More Mages Than Sense

April 25, 2015:

The last hellgate is in Venezula. Zee calls together friends to help close the gate and try and keep her safe.



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The last hellgate is located somewhere in the forests of Venezula. Not unsurprising given that Jericho, May and Constantine had disrupted a trafficking ring for arcane users in the area.

Agent Paul Manning has, with his unique ability, been able to get the general area of the last hellgate and let Zee know.

After the last gate, with Jericho's and May's admonishment, the young magi has been trying to take it easy and she's definitely sought out more help. They've all been given the date and a location where to meet, in the depths of that Venezulan forest. And yes, Zee also told them they're heading into the forest and to be prepared.

Zee and Jes are there now with Zee leaning against a tree. She's changed the leather trousers and corset for a pair of sturdy jeans, tank top and shirt over the top. Even her hair is pulled up and stuffed under a baseball cap. She is however, still wearing the diamond encrusted collar and her emerald pendulum hangs on her left hip. At her feet, is a backpack that looks rather full.

Jes has a pair of jeans and a tshirt and her sandals stuffed into the backpack at Zee's feet. She's wearing her dog collar with its Zee tags and her pendulum necklace and is in coyote form. She'll be much faster and better able to protect her bonded from harm this way. Zee is vulnerable when she casts.

Even tropical South American forests have the occasional clearing, and it's there where May has landed a cloaked quinjet. WIth Fury's approval, there's a small, six-person strike team inside the jet as well, but she's advised them to stay here unless she calls for backup. Hopefully, she won't have to make that call.

That was half an hour ago. Now, May approaches the meeting point wearing her usual mostly-black SHIELD combat mission attire while carrying a backpack of her own. Probably a bit unusually for her, her own orangey-red carnelian pendulum with the gold dragon charm on the other end of the chain is in full display secured around her neck. Her footsteps are out of habit nearly silent, though likely still audible enough for sharper than human ears.

Sara's dressed in her usual assault gear, black kevlar and surplus that helps in case anything goes wrong with the Witchblade. "The last time I was in a jungle, I don't remember enjoying it much," she says as she tromps up to the others. "I had to get help to get out. Let's not do that this time."

Lunair is totes helping. Really. She's not really in on the arcane bits, but at least she's definitely able to keep an eye out and also infinite weapons. She has a duffle bag of forest survival gear with her, though it seems mostly stuff she can't create is what she brings with her. She'll likely accept teleporting in, even if she looks a little uncertain about magic teleporting. Yet… Oh well.

Always looking on the bright side, she offers, "At least it's not another sewer." Oh, Luna. Your standards are … low.

Cyclops opted to meet up with Zee first. His ability to travel the Ley lines has improved with practice, but for some reason, he still found it easier to travel when meeting with another of the pendulum bearers directly.

The X-Man is wearing a uniform that is decidedly different from his usual affairs. Sturdy boots, brown pants knit of a snug, high-tech material that keeps him cool, and a white muscle shirt. The pendulum is wrapped around the left side of a well-stocked utility belt, twin lamia in titanium entangled around the emerald stone within. Upon his face, he wears a tactical visor; his vintage one that still operates via a trigger on the left. Over his shoulder is a satchel filled with survival gear.

Out comes a canteen, and a hearty slug is taken, before the visored fellow checks around to see if anyone forgot to pack one. He's got spares.

Kara Zor-El had been doing her best to not let the current situation around the world get her down and when the time was at hand, she met with Booster Gold; teleporting the pair of them with her sapphire pendant into the area in a flash of blue.

Currently, Supergirl was dressed in a full suit of blue and red with the usual yellow accents; if her original costume was Ceremonial Battle Armor, this would have had to have been the real thing.

A transparent yellow visor covers the upper half of her face and her cape trails along the ground behind her as she smiles at the others, "Nice to see we all made it." She nodded to Zatanna, "Do we know what we're up against and do we have a plan?" ( - For Reference of Kara's outfit)

Having been apprised of Armory's abilities, Paul doesn't bother to bring any weapons. Instead, he'll play it by ear. He's dressed similarly to the other SHIELD agents except for the FN P90 which has become his favorite personal weapon of mass destruction. "Fire." he tells Lunair. "The other side of the gate is some abyssal cold realm so everything from it don't like heat and fear. Pump as much of it as you can into the gate itself and target the demons with it."

Booster Gold appears alongside Supergirl, looking as shiny as he always does. After they materialize, he does put his hand over his stomach and from the expression on his face, he may be a little queasy. He tries to ignore his complaining stomach and says, "I'm here mostly to shield Zee. Assuming plans haven't changed, it'll mean I need to stay close to her while she's doing her magic thing."

Pushing herself off the tree and standing straight, Zee looks around at the gathered company. "Thanks again, everyone. And Cyclops, thanks for coming with? it means a lot." She takes a deep and nods to Kara and Booster "Paul is team leader, he'll give you the plan. But basically, same as before. We expect heavy reinforcements here, they should be expecting us. We've not been particularly quiet about our intentions."

"Me, I'm going to be closing that gate. Whatever it takes?. " Zee looks to Jes with a quelling look "I can tap the Leylines and whatever other energy is around but there's a danger. The Leylines are tainted? if I draw too much, it might not be good." That's potentially an understatement.

Zee pulls out a map of the area "When I found out Jericho might not make it, I got a map of the area." Handing it to Paul, Zee indicates the area where she thinks the Hellgate is "I think it's there, underground."

Jes-Coyote whines softly but quiets immediately at Zee's look and stands and leans against her leg. She's ready. She'll keep her bonded safe or die trying. She doesn't have and problem with killing humans who try to harm Zee, demons are, well, demons and not even on her moral scale. If they come after Zee, they die. It's simple if not easy.

Paul Manning takes the map and looks it over. As he studies it, he says "Kara, please go take a high altitude, superfast look at the area please? We need to know what's waiting for us."

Nodding to Paul, May gently settles her backpack on the ground and starts to open it. She gives Zatanna's coyote 'pet' a brief but piercing stare, but she sees the pendulum and decides she can ask about it later. She pulls a clay-sealed earthenware jug about the size of a common water bottle out of her backpack and offers it to Lunair. "Holy oil. Weaponize it." She's got several more of these jugs to share with people if they want, and boy was that synagogue resistant to the request until she donated something close to six months' salary.

Giving the coyote another, more evaluating look, she pulls a plastic bag with an oil-soaked rag inside from the backpack and beckons the quadruped over. "Don't lick this off. It might protect you." Yes, she's treating the coyote as a sentient and intelligent being. If she's proven to be wrong, she is SO going to have words for Fenris.

"Depending on what sort of trouble we're looking at…" Sara eyes the map, then looks back to Zee. "I can try to clear out the taint in the line," she offers. "The Witchblade knows light from dark. If we synch up our pendulums, let you feel what I'm feeling from it, you could point me in the right direction, and I can…filter things. If you had a clean supply, you'd have a better chance of closing it, right?"

Lunair is glad to provide people weapons as they wish. It's what she do, after all. She has her dufflebag and seems quietly surprised that Scott is here. Uh oh. Better be good. Lunair nods, quietly listening. She nods at Paul. "Fire, got cha. I'll try to be mindful of those who prefer melee combat, too." Hey, Lunair is thoughtful. Even if she vastly prefers explosives, large amounts of fire and generally leveling the hell out of an area to, well, melee combat. It's just how Lunair do.

Miss Jes' coyote form confuses Lunair. "I didn't know she had a wolf friend." Oh boy. Someone just gave away the fact she has never really bumped into many animals in her life. Lunair looks to May and pauses. "Okay!" She nods. She will accept the jug carefully. "Thank you." Holy crap, a holy jug. Okay, well. She's got holy oil now. Nevertheless, she'll do her best. Lunair is going to have a flamethrower at hand, and her holy oil. "Please don't hit me." And she's going to step away a little. From the others.

Following a cursory examination of the others, Cyclops turns to Zee and provides a solemn nod. May also earns a look, which remains hidden behind the visor, but soon develops something of a smirk. She's likely to get a good idea of what that visor does today.

Stuffing the canteen away in his satchel, Cyclops moves over toward Lunair, adopting a stance next to his fellow X-Woman. "I've got cover fire where you need it," he tells Zatanna. There's a clipped nature to his words. Lunair probably understands why.

At Sara's word, his left hand drops to uncurl the pendulum from his belt, so that he might drape it around his neck and fasten it there.

Kara nodded her head to Paul before taking off skyward, leaves and dirt kicking up in the immediate area before she disappear into a streak of red and blue. Speaking into her headset, which had auto-synched with everyone else she says, "Coming up over the area now, looks like…"

Booster has never seen a coyote before, so he is looking at her with curiosity. "Hi," he says, because nearly every animal being he has encountered in this era has been highly intelligent. He has come to assume this is generally true and so far, he has been correct. Since the coyote Jes is also going to be sticking with Zatanna, he explains to her, "I'm going to be using a force field to shield Zee, if you need to get in or out of it please let me know so I can allow you through it."

"Looks like the cavern is roughly two kilometers underground.." Kara speaks into her headset as she surveys the area with her X-Ray vision, "Or around a mile and a half, sorry I've been learning to use the measurements most of the world uses!" She continues to survey the area at high speed, "There's a monument above the cavern with an opening that leads down below. Um, I've got maybe 10 life signs and a large black space. It gives me shivers just to look upon it, that must be the hellgate. Want me to rejoin or keep watch from up here for now?"

Zee gives her head a shake "I think you all know each other? Sorry, I'm a bit preoccupied with what we're about to do." She's not commenting on Jes' form, there'll be time for that after. Right?

Sara's offer has Zee breath a sigh of relief, the shadow that Kane had detected worries her, "That will work, I know I can draw through your pendulums too." She did that last time.

Cyclops gets a nod "As Paul said, what we're going up against is cold, we need as much heat as we can get. If you get the chance, Cyclops, focus on the gates opening, I'll use everything you, all of you, can throw at it…." Zee shivers as she remembers the last gate. "The last three gates, as they closed, whatever is on the other side threw a death curse. It was icy cold bolts of dark energy. They hurt… be ready, I expect the same this time."

Looking to Paul, Zee smiles faintly "I can cast at a distance, but direct line of sight is helpful. If I can get within 20 ft of it, that would be far more effective though."

At May's urging Jes had loped forward and allowed to the oil to be put on her fur. Or the rag tucked into her collar, she wasn't sure which the woman intended but she clearly understands her words. Jes may look like a coyote, she actually is one at the moment but she is still also herself and so she gives Booster a big grin and nods her head up and down. It's her job to protect Zee too. She hasn't met everyone here, in either form but introductions can be done later. Her eyes, one brown and the other green turn back and glance up at Zee for a moment. There *will* be a later. At least for Zee. Jes will do whatever she has to, to insure that.

"We're coming that way so you don't need to head back." Paul answers. "But circle the area and make sure we don't run into any enemy between here and there." He nods at what Zee says. "So much for keeping you above ground. Okay, let's get moving and we'll talk as we walk." He proceeds to do exactly that. "As Booster said, he keeps Zatanna shielded at all times. And since if he drops, so does the shield, the both of you need to be inside it. The demons will be the toughest but the human agents' weapons are still dangerous. Armory, before we engage, come up front with me and make us a couple grenade launchers. Incendiary and fragmentation mixed. Lets kill as many of them as we can before we get close. Kara, right after, go in fast and take out any HYDRA agent still standing. Cyclops, distract the demons from a distance. May and Jesana, hopefully, there'll be nothing you two can do by that point since only the demons should be left and that'll be for me, Sara and Kara to go head to head with. If you think you can dart in and out to help, use your best judgement."

Melinda May makes quick work of wiping the holy oil into the coyote's fur, careful around her eyes and muzzle, then working more quickly and liberally on the rest of her until Jes-Coyote's fur looks spiky wet. She knows it's a risk considering that there will be fire flying around, but better a risk of getting singed than being frozen by one of the demons.

With that done, she offers the remaining jugs of oil to everyone there as they start toward the hell gate. Booster and Paul in particular are each given one whether they want it or not. They don't have pendulums, she's going to make sure they've got every possible advantage. "I doubt that, Manning," she mutters to his mention that there might be nothing for her to do. She's gone toe to toe with demons a handful of times already, she can hold her own if it comes down to it.

"Zee, can you work through me if I'm not in the shield with you?" Sara asks as she follows with the others. "I'm not one hundred percent sure I can filter the ley line and do much more than throw fire at them at the same time, Paul." She takes one of the jugs, though whatever she plans to do with it is probably…best not done.

Lunair isn't sure what's up with the pendulums. She missed out on that club, uncertain. Lunair waves a little to Cyclops, probably aware of why he's clipped. Is that how Cyclops do? Or is he still recovering? Hard for her to say. Nevertheless, she pulls her armor up. And tries not to contemplate coyote holy mohwaks. "Okay," She nods at Paul, and trundles along in that general direction. Incendiary and fragmentation. Got it. She will pass the weapons over when it's appropriate.

A grimace is stifled by Cyclops. "They're concussive force," he clarifies, tapping the side of his visor indicatively. His optic blasts are, essentially, not for burning.

Aside, to Lunair he requests, "Retractable grapple line." Then, he accepts a bottle of holy oil and unsheathes a large knife from his belt, covering it with the oil before eyeing the rag. He looks down, considering his finely chiseled arms, and decidedly rubs some of the oil upon his exposed skin like its Panama or something.

One can't be too cautious. He may have gotten the idea from Jesana's spikey, holy hair.

He offers the the rag back to May as they walk. Paul's word has him inspecting the trees, looking for good perches up high as they advance. Something the snipers refer to as a 'birds nest'.

Kara winced a little at the orders, "No killing humans please. If you need me to, I can deal with the humans exclusively to avoid it. I don't want anymore blood on my hands or anyone elses." Even if she thought they were monsters, she had learned that even monsters deserve 'justice'; whatever that might be.

"The force field shouldn't keep you from doing that," Booster tells Sara. "I'm not going to restrict energy going outwards, and any kind of…" his hand makes a vague gesture as he tries to figure out how to explain this, "Mental or spiritual link isn't going to be obstructed anyhow. I can't block anything like that." He thanks her for the oil bottle, looking at it thoughtfully. It remains closed for the moment, something he will use when they are in position. "Zee, let me know when you want the shield up."

Zee falls in line, between Booster and Jes, following the others, happy to let Paul take the lead. "As Booster says, Sara. And Booster, as soon as we're in there and positioned. Any injury impacts my ability to cast effectively." She smiles up at Booster with those words. "I'll yell out if I need it, or Jes will let you know… focus on the demons first Sara." Looking down a Jes with her new hairdo, Zee smiles over to May "Thank you."

Looking slightly chargrinned at Cyclops correction, Zee nods solemnly "My apologies, the same still applies though. I'll use whatever you all can throw through that gate. Lunair, I need something flammable that use Holy Oil to start my spell, please."

They soon come upon the monument and descend into the tunnel. It's dark and gets darker the deeper the party descends until up ahead, a slight glow becomes visible and for those with sensitive or super hearing, the murmur of voices can be heard.

"Then stay inside it, Sara." Paul tells her. "Whatever you think will work best." And speaking of working best, he frowns a bit at what Kara says. "Kara, it will take Armory and me about five seconds to take out the Hydra agents in there with the grnades. Hopefully, of course which is why we need you as backup. Do you think you can do the same just as quickly and just as safely? Don't forget that they're ready for you now. I saw how that magician affected you. Regardless, it's almost certain some of them will end up dead even if it's as collateral damage."

Jes follows close at Zee's side where she can dart or jump in front of her should the need arise. They coyote's ears twitch as she listens for any danger. When she hears Kara's request she gives a silent half sneer. Maybe its because Jes isn't really a human, or maybe it's the way she was raised, or a combination of both. The end result is the same and she doesn't feel any guilt or remorse for the human lives she's ended. If one of these bastards comes after Zee then she'll kill them if she can. Zee is one of her bonded and her friend. Her best firend. She'll protect her no matter the cost to herself. She won't go out of her way to kill anyone though. That is the best she can manage for Kara's request.

Melinda May nods to Summers as he makes use of the oil rag and starts scoping the area out like she's used to seeing Barton do. Her work for SHIELD doesn't include sniper duties, so she refrains from suggesting any good nest locations to him.

She's about to say something to Kara, but Paul speaks up first. And probably for the best. She has had it up to here with HYDRA, and she's stopped pulling her punches of late because of it. Either way, as they get closer, she pulls the 1911 from its holster at her hip.

As they descend into the darkness, Sara armors up, Witchblade armor spreading across her body until she's fully protected. She nods to Booster's explanation, then to Paul again. "All right," she murmurs. "I'll stick with Zee for now, do the support thing. If you need me out, make the call."

Somehow, the idea of Cyclops sniping with eyebeams kind of makes her giggle. On the inside. There's nothing to giggle about right now (not even the divine mohawk). Lunair doesn't really feel guilty about what she does, even if some killings make her feel bad and on some level, she's aware a lot of people balk at it. It is simply a jungle and Lunair is a darn good predator. She is armored up, her armor dark green and black. Totally yanking off some sci fi or another.

But not the syfy channel because then her armor would be an anaconda perving on a cheerleader and that's just propigating the patriarchy. Or a really bad movie. She forgets which. Nevertheless, Lunair is very much in serious mode. She gives Scott the retractable grapple line he requests. And she tries not to giggle at an oiled up Cyclops. Oh my.

For her part, she keeps her flamethrower and all the grenades Paul asks for. Hopefully no one sneezes on her.

Killing. It remains fresh upon Cyclops mind, after mowing down the attackers who came at the Institute not more than a few days past. A glance is given toward Kara, his mouth contorted into a frown.

As they reach the monument without resistance, Scott moves off to the left. He reaches to adjust his visor, enhancing night vision a bit, while scoping out the walls and ceilings. "I've got your backs," he offers quietly.

Once Lunair has provided his grapple, he fixes the piece to a clasp upon his belt, checking it with a good tug, before resuming his scans. If he can't find a good perch upon approach, he can always fashion his own.

It was a tough choice for Kara to make, but there was no other, "I can and I'll risk it Paul. I'll get them out of there.." After the incident with the Hydra Carrier, she didn't want any more blood on her hands; that and she wanted to make Kal-El proud, which felt weird since he was supposed to be the younger of the two.

Taking a deep breath, the young woman contemplated her options; using every tool at her disposal including her mind to figure out the best possible way to deal with these men, "Give me seven seconds then you can go crazy."

Despite her nervousness, she knew this was the right thing to do. For all she knew, these people could be brainwashed or worse; willing and in that case they definitely deserved to rot, not die.

Lifting up the visor of her helm, Kara winked at Booster and raced off ahead of the others, counting down silently in her head as she removed some grappling wire she had stolen from Kate; her one stop shop for all her random needs.

The young Kryptonian woman raced around the room started with the closest of the man who she used her laser vision to melt the gun away before lassoing him like she had seen Wonder Woman do before. The man she had just lassoed has no clue what is happening when Kara cries out with her sonic scream, knocking several other men against the wall and stunning the others along with one man who falls to a well-placed loose rock that had fallen from the ceiling; physics at work.

Freezing breath can be seen utilized to deal with several of the Hydra agents before the growing ball of stuck together Hydra agents is used to slam into a few others and she ties the rest of them together.

Flying past the others with the human agents in tow, she finishes the countdown as she passes Paul, "Seven seconds. All yours now!" Her trajectory along with her cargo seems to be taking the men a bit back from the fighting where she starts to secure them further by using a sonic scream to knock them out and then uses her freezing breath again to keep them secure.

Booster nods to Zatanna, and stays close to her, in case he needs to put a shield around her before they get to their destination. He also repeats, for the benefit of Jes and Sara, "If you need to leave the area I'm shielding, just tell me, so I can let you through." Things can get heated in combat after all and he does not want them bonking themselves against a translucent wall. He starts to glow faintly, a thin outline or aura of gold shimmering around him.

Kara's flight and action is certainly effective, the ten human guards are disabled.

What she didn't see on her scans, were the four demons guarding each side of the gate. Perhaps they were masked by the effect of the gate or perhaps not visible to the spectrum of Kara's vision. Regardless, the four demons ROAR loudly as Kara enters the space and focus their attention on her. Two move towards the Kryptonian, raising taloned hands and swiping at her viciously. She might be surprised at just how fast these things are, they're in front of her in an instant. The remaining two demons stay, one on either side of the gate…

All hell breaks loose and the dark slash shimmers and glows, as much as anything dark can glow. Ten more, well armed, humans step through and without hesitation open fire. Following close behind them are four more demons who start down the tunnel towards the party, emitting blasts of icy cold dark energy at those in the front.

"I said they'd be better prepared" Zee mutters to herself "Get me in there, now, they'll just keep sending reinforcements…" she urges Booster and Paul. "Lunair, I really need something flammable with holy oil, although this is going to be a lot more difficult than I expected."

Paul's happy with whatever result means his team is in less danger. But that kind of squeamishness can also put everyone at risk so he's not happy about it even with it being successful. Make that partially successful. "M23s, Armory. Mixed incendiary and fragmentation. Target the agents. Then use the flamethrower on the gate itself. If any more agents are in there…" He doesn't need to finish. Once the grenade launcher appears in his hand, it only takes three seconds to fire off the 6 rounds.

Jes's growl is lost in the commotion. She has a deep and unending hatred of HYDRA and her desire is to wipe all of HYDRA and anything even remotely related to them from the face of the earth. She thinks it was a waste of time that has put them in greater danger to have tried to spare those humans lives and if she gets out of this intact she will go back and kill the rest of them, she's determined to now. The coyote bounds a few feet ahead and to the side of Zee. Her fur would be bristling were it not already oiled and stuck. Her tail is up and she's in a crouch and ready to leap at anything coming their way. She's discovered throat and groin bites to be the fastest way to take most things down and keep them that way.

Melinda May has been quietly keeping pace, and when the ten extra humans appear from the hell gate, she promptly aims her pistol and fires a shot at the closest of them. She's going for head shots, and Kara can just deal with it. She is not letting any of them get anywhere close enough to even start to cause Zee any troubles. Also, it's now up to eight demons. She's not going to stay on the sidelines very long unless Paul has some particularly good ace up his sleeve. And yes, she will use this as an evaluation for both Manning's and Pezzini's SHIELD training requirements.

As the demons come out, Sara throws out one hand toward them, firing off a blast of heat and light. Her other hand, she holds out toward Zee, the crystal of her pendulum resting in the palm. "Let's do this," she nods once, firmly, before opening up the lines of communication between the pendants.

At the roar, Cyclops moves into action. The grapple is fired upward, where it ratchets into the rock wall, pulling the X-Man upward. He strikes the wall and leans into the gravity, legs hooked back against rock to free his left hand.

There he dangles, taking a precious few moments to observe the action and let the others appear. His frown turns into a determined scowl, before he opens up with a full force optic blast aimed at the demons coming through at the back, behind the humans. The visor itself is the only thing standing between his face and the kind of power that could level a building with ease, or punch a hole through the Hoover dam.

He'll hold the beam open as long as it's tactically possible. He's never fought a demon before, so… there's no way of knowing how much they can take.

Kara was happy she could have saved ten people from death when she's assaulted by demons. This was the part of the battle that people usually didn't see or hear about, but still she was determined to try.

She cried out in pain as one of the demons raked her flesh and then fell to the ground as another got on top of her. Supergirl disappeared beneath the pair of demons for a moment before screaming loudly, "Don't you jerks ever quit!"

Kara uses all of her strength to try and toss the demons off of her before remember their weakness to cold. Focussing on the closest demon she began to zap him with her eye lasers.

The young woman was sad, but she had at least tried to keep casualties from occurring. At least this would never make the news.

Booster ends up just pouring the holy oil over himself, right on the top of his head. Instead of making his hair oily, it just glides over the aura that hugs his form, making it glisten with some hints of irridescence. He reaches out and touches Zatanna's shoulderblade, and his aura flows over her as well, covering her with the safety of his forcefield. In this body-hugging mode, it allows Zee much more mobility, although it leaves both her and Booster vulnerable to anything that wants to physically clobber them off of their feet. It is up to the others to keep the path open until they can hit their mark, and then Booster can open up his shield.

Pauls grenade launcher takes out most of the agents, just as Mays' headshot at the nearest one drops the last one. No humans are left standing, or possibly alive.

One demon turns it's attention to Paul, swiping hard at that man before blasting out a stream of cold dark energy.

Sara's blast slows the nearest demon, but it keeps coming towards her talons slashing and now focussing it's blasts of icy cold dark energy at her.

Cyclops blasts at the demon, causes one to vibrate and shake, and explodes.

The demon, Kara focusses on isn't long for this world either. The second demon takes advantage of her distraction and barrels into Supergirls back.

The two demons on either side of gate still have not moved.

The last demon, turns it attention to Booster, Zee and Jes and makes towards them, emitting blasts of icy cold energy even as it swipes at the Glistening Golden Man or the Coyote…

Zee goes to grasp Sara's hand, just as Booster bodyhugs her and she stops. Instead, the young magi nods to Sara "As soon as his force field is up." Zee moves, along with Booster, positioning herself in front of the gate. and nods seriously, lines of tension around her eyes. Wordlessly, the magi, moves with her group into the line of sight of the gate, the battle raging around them. As Lunair fires the flamethrower into the gate, Zee lets the words of her spell go

~~ esolC ehT etaG, woN dnA reveroF, htiW taeH dnA emalF ~~

As soon as Zee's spell is unleashed, the air around them shimmers, and two more figures appear. One near May and one on the other side of the area. The figures, robed, start chanting and turn their attention to Zee… the air around the cavern starts chilling, frost and ice start climbing the walls.

Jes is fast but not fast enough to be in two places at once. She hopes that Paul sees that demon, its very close to them and its a threat but, she doesn't think it can get through the shield to Zee easily. She noses Booster to let him know and leaps through the shield in a dead run towards the closest mage. Robes..great. Not easy to bite through so she doesn't try, just launches herself up and straight towards the mage's chest intending to bowl him over and rip out his throat. It'll stop that casting instantly. Of course it'll also kill the mage but in Jes's eyes thats just a plus.

As soon as the sixth grenade is fired, Paul transforms into the Rapture form. An arm lifts to take the hit, the demon's claws raking across the rocky hide. Frost and ice glisten on his chest where the energy beam strikes but what would incapacitate a human does little to harm someone designed to fight demons. Before it has a chance to adjust to the new opponent, he picks it up and throws it at a mage.

Melinda May pulls an already-oiled butterfly sword from its hidden sheath at her back and throws it at the nearest mage in the same motion, reholstering her pistol and brandishing a shiny new chain whip that she sets to spinning in a blur, something flicking off of the end… well until the chain goes through a source of flame and ignites along its length. Then the droplets of oil slinging off the end of the weapon are tiny, flaming liquid projectiles. Leaving the mages to Jes-Coyote's friendly greetings, she starts forward to keep any more demons from approaching Zee and Booster.

"Great, that should give me a minute for this." Sara turns away from Zee long enough to let a curved sword sprout in her hand, then promptly shoves it up into the chest cavity of the demon coming after her. She gives the blade a twist, then a vicious slice that shears through ribs to bring her blade back out the side. With that done, she offers a hand out to Zee again. "Let's do this."

A breath of relief is let loose through grimacing lips; Cyclops' position remains secure. With nothing yet attacking him, he turns his eyes upon the demons that have targeted Sara and Paul. The blasts are quicker, less powerful and more designed to serve as a distraction so that Sara and Paul can really lay on the damage.

"… the hell is this?" Cyclops looks down as the wall ices up beneath him. With a grimace, he cuts the grapple loose and starts sliding down the wall, only to turn it upon the opposing cavern wall and firing. The grapple whizzes by overhead, and a moment later, Scott is swinging from one end of the cavern to the other, turning so that he collides with shoulder and leg.

This puts him right next to one of the two inactive demons. As he dangles there, Scott looks up at the prone monstrosity with a worried look and rising eyebrows.

Kara falls to the ground again when the other Demon fighting her slams into her back and tries to catch her breath for a second, but she wasn't given anytime as the beast tore into her relentlessly.

Punching the beast in the face she attempted to kick it towards the portal before activating her heat vision full blast, hoping to catch the demon and shoot right through it into the portal to weaken it.

Despite the tears in her armor and the blood on her face, she seemed to be alright for the most part. She was fighting with all she had.

Focused on keeping Zatanna shielded and safe, Booster cannot dodge away from the attacking demon. It clobbers him, although this only knocks him to the floor. Tendrils of energy coruscate over the field covering himself and the sorceress, although they seem to channel into the Man of Gold, making him groan for a moment at the intense cold. The forcefield opens up fully then, more of a dome over himself and Zatanna, and anyone who is beside her. Getting to his feet, Booster focuses, concentrating on keeping his forcefield malleable for his teammates, and impenetrable to the foe.

Lunair has no problem with taking out HYDRA. Not really. For her part, Lunair is going to do her best with her holy napalm flamethrower. The only problem with flamethrowers is they are difficult to aim and likely to bother friendlies. Nevertheless, she is going to - change away from her flamethrower and do as is asked of her. May has the chain whip thing down, so now it's time for a blessed shotgun, with ornate silver carvings. Blessed be the Church of Perpetual Violence.

Sister Lunair is in the house. Repent, and be slaughtered. After all, there is such a thing as explosive rounds, why not add a bit of holy water (why not both?).

Jes' flight stops the chanting of the first mage. Pauls throwing the demon takes the other mage and demon together.

Two more mages appear, in different locations, chanting already, focussed on Zee. HYDRA seems to have a surfeit of these.

The ice and frost continues to climb the wall.

Lunair, Cyclops and Sara take out the one on Sara. Kara's demon stumbles towards the portal as it explodes from her eyelasers. All demons accounted for…. so far.

Zee's spell has something of an effect and the scream from the other side of the gate is blood curdling and alien, as four more demons spill through the gate and focus on Booster and Zee, and of course May with her flaming chain whip. One demon is quicker than rest and rushes Booster, trying to swipe and claw at him and knock him off of his feet.

A wave of dark, alien, energy flows from the other side of the gate, all of it focussed on Zee… although others will feel its effects.

As that dark energy hits her, Zee cries out, her spell faltering …. but Sara's hand is there and Zee reaches out to take it and draws deep on her power, connecting to the Leyline through Sara. Drawing on the electricity in the air, Zee's blue eyes glow as th power she draws courses through her

~~ yticirtcleE morF ehT riA, etaerC eriF, esolC sihT etaglleH ~~

Zee's hair moves and crackles as the electricity around her builds and then, with a force of will, she shoves the spell into the portal.

Even as Zee channels, the scream from the other side grows louder and tentacles appear in the mouth of the portal. Tentacles followed by a clawed hands, with cold white energy sparking them… The form, appears to be massive and pushes against Zee's spell trying to come through…

Jes doesn't waste any time, turning with blood still dripping from her maw as she darts across the ground and yips loudly to let Booster know she's coming. She stops at Zee's side and shoves the top of her head under Zee's free hand so that Zee can draw on her pendulum as well. She snarls at the alien demonic energy targeting her bonded and then gives a long, blood curdling coyote howl of defiance.

"Sonofabitch." Paul says as more mages pop in. Only the Rapture hangs from around his neck along with a pendulum entwined with the chain holding the artifact. And then they get covered again when he's back in human form, lifting the FN P90 which dangles from a shoulder. He opens up on full auto on one mage and then pivots to fire at the second. "Armory, burn that gate."

Melinda May puts herself in front of the force field encompassing Zee and her protection detail, keeping the chain whip moving almost blindingly fast as a distraction. Abruptly, one of the jars of holy oil is in her free hand, and she's throwing it at the … THING trying to exit the hell gate. "Scott!" she shouts as loud as she can. "Pull!" She figures if anyone can hit a flying earthenware target, it'd be the person with laser beams for eyes.

"Like hell," Sara growls, her hand tightening around Zee's. Whether it's the Witchblade, the ley pendulum, or something she's picking up from the meld with the mistress of magic, in that moment, there's a flash of understanding from the detective gone SHIELD agent. She keeps her sword up, but her attention is somewhere else entirely.

Her consciousness sinks into the ley line, sifting through the energies running there. Pure, clean magic…and the taint HYDRA's been pouring into it, trying to twist it. The pendulum feeds her the state of the line, the Witchblade interprets it, and from somewhere, she has a feeling for what she needs to do. As she promised, she serves as a filter, letting the dark half of the 'blade call to the taint, drawing it into her and feeding it into the light as she tries to burn it out.

Another full force optic blast is fired at the demon rushing Booster. Interference! Demons may be fast, but all Cyclops needs to do is look.

The blast is cut off when he hears his name cried out. May! His head snaps, looking for whatever it was she threw.

The flick of a wrist, power level dialing down, focused beam.

A tiny red laser shoots forth, impacting the jar and shattering it into pieces. The angle causes holy oil to spray all over the monstrosity.

This is the point when Scott realizes that he's got one boot pressed to the neck of a prone demon; one of the two standing to either side of the gate. The icy blast of evil power hits him, and he groans out in pain. His right hand, still holding the grapple, slips a bit, and he falls into the neck of that demon.

Not good.

Kara was scared for the others but she had to focus on the mission, everyone else could take care of themselves. With the demon fighting her dealt with she continued her heat vision towards the portal which now had a massive tentacle beast emerging from it.

"I swear, this is why I don't like wearing skirts when we hang out Zee."

The blasts coming from her eyes intensify as she focuses on the beast, expelling all of the energy she can as she cries out, "Cyclops! Now!"

She was hoping for a repeat of New York.

Booster has one arm extended, palm outwards. He does not really need to do this when he has raised his force field, but it actually helps with his concentration. Now that the field is a dome, it handily keeps the demon well away from him, making it an easier target for Cyclops. The energy the thing gives off when it attacks is another story; that deep, dark chill spreads over the translucent surface like a sheer oil slick. Fortunately it is no longer in contact with Zatanna, preserving her from the touch of that energy, but it has to go somewhere.

The channeling abilities in Booster's suit soak in that icy power, and due to the biometric interface Booster has with his suit, it has to filter through his body as well. His breath is visible as puffs of vapor from his mouth and he shivers, lips starting to turn blue from the cold.

Lunair is - going to keep her shotgun and bring out the flamethrower, then. "TENTACLES NO TENTACLING." Lunair is not so good at the battle cries. She will turn her flamethrower towards the gate, angling herself so that none of the melee types get caught up in the white flames. Also, Lunair would probably be duly impressed by Scott's laser beamin'. She would probably be worried if she were closer or not working a flamethrower. Okay, so she is worried, but if she spun around to see what's up, she would be the hottest girl in the room.

Mostly because everyone would be on fire. Literally. Not because of boobs. So she's burning the gate, trying not to get slowed down worrying about the others.

Cyclops takes out the demon attacking Booster, the forcefield dome slows the thing down. Mays earthernware jug of oil, with Cyclops' help, spreads over the last of the demons that have exited the portal. Their skin hisses and bubbles and they start melting, for want of a better word, the screams they emit are horrendous. Paul takes out both mages, quite effectively.

The thing coming through the gate howls as Kara's eyebeams and Lunairs flamethrower hit it, but it pushes and writhes and starts to emerge further. Giant wings appear, the beasts head is crowned in thorns and the wave of cold dark energy buffets the room.

With Jes' head under her hand and Sara cleansing the Leyline, Zee draws deep and pushes her will into the gate. Her eyes are irridescent, with the power she's channeling, but Jes and Sara will feel her start to fade… She can only channel so much power without a physical effect taking place.

~~ esolC woN, etaG fO lleH ~~

The flames from Lunairs flamethrower and Mays whip, the heat from the bullets Paul has shot, the remains of the concussive force from Scotts eyebeams, and the effect of Kara's eyebeams are drawn into the portal. Just as the winged demon is about to push through that last bit, there's an almighty explosion from the other side, so big that it shakes the room the group is in and the dark slash winks out of existence. The winged demon… falls to the ground "Your time with come, Mageling… your time will come all of you…" it hisses at Zee and the group with her.

Jes glares and snarls at the thing but doesn't leave Zee's side. Feeling her friend fading she then switches to human for a brief moment, ready to catch Zee if she falls over and ignoring the fact that instead of a coyote she's now a naked, oil covered human. It might have been an attractive sight if they weren't surrounded by dead and dying demons. And if she didn't, you know, have that human mages blood around her lips and chin still. "Zee!" She rasps, her voice still wanting to growl.

Paul bemusedly studies the half a demon they got left with. "Cyclops? If you'd do the honors?" Some might assume he wants to put it out of its misery. Really, he just doesn't want to listen to it. Without putting his back to the demon, he moves over to offer a hand up to Cyclops.

Melinda May launches her chain whip at the trash-talking demon's face. She knows her time will come. She's been waiting for it for decades. But still… "Not today." And, as much as she wants to turn and check on Zee, there are others there for that, and she wants to make absolutely certain that none of these ugly bastards get back up. Ever again.

"We'll be waiting," Sara replies to the demon, going down to one knee. She's pulled the taint from the ley line, but now…Now she has to figure out what to do with it. Feeding it back into the demon seems ill-advised. It would probably draw strength from it. Letting it out means damaging a whole lot of other things around them. Crap.

Kara's call draws Scott to turn on the gate. He draws a deep breath and rips the visor from his face, unleashing the full ferocity of what manifests behind his eyes. The blast that normally has a wide, conical shape instead bends and throws itself into the gate and the maw, combining with the power from Supergirl's eye beams.

When the blast rocks the room, Cyclops falls from his perch with a yelp. He slams his eyes shut and lands upon the ground with an inglorious thud, skidding a bit thanks to the holy oil slathered upon himself. With a grimace, he puts the visor back on, and looks up in time to witness the end of it all, his hair sweatened and matted upon his forehead.

Taking Paul's hand, he climbs to his feet and walks forward toward the demon, addressing it drily.

"Go to hell."

Out comes the knife, still oiled up with May's holy oil. A swift motion of the arm, and the knife whizzes through the air, impaling itself between the demon's eyes. This happens in tandem with May's strike. Fairly brutal.

Kara relaxed a little as the final demon was dealt with and the portal was closed. It was over and she had done it while managing to save the ten hydra agents from execution, Superman had been right; with powers like this you had options.

After the many conversations following the incident in France, Kara had been much better prepared for Hydra. She had seen the man commit suicide in France, these men would face justice; not her justice but that of the law.

Using her super vision she scanned the man to make sure that they didn't have explosives or anything they could commit suicide with and smiled just a little when she was sure the job was done, "These men need to be given the chance to face trial. If they were indeed doing this all of their own free will, I have no doubt they will face an execution and justice will be served. It just won't be served by any of us here today."

She almost seems to be standing protectively over the men and looks to Booster, "Booster, think your forcefields can hold these guys till we get them up to the Watchtower?" Truth be told, she really didn't trust most of the people here not to execute these guys without a trial and she was thinking it quite loudly. (If anyone reads minds).

When Booster exhales with relief, it looks as if he were smoking due to the vapor rolling out of his mouth and nose. His forcefield winks out and he is hugging himself as if this would warm him up, just a body reflex. The life support systems of his suit are doing what they can to warm him up. With a voice that is still shaky from shivering, he says, "Y-yeah. Make sure they don't have weapons with them, though, so they can't kill themselves or each other." Although he is looking less blue around the face now, his eyes are glowing faintly as a side-effect of so much power throughput.

Lunair winces, even her armor not able to stop most of that cold. She shivers, trying to hold steady to the flamethrower. "Your mom will- Wait, no. Just shut up." Bad demon, bad! Let the fire keep burning the gate and those who pour forth through it or get too close. She stops, though, as the gate is closed. Lunair, frankly, has no problem with killing them. But she is slightly biased. A little. And then Cyclops does his thing. Did he just skid due to being oiled up? Well, she'll have a story for Jean at least. Or something.

She dismisses her weapons, shivering a little inside of her armor. "Are you guys okay?" Cyclops did skitter a bit and things got kinda weird.

Zee's spell drops and the magi stands there and rocks on her heels, grasping Jes' arm and Sara's hand. As Sara drops to a knee, Zee follows her down. Her eyes still glowing faintly from the power she'd channeled. "Look at me Sara, You took it all, didn't you, the taint? I can open a portal to a dimension where it won't hurt, let me do that for you?" If Sara agrees, Zee will open a portal and help Sara channel off the taint… it's the least she can do.

Looking around the group, Zee sighs and speaks tiredly "Anyone hurt, in need of healing. Thank you, all of you… " there just aren't enough words.

Kara's speech has Zee's head lifting "I'm not arguing Kara, but tried under which law? Are they American? They came through a Hellgate… and if they aren't American, that's an act of terrorism I think…" It's all so confusing.

Jes gently helps Zee to sit and then stands, either oblivious or not caring that she's naked. She glares at Kara. "It doesn't matter. THose bastards are everywhere. the police, the courts. They'll be set free. Get out of my way!" She snarls and strides forward. "They killed my children! My babies and my whole family while they slept in their beds and you'd protect them?!" She's spitting with rage.

"I'm good I think." Paul tells Zee. As to what jurisdiction, he looks over at May. The only ones here with any enforcement authority are SHIELD but it's not exactly an official mission, unless May took care of that end of things. Shrugging at his thoughts, he looks back to Sara. "Do it Zatanna. I can feel the taint in her from here. It'll be quicker than going to the nearest hellgate and doing it. Which might attract something too."

Melinda May retrieves her chain whip and Scott's knife and finally turns to the others, offering the X-man his knife as she looks from Jesana to Kara and back. "ENOUGH." She doesn't shout, but there's force and authority behind her voice. "Both of you, stand down or I will put you down." Yes, Kara, you too. "The captured HYDRA agents will go into SHIELD custody. Now get ready to move. I'm burning this place the moment everyone is out."

Sara nods to Zee, head bowed as she tries to focus. The armor around her seems to shift, phasing from steel to something darker, the jewels shading red and clustering like tiny eyes. The Witchblade armor is strange enough in its normal state, but this…This is something else. Something that leaves a crimson glow behind her eyes. "If you can do it, let's do it now," she nods to Zee, taking a deep breath.

As soon as the mage opens the portal, she starts to push the taint into it, once again trying to borrow Zee's knowledge to help filter only what she should back out. It's a careful balance. There's supposed to be darkness in the Witchblade. But eventually, the armor shifts once more, back to its more familiar form.

Lunair looks to Cyclops. "Are you okay?" She seems concerned. Pause. "I would say my opinion, but that gets me in trouble. So I am concerned." Yes. Because 'kill most everything and level it all' is totes a bad opinion. It really is. She looks over the group, quietly concerned. She follows the others, watching some of the magic. "Magic is so freaky." It so is.

Cyclops looks sharply between those who are fighting. "Give them to May, you two," he urges Jesana and Kara. "Let's keep our heads cool." He looks to Lunair and nods. Nothing is broken. He'll live.

Kara looked sad as Jesana approached, she knew that the world was unfair; but she had to try and set an example somehow no matter how difficult it might be after recent events. The Girl of Steel stood there like an immovable wall, "Jes, I'm sorry. I'm not protecting them, the Justice League will see that they're brought before the United Nations. I'll ask Superman himself to oversee it, he will make sure the right thing is done."

For a moment Kara looked down at her own hands and smiled at Jesana, "All of them are the child of someone else, brothers of another or maybe even father to children of their own or grandfather. They have families to, people who care for them just like your family cared for you and you cared for them."

Of course, as far as Kara was concerned the Justice League: Avengers had some kind of crazy worldwide jurisdiction. She shakes her head at May, "I'm sorry Agent May, but up until a few minutes ago SHIELD was ready to kill these men when we began the assault and it's for that reason they will be going to the Justice League. If you wish to take it up from there, I'm sure something can be worked out with one of the JLA Council members. Right now though? I'm interested in making sure nobody else gets hurt. I can't have that on my conscience."

Her hand reaches towards the Ley Pendulum on her neck and she steps back towards the Hydra men ready to teleport them all out.

"Kara, wait… I'm inclined to agree that SHIELD should handle these guys," opines Booster. "You and I are already under scrutiny, it's just not something we should deal with directly." He seems to have warmed up again, rosy-cheeked and without his blue eyes giving off that glow of excess energy. His suit ended up using it to raise his internal temperature back to normal. "Unless Agent May can agree to our extracting them from here, right now. Agent, perhaps if you accompanied the prisoners?"

Zee makes sure Sara is stable "Feel a little better?" she murmurs. Struggling to her feet, Zee rocks a little, the glow in her eyes finally gone.

"Kara, my operation, my call." She speaks firmly "They go with Agent May. Don't mistake necessity in battle with what we do after the fact. These men came to kill me, us… that you saved these ones is to your credit, but now, they go to the authority. SHIELD." Nodding to May, Zee speaks "Take them and we'll leave."

Jes had whirled around at May's voice. Her expression is wild and angry but she keeps quiet and listens to every one. She remembers May and has learned of SHIELD in her quest to exterminite all things HYDRA. Not someone she wants to piss off and if she can't kill those guys right now..May is the only person she'd trust to take them. Kara's speech only enrages the coyote further. Then Zee talks and that settles it for her. She does what her bonded says and so walks back over and crouches down at her side, turning her angry look back at Kara. "You wasted precious time and took away the element of surprise to keep those scum sucking fuckers alive. You aren't fit to bear that pendulum if you can't do what needs to be done. " In the next second shes coyote again and huddled at Zee's feet, letting her friend's scent calm her killing rage. It might be five hours or fifty years from now but Kara had better watch her back. Jes can be very paitent when it comes to getting revenge and she's sworn a blood debt against HYDRA. Any one in the way of that might as well be one of them.

Paul just gazes at Kara but doesn't say a word. May's the ranking agent and can deal with this. But guaranteed, he's not going to be working with the girl again. "This was the last one." he assures the others. "But I'll be checking in case any others open."

Melinda May narrows her eyes at Kara just as the SHIELD strike team arrives. She opens her mouth to continue to argue her point, but Zatanna (in her mind anyway) makes the final call and she nods to the strike team to start collecting the captured Hydra goons to take them back to the quinjet. As if to prove May's words, the six agents do not treat the Hydra people harshly. Maybe a bit brusquely, but certainly not with any malicious intent.

"It might be close quarters, but there's enough room in the quinjet to carry everyone back," May offers. She knows Kara will likely want to go along to make sure the prisoners are treated well enough and she has every intention of insisting that Zee ride back with them as well. She's risked her health enough.

"That would be so cool," Lunair nods at May. She quietly stays out of the where the agents go chat because well, she doesn't have a horse in that race. She IS a HYDRA creation, and she's uncertain on what she thinks about it all. Lunair pauses at Cyclops. "… you are SO shiny." Dude, he's oiled up. She tries not to giggle. But she is so telling Jean. So, SO telling Jean. If she feels one way or the other, she says nothing.

"Did anyone need some water or anything?" Otherwise, she's just- gonna keep on loonin'.

"All good," Sara nods to Zee as her armor fades back to its usual appearance, then withdraws into her bracelet once more. The discussion of the prisoners gets a look, but as it seems to be settled, she keeps her peace on the matter.

As the SHIELD teams arrive, Cyclops finally puts the knife back into its sheath. He hadn't even realized that it was still in his hand. Would he have used it? On one of their own?

The internalization of it gives him pause. He turns and looks to Jesana with an expression of disappointment that just can't be helped, but soon enough he's walking back toward Kara. "Booster's right." While Scott certainly understands Kara's position, the golden man was wise. "There's too much heat on you guys," he explains regretfully. "These Washington bastards won't stop until…" he says quietly, then just shakes his head and offers a hand to Kara. "Come on."

Lunair gets a look. A look that speaks a thousand words. What happens at Hellgates damned well better stay in Hell.

Or at least somewhere nearby.

"If being a murderer is part of wearing the Pendulum, then I don't need any part in it. That's for Fenris to decide though." She sighed at how quick Jesana seemingly was to turn on her and Kara wasn't pleased, she looked at Zatanna and shook her head, "Your operation? Next time you ask me for help, let me know it's a dictatorship because I didn't come here to do anything but help. I'm not your soldier, I thought I was your /friend/." She shrugged her shoulders at Booster and Cyclops.

Booster holds his hand out for Kara as well. Quietly, he says to her, "We'll go with them, you'll be able to keep an eye on how the prisoners are processed, Kara." A little louder, as he is addressing the others now as well he says, "There is a lot of friction right now and uncertainty, and although it's the JL:A being called in for questioning, government scrutiny on super-powered beings isn't going to be limited to just us."

Booster shakes his head. "I have a very bad feeling that they're going for something bigger, beyond just our team, and it may be something that will affect all of us. I hope you will all be understanding about this, and why some of us may be acting so… tense. Because sooner than we think, those of us in this … line of work… may need to pull together and support each other."

"Jesana!" Zee speaks firmly once more "That's not your call and I won't having you saying such things." Kara gets a sad, tired, look, Zee barely able to stand "Think what you will, Kara. I know it's been a trying time for you." Looking around she shakes her head and sets her jaw, tears fairly close to the surface. "Thank you all for your help." and she turns on her heel and walks off.

"Let's get out of here." Paul says to no one in particular. As he passes Armory, he says "Have you ever thought about joining SHIELD? You'd make a good field agent." Instant weapons. A strike team's dream come true. "Can you make drones?"

Coyote Jes jumps to her feet and follows at Zee's heels. She may be cringing a bit, at Zee's anger but she isn't sorry. Kara could have gotten her killed or hurt and Jes is not ready to let that go. She'd lose her mind if anything happened to Zee. She's nearly done so twice now. A soft whine escapes her throat when she catches up and she stuffs her head under Zee's hand to help support her, knowing how tired she is. Any more of the conversation she hears, she files away to consider later. Right now she needs to be with Zee…hopefully the magician doesn't tell her to get lost.

Melinda May moves to follow the strike team and prisoners, but then looks at Booster then Paul evaluatingly before reaching to tap the former on one arm and tilting her head toward Zee. She'll likely kick up a fuss, but May's not going to make the magician WALK all the way to the quinjet. Not when there are faster and easier options available.

When/if Booster groks the silent order, she'll study Sara and Scott and Lunair similarly. She thinks most everyone made it out without any serious injuries — well, she thinks Scott might has sprained his dignity a bit if anyone else noticed what she saw — but she wants them all gone from this place sooner rather than later and will make more people suffer indignities to do so if necessary.

Oh, and she's going to burn this cave. "Strike Team Gamma. Continue back to the jet. I'll catch up."

Poor Zee. And the other day was so happy! Corsets abounded! "Thank you. I'm sorry. Feel better soon," Lunair tries. As for telling Jean about Scott's gleaming self, well. It's probably better she can't see his eyes for now. She will quietly join those leaving out on the Quinjet. She pauses at Paul's words. "It could be neat. And I haven't tried. I will have to play with that sometime. Thank you," She smiles at Paul. Hey, it's nice of him to say! Pause.

If Jes is nearby, there's a light headpat for the Coyote. Why not? Too bad Lunair's never - really seen a coyote. Like, ever.

Cyclops looks toward Booster. The man had a way with words, and though his lips are pressed together grimly, he looks back to Kara with a solemn nod of agreement.

"Come on," he repeats, forgoing the handshake and instead opting to hook an arm around the Kryptonian's shoulder. "We sure eyebeamed the hell out of that thing, huh?" he asks, trying to lighten the mood as they retreat from the cavern.

Kara looked down on the ground as she walked out with Cyclops, her expression sullen, "Yep, we sure did Cyclops…" At least it was keeping her from commenting on the situation at hand, which she was clearly not happy with.

Booster looks at least slightly relieved when Kara comes along, especially since Cyclops is helping her; the man is clearly some sort of team dad. He catches Agent May's glance and floats up from the ground. He had not bothered to fly on this mission, but does so now, and when he reaches Zatanna's side he gently touches her at the elbow if she allows it. When he is really able to focus, he can extend the anti-gravity properties of his flight ring to help fly the exhausted sorceress to the plane. Not high and not too fast, of course, so that the coyote can stay near and keep up.

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