit you with anything."

Barry nods, "It's nice because it gives me the opportunity to think a lot of times. Time, as relative as it is, always seems like it's at a premium when things get crazy. But I've been hit. Quite a few times, really. Always in a new way."

Barry chuckles, "I'll let him know. I'm not much of a gamer, to be honest, so I'm not even really sure what you're talking about. But I'll pass on the message."

"There have been many times when I wished I had more of it," Kitty replies to Barry with almost a sad half smile. Her tone is still bright, though, and she keeps talking. "Yeah. I've been hit before, too. It's always a surprise, since I'm normally impervious to that sort of thing. Not so much because of the time factor, but the physical one."

Thinking of that, she tilts her head, grinning. "You know. I bet if you run while I phased the both of us, you could run right through buildings and people. You'd be able to go in a straight line right to where ever you needed to go."

Barry's eyebrows pop up in mild shock; he's never thought of that. In fact, if anything, he has been sort of inefficient in the use of his powers. That inefficiency had always been a critique against him, and there was some validity towards it.

"What I'm going to ask is immediately going to become offensive, but it's for scientific purposes only. When you phase, what happens to your mass? Mine, at least philosophically, is supposed to increase as I go faster and faster, but for some reason there has never been any change. So either something weird is going on with the physics, or Einstein was wrong."

He's also had less time to think about the application of his powers than Kitty has. For the past ten years, she's studied them and used them in multiple different ways. Plus, working with other people who have different powers makes her always think of how her ability can be used with others.

Kitty's own eyebrow raises, but she only laughs at what he may think is an offensive question. "I feel similarly. Technically, I should be lighter. I've used it to walk on air before. I don't float or anything, but I am able to control my power to kind of make steps. But, when I've phased other people and I'm helping them up or they're helping me, it doesn't feel like any weight is lost. A magician I know said I must just slip between the planes."

Barry scratches at the side of his face with his fingernail as he thinks, "Well either way, that could be pretty useful someday. We should test that out sometimes. Preferably when Cisco isn't watching because I'm pretty sure he'd die of a broken heart. Either that, or he'd think it was awesome. I'm not sure which."

"I'm always up for trying new things. Practice makes perfect and all that. And I'm sure Cisco will be fine with us trying out running with phasing in the name of science. Nothing to be heartbroken over." Kitty grins. "Most of what I've done to try and work with my powers is a lot of trial and error. Nothing much sciency."

"You're probably right. If you want, I can set something up with Cisco and Caitlin," Barry sits forward and folds his hands as he props himself up on his elbows. "It might be fun to get out there on a track and see what happens." A good old fashioned science experiment—they haven't done that since the crew was based in Central.

"Is there a track long enough for you? Or do you just run around in circles? I'd imagine it'd get worn down pretty quickly if that was the case." It's always nice to get out of Xavier's every once in awhile and working on her powers is possibly the best way to do that. "I think I'd just prefer it to be you and Cisco, to be honest. The less people know about me, the better." She's sure that this Caitlin person is nice enough if she's with Barry's team, but she doesn't know her.

"Well," Barry says as he mock-winces. "We're sort of a team us three. All for one and one for all, so to speak." He slow-shakes his head, "I'm not sure she'd be too thrilled about missing out, to be honest."

Kitty frowns at that, though not because she has anything against the woman she doesn't know. Her only set back is that she doesn't know her. There's not much she can do about Barry and Cisco knowing about her, but willingly starting to let people know is a different matter. "I mean, for anything else I'd be fine with it. But, too many people knowing about me starts to bring up questions and scrutiny. Not that one more person necessarily means that'll happen, but I've got more than just myself to think about. I'd…I'd have to talk to someone about that."

Barry nods, "I understand. It's not something I want to make you feel uncomfortable about. At the same time, Caitlin and I have been through a lot together. Keeping something from her would feel wrong."

"No, I understand that, too." And Kitty certainly doesn't sound like she's annoyed at Barry's insistence at including Caitlin. Instead, she's more wary of the consequences. "So, we'll table that for the moment. I'll talk it through with who I have to. We've just grown a little…skittish. We've seen a bit too much of people using science to try and either 'cure' us or use us as weapons." It's a sobering thought, but she says it mostly with resignation and a shrug.

After a pause, she shakes her head and gives Barry a smile, "Either way, I'm sure just the two of us seeing if it works would be fine, too. And, of course, we can just hang out without all the speeding and phasing and science."

"Yeah, we could do that. I think if I put it to Cisco that way, he'd understand," Barry says with a nod. "Yeah, hanging out would be pretty cool. Aside from those two I can count my friends on one of my hands. Kind of weird in a town this big—I thought things would have gone better."

Kitty gives Barry a smile. "It's always hard when you first move here. I was lucky with going to a private school filled with people my own age. I can only imagine having to move here without knowing anyone. I'll introduce you to some of the people I know: I'm sure you'd get along with a lot of them." And one of them is another speedster. It'd be interesting to see the two of them interact. "You think with this many people it'd be easier, but it's actually harder, because you don't know how to meet everyone. You never know who you'll kick in the back of the head to make friends with. Though, I would not recommend that as a go to move."

"Hey, the more the merrier," Barry says with a grin. "And I've been hit in the head quite a few times. More since I've gotten my powers. This is the first time I've ever had it make me any friends. Hit me up when you want to go terrorize a ghost town with my powers and we'll do it up Central City style."

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