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April 26, 2015:

Clark and Lois talk about Kara.

Clark's Apartment

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It certainly has been a while since Lois had been back to Metropolis. To say that is. To actually live. She's been there off and on, chasing a few leads as investigative reporters do, stopping by Clark's apartment to clean, shower, probably take undisturbed sleeps where the sirens weren't too loud and the air was too thick. By now, from staying in Gotham, she had probably developed a smokers cough, and that's not due to the occasional cigarette one would have if they chose to smoke.

But, she was here and back again, throwing it all back to the crow with a steak that was being fried with eggs that she probably wouldn't eat. It usually happens that way over a good meal, food being associated with a Great Idea (tm) and left untouched to grow old and rotten because she had forgotten to clean it up. Whoops! But either way, she was there, on the couch, food upon the coffee table, reading a Cosmo magazine and.. well, smirking.

Who would have thought the way to a mans heart was his CENSORED?

Clark strides out of his bedroom, black hair still wet from his shower, wearing an opened crisp white dress shirt with a red tie slung over his shoulder. He also wears a pair of charcoal pair of pants and black socks. A look to the wall lets him know how much time he has as he reaches for his glasses.

"What good advice does Cosmo have for you today?" he says to Lois with a grin while he reaches for a pear from his bowl of fruit on the bar.

"Mm? Oh. This."

She holds up the magazine so that he could see, yet still keeping it within her line of sight. There was really no need for her to toss it towards him, though there were times she -has- been tempted to poke him with a fork just to watch it bend. One of the fun liberties she thinks for herself to keep her mind occupied when there was nothing to do.

"No no no, put that down." The magazine was soon dropped into her lap as she points towards the breakfast foods upon the table, it was still steaming somewhat, but could have used a little bit of heating. "I'm not hungry. Don't want to waste." Budgeting, folks!

Though, there was a look of confusion, the magazine a current primary for now. So as she looks back towards him, he could possibly see and predict what she's about to ask. "Heey.. Clark. Do you.." Insert waggle of ze brow here.

Clark shrugs, figuring he can eat both. He takes a seat next to her and reaches for the food. "Do I what, Lois?" Clark digs into the steak, "Nice work, Lane." He munches thoughtfully, completely oblivious to what she means; the whole Kara thing and what's going on with the Justice League has had him distracted. While most of the fallout has been on others, it hurts him to see his friends in pain.

Lois tilts her head a little to the side, making a bit of room for him to sit and eat, her lips twisting up in mild thought. Clark was usually sharp.. but today?

"Thanks." The magazine was folded and tossed upon the coffee table, her body slipping close so that she could lay her arm along the back of the couch where he sat. She didn't mean to stare, but she really couldn't help it. "Out with it." It wasn't demanding, just a gentle prying.

"It's just the usual," he says absently while pulling her into a hug under his arm. "I can't help but feel like things are slipping away. Like everything that my friends have worked for is going to go down the toilet, and that people are going to turn on us." Clark sighs, "And then there's the whole thing about Kara killing thousands of enemies."

Lois draws her arm from the back of the couch to lean into that absent hug, even though she was twisted awkwardly, she made it work for the sake of this discussion. "Everyone always turns against something, Smallville. Look at your track record. Look at -anyones- track record of when they decide to do something good for the betterment of their city, community, what have you. There's always going to be someone to challenge an idea or a single thought. It's just history that repeats itself."

She does wince about the situation with Kara, chewing upon her lower lip as she draws in a slight breath to release with a sigh. "Have you spoken with her? Extensively?"

Clark nods sadly, "We did talk. And she's remorseful, but it's just…" He gives a heavy sigh; his large body rises and falls. "I guess it's just that she's not as reticent as I thought she'd be. It seems like she's more upset that people are upset about it. Not about what she actually did. She still seems to think it was the right choice."

"Sacrifice the lives of a few to save the lives of the many." Lois winces at that remark. "Sounds like something my Dad would say." She clenches her jaw just a little, then sighs. "I don't know how to feel about this all. As reporters, we're forced to understand both sides of the coin and leave our personal views out of the mix. But this.." She waves her hand a little. "Hits too close to home. Tell me how you feel about it. Everything. Lay it on the table Blue Eyes, if you bottle, you won't be able to function and help her properly." She mutters then.. "If you even want to help her at all."

Clark pulls away a bit and looks at Lois with a twinge of incredulity, "Are you saying I wouldn't want to help my own cousin?" Given his history of being the only Kryptonian he knew his entire life, the comment stings. "I'd give anything for her. She's my family."

"The real question is, do you?" She looks towards him with a solid tilt. "Because it's going to take a lot of time, change doesn't happen over night and you just can't.. can't bottle up how you /really/ feel about the situation." She shifts away from him to face him, legs folded indian-style, hands upon her knees.

"So give it to me. Your anger, your disappointment, your rejection… you may be Superman, but your heart is pure human." There was a little pause. "Just.. don't start swearing. That would be weird."

"How I feel?" Clark shrugs his shoulders sadly. "I feel like my cousin murdered thousands of people who deserved POW status. I believe she could have cut the engines, breached the hull, or dismantled their weapons systems. I feel like she could have done one of a thousand things, but chose not to. She chose to kill those people."

"And I don't understand it. I don't understand how, or why. I don't know where to go from here, and I haven't even talked to my parents because I don't really want to face them. And, like I said, I just thought she'd feel worse about it."

Lois listens as she usually does, reaching out to take his hand to pull it against her knee, holding tight as a show of support. "Disappointment, confusion.." She echoes quietly, giving a slow nod of her head. "Do you remember when you came to me about Batman.. expressed the same feelings of him leaving the League? Now I'm not saying that you need to understand what she's done, because I can't quite possibly imagine what it's like to be put into your position, and hers, and all of the heroes on a day to day basis but.."

"..Call your mother. Forgive Kara. And teach her."

"Just let it slide, huh?" Clark stands up, and puts the plate to the side as he begins to button his shirt up. "Forgiving Kara is easy to say, harder to do. We have an understanding on the league, Lois. We don't kill people. Especially if there's another way. She didn't just kill one person. She didn't just kill a few people. She killed many, many people. We operate with a tacit acknowledgement from the people. They know our awesome power and they trust us, they trust us because they know that we will do the right thing. But not anymore."

"I can't just flippantly wash it away."

Lois shakes her head, drawing her hands upright. "I didn't say that either." At this point, she was almost at a loss of what to say or do, it was all coming out wrong. "I'm not asking you to wash her sins away with just a simple act of forgiveness. And I don't want to press onto you about what I believe from a political and a legal standpoint. I'm just trying my best to advise your heart, everything else is your decision and the decision of the League alone of what to do with her."

"Well, tell me what you think," Clark says as he begins to fold his tie. It takes him several times before he gets the initial length correct, perhaps because he's thinking more about Kara.

"Doomsday himself came here. He nearly killed me. And I would never have killed him. Much less a HYDRA vessel that I could have rendered inoperable in about 12 seconds."

"I had a feeling you'd ask me that." Lois states, she didn't sound too happy about it either. She pushes herself from the couch, drawing the plate from the surface of the table as well as the magazine which was soon dumped into the trash. Cosmo sucks. Great clothing shots, though!

"Clark.." She starts, then lets out a little huff. ".. I …" For once, she was absolutely tongue tied. "For the sake of our relationship.. I.." There was clear hesitation there. Not because of her being afraid of the Kryptonian, which she wasn't, but she didn't want to hurt his feelings. "..think that we need to .." She lets out a huff.

"For fucks sake Smallville, I can't answer this question without hurting you."

Clark looks back over his shoulder towards Lois with a raised eyebrow. There were a lot of things he expected her to say, even some that might have disagreed with his point of view, but that was certainly not one of them.

"For the sake of our relationship?"

"What are you saying?"

Lois draws her hands up to her temple, her eyes closing. "I'm saying that.. I believe that she should be tried for her crimes and be held accountable. I'm saying that she's frightened a lot of people and that fear is being projected onto you, onto your teammates, I'm saying that I think.. and I don't know if I believe this or not, that she needs to not be out -there- helping and reigned in or the chord cut before something like this happens again."

"And I'm saying that by me saying this, and feeling it, you may believe that I'm not on your side and the very thoughts you've always had for me will change because of this."

Clark shakes his head before looking back into the mirror on his wall where he can see her in the reflection. Finally get gets his tie straight and bends down the creases of the white collar into place.

"Lois, I'm pretty sure I feel the same way. That's what I'm struggling with. What's more important? Your family or what you believe in? I think I know the answer, but I'm having trouble being honest with myself."


"A man who is on the same page as me? Lucky girl.." The offhanded comment served to ease her nerves, her hand dropping as she approaches him from the back, smoothing out the wrinkles and lines upon his shirt. "I.. practically cut off my father for you. Before I even knew the real you. So what does that say? It says, that none of this will be easy from here on out. That this all just may get a little worse, but you have to believe that there's a light at the end of the tunnel." She smiles a little, even if he couldn't see it.

"Eventually, you're going to have to figure it out. Not today, not tomorrow.. but, I think you're due for a trip home. Stay with your parents for a while. Have dinner.. laugh.. love.. talk. It'll all be clearer for you then." She shrugs her shoulders. "And just know that whatever you decide? No matter how bad? You can always come home to me and I'll sing you that Enrique Iglaces 'Hero' song in that voice that grates on your nerves." There was a beat in the joke, a little pause. "I got your back, Smallville."

Clark leans in to give her a quick kiss. "You had me at my hatred of Enrique Iglesias."

He reaches down to pull the collar of his sport coat and lift it up. He shrugs into it and straightens it out via the shoulders.

And just when he's about ready he messes up his hair to look more Clark than Superman.

"You coming back soon? I think Cat Grant is struggling having no one to fight with.

Quick kiss returned easily, which brings a brightened smile to her face. Though, the messing of his hair gives her a quick roll of the eyes, her fingers pointing down towards his shoes to wiggle back and forth. "Don't forget to untie your laces, don't want to look too put together." She was teasing.

"Meh. In about another month or so. There's something weird going down in the tri-city area that I want to take another crack at. Nothing huge. Dinner tomorrow night? Found one of those new side shops in Suicide Slums that makes a really, really mean burrito."

"See? You don't need to read Cosmo. You know everything about men already."

Clark gives her a wink and leans in for a longer kiss this time before pulling away and preparing for work. "Stay safe, uncover lots," he says as a normal goodbye. "And call if you need anything. I can be there quick."

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