Witch Shopping

April 24, 2015:

Lunair takes Wanda shopping, Zee and then Bobby join them.

A Mall Somewhere


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Lunair cares. She really does. When not hiding from HYDRA or those ominous white vans and their dart drones, Lunair is trying to help people in M-Town or puttering around and picking off mobsters and their ilk. She's still got an old apartment she uses as a safehouse, and being worried about a certain Speedster's sister, she's going to take her shopping and to the room. "Let's see. This is the spot."

Lunair has agreed to meet up at a particular area, just outside the mall. She is in a long, navy blue military style coat that looks more for fashion than warms. She hops on a single foot and twirls around while waiting. The mall is actually, thankfully not crowded. People, especilly teenagers, might be milling about - especially the anime, book stores and the Dreaded Hot Topic. So far, so normal.

And here comes Wanda. Reluctantly. She is not one for crowds and, thankfully, crowds aren't one for her either. The dumpster dwelling woman with the clothes and odour to match sticks to the shadows as much as she can before making that final amble over to where Lunair waits. There is nothing fashion about Wanda. Black boots (with holes in the souls), torn black tights, short black dress with missing strap and blood stains, fingerless leather gloves that were not designed to be and a scarlet jacket over it all that has been recently shredded by an exploding church…and ignore the bits of blood and brain that may be present. "Hello" she greets Lunair with a nervous smile and an Eastern European accent. "This is the…mall?"

Zee wants to check in on Wanda, their last meeting had been a little worrying for the young magi. Zee also has a feeling, nothing specific, that a certain shopping centre is where she might find her. Focussing her power and murmuring her spell, Zee teleports into an area not too far from Lunair, with a soft 'pop' sound.

Zee's wearing black leather trousers, high heel knee high boots with buckles and a candy apple green crop top under a black denim jacket. She's also wearing the diamond encrusted collar and an emerald pendulum on her left hip.

Turning slowly, Zee surveys the area and sees Lunair and Wanda. Waving, the raven haired woman makes her way towards them.

His tail looped around his waste to draw less attention, Simeon has his Leather Jacket and Motorcycle Helmet (both Black with a thick silver stripe up the middle in back) to conceal his… distinctive features. At the moment he's checking out the display in the front of an exotic automotive parts supply shop, not that anyone can see his eyes behind the black visor of his helmet.

Lunair do care! Lunair smiles, waves, nodding to Wanda. "Hi there!" She looks duly concerned, eyes widening at Scarlet's state. "Oh - are you hurt?" She looks to Scarlet, now fretting. While Luna has a problem emoting, not so much right now. And then sudenly, a Zee literally pops in. "HI!" Startled, yes. She waves. She is unaware of Simeon just yet, but Lunair is also distracted by the blood (!) and disrepair of Scarlet's clothes.

"How are you? It is the mall," She nods. "We're - going to get you some things and take you to my safe apartment. The spare room is yours, so you can probably get some decor, too."

Matt Murdock kind of hates the mall. It's loud, crowded, echoey…and usually not at all helpful. But there are some things that can't be bought online and it means that he actually has to brave the 'suburbs' to go to one of the malls. This one is the closest one to Manhattan, so it was the winner.

The tapping of his cane might not be heard over the muzak being piped through the sound system or the teenagers hanging about, but Matt Murdock is, as swiftly as he can, making his way to the shop he wanted to go to.

He's actually having to slow down some…not because of the relative strangeness of the mall, but because people are just looking at their phones and not paying attention.

"Hurt?" Wanda seems confused by the question before she shakes her head. "Things are too loud" she adds, waving a hand at the mall around them, "But we are not hurt." A pause. "Decor? I do not know how long I will stay. Pietro will want to get somewhere to live with me." She is quite, foolishly, convinced that they will get back together soon. Then there is the hint of magic in the air and Wanda giggles at the sudden appearance of Zatanna. "I wish you could teach me magic" she sighs before hugging the sorceress. Her blue eyes study the area. Someone…strange…in full motorcycle clothes. A blind man avoiding teenagers acting like they are blinder. "Things are safe" Wanda surmises before hissing at something unseen behind her. "I know! I saw!"

Zee gives Wanda a quick once over, not a lot different from the last time she saw her. "Hey Lunair, how are you?" Zee smiles at the other woman and then looks backto Wanda "Maybe I can, Wanda, maybe I can…." Zee muses a little, she's beginning to understand more about this woman.

Glancing around, the young magi's eyes light on the figure in motorcycle gear, and she cants her head slightly… before letting her gaze sweep the rest of the mall, rolling her eyes a little as the teens ignore the man with the cane. "Did I hear you were going shopping, Lunair? That's a great idea. I offered Wanda some clothes the other night, but she wouldn't hear of it."

Perusing the exotic parts display, Simeon unzips two of his pockets, pulls out a palm pilot with one hand and a cell phone with the other, and seems to type on both with his thumbs, then lifts the phone to his ear while his other hand continues to thumb type rather furiously. After a few seconds he speaks into the phone, "Hey, Benji, the Exotic parts store in the Haven Area Mall has those lamborghini parts you need for Mister Malfoy's engine at about 1/4 the price Hainbach quoted you. I'm going to say this again though, you need to stop dealing with Hainbach, and you need to talk with Mister Malfoy about the issues with maintaining a Lamborghini in the States, let alone in New York Traffic." he then sighs and nods, "Yeah, I took notes on the prices. See you on Monday." then clicks the phone and puts it away, only then putting the other device away as well and rezipping both pockets. He turns and begins to glance around the mall, his shoulders relaxing a bit as if he can now enjoy the mall at his leisure.

Lunair nods. "Okay, no decor. Just some clothes, sheets and things. Maybe some soap if you like, since-" Pause. There's an owlish blink at Wanda and Zee. Magic is so not her thing. And they might as well be speaking Ancient Greek to her. Lunair nods. "We are. And we can get some clothes, though I wouldn't force anyone," She admits. "But it might feel safer to have some new get ups. I bet they even have some cute things she'd like. It's good to see you, Miss Zee." A polite smile.

Then, there's a fellow walking around. Lunair gives Simeon a curious look. "Wow, that all sounds super expensive." Nevertheless, Lunair doesn't pry too much. And there's a man with a cane. She frowns faintly at people's reactions to him. Hmmm. "He's okay, right?"

It's probably no worse than navigating New York sidewalks…but outside, there's more air and space for the sounds and…smells…to disperse. Inside a mall, even if it's tall or large, it's still inside. There are all the people, the Food Court, the coffee shop, and, don't forget, the ever invasive Yankee Candle.

It's no wonder that the man with the cane sneezes a few times.

Wanda looks over at Matt Murdock, studying him…her eyes flaring red for a moment before she turns back to Lunair and nods. "He will be fine" she assures, "I think I have seen him before. Out there." A wave of her hand towards the world before she grins like a maniac at Zatanna. "Don't tease about the magic." A nod to Lunair. "Clothes. Sheets. Soap." That last one gets a frown before she looks back at the sneezing man. "He can help choose" Wanda suddenly decides because there is no one better at clothes shopping than a blind man. She strides right on over to him though he will smell her coming before he hears her. "I need your help" she says to Murdock. "I do not shop very well." Then she leans in to whisper in his ear.

"Good to see you too, Lunair. Hope all is well." Zees not into cars or mechanics, so Simeon's words are lost on her but as Lunair looks at him curiously, she smiles over before glancing back to Wanda "I'm not teasing." she murmurs watching the woman approach the man with cane.

Folding her arms loosely over her chest, the young woman smirks a little as Wanda whispers into Matts ear. "This should be interesting."

Matt Murdock does start to move around the woman coming towards him…yes, he -can- smell her, but that didn't seem to work as she was stepping right to him. "Excuse me?" is asked when he's requisitioned for help. The whisper in his ear get a brief jaw tic, no doubt because it was rather loud to sensitive ears, "I'm sorry, miss, but I think you might be confusing me for someone else. I don't tend to hang around in alleys."

"Well, I don't think you want to use my soap. Do you? I don't know," Lunair considers. "It was more something you would have, wherever you go," Lunair smiles. And to be fair to Matt, Yankee Candles tend to clobber everyone's senses. Lunair nods and listens to Zee and Wanda. "Okay, if you like." A polite smile. Lunair will roll with it. Lunair really doesn't know any better. Her frame of reference is different than most, and far more blank. "I am well enough. No dart drones this week," She seems happy about that.

"We can also get snacks and drinks as you like," She offers. Lunair smiles faintly as Wanda approaches Matt. "Oh dear." She looks uncertain.

Wanda nods slowly to Matt's reply but thankfully doesn't add tapping to the side of her nose in an 'I know to keep quiet' manner. Not that he would see her if she did. "I understand" she smiles happily before looking back over at the girls. "This man will help!" she calls out - she has no social filter. Wanda winks at Lunair. "I think it is more like /you/ don't want me to use your soap." And, yes, this is being yelled across the hall of a major shopping center and attracting a couple of looks…and security. Is that a well-dressed lawyer type being accosted by a homeless woman?

Zee smirks a little, life is never dull where Wanda is concerned. "Shall we head over, Lunair? Our presence may settle things a little." Walking to where Matt and Wanda are Zee flashes a big smile, it doesn't matter if it's seen or not, it will change the tone of her voice. "Hello, I'm Zee and these are my friends Wanda and Lunair." Zee goes to hold her hand out and thinks better of it.

Glancing at Lunair, Zee frowns a little "Dart drones? Oh right… I remember, vaguely."

"I'm sorry, but what am I helping with?" Matt does sneeze again, trying to turn away from Wanda…oh, the smells! Another reason to despise the mall! "I'm really not good at this whole shopping thing…I…are you in trouble?"

He does seem a little baffled as to why he's being brought into someone's shopping spree and he might be just a little wary-seeming due to it. At the introduction, he offers his own hand, "It's nice to meet you, Zee, Wanda, and Lunair…I'm Matthew, but I'm a little confused as to what the three of you are planning to do with me?"

Headtilt. "Okay," Lunair nods. She goes with it. "I don't mind either way. I just - thought - people like their own stuff," Lunar admits, looking sheepish. And apologetic. "That it was sort of a privacy thing…" Lunair is uncertain. She nods at Zee and follows along. She smiles to Matt and Wanda. "Pleased to meet you."

Then a nod at Zee. Luna's life is full of white vans and stuff. Such is life. Wanda is curious, to Luna. She really doesn't know what to think of it all. She mostly wanted to help, really. At Matt's question, she offers, "I think she wanted you to come shopping with us. I can pay for your lunch and stuff if you want." Nodnod. Yes.

Lunair uses DIPLOMACY!

"It will be fun!" Wanda decides is the reason for everything and Lord knows she could use some fun in her life. She's started to have difficulty remembering what fun even is. "Lunair and Zee are my friends" she, perhaps needlessy, adds to the conversation. "They want to buy me clothes…" A pause. "Not that I am naked" she adds because he is blind after all. "Do you know my brother?" Wanda glances around and points at the motorcycle helmet clad Simeon. "Him too…he has style." And the witch thinks he is interesting too…but since Zatanna has already smiled at him, Simeon is probably already bewitched.

Poor Matt! Zee smiles and takes his hand firmly "Pleased to meet you, Mathew." his choice of wording has her grinning a bit "Wanda thinks you'd be good to help her pick out clothes." Zees not judging. "That's very kind Lunair, please let me help with that, the lunch thing."

As Wanda motions to Simeon, Zee looks over, the smile never wavering. "He certainly does, Wanda."

Ah the banes of having pretty ladies as a weakness, despite Simeon's better judgment about spending too much time interacting with the normals, he's a slightly awkward nerd who is a sucker for ladies (especially attractive ones). If the younger woman smiling at him wasn't enough, being pointed at and acknowledged as 'having style' pretty much seals the deal that he should interact with the trio of shoppers and their Counselor. Trying to act cool, he walks over and smiles, not that his helmet shows his near lipless mouth baring his teeth, but it does change the tone of his voice, "Hello ladies, sir. How are ya'll doing today?" his helmet probably sparing him much of Wanda's aroma.

"Shopping?" Matt's eyebrows lift behind his sunglasses, "I think that's the first time anyone has asked me to help them shop in recent memory," and he does seem quite amused. Simeon's greeting gets a slight tilt of his head but he offers, "I'm well, thanks." And the thing is, he sort of does want to help, but…"Here. Let's do this." Tucking his cane under one arm, he then digs into a pocket and pulls out a business card and holds it out towards Wanda.

"Why don't you get yourself settled at your friend's place," and shower, but he doesn't say that, "And the next time you go shopping, I'll do my best to join you."

Why not? Wanda deserves some fun, right? Lunair is not a witch. She seems pretty normal, aside from her lack of expression and emotion on her face when not actively working at it or engaged. Thousand yard stare ahoy! And when Simeon ables over, Lunair smiles and waves. "Hello there! I am well enough, how about you?"

And Lunair looks to Matt. "Oh. That's nice of you. We'll look forward to seeing you." Pause. "What kinds of things do you like to wear?" She asks Wanda.

Wanda looks disappointed that Matt won't be coming with them but she then takes the card with a smiles. "Maybe I will see you around?" she notes before glancing at Zee and Lunair to whisper, "Is it okay that I said 'see'?" A wave to Simeon as he approaches. "Are you robbing a bank?" she asks, nodding at his motorcycle helmet before considering Lunair's question. "Clothes?" is her half-hearted response before she looks down at what she is wearing. "Like this?" She has a feeling that her answers aren't right.

As Matt leaves, Zee nods "Later, Matthew… " and shrugs at Wanda "I'm not really sure." Turning to face Simeon, Zee holds out a hand "Hey, I'm Zee. I'm doing well." She'll leave Lunair and Wanda to introduce themselves… she looks at him slightly apologetically as Wanda asks if he's robbing a bank.

The bank robbing comment actually gets a snicker from Simeon, "No, wasn't intending to do that. Last bunch of guys I can think of that robbed a bank near hear ended up having ther getaway vehicle dismantled mid highspeed chase by a guy dressed similar to how I am now, so unless I intended to meet my twin, I think I won't risk having that happen to me." he removes his helmet and hangs it behind his back (his tail snaking in to hold it securely in place), and smiles, "I do it because it hides my primal good looks." smiling broadly which revelas his incisors are about as long as any human naturally gets, which is sadly quite fanglike. He offers hands to Zee and Luna, "Name's Simeon. Nice to meet you ladies. His right foot starting to come up slightly, but then pauses and plants itself back on the floor.

Lunair smiles, looking to Wanda. "Clothes. Like, do you like corsets, dresses, jeans, pants…? What would you want to have if you had more clothes?" She asks. "It's no fun if I picked." And besides, given Lunair's penchant for elegant and gothic lolita clothing, things might get weird. She accepts Simeon's hand and smiles back. She looks like she has to emote actively, instead of reflexively. Odd.

But she seems friendly. "Ooh, I see." Nodnod. Lunair buys it. Simeon seems like a cool guy. "Pleased to meet you, Simeon." She pauses. "Bank robbers in New York or Metropolis rarely, if ever get away." Can't swing a bag of money without hitting a vigilante, at least. "But no, we're just shopping for a few things. You're welcome to join us."

Scarlet has met a werewolf in her travels and now there is a werechimp standing before her. New York is an amazing city. "Hello, Simian" she grins before checking her pockets. "I thought I had some peanuts…" She pulls out some pinkish looking meat before shrugging apologetically to Zatanna and tossing the bits of brain into the nearest bin. "We had a monkey in Transia" she sighs. "He would do dancing while my father played the accordian and the people would give him money. The police wanted my father to buy a license but he refused because he said the monkey was working independently. He did not tell my father what to play and my father did not tell him what to do with the money he made." She shrugs. "We did not have to buy a license."

Wanda peers at Lunair. "Clothes I like?" Again she glances at what she is wearing. It's not as if she just picked up the first things she found…possibly. This is her style; Nuveau Gypsy.

"Your twin huh?" Zee shakes the offered hand and smiles again "Must be tough." her eyes dance a little. "Nice to meet you Simeon." She certainly doesn't seem to be bothered by his appearance.

Blanching a little a the pinkish looking meat, she blows out a breath as Wanda throws it away. "I think Wanda would like similar to what she's wearing, Lunair." Zee nods and looks around pointing to a shop that looks like it might come close "that shop there I think…"

Just as he is about to nod, the phone pocket rings and Simeon sighs, retrieving it, "Hello?" pause as a string of sound goes into his ear, "You did what?" longer pause as several explitives can probably be made out among the mechanic jargon and some slurred other words, "Alright, I'll come fix it, but you better tell your dad that I expect to get paid for the repairs instead of you." then thumb clicks the phone off, "I must apologise ladies. My cousin just connected an exhaust hose to the fuel intake, the fuel line to the window sprayers, and the window sprayers into the radiator. I'll probably be busy for hours just trying to clean up his mess before I can even hope to attempt to save the Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster, which he probably just made so worthless my uncle will have to end up buying the owner a new one instead. I wish you luck in your shopping, and hope we meet again." bowing as his Helmet snakes up his back and slips on his head… handsfree. He then turns and parkour's toward the exit, handspringing off a bench and clearing several kiosks and booths, dodging past some people coming in to get outside.

Lunair only knows a couple of animal-peoples. Then she blinks a bit at Wanda and her stories. "I see," Lunair nods. "And yup! Stuff you like." She seems quietly sympathetic towards SImeon. A twin, huh? She looks to Zee. "Okay, I'll follow," She murmurs. "And oh. See you!" She waves to Simeon and moves to join the other two women. To the clothesmobile!

Wanda watches Simeon bounding away before nodding sagely. "That is what the monkey at home did." And now it's clothes time!! "People do not usually let me go in their store" she warns the others. "People do not like gypsies." It has nothing to do with her hygiene or general look…it is racism! But she will follow the others wherever they wish to lead her. She does offer some help with her, "I do not like jeans. Tights, yes. Not jeans. Dresses and skirts are nicer."

"See you Simeon" Zee watches as he bounds off and smiles at Wandas' remembering. Looking to Lunair, Zee gestures and falls in beside the young woman. "I suppose they don't Wanda, but lets see how we go." Entering the store, Zee smiles at the assistant putting Wanda between her and Lunair. Pointing to some nice dresses, similar to what Wanda is already wearing, the Mistress of Magic leads them onwards "What about those to start with?"

Lunair smiles. "Having a monkey must have been interesting. And um, oh." Lunair tilts her head. "I'm sorry. I am sure we'll be in okay," Lunair murmurs. Surely they wouldn't not let Wanda in? "Those look cute," Lunair agrees and nods. "No jeans, tights, dresses and skirts. Got it." She remembers. "We start by looking, and you find the ones you think you'd like. Then you get to try them on and see how they fit."

There is some obvious revulsion sent Wanda's way when she walks in but the two women with her calm most staff. Zatanna, at least, no doubt recognised as someone not to annoy. But when it is obvious that Wanda is going to be trying stuff on…even the most cowardly have to step forward. "Umm…excuse me, ladies" says one well-dressed woman in her thirties, "But…how shall I put this. You're friend seems not to know home plumbing very well, if you will, and I don't think she should be trying on clothes that may then have to be sold to someone else." A fearful, but hopeful, smile to Lunair and Zatanna.

Wanda has about half a dozen dressed in her hands when the woman comes over and she sighs softly at the words. "I told you." She starts to hang them back on the rack, her smile dissolving in an instant.

"That's ok" Zee smiles sweetly at the shop assistants "We'll take a selection with us, I've got a good eye." Looking to Wanda, Zee nods "Show me what you like… don't worry." A smile to Lunair "Let me help you pay for these. What Wanda doesn't use, we can donate to a shelter, OK?"

Frown. Lunair shakes her head. "That's not fair. Everyone sheds skin and stuff," She points out. "It's fine. We'll take what she likes," A nod at Zee. "Sounds good. There's some cute kind of corset shirts if that's her thing at the Hot Topic down the way, too." She sort of has an idea of what's the haps here. Lunair seems quietly sad as poor Wanda's smile dissolves. Sure, it might've been wise to go to the room and stuff first, but it felt more appropriate to help Wanda have her own stuff first! Dangit. That, and Luna soap has Lunacooties. No one wants Lunacooties.

"We're taking them all?" Wanda seems quite surprised at this. Her first thought is 'how will we stuff them all under our clothes'. Then when she realises that they are going to be /paid/ for, her next thought is 'where did I get such rich friends?'. Her smile rapidly back as she takes the dresses back off the rack. There are two people here backing her up against the 'establishment' and that's almost enough to make her cry in happiness. Thankfully she manages to blink the tears away before they start. "Hot Topic?" Where she is from the only designer clothes store is 'You Must Buy This Clothing'. That the President of her country also owns that store is purely coincidental.

"We are." Zee fixes the shop assitants with a look. "That sounds great, Lunair. I've been wanting to look for some different tops too, that might give me some inspiration." After Zee's recent expeditions, this outing is a welcome change.

"And I heard you say you've got somewhere for her to stay?" Zees eyes crinkle at Lunair. "That's just great." Watching Wanda select the dresses she likes, Zee folds her arms loosely. "Take your time, Wanda. We're not in any hurry." Let the sales assistants try to rush, Zee.

"Mn," Luna nods. She smiles back to Wanda. Really, Wanda's her friend and picking on someone sort of chafes Luna a little bit. She nods. Again. "Yeah, it's a store with a lot of stuff like corsets, skirts and alternative fashions. It might be up your guys' alley. I like it. And awesome." A smile to Zee. Hey, Luna likes to help really. And being in hiding, Lunair's had to move a bit beyond her elegant and gothic lolita fashions. It's a trial, to be sure.

She is glad to just be shopping and not dealing with creepy Nazi grandpas. Lunair nods at Zee. "Yeah. It's in my rooftop apartment. I have a little garden I keep up there. Grandpa visits sometimes. I only used the room for art stuff, so I cleaned it out and moved furniture in." It seemed unfair to have an empty room when poor Wanda had none. "We can help her find her brother more easily if she has an address, too."

"Corsets?" Wanda has to think on that word before she nods once in the affirmative. "Let's go!" And then, with a handful of dresses, she walks straight out the door of the store. Cue alarms going off. At least Wanda stops when she realises her friends aren't following, frowning at all the noise. A subtle flick of the wrist and the alarm sound winds down as if it were bagpipes losing air. "Did I do something wrong?" she asks when she realises she is being glared at by store personnel again.

Zee just looks to the shop assistants and produces a credit card out of thin air. "It's alright Wanda, if you bring them back in here, we can get the security tags removed and some bags to put them in. Then we'll go and look at those corsets."

"Sounds awesome, Lunair. I'm glad she agreed to take it." Zee frowns a little "Bobby has tried to get her to stay at DCI, but she really didn't seem comfortable." The mention of Wanda's brother has Zee frowning more "She's mentioned her brother before, what's the deal there?"

Lunair smiles and nods. Then her eyes widen. "Oops. What miss Zee said." Then a smile at Zee and she nods. "I'm not sure. Last time I had them together, he went for food and disappeared." Lunair seems quietly sad about that, too. Lunair will bring some cash for half of the clothes at least, too. "I think I can understand not being comfortable with that sort of living situation. I would hesitate, too." Probably for different reasons, but that's life as a lab experiment.

Wanda returns to the store with the clothes and drops them on the counter. Security tags? They certainly didn't have those in Transia. She seems oblivious to the talk of her brother…though maybe that is just an act. It hurts her too much to discuss it at the moment. And as for whether she will stay in Lunair's room…who knows? She has been known to wander. There are forces at work inside her that drive her to seek out…trouble. Wanda stands quietly as the clothes are bought - and they are all black or red.

Zee might seek out Bobby, to find out more about that story. Zee watches the sales assistants remove the tags, ring up the sale and bag the goods. "I don't know who her brother is, Lunair… if you need a hand at all, let me know ok?" Zee does care… a lot.

Watching the dresses being packed, Zee smiles over to Wanda "These are really nice, Wanda."

Lunair is not saying much, likely out of consideration for Wanda. A nod at Zee. Lunair does care, in her own, dysfunctional, clumsy way. Nevertheless, she watches as the assistants pack. "Yeah, those are adorable. The color scheme is neat." Smile. Though, Lunair's fashion sense is very much specific to Lunair. Perhaps. For the mot part, Lunair reckons that even if she wanders in and out, the room is still a base where Wanda can sleep, get noms and stuff like that. Better safe than sorry these days.

Wanda watches the clothes get rung up on the register and the numbers get higher and higher. She looks back at the other two with some confusion. They really want to pay this much for her AND there are more stores to go too. Finally she steps away and closer to her friends…the poor shop assistant was about to go blue from holding her breath. Her back to the register she speaks in a whisper to Lunair and Zatanna. "My brother and I had to flee our country. Bad men wanted to cut us up. He is very quick…/very/ quick. He carried me away to a ship that was coming here. Stowaways. When we got to New York he told me to wait in the ship until he could see it was safe. I never saw him again until that one time with Lunair. Then he said he was going to be right back and…" Her head bows and her shoulders slump. "…he never did. He has new friends now. Friends of Bobby's. So he doesn't need me anymore." A faint smile. "He always liked pretty girls and I think he has one now. Kitty? I wait for him to come back but he never will." No fingers twitch. No arcane symbols start to form in the air. This may be as calm as she gets on this subject. "I miss him. We are twins…we are very close." She taps the side of her head. "In here. Or we were…"

Zee remembers now, Wanda has told her this before. Despite everything, Zee touches her shoulder "If Bobby knows where he is, he'll do everything he can to get you two together again…. Kitty? I know her! Would you like me to speak with her?" Zee sighs… Wanda thinks her and Bobby are dating and Bobby and Nyx are dating… and both aren't true. Wanda's brother may know Kitty, but dating? Maybe not.

The bags are handed over, Zee and Lunair pay half each. Looking to Lunair, Zee smiles "Lead on… Corsets, here we come."

Lunair nods. "Yeah, we'll do our best," She agrees. Lunair genuinely does seem to want to help. She pauses. "He is REALLY fast." It's true. "And I'm sorry. I think -" Pause. "I don't know, but we'll do our best." She offers. "I know Miss Kitty, too. In passing, anyway.." Lunair is technically an X-man, but she's the most absent minded, free wheeling mutant in the group likely.

Lunair smiles back. "Alright, we can get some corsets and things."

"No…don't talk to Kitty" Wanda replies, looking quite horrified about the idea. She doesn't want to ruin her brother's happiness! It's good that one of them is happy at least. Then it is off with Lunair and Zatanna to look at corsets…and they look so awesome!! She could probably wear one with a skirt and tights. "Why does everyone have costumes?" she pops up with in the middle of looking over the clothes. "All the heroes."

Zee agrees, those corsets were great. She selects a couple, in black or white, for herself… the crop tops might be replaced!

"You know, I'm not sure. Some people use them for anonymity… me, well, my costume is changing, but my costume was my stage outfit." Zee looks to Lunair to see if she has an answer.

Lunair looks thoughtful. "I bet some people just like to dress up, or to be anonymous. Or for like Zee. Some are armored, so their costumes are more for fighting and running around in armor would be frowned at," Lunair offers. Lunair looks over the corsets and such. Those are cute!

And she seems happy that Zee and Wanda are enjoying it. "And some people use their clothes to make a statement, I guess. I dunno. Fashion is mysterious." Yes, yes it is. But Lunair's phone rings. And she pauses. "I will be right back, I should answer this, fetch lunch and use the restroom. But not in that order." And she will do that, returning likely to pay for and help pay for things, hers and otherwise.

"But most of them do not cover their faces" Wanda points out with a look of confusion. "Everyone knows who you are, Zatanna. I even have a poster of you in my book. Bobby doesn't wear a mask. Nyx doesn't wear a mask. Lunair…" Strangely enough Wanda is selecting from the black and red again. "These are pretty but they will be very cold on the street." She looks at the bags she already has. "They will be hard to hide in the dumpster." A pause before she whispers. "I know that I will be at Lunair's!" Speaking of, she gives the woman a wave as she wanders off.

Zee nods and watches Lunair walk off. "Some of us… not many really, don't believe in hiding our identity. We think it better to let the world see who we are." Each to their own, really. "Some feel they can do more good, by remaining anonymous. The guy I'm seeing, feels that way."

Wanda's concerns about storing the clothes has Zee frowning "Well, why don't you store them at Lunairs and when you need a change of clothes, you can go back there?" Looking at what Wanda has amassed, Zee grins "Anything else catch your fancy?"

"Tights" Wanda replies quickly, "I need some tights." And then her eyes fall on some tight fitting latex pants and she steps slowly towards them. "I do not like jeans" she notes before running her fingers over the surface of the clothing. "But these are nice." A pause. "I wonder what Pietro wears now? Do you know? I have the clippings from the newspaper where he has been a hero. That is another reason he cannot see me. To not put me in danger…right?" Wanda is happy to clutch at any reason she can think of why he has abandoned her. "The guy you are seeing? That robot man?"

Zee really doesn't know who Wanda's brother is but she follows the witch to the latex pants "Take a couple of pairs, these ones…" Zee does a quick visual sizing. "I don't know your brother, Wanda. But… if the people he's keeping company with are any guide, then yes… he wants to keep you safe." Not exactly a lie.

"The robot man?" Zees brow furrows "Oh no! not him, he's barely a friend. A Druid who lives in Gotham." Zee smiles as she thinks of him.

"A druid?" Wanda notices the smile and wishes she had her own smile like that but she shrugs away any thought of such things. That is not for her life. Black and red pants are taken off the rack. "He does care about me" she tells herself, as much as anyone else, about her brother. Wanda muses for a long moment. "I think robots are cute" she shrugs before quickly following that with "Boots. We need boots!"

Well, that's probably true. Zee's only got the one style herself… Taking the black and red pants, she checks the sizing and then heads back to the counter and hands the stash over to the cashier. "These thank you."

"Boots next." the young magi nods "And yeah, a druid. He's kind of awesome." and she laughs "Well Dragnets pretty cute, but don't tell him I said that, right?"

Wanda has been on a shopping trip with Lunair and Zatanna and they are all laden down with bags now. Unfortunately, they went shopping /before/ Wanda saw her new room and had a chance to get cleaned up so there are plenty of shop assistants who are quite happy to rush the trio out again. Wanda and Zatanna, the hardcore shoppers, are all that are left at the moment and are currently heading towards a boot store. "I am glad that your boyfriend is awesome…but won't Bobby get jealous?"

The shop assistants might not be happy, but Zee has a way about her… and lots of full bags to keep the merchants happy. "I don't think Bobby will be jealous" Zee says faintly "He's good like that." That probably isn't helping things at all.

Leading them to a shoe shop, Zee gestures "That store should have boots for us."

Bobby's ears might be burning… if he weren't sucha cool guy. Bobby is not a shopaholic but sometimes you just need some parts for an experiment and they're not always high tensile strength alloys or supercooled ceramics. Sometimes some stuff from the hardware and electronics store will do and the cool guy is coming out of just such a shop with a bag, looking through it to make sure he's got everything he needs.

Wanda nods to the boot store before something makes her look over to another shop…must have been luck. "Bobby!!" she calls out across the mall. Hopefully he wasn't here incognito. "Look, Zee, it's your other boyfriend…and Nyx's boyfriend…" Her brow furrows. "Everyone has so many boyfriends." She would wave frantically at him as well but she has too many bags in her arms for that. So better scream again. "Bobby!!!"

Zee sighs as Wanda calls Bobby her boyfriend, but smiles at the cool dude and heads in his direction. She doesn't say anything till they get closer "Hey Bobby… " the Mistress of Magic is holding a bag herself.

Bobby's head jerks up and… oh it's Wanda. And… he's… okay. Two people's boyfriend now. Neither of whom are his girlfriend. But that's okay. It's Wanda and… well Bobby likes Wanda. He briefly wonders if he's Wanda's boyfriend as well. That might be… tricky.

"Hey you two. Out shopping?"

"Look at all the clothes they are buying me" Wanda grins, offering forward a dozen bags that she probably expects him to look through in great detail…but that would be cruel. Alas, Wanda doesn't think she has a boyfriend. It seems they're all taken by women who want more than one! "We are getting boots next" she smiles, "And then Lunair is going to show me a room that I can leave all my clothes in." She looks around. "Lunair /was/ here but she had to go to the bathroom." Bobby needs to know these things! "Do you want to come shopping with us? I asked a blind man and a monkey but they had to leave."

Zee can only nod as she follows Wanda over to Bobby. "It's true, we have. And buying somethings for myself." Zee doesn't mention the looks some assistants have received from the Mistress of Magic. "Wanda's concerned she won't use the room Lunair has offered." Zee shrugs "I suggested she leave her belongings there and pop in to get them when she needs them."

Smiling at the Ice Nerd, Zee nods again "You're more than welcome to join us. Wanda wants new boots… and well, so do I." Zee seems to be enjoying this outing.

"Or something else that she really needs and wants." Maybe Bobby can tie Pietro up in the room. "Let's, uh, see?" Nan's dragged him out to shop before and Bobby's… uh… had to by Nyx some clothes in the past when her powers have destroyed them. But he doesn't exactly have what anyone could call an eye for fashion. Still, he'll look through to see what they have.

"I'll come with you sure. I, uh, don't want boots. The only set I own go with my costume."

Wanda turns for the boot store…she wants boots!! "What about Ugg boots?" she suggests to Bobby. "They will keep your feet warm when you are ice." Seems logical to her. "Who is your girlfriend, Bobby? Everyone says…" Though none of them may actually have said any such thing, "…they are your girlfriend."

"You're company is welcome, Bobby" Zee shakes her head as Wanda asks about his girlfriend. Bobby knows Zee wouldn't say such a thing! Ugg boots! "I've never seen you in costume" Zee notes as they enter the boot store.

As Zee, Wanda and Lunair have experienced before, the sales assistants look at Wanda askance. Zee steps forward and gives them her look before speaking to Wanda "Let me know what you like, Wanda, we'll choose something that looks right and we'll donate the rest to a refuge or something, OK?" Zee's already turning to the biker boots, considering style, look and functionality.

Wanda nods to Zatanna's offer and starts to prowl the racks of the boots. Thankfully, since she has been living on the street so much, she goes for footwear that is comfortable above all else. No high heels…well…except for that one knee-high pair that would look pretty good with her latex pants. Good grief…is she starting to get fashion ideas?

Zee's chosen herself a pair of sturdy biker boots. No heels on this pair and a good sturdy sole. Gathering Bobby, she heads over to Wanda and stands watching the woman select boots. "What about these ones, Wanda?" Zee shows a pair of boots with a middling height heel, fairly plain, but with red leather inset panels. "These would work with what we've just bought."

Wanda checks out the pair that Zatanna offers and considers them carefully before…well of course she's going to take them. Zee knows way more about such things than her. "Do you like them, Bobby?" she asks brightly before adding them to the stash. At some point she will feel guilty enough about spending other people's money to stop.

For all of Bobbys silence, Zee thinks he approves "I uh, think he does, Wanda" she replies as she looks at Wanda's stash. Zee doesn't mind spending her money on others, she doesn't often get the chance… and if it helps Wanda settle, even a little than her job here is done.

"Anything else you like here, Wanda?" Zee's pretty pleased the woman is choosing things "If not, remember we have to go to the counter first, before we leave the store."

Wanda looks at all the bags and just sighs before shaking her head. "No…this is more than enough. You have been far too kind already." This is the most she had ever got from a shop without stealing. It is the only time she has left shops without stealing. A faint smile for Bobby before she remembers to head for the counter…by being reminded to.

Zee smiles as she sees Wanda head to the counter, and follows along. The cashier starts to shrink back but glances at Zee and the look on the young mages face. "Hhhow can I help you… " she asks Wanda.

"Go ahead, Wanda. Give her want you to buy." Zee slides the boots she has in her hands onto the counter. "These too, thank you."

Wanda attempts a smile to the cashier as she nervously pushes the boots over. "These" she adds as an unnecessary explanation before stepping back and finding interesting things to look at around her feet. This is all very new but thankfully it's not as if she will every have money to repeat the process.

The cashier takes Wanda' boots and looks to Zee as she rings them up and takes the card Zee hands over to pay with them.

When the transaction is complete, the cashier hands a bag to Wanda and one to Zee. She doesn't say a thing.

"Alright then! Come on Wanda and Bobby, let's go find Lunair and see about this room of yours." Zee leads the way out of the store.

They're done…and Wanda survived!! She walks out with more bags than she's ever seen before and they all have expensive stuff in them. "She went to the bathroom" she points out helpfully. "She has been there a while. Do you think she is sick?" Of course Wanda will now think the worst. "Do you think she just left us?"

"Remember she was taking a phone call, first." Zee smiles "Come on, look… there she is" the magi gestures to a returning Lunair. She'll wait where they are till Lunair returns.

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