Back In The Fold

December 29, 2014:

Rogue finds her way back to the X-Mansion and meets up with Calvin (Mimic) and catches up on what's new with the X-Types, as well as letting him know what she's found out recently.

Xavier's Mansion - Westchester, NYC


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Fade In…

The sky is just beginning to turn dark as dusk begins to envelope New York City, but even with the evening threatening the last of the light, there's still enough to see movement coming up the long driveway of the Mansion. And while it's normally cars and cabs that are seen coming up the driveway today it's something a little different, as Rogue simply hoofs it by foot along the road. Sure, she could have taken a cab, but this gives her a little time to settle her thoughts as she approaches the stately manor.

It's as she reaches the steps that she'll say to herself, "Well, still standin'. That’s a good thing." Over one shoulder is a beat up brown duffel bag, dusty from travel and obviously well worn from use.

Some of the school's security is obvious such as all the cameras the keep watch on the perimeter and the gates. Some is much less so but they're always monitored. Visitors, especially unexpected ones, are run through a recognition program and, in the case of Rogue, identified and allowed to pass without challenge. But as she was away for a while, her return is passed on. "You or the mansion?" Cal asks as he opens the door. "Welcome back. Should I ask if everything is all right or was it just time to return?"

While Rogue shouldn't be surprised that she was flagged via the security for the Mansion, there's still a flicker of that emotion on her face when the door opens seemingly on its own. At the sight of Calvin an easy enough smile lifts the corners of her mouth upward. His first question is meant with a good-natured shake of her head, as she says, "Ah suppose Ah could say both? Good t'be standin', but also good seeing the Mansion in one piece."

Before she steps into the foyer, Rogue is quick to kick any dirt off her shoes, before stepping in. As to Calvin's second question, Rogue's expression falls slightly, the southern belle stating, "A little bit of both, honestly. Ah got some disturbing news Ah thought Ah should bring t'the mansion, and that just gave me the kick in the pants to head on back. Not to mention it's nice to see some friendly faces." Her head will cock slightly to the side as she asks, "How've things been goin' here? And with you?"

"Mostly uneventful." Cal answers, waiting till Rogue is inside then closing the door behind her. "Which is to be cherished while it lasts. Something that might be ending soon from what you just said." He pauses to look Rogue over before asking "Is it something that needs to be discussed immediately or do you want to rest first? Your room is still your room."

"Good to hear." She says, at the mention of everything being uneventful. And then she's considering whether to drop the information now, or go upstairs and change out her dusty traveling clothes. "Ah should probably tell you the news now, while it's fresh in the head."

But before she says anything more about this 'news', she adds, "But Ah wouldn't mind going to the kitchen for a drink, before telling my story."

Her duffel bag will be lightly placed on the floor, with the bag half propped against one of the Foyer walls.

"And some food as well." Cal agrees, motioning Rogue to lead the way. When she sets her bag down, it disappears with a *BLINK* and flash of pink energy. "On your bed." he notes and heads for the kitchen.

"Sugar, now yer talking." The brown and white haired woman says at his mention of food. Perhaps something that goes well with a nice beer. When her bag disappears with a purple blink, Rogue once again shakes her head good-naturedly, "Show off." She says with easy humor, before she's leading the way into the kitchen. She may have been gone for months but it's clear that she still knows her way around the place. It's only when the two are in the kitchen that Rogue will finally drop the information that gave her that kick in the pants.

"During my travels Ah met up with a kid by the name of Nate Grey." She'll look towards Calvin and ask a rather rhetorical question, "Ain't his last name interesting?"

"You're not the first one to say so." Hank frequently questions Cal's casual use of his powers. "But why should we not use our abilities? Barring a bad example for the kids, of course." Getting them to not use their powers is more of a problem in some cases. "Grey? Not too uncommon a name but you wouldn't be bringing it up unless Jean was involved somehow."

It looks like Rogue is going for sandwich fixings, as she pulls a loaf of bread out, as well as some lunch meats, and mayo. Then she's rustling for plates and a knife, as well. At Calvin's mention of his casual use of his abilities a faint shadow crosses Rogue's features. Casual uses of her powers isn't what she would call fun, or for that matter setting a good example for the kids. It'd probably scare them. But she doesn't say anything to that particular statement of his, instead going with his mention of Jean. "Ah can't say for certain that Jean is involved, but the kid let it be know he was looking for Professor Xavier, Magneto and that he might have family within the X-Men." Once a plate is found, she'll set it upon the countertop, before throwing a questioning look towards Calvin. "Ah can make two if yer hungry?"

And while she waits for a yay or nay from Calvin concerning food, she continues with her tale. "Either way, Ah said Ah'd look into finding those people he's looking for, especially since he said he fell into some trouble a little bit ago and found some people creating power inhibitor collars which have some nasty side effects for those that wear 'em."

"He's looking for the Professor /and/ Magneto?" Cal asks though it's not really a question so much as repetition. He waves off the offer of a sandwich and goes to claim a table in the corner. It's late enough they have the room to themselves but that can always change without notice. "I've never known a Jean to have any siblings." he muses, which would be a decidedly odd way of putting it if one didn't know his history. "Nor any mutants in her family no matter how distantly related. He is a mutant right?"

The second plate is delicately put away and then Rogue is fixing up her sandwich. "Well, Ah can't say Ah got the feeling he was looking for both exactly. Ah think he was just throwing out names to see if Ah'd react." She'll settle in a seat near Calvin, though with enough space between the two of them that she wouldn't accidentally bump him. "Ah forget t'mention, he knew me on sight too and that he too came from a different time line." So, while Calvin's wording about 'a Jean' is odd, it doesn't strike Rogue as terribly odd just this moment with all the dimension hopping mutants she's met lately.

"And Ah believe he's a mutant, but honestly, Ah didn't ask. Nor did he show any sort of powers either, but that ain't to say he's not a mutant."

"Ah. That explains it." Cal agrees, the puzzled tone disappearing at the explanation. "There's a hell of a lot of realities out there; he must come from one of them where the events that led to it are less common which is why I don't know the name. That also explains why he asked for either since Magneto could have been the teacher in this one." And the Professor the terrorist. "Did you witness him using any powers to think he might be a mutant? Beyond coming from a different reality."

Rogue shakes her head ruefully at Calvin's last question. "No, Ah'm afraid Ah assumed he was one." She'll take a bite of her sandwich and chew thoughtfully for a few seconds, "Ah let him know Ah'd see who Ah could find and we'd go from there. He didn't have any contact information t'give me, so Ah gave him a few ways t'contact me. Off the grid, so to speak."

Which means it's not tied to anything related to the Xavier's Institute. Just simply throw away burner numbers, as well as throw away e-mail addresses. "He said he was going to try and track down the makers of the collars. It seems they cause some bad damange to the brains and nervous systems of the wearers."

"It's definitely something we'll want to put a stop to." Cal notes, agreeing with this new mutant's assessment of the situation. "I just hope it's not a government funded project. That could get messy. I certainly would like to meet him, in any case. Jean's actually away for a bit but I don't doubt that the Professor will want to talk to you about him."

"He's going to contact me in the next few days, once Ah hear from here Ah'll set up a meeting. Then we can see where the collars lead us." The news of Jean being away for a bit is given a nod of understanding. It's not like others, herself included, haven't gone off on random walkabouts lately.

"Ah'll make sure the Professor hears about this news, as well." And speaking of such, "But first, Ah think Ah need to find a nice change of clothes that ain't coated with dust." Her plate with her half eaten sandwich will be picked up, even as Rogue stands, "Thanks for letting me chat your ear off, sug. Been too long since Ah could openly chat about the craziness that happens in our lives."

"That's one of the things we're here for." Cal notes, smiling as he stands up. "Until he gets back to you, there's nothing we can do anyway so go rest. I told the Professor you're here and going to go relax for a while. He'll see you when you feel up to it."

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