Hellgate In Suicide Slums

April 19, 2015:

Another Hellgate to close… more challenges for the team.

Suicide Slums - Metropolis


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With the Gotham hellgate closed, Zee turns her attention to the last gate in the Tri Cities - Metropolis. She's called on the same team… they worked together well last time and she's comfortable that, even though they expect the gate to be yet more difficult, the level of familiarity will be an advantage.

Sara's use of the Witchblade to heal Zee from the last dark energy blast had some level of success, although Sara didn't have quite enough control to heal her completely. That's ok, Zee managed to do the rest herself.

Agent Manning has given her a location, somewhere near Centennial Park in Suicide Slums.

Giving everyone the location and time, Zee's there now, waiting with her backpack in her hand.

Kara arrives, looking just as sullen as she had the night before. She's prepared a little better this time and is wearing what can only be described as 'Kryptonian' Battle Armor, a seemingly full body version of her old ceremonial set and she's even got some kind of holographic looking helmet worn over her head along with a futuristic sword held in her hands; not that she needed any of it.

She would never admit it to anyone, but what she wore wouldn't make any difference on her combat effectiveness; but it was nice to pretend.

Feeling very much like a Kryptonian Knight of some kind she raises the sword in the air and proclaims, "Whose ready to kick some Hellgate Butt!?"

Sara didn't pack anything special. The truth is, she has the weapon that exists for the sole purpose of dealing with these sorts of problems. Though, in deference to the fact that Hydra has their ways and they may well be expected here, along with the fact that the Witchblade isn't always reliable, she's at least geared up in black assault gear, including a kevlar vest. "How're you feeling, Zee?" she asks as she approaches. "Think you're up to this so soon?"

Paul spent hours on the internet researching weapons and looking over what was available to SHIELD. Unfortunately, weapons based on fire are few and far between, rarely used for close quarters combat and often banned. He'll have to go a different route which might not be a bad thing if the enemy's plans are based on previous encounters. This time he has a backpack slung over a shoulder that sags with weight. He also carries the FN P90. It's nice working for an international agency; some foreign weapons are really fun.

Pepper Potts arrives in that manner that seems unusual for a SHIELD agent — simply appearing out of nowhere with a pendulum hanging from one hand — and holding onto a possibly 'recruited without warning' Lunair with the other hand. Zee warned her to prepare for anything, this was the best way she could think of to have any possibility accounted for on the fly. "You okay, Lunair?"

Agent Melinda May arrives in that manner that seems unusual for a SHIELD agent — simply appearing out of nowhere with a pendulum hanging from one hand — and holding onto a possibly 'recruited without warning' Lunair with the other hand. Zee warned her to prepare for anything, this was the best way she could think of to have any possibility accounted for on the fly. "You okay, Lunair?"

Jericho has himself spent some time thinking of the appropriate thing to bring to the next hellgate fight. And he does believe he's found it. It'll require some borrowing but he's fairly sure this is for a good cause. He hopes to all the powers though that the Witchblade and the Rapture (and their bearers) don't murder him for breaking this particular trick out. Either way he seems in good spirits when hears the call for Lunair come over the comm. Huh. She seems to be in high demand. The hacker shrugs and makes his way over to Lunair's bunk and raps on the door frame. "Hey you. Got an operation in Metro shutting down some HYDRA folk. Come on." He's fairly sure she won't object. Also, her room? Wonderful view of the planet from high orbit.

There's a flash of purple light and the hacker and mutant appear. "Hey folks."

Lunair is totally helping! She is quietly fond of Agent May, and also Jericho. He's her buddy. She is as surprised as anyone else at the demand, closing her botany book. Her eyes widen a bit. "Yup! I just got the message." Beam. Lunair quite likes the view, too. And she gets to see Skaar lots. There's a lot to like about it. Nevertheless, she will arrive quickly and easily enough, following Jericho and ending up near Agent May. Or something. Hopefully she doesn't have an evil twin.

"I am okay enough." Nod. "You?" She knows May has had her own stresses, what with the fiery swords and HYDRA and stuff. She smiles at Jericho.

"I'm alright, Sara and yeah, I am." Well Zee thinks she is, at any rate. She's favouring the arm slightly and there's still a very slight limp when she walks, but she's young, she'll recover, right?

With everyone gathered, Zee peers at Lunair "You must be our secret weapon, thanks for coming." She's assuming that Lunairs been given the details of what's gone before.

"Same deal as last time, I'll try to close the gate, you all take out the opposition. The attacks seem to have a similar pattern, so watch out for the things from inside the gate." Looking at Sara and May, Zee frowns a little "I'll stick with you two, if that's ok?"

Looking to Paul and Jericho, Zee nods "I'll leave it to you two to get us in. I can teleport the group, like last time if you need."

Kara listen closely to the plan and offers to Zee, "Since Witchblade is going to be keeping you safe." Her eyes travel to the injured Zee with concern, "I'll stick to the front, try to draw as much attention from the enemy as possible. I don't want to see anyone else hurt tonight."

"I was just gonna say," Sara nods to Zee. "I'll stay with Zee. If you guys start to lose ground or you need to fall back to regroup, call it back. We can swap out. But we need to have coverage on Zee at all times. We lose her, this gate doesn't close." The Witchblade starts to creep over her limbs, armor growing around her as they prepare for battle. "There's no need to fight to the death, though. Not unless we have to. We can cycle."

"Be careful with the demons. Paul warns Kara. "The last one I went toe to toe with could suck the heat right out of your body. And since it's mystical, it's probably a lot more dangerous than just being out in space. But they go away once the gate does." Which makes Zatanna the linchpin to the operation. When Trent shows up, he points. "Thataway." Then he gives him and May a curious look, tilting his head toward Lunair. "Who's this?"

May nods then looks from Zee to Lunair. "Best protection possible," she says while tilting her head toward the spellcaster. "No iron." And this time she waits to see what they'll have to face before choosing which of her weapons to use. But for starters she has a non-factory-standard 1911 in her hands. She herself probably looks underdressed compared to all of the armor people are sporting, but she can tell, even the Witchblade's armor would slow her down too much.

When Paul asks about Lunair, she answers tersely. "Armory." She got it RIGHT! "And better than, in a pinch."

Jericho nods at May's terse introduction. "She's done some contract work for SHIELD before." He explains as he pulls up data. Hrm. No suitable underground places there. They've all be underground before. Seemed to be an affinity for it. But… ah. There it is. Got to be that. "There's a condemned office building about five blocks from here. Only thing around that's got the right combination of size and privacy. It's a twenty story affair. Pretty big. Went belly up a while ago." Which means the operating environment will be quite different. "Your call, guys, if you want to port there or walk."

Sara's suggestion about fight rotation gets a nod. No need to throw all their eggs in one basket.

…? One can almost see the question mark popping out over Lunair's head at mention of a secret weapon. Isn't there a Kryptonian? Lunair looks more than a little owlish. Though she blushes and smiles at May's words. "Let me know if you need armor or a weapon, okay?" And a nod at her codename. "Armory for now." She's so still changing it because it keeps happening. She seems quietly curious, having a pretty good idea of what's going on. At least she's well mannered. And her armor is unusual, far lighter and sleeker than most materials due to totally ripping it off from video games. She us unarmed for now, until she hears more about - wait, no iron? Hmm.

More nodding, as Jericho speaks. "Pleased to meet you despite the circumstances." She will see where she is most useful, accepting rotations or all in. Either, really.

"That's different… in the basement, I'm assuming? I mean, that would make sense" Zee looks around the group, while waiting for Jericho's answer "I say we go in quick. If I were them, I'd be watching out for certain patterns and signatures. But… I'm not the tactical genius, just the magical muscle."

"Right. That." When Paul warns Kara, Sara turns toward the girl. "I just about gutted some sort of…Kryptonian boogeyman with this," she warns, as a blade appears in her hand. "That's not a threat. Just a heads up. I've got a feeling you guys don't deal quite so well with the…otherworldly sort of things. The armor's a good choice, you'll probably be fine. But…just a heads up." At the talk of how to get there, she lets out a breath. "Let's walk it. Purposefully. Yeah, we don't want to give them warning, but I want a chance to see if they've got anything that could come up behind us once we're at it."

"I'll be careful. I just want to get Hydra stopped without any casualties on our end, if Zee got hurt again she might not be able to close the last gate." She stands ready and says, "Ready when the rest of you are."

Armory? Paul gives Lunair an appraising gaze that sharpens as she offers 'armor or a weapon'. So unspecific. Still, he has what he thinks he needs at the moment but will keep it in mind. At the question about the gate, he turns to face its direction and concentrates before tilting his head up. "No, it's above ground. Probably near the top but I can't say for sure yet. And we should walk so you save your strength." he tells Zatanna. "You're going to need it and the last two times it's taken everything you had." To May, he suggests "You should probably call the Metropolis police and let them know we're here before someone calls us in." He pats his machine gun.

May nods to Manning — he and Pezzini would know about police procedure — and pulls a phone to make the call. The moment she hangs up she says, "Pezzini, take point. Kara, cover our six. Armory, stay close to Zee. Let's move people, the longer we stand here, the more time HYDRA has to prepare."

"I'm guessing you've already made an impression." Jericho murmurs to Zee as she comments on the difference in location. "Let's get going. I'll inform Metro PD using the SHIELD channels if that's alright with you May. Unless you want to call it in."

Sara's comment gets a snort. "Sara, I've seen you and your parnter here fight and work together. I gotta say there aren't many other people I'd rather have at my back, and no one else for this kind of thing." Demon-hating bad-boyfriend notwithstanding. "Alright. Let's get to work." He falls in behind the others. Five blocks isn't far and it'll give him time to scan the networks and pick up camera feeds.

For her part, she's listening more than speaking. Lunair is not a good leader, but she does make a pretty good follower if nothing else and seems to work well enough on her own. Lunair pauses, "Hey, what do I call her…?" She asks Jericho, about Sara. Poor Armory really doesn't know. "Nice to meet you," A polite nod to Paul. It pays to be nice, right? Lunair is quiet, otherwise and will linger quietly near Zee. She's good at hovering without hovering.

"We've made an impression" Zee corrects quietly. "It wasn't just me now, was it?" Looking around the group, the young magi nods "Walking it is then." Zee's more than happy to let the others drive this part, hers will come all too soon.

Falling into the middle of the group, Zee walks with Lunair "I'm sorry, I didn't introduce the others. That's Agent Manning and Agent Pezzini, and that's Kara." Zee's not sure who Lunair does and doesn't know.

As they approach the building, Zee shivers a little "Oh, they're expecting something that's for sure." A cold icy menace prickles at her magical senses. "Does the Witchblade feel it, Sara? Jericho, Paul, can you tell which floor, yet? I assume we aren't going to take the elevator…."

Just inside the foyer of the building, there are 6 heavily armed humans…. they haven't seen the group yet.

Kara looked towards the foyer of the building, hearing the heartbeats of the armed humans inside, she said aloud, "Six inside, I'll handle them and provide a distraction. Hydra knows who I am, they won't ignore me." Especially not after destroying their HydraCarrier.

Nodding to the others she smiles, "Good luck."

In her typical reckless fashion, Kara Zor-El better known to the world as Supergirl is flying into the building, crashing through the entrance.

She wanted Hydra to notice her and as she started using her eye lasers on the nearest group of guards she did something that would have been painful to the others if they had been too close.

"HIEL THIS!" Kara screams, a loud sonic scream erupting from her lips with the intention of stunning the six guards quickly, but not quietly.

Sara doesn't have to answer Zee's question. The Witchblade has bulked up, sprouting extra barbs and spikes along her shoulders and forearms. "Yeah, I'm picking up on a few threats," she murmurs, dry. "Six up ahead, haven't-" But before she can even finish saying it, Kara's zipped into the building. "Dammit," she curses, picking up the pace. "Let's move, people, there goes the element of surprise."

"No, definitely stairs." Paul agrees and starts to unsling the duffel bag. Kara going to deal with the guards makes that unnecessary though. Hold a moment." He stares up at the building a moment before returning to the bottom then counting. "It's on the 16th. Which is going to take a while even running up the stairs. Maybe we should port after all now it's closer."

May sighs as Kara is her usual impetuous self, raising her pistol to take one carefully aimed shot at one of the men inside still standing. This is starting to remind her of the original Ghostbusters movie. She hates that movie. "Trent, could your friend Starfire get us there any faster?" Because she can almost predict that it won't be simply climbing sixteen flights of stairs, it'll be fighing their way up each of those stories. And that's even worse than Ghostbusters.

Jericho unfolds his blade. Secret's out, it seems. "Maybe but I don't want to chance putting us right in front of whatever guards they have upstairs. Teleportation is risky if you don't know what you're getting into." Someone, hopefully on the JLA, should probably teach Kara some basic tactical proceedure at some point. He follows Paul and Sara up the stairs. Sixteenth floor is going to be a bit of a run, but aside from Zee and Kara everyone here is a trained combatant. Shouldn't be too bad. The one problem is they'll all be coming from the same direction, but no time to fix that now. Sara's got point. Which is good. She's got the armor. That doens't make her bulk out and take up most of the room in the place.

Lunair is being quiet. She's totes stealthy. She considers the guards a moment, and what weapon best to use when- well, Kara goes full wrecking ball. Lunair's eyes widen a bit at Sara getting all spikey. She ahs softly, "Okay, thank you," She nods at Zee. "Most of us could fly, and we could come through a window, but I guess it's a bit late now," She admits sheepishly. Nevertheless Lunair pulls out a large rifle, going for a mundane weapon for now.

It's a fairly high powered hunting rifle. She will follow along quickly, staying near Miss Zee. Her own armor is sleek, and looks like something yanked out of Mass Effect or something.

"Kara…" Too late, the blonde is gone and Zee sighs making a mental note to talk to her friend, but judging by the looks on the others faces, she may not have to.

Pauls comment about the 16th floor has the young magi sighing and she considers Teleoporting until Jericho speaks "He has a point. I can teleport to a general area but…" She motions for the group to continue up the stairs.

The guards in the lobby were human, maybe a little souped on a little something something, but human none the less. At Karas' scream, the six drop to the ground stunned, blood oozing from the ear drums.

Strangely, very strangely, the group meets with no resistance as they climb the stairs.

As they exit from the stairwell on the 16th floor, the group will see that (now familiar) dark slash in the air… the Hellgate they've come close.

On either side of the gate are two overgrown figures that morph before the groups eyes growing horns and scales… and a tail!

Arrayed around the room are several normal humans that open fire as the group steps out into the open.

Sara doesn't climb this many stairs on a regular basis. She's definitely not a fan. And as good shape as she's in, she's still panting when she gets to the top. This time, though, she's prepared for the guards with the guns. When she reaches the top of the stairs, she has a shield ready, slamming it down in front of the group. "You're up, Paul!" she calls back to her partner over the sounds of gunfire.

Kara looked around a tad annoyed as no Hydra responded to her attack, "Well, that was a total waste of time." She kicks one of the guards as she grabs her Ley Pendulum, attempting to use it to teleport up to the sixteenth floor and join the others.

Arriving behind the rest of the group and feeling very stupid, she says, "Sorry, I thought I could distract them and then teleport up here like a master of distraction and help you guys kick some Hydra butt."

She points the sword she was holding at the gigantic monsters that are morphing and asks, "Want me to smack down some baddies?" She was trying to be part of a plan now, since nobody had given her a job before!

As Kara appears on the floor with the group, the air shimmers and a woman appears, chanting in a language that isn't english. Pointing her finger at the Kryptonian, a wave of magic is released and Kara will feel the waves of magic wash over her.

Supergirl is swamped by images of her homes destruction and her family dying. HYDRA it seems has responded to Kara's challenge.

"Be careful, Kara." Paul says, unslinging the duffel bag. "This time I brought some presents for our friend on the other side. It might keep it busy while Zatanna does her thing." The bag hits the floor with a solid thunk. "No one stand behind me or in front." Out comes an M72, light anti-tank weapon. "I haven't used one of these babies since I was a Marine. But it's like a bicycle…" he says as he lifts it to his shoulder and takes aim. "Ears!" he warns after making sure no one is in danger and fires. The rocket flies for the center of the gate.

Agent May fires off a few shots at the humans around the room, hopefully to give Lunair enough time to put some proper armor on Zee. "Lunair, armor for Zatanna, please. Then, if you have a way to launch flammable liquids, that would be very helpful." You know, like napalm blessed by a priest, or holy orthodox greek fire. She waits next to Zee to make sure that happens, then she'll be off to make those HYDRA people very very sorry they started down this path in the first place.

Lunair is kind of going to cheat and sort of rocket boot hovers over the stairs (totally cheating). Her eyes widen as Paul does his thing with the anti-tank weapon. It's hard not to smile a little, quietly amused. that was probably quite fun for him. Lunair will put armor on Zee. Amusingly enough, it's a cute anime armor version of her magician's outfit. Her helmet will have an HUD and keep her brains nice and safe. "Okay!" Lunair totally can do both or all of the above! "Please do not stand in front of the fire~" Lunair offers helpfully.

And she will offer to share any weapons. For now, she has THE HOLY FLAMETHROWER.

No, not an angry pastor on youtube. But it is totally blessed napalm, and will be splashed and/or ignited as needed. She listens, and mindfully places it. Lunair is very careful to avoid team killing because it's always the idiot with the flamethrower and right now she is that idiot.

Zee might regret the stairs… like Sara, she's out of breath. Pausing for a moment, the young magi hunkers down behind Sara's shield, not noticing the armour Lunair has equipped her with. (She will be suitably impressed when she realises, though).

Pulling a bottle of water from the pack she's carrying, unstoppering it and splashing it at dark gash, Zee starts her spell, drawing on her power.

~~ eriF dnA taeH, otnI ehT etaG, esolC tI reveroF ~~

Good thing Paul has sent that rocket through, Zee's spell catches it and the group will hear and feel the explosion as the power of the rocket is magnified.

The two demons approach Sara and Paul, slashing at the two with long sharp talons.

Five gunmen train their fire onto Lunair and May… and a sixth tries to skirt around Sara's shield to get to Zee.

The mage that appeared continues to chant and maintains that spell at Supergirl.

Paul takes a step back, reaching down into the duffel again. "Keep them occupied a minute." he tells Sara. This time he pulls out an M32 grenade launcher. It's like a tommy gun for grenades: 6 rounds in 3 seconds. "Fire in the hole!" He fires one in the direction of the Hydra agents, one toward the enemy mage and then the last four at the gate.

Sara has the Witchblade, but she also has something just a little bit more familiar. As the sixth gunman tries to creep around her, she pulls out a simple revolver, firing it at the gunman. It leaves her exposed to the demon's first attack, claws raking across the armor on her arm even as she tries to call up a spear in the hand that holds her gun. Anything to give her a chance to press back the attack without sacrificing cover for Zee.

Without a shot fired or a physical blow, Kara Zor-El fell to her knees, eyes wide in terror as she began clutching her head, a loud scream erupting from her lips, "NOOOO!" She seemed almost catatonic, shaking as the battlefield around her transformed into a nightmare.

She saw the destruction of Krypton before her in excrutiating detail for the first time in her life.

Cities destroyed as the planet was ripped apart, the screams and cries of terror from all those living on her planet flooded into her mind with a surprising clarity that made HD Video seem low quality.

Her hand instinctively reached out to try and grab at her mother and father as she saw their final moments, tears streaming down her cheeks. If Hydra had been intending to break her, they may have found one of the tools to do so.

She would be of no use in the fight.

Jericho's eyes widen in alarm as Supergirl collapses next to him. Okay. Time to make his own hole. His traces glow blue and the hacker is replaced by the glowing luminous demon-wolf who proceeds to kick through the drywall and emerge next to Paul and Sara's shield. K'nert scrambles from him and darts into the shadows as he closes with one of the large scaley figures. Come on. Shoot at me. Hell, sling spells this way. Got a surprise for you…

May fires at the sixth HYDRA at almost the exact same moment that Sara does, and then she looks from her hand to Lunair in momentary confusion. "Seriously?" But she promptly passes it across to Paul. He's their ordinance man currently, what with all the toys he's brandishing. "I have to see what this does. Throw it next." ( OOC image for reference: http://tinyurl.com/phk2prq ) And then she's holstering her pistol, pulling a gleaming oiled chrome steel chain whip and charging past the others toward the mage that is clearly messing with Kara's mind as the length of chain begins to whir at how much momentum she's putting into it.

Lunair is helping! Really! And poor Kara collapses! Lunair boggles as May pulls a chain whip. Which is pretty awesome (another Soul Calibre fan?). And Lunair is a bit in awe. She'll help with weapons, but for her part? It's now time to help deal with the gunman. Holy napalm slung over her shoulder, it's time for a 50 calibre rifle. Hello gunmen!

Goodbye, gunmen! At least she's wise enough to use silver bullets just in case. While she's not going to mow them all down, it is going to draw attention to her and not Zee and that is a good thing.

K'Nerts successfully engaged the large scaly thing that's angling for Paul, keeping it busy so that Paul can continue his barrage. His shot at the HYDRA agents goes wide, taking out a piece of the wall sending debris flying. The one at the Mage hits deadon though… finish both mage and spell alike. The other grenades that are launched through the portal? Zees' spell is amplifying their effects, but the being on the otherside is pushing back hard. Those who can sense the magic will feel the effects of the counterattack that surges through the portal, aimed directly at Zee.

As Jerichos digital-werewolf form bashes through the drywall, the creature attacking Sara is distracted.

Saras and May attack on the sixth HYDRA agent is successful, both hitting the assailant and taking him down.

Lunair too takes out a gunman. Good job too. Of the remain 4 gunmen, 3 turn their attention to May and Lunair. The remaining decides to take a running leap at Sara.

As the counter attack hit, Zee falters in her spell, grimacing in pain as the icy cold darkness starts to hit her. Drawing deeper, the young magi reaches out with her senses trying to find anything she can draw on except that now dreadfully tainted Leyline.

Paul automatically takes what May passes him as he drops the grenade launcher. He's not going to take the time to reload. Throw it next? He looks at the thing puzzled but does as he's instructed, throwing it at the gate. And then he's in his demon hunting form, towering behind Sara and her shield, and punches one of the demons in the face.

Sara only needs one moment of distraction to deal with the creature attacking her. The spear that's suddenly in her hand rakes across its gut and then its throat, before she spears it through the center and uses the spear to toss it well aside. As the other goes after her, she goes down hard - or would, were it not for the support of Paul behind her. Her partner keeps her on her feet, and as she trades spear for short sword, she raises her other hand to once more pour light into the gash in reality, trying to buy Zee enough breathing room to finish the job.

Melinda May doesn't know how to consciously draw upon ley lines, and the one time that did seem to happen was a complete fluke in her mind. Seeing the mage attacking Kara go down, she changes her angle of attack. So far they've been pouring concussive and incendiary forces into the portal. Let's see how the thing on the other side deals with something physical. She kicks her chain whip toward the portal as hard as she can and lets go, sending it hurtling through the gash at about the speed of a bullet. She's okay with losing the weapon, she can (maybe) ask Partisan to make her a new one.

Jericho snarls in rage which… seems to be some kind of signal. A stepping disk opens up behind the portal and out come about twenty Limbo demons. There's another power source for Zee to draw on though… no less tainted. In a different way though. Demons pounce on the remaining HYDRA guards and other, differnet demons as Jericho turns on the one that was attacking Sara and lays into him with a five foot long sword. It's… rather messy.

Kara blinks as the visions begin to fade and she notices that Zee is faltering just a little, doing what she can she moves to the other girl and takes her Ley Pendulum off of her neck and presses it against Zatanna; focussing on it and hoping that Zee will be able to use it to draw upon, "Draw upon my Pendulum Zee! IT might help!"

Lunair is glad she's not on the receiving end of that snarly rage. Nevertheless, Lunair is going to keep doing her best to deal with the gunmen as best as she can. She can't pull holy napalm with melee combatants, and really, those gunmen could do a number on the squishy caster-types. Plus, bullets are just obnoxious. She looks amused as Paul chucks the grenade. She throws a second whip to May, this one covered in some sort of water or oil. "Here you go!" Just in case she needs it. If not, it will loop past and be an obnoxious obstacle to trip over.

For the demons. Because Lunair aims.

Pauls throwing Lunairs holy weapon (did it really look like the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch?), Sara's light, Mays chain whip … all of them are caught by Zee's spell.

The black gash shimmers, an unearthly scream echoes through the building and more cold dark energy is thrown at poor Zee.

Sara and Jericho successfully disembowel the demons attacking Sara.

Jericho's demons rend all the go after and Lunairs careful aiming of the whip takes out what they've missed.

As the next counterattack hits Zee, she doesn't think, Kara and Mays intent for their pendulums and Jerichos' Limbo powered demons are all drawn upon and the young magi speaks her spell one last time finishing on a yell.

The shimmering of the blackness increases as Zee draws deeper and then the gash blinks out existence.

Slumping to the floor, Zee puts a hand to her head and pants… Without looking up, she speaks quietly "Is everyone alright?"

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