Grundy The Zombie

April 24, 2015:

Multiple Man tries to stop Grundy the Zombie robbing an armoured vehicle and …. gets help.

Midtown - New York


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Fade In…

Welcome to Midtown, home to the hustle and bustle and heart of most of Manhatten, the place where It all goes down. It, in this case, is a man. Screaming.

"………………. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAAAA-"

The man in quesion is wearing a long khaki trench coat which is billowing behind him almost cape like with the speed with which he's running. His head is covered in the traditional 'head condom' style of superhero uniform that leaves the face open and from the 'X' motif in it's coloring one could likely guess for which 'team' of super powered types he is affiliated with. Loosely. Very very loosely. His arms are held up at shoulder length as he runs hell bent for leather, his eyes are wide, his mouth is open and screaming, and in each hand appears to be a large fat sack, the heavy canvas and leather type with the security locks on them. BRINKS being stamped on the bags is also likely a dead give away as to their contents.

"-AAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……….." his voice fades in, and then fades out as he runs screaming not 20 away from Partisan, who gets to watch the entire odd thing.

"………… aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-"

okay, that's louder?


This is not a single man running, but a herd of them, and most of them are holding similar bags as the first guy, and while they all appear to have been about a half block behind the leader, they all bear a well, striking resembelence to him. A sizable crowd of head condomed, trench coated, identical men are screaming and running down the street holding BRINKS bags. Oh yeah. And that shadow that suddenly flickers overhead? That, one suspects, is the armored car where the bags likely originated from. Unless there's a lot more BRINKS trucks then one might think. Before the truck even lands amid the traffic, a roar causes the asphault to tremble underfoot, "GRUNDY CRUSH TINY THEIF BROTHERS!!"

It's supposed to be a day filled with a rather technical discussion of what constitutes "cute boots" and similar topics of interest, which is something the Partisan apparently cares about now. Hands shoved in her jacket pockets as she leisurely follows Pepper and Zee, in the midst of some story or another it seems. "And thats when I found out he was married, but well by that point I can't really say I cared yaknow?" Lifting a hand to her cigarette to give it an ash, before stopping in her tracks and turning to peer back down the street. Trying to sort out the madness with that distinctly superhuman hearing of hers. Then an apparent X-guy goes running past and well there you go. "So….Yeah that's certainly a thing that's apparently happening." She's already sidestepping towards a conviently located alleyway to get her mask and whatever exotic subcarbine she's got today, because well. She's curious ok, no she doesn't usually foil heists but this shit is interesting!

What? Not all Ladies Who Lunch (tm) are pearl-clutching biddies with more money than sense. These three just exiting a restaurant are very decidedly NOT the stereotype. Though they do cover the spectrum of hair colors. One blonde, one brunette, one ginger. All three chatting amiably.

Well, at least until the redhead — one Pepper Potts — stops abruptly and stares at the man running screaming down the street with BRINKS bags in his hands. She looks completely and utterly confused, and even more so when a whole flashmob of identical men run screaming after the first.

"What the…?" And then Partisan is ducking to one side to go all superhero, and Pepper flinches at that bellowing voice, though internally she can't help but think, 'Oh thank god it's not Bruce. He'd never forgive himself.'

The third member of the Not all Ladies Who Lunch (tm) group is Zatanna Zatara. She proves they aren't all pearl-clutching biddies by wearing black leather trousers, a white leather corset laced at the front, black shrug top, fishnet sleeves and black high heel knee high boots complete with buckles. The outfit is topped off by the diamond encrusted collar and emerald pendulum hanging on her left hip.

As Pepper stops, Zee turns to watch the Man, then the men, run down the street. "Please stay with me, Miss Potts." Zee steps in front of the redhead, readying her magic to defend. OK, she might attack - have you met Zee?

Spider-Gwen had been swinging her way through Midtown in an effort to avoid afternoon traffic when she spots the strange commotion. She placed her palms over her face and said out loud to herself, "SERIOUSLY!?"

Jamie Madrox does not feel like slowing down, none of the Jamie's do for that matter because you know, someone is throwing armored cars. Someone very very ohshitohshi- the crowd of look a likes scatter as the Brinks truck hits pavement and bounces and rolls like the worlds worst shotput. Concrete flies about, chunks the size of pizza boxes, and a couple of sedans, complete with honking shouting New Yorkers, are crushed or caved in under the truck's weight. It stops it's roll atop what used to be a mini cooper. It's a lot more mini then cooper now. The scattered Jamies begin clamboring to their feet, trying to check and make sure they're all okay, picking up scattered bags as they go. They look… odd frankly. There should be chaos amid the crowd, screaming and spinning about looking for what's going on, human reactions. There isn't. They work with almost robotic speed and perfect coordination. "GRUNDY HATES LITTLE MEN-MAN!" one of the Jamie's pipes up, "Multiple Man! It's Multiple Man! Jeez, it's not that hard to sa-" then ducks as a blue post office box sails over his head and through the front of whatever building was unlucky enough to be behind him.

Eight feet of layered slabs of muscle dressed in the tatters of a black suit long past it's experasion date makes it's presence known as it roars in rage at the offending Jamie, spittle flying from pale blue lips and gray skinned jowls flapping a bit to loosely to be normal skin. Solomon Grundy, the overly strong undead menace is loose in New York. Without really looking he reaches to the side with a hand and grips the top of a smart car, the lady inside screams as the car is just plucked up from the street without visible effort, "GIVE GRUNDY BACK HIS GOLD!" and then the car is airborne again. "I don't think he understands negotiation." one Jamie states deadpan as he stares at the incoming automobile.

"THE FUCK YOU HOLLERIN ABOUT!"That'd be the Mother Fucking Partisan, of course. She's pulled down her gas mask, produced her CZ skorpion and stepped up onto a conviently parked Lexus in an effort to get Grundy's attention. She can shout like a god damned drill instructor, and well she carries herself like one when it suits her like it does right now. "Shut your fucking mouth and behave yourself you limpdicked son of a bitch! Ain't nobody got time for your shit today, where the fuck do you think you are eh? If you can't act like a fucking adult, I'm gonna hurt your fucking feelings you hear me fucker?"This would be the distract/bluff phase of the plan, she's just got her EDC kit with her today. This looks like a anti-tank weaponry sort've problem, honestly.

Pepper Potts gasps at the destruction being caused by the, the thing chasing the gaggle of identical men. "Zee, go," she says tersely before scrambling toward the same alleyway that Partisan chose for her quick-change into ass-kicking mode. If the alley's open all the way through to the next block, she can get there and be well enough away to avoid the entire mess and free Zatanna up to actually help.

Zee's already on it. With a glance behind her at Pepper, seeing the redhead disappearing down the alley, the brunette murmurs to herself and teleports to just outside the fray.

Taking a moment, Zee looks around, just in time to see the car with the woman go airborn.

~~ riA eldarC dnA teL ehT raC nwoD yltneG, toN nO enoynA rO gnihtynA ~~

The young mage focusses her attention on the car and lets her spell loose, hopefully she's been specific enough this time.

"Seriously.." Gwen repeats to herself again as she swings towards the abomination that is Grundy, a distinct sigh escaping her lips, "I just wanted to grab some sushi, study for finals and flirt with the cute TA."

A stream of webbing shoot into Grundy's mouth as she somersaults towards the man quipping, "You're not allowed to talk anymore until you've passed Hooked on Phonics big guy."

The somersault turns into a mid-air kick with both of her feet aimed directly at the hopefully webbed face of Grundy.

Multiple Man eyes the crazy lady in the gas mask, "Uh. Lady…" says the nearest Jamie, "You wanna get down from there." he says, backing away quickly, "Like uh… now." to late. The giant turns to eye Part with a twisting of his lips then he's running as her, his every foot fall shaking the ground and his arms casually swatting cars out of his path like a raging bull on… well there are no steroids that would do /this/. Jamie's scatter with what they view as acceptable levels of terror. They're very polite though as 'excuseme!' 'sosorry!' and 'pardon!' echo about the area as they scramble around and up and over various cars. Cars that people are now beginning to abandon as they too flee. This is now what an evil person would call a 'target rich environment'.

The airborne car seems to slow and slow and slow until it settles down on the pavement with only the faintest squeel of steel on concrete. It's upside down sure, but no one's perfect.

The webbing causes the roar to sort of choke off and he stumbles, his shoulder knocking a FedEx truck up onto two tires for a moment as he claws at hsi fack. The swinging kick is not unlike trying to kick a small building over, the zombie's head snaps back and he stumbles back a step before his growl becomes something inhumanly viciously. There's a moment as one blood shot enraged eye peers through the fingers at Gwen before the things's jaw works and a moment later a webbing loogie is spit her direction like the worlds most disgusting cannonball. Then his black tongue is out and he's pawing at it, trying to pull the rest of the webbing away with all the care of a child who's eaten really bad hotsauce.

She just, stands there. Part doesn't seem to move a muscle, until well the spider shows up and Grundy goes down. Finally giving a glare after Jamie as he presumably escapes "I'm no lady, punk. I'm the mother fucking Partisan, Ponyat?"Introductions made, she swings that stubby little SMG up to her shoulder and winces just a touch to pick up the red dot. Then she lets loose, She's not really expecting to make killshots here. She is however betting on the fact that hotloaded 9mm AP aimed directly at the eyes, is likely to be very unpleasant and very distracting. "Zee! Pin him down!"

Pepper Potts places a call once she's hidden well enough in the alleyway, backed into the alcove of a doorway with a dumpster as additional cover. "JARVIS, please send an alert to whichever authority would take care of … um, that." She turns the phone so its camera (and presumably JARVIS) can 'see' Grundy. "Quickly. There are people being injured and worse out there."

"At once, Miss Potts."

Zee looks at the car, upside down, and sighs. Not specific enough it seems.

She hopes Pepper is safe, glancing around she can't see the redhead, that's a good thing, right?

Partisans call, has Zee looking over and her eyes widen, as she worries her bottom lip.

~~ riA dniB ehT tnaiG ylidoB, thgiT sA elbissoP ~~

Focussing her will on Grundy, the raven haired mage lets her spell loose and she concentrates intently, guiding it as best she can.

Spider-Gwen dodges out of the disgusting spitball sent her way by Grundy, scrambling up the side of a near-by building before she starts firing webbing at him over and over trying to cocoon him or something.

"So I'm not really equipped to deal with house sized zombies that would get Doctor Frankenstein excited…." She was hoping the others like the backwards talking mage had something up their sleeves!

Grundy's pawing at his tongue turns into wincing away from the laser site as it plays over his eyes and the bullets stitch across his cheek and forehead, small bits of gray skin chunking away in a spray of black thick pudding like blood. This roar matches the others in intencity, only it's in pain. For a moment. "GRUNDY NO LIKE UGLY SOLDIER LADY!" he informs the greater tri-state area before he doubles his fists up and slams them down on the ground in front of him. The shockwave from the impact picks up the nearest cars and flips them, it craters the street and throws up hunks of concrete. A light pole's foundation cracks and splits before it begins to topple with a screaming of twisting metal. "GRUNDY CRUSH!" Hulk or Thing should sue.

Multiple Men go flying as the shockwave reaches them, tossing them ass over tea kettel as if they'd been hit by an air cannon.

The spell rebounds and the shockwave that a moment ago cleared a section of the street around Grundy now travels back in towards him and the impact slams his arms against his sides and tosses the giant up into the air as if he'd been lifted by a fist and then slammed back down in place. The addition of several sudden layers of webbing leave the zombie confused and angry. Greenish black veins begin to stand out on it's face and the sides of it's neck as he screams again and his shoulders bunch as he rolls about on the ground, trying to tear himself free.

Multiple Man looks around at the carnage and his face firms. Groups of him begin a bucket brigade style line, tossing the money bags into the back of the miraculously still upright if more then a little battered FedEx truck, while another climbs in the driver's seat and checks it over. A single trenchcoated man advances on the zombie, gloved hands pushing his coat sleeves up with 'if its a whoopin' youre a wantin' expression on his face. "Alright big guy," says the suddenly brave guy to the downed and bound villain, "lets dance." and he starts kicking the zombie.

That empty magazine hits the roof, as Part reaches for another. Casting a glance after the spider"I don't have enough explosives to go for a traumatic amputation darlin, unless you've got a Kornet hidden somewhere I think this is gonna turn mighty ugly."Then comes that shockwave just as she jacks a fresh magazine into the SMG, the Lexus bucks but stays vaguely upright. "Zee, you're gonna hate me for this but I'm gonna put my stripes on alright?"Not that she waits for permission, shifting her gaze towards grundy as drops the SMG onto the sidewalk. She draws her sidearm with a huff, switching the safety of that CZ off and presses the barrel to her head. No, it's probably not what you'd find in the typical textbook on fieldcraft or small unit tactics. Nobody does that, right?


The partisan slumps first onto the top of that Lexus, before her body slumps to the sidewalk. Oh jesus, theres like brain matter everywhere and blood and…it's a mess.

Zee screams out as Partisan shoots … and then stops, closing her eyes and setting her jaw.

The men forming the bucket brigade and getting behind the wheel of the van has her frowning deeply….

~~ potS ehT naV morF gnitratS dnA gnivoM ~~

She's going to hamper Multiple Man, until this mess can be sorted out.

Gwen Stacy was pretty sure she was going crazy. The army of multiple men, the gigantic zombie and then a pretty but foul mouthed lady blowing her own head off; it was a bit too much for her to take.

Lifting up her mask quickly she begins to wretch at the sight of Partisan's brain matter and head exploding, she was just an ordinary girl and it had to be one of the worst sights she had seen in her life.

She ducks into an alley so nobody can see what follows next before calling 911 immediately and letting them know emergency services and the SRD are needed ASAP.

Starting? It never got turned off! Well, /now/ it has been. The one behind the wheel looks confused, then shrugs and kicks the thing into neutral. As the last of the bags are tossed into the back, a mess of him gets to pushing from behind, the old fashioned way. Now. If only the damned thing would /move/.

The gunshot to the side draws the eyes of the dupes currently stomping on the downed Grundy, confusion writ on their faces. "Did she just…" Unlike Gwen, Jamie has seen gore and violence on par with this before. One doesn't grow up a mutant and be saved from violence, especially at the school. Still. This was… senseless. Violence in a fight, even death, he's seen that, but suicide in a fight? It makes no sense. The stomping has stopped and it allows Grundy the moment he needed to surge, the webbing snapping in strands and the limits of Zee's spell pushed to the breaking point. Whatever the Zombie is, he's got magic of his own and it's /potent/. Jamie's scatter trying to get free before the zombie manages to do the same.

The temperature around Part's fallen form, just falls right off there. The air and the crumpled form beneath it freeze with an audible -crack- of displaced air, and in the blink of an eye the process has kicked off. Drawing energy from the surrounding air, the transformation kicks into high gear. Snow, begins to fall as warm moist air rushes into the pocket and it crashes down like a blizzard. Smothering the fallen form in clear white snow at the drop of a hat. Then, The Partisan's other half steps into the arena. That, folks. Is nine foot six inches of hulking, striped apex predator. A god damned were-tiger, just steps out of thin air as a gust of air rushes in it's wake. Blowing the slow on the sidewalk away to reveal just, dark stains and a pile of clothes.
Those big bright yellow eyes absolutely glow with distinctly unnatural energy, fixed directly on Grundy. Shoulders slumping foreward with a low growl, the sort've deep basso rumble you -feel- in the pit of your chest more than hear. That tail lashes once, twice, three times and it's off. Letting out the sort've roar you'd come to expect after a lifetime of big hollywood productions, no really it's terrifying! The tiger explodes foreward, a veritable blur as it makes a rush to pounce Grundy!

The Jamies hampered, Zee turns her attention to the Zombie as Partisan pounces. This is why the young mage wasn't as affected as others, she felt the change coming… why, is a question for another time.

~~ gninthgiL morF ehT yticircelE nI riA, yltceriD tA ehT eibmoZ ~~

Zee pushes her will into the spell and let's it loose. Partisan will withstand the effects, right?

Multiple Man is very glad he scattered. The roar of the tiger… thing has him smirking slightly, "Farrel would be jealous." he mutters as he tries to get the van rolling again, "Com'on…" he mutters before what was ten guys becomes twenty, then thirty pushing against the van's immobility.

Grundy's shattering of the confining spell comes with a ripple explosions of air, just in time for his arms to come out and catch Partisan mid leap. He's shockingly fast for a zombie, pop culture got that one wrong it would seem. The sudden thunderous explosion as lightning strikes down from the sky and cooks the two struggling combatants causes the FedEx van to rock slightly and the dupes to shield their eyes with up raised arms. The disorientation lasts only a second before they're off and pushing agian with vigor, this fight it beyond their skills, besides, the damned thing's finally started moving!

That is a weretiger, not a wereTabby. So when Grundy makes for the grab, things happen in the blink of an eye. Thats a shame, because it's honestly a pretty incredible display of what catlike reflexes, flexibility and time honed technique can do. Both hands sink their claws into Grundy's wrist, as the tiger drives nearer. Driving a knee into his armpit with enough force to be plainly audible over everything else. Then that opposite leg leaves the ground and swings free. Up over Grundy's head before toeclaws sink into his cheek. Its a radical adjustment of weight, enough to drag Grundy downward as part's shoulders hit the ground. Then she unwinds. Grinding shoulders to the ground and using Grundy's own momentum to swing him foreward and over. Slamming his shoulders into the pavement as she starts arching her back. Holy fuck sports fans, a were tiger just executed a text book flying armbar on a giant zombie. You can't make this shit up.
Part arches her back, driving Grundy's elbow just foreward of her thigh and pulling with all her might. Claws sinking deeper and deeper all the while, she's trying to use her body as a fulcrum to break his fucking elbow or atleast keep him off balanced and disoriented for the moment. Letting out another resounding roar of effort as she strains.

That last spell took a lot from Zee, she rocks on her heels and places a hand on the wall beside her to balance herself and raises her other hand to her head. "Owww." she mutters and blows out a deep breath. She'll focus on Grundy, hopefully someone will mess with the Jamies again…

~~ eriF nruB ehT eibmoZ dnA yrotseD tI ~~

It's a Zombie and fire and Zombies don't mix. Zee's calling the heat and electricity from the air to burn the Zombie to a crips.

The roar of whatever had joined the fight got Gwen back into action, so much for Sushi and flirting with the TA; she would settle for just studying quietly in her sweats and eating some ice cream, it was definitely her new plan.

When she came out of the alley and saw the weretiger fighting a gigantic zombie she facepalmed again, Peter was going to love hearing about this.

Knowing how badly Parker was hurting for cash she set her phone on record and webbed it to a wall, so he could get some photos of Spider-Woman to sell to JJJ and make some extra cash.

Sighing softly, she shot out a few streams of webbing to look good and leaped in to snap kick some part of the Zombie before webslinging her way back out to get ready to recover her phone and leave.

Grundy is officially not a cat person. Cats are mean, "BAD KITTY!" he informs Partisan as he rolls up onto his side, lifting both arm and Tigress into the air before rolling back the other way, swinging his arm like a club towards the pavement, "BAD! GRUNDY CRUSH!" when his arm hits the ground the shoulder makes a distinct sickening crunch pop sound and he roars in pain.

Jamie pushes at the truck harder. Zombie screaming about bad kitties just means something is going off the rails, he just knows it. He steers the van throguh the traffic destruction as best he can, the van's sides scrapping the shit out of a Prius, "Sorry!" he yells out to no one as the car's owner long ago abandoned it.

Grundy reaches out with his good arm and grabs the back end of a pickup truck, and with a heave, swings it up and over his torso and down towards the latched in catperson who's hurting him. The worlds largest Cat Swatter, "BAD!" Zee's spell hits mid swing and both Grundy and the F-150's gas tank go up in a WHOOMPH! of flame and shrapnel.

The Tiger is, -poof- as soon as theres that explosion to mask it's retreat. Vanishing in ways that anything quite so big, and so very mean really doesn't have any earthly right to. It's onto phase two now though, which takes a moment to set up. Well ok namely the big cat sweeps around behind, with a weapon of opportunity in hand. Theres a sprint and a leap, before it swings that sheared off stop sign base down at Grundy like a spear. Well a very short spear, considering scale here. Trying to wedge the thing into his spine, it's sort've a classy move in the cat world you know.

Zee ducks, as best she can, as the shrapnel goes flying. She's not quick enough and receives a nasty gash to her face and some shrapnel embedded in an arm. Biting her lip to stop from crying out, she turns to her attention to the departing Jamie(s)

~~ potS ehT elciheV ~~

She wants to know what's going on here…. There's power behind the spell, but not much, and Zee moves as quickly as she can in the direction of the van. "Hey… you… what's going on here?" Nosy mage, is nosy, right?

Gwen swings in and grabs her phone before heading on out before the police and anyone else got there. She figured Zee was a big girl and could handle herself, she had proven herself more than capable of kicking most peoples butts soundly with her magic!

Grundy is currently flailing. With the bumper to a truck in one hand and the other flopping about aimlessly. Oh yeah. And hes ON FIRE! The addition of a stop sign to his back causes the zombie to stumble and growl, the smoking charred bumper falling from it's hand while the other reaches back over it's to wide shoulders, trying to grip the thing stuck in it's back with no real hope of success. Slowly he stumbles to his knees, then falls over onto his face, shaking the block with the landing. And of course, now everything in a half block radius smells of burnt zombie. Delicious.

Multiple Man sees the woman as the van once more grinds to a halt and he leans over the vehicle, kicking the door open, "Get in!" he says, waving her ferociously, "Before he gets pissed and throws a tenement building at us!" he seems sincere.

Theres a pause from the tiger, giving Zee a bit of a "look" before woosh off it goes just like that. Off she goes!

Zee runs back, collects Pepper from the alley and guides her to the van. Making sure Pepper's in safe, Zee follows her in and slams the door behind her. "Hi! I'm Zee and this is Miss Potts." there's blood oozing down her cheek and she's holding her arm gingerly. "What's going on?"

Multiple Man eyes the two women and one of the guys pushing the truck hops up in the back and walks into the front of the van, ducking low. He starts looking Zee over with the detatchedness of a medical professional, "Oh you know, I'm trying to stop a giant monster from robbing a bank then realizing he's the kind of giant monster that can juggle small planitoids and has anger management issues. So like…" he counts off on his fingers, "Tuesday. Hold on, we're about to hit seven miles an hour and I don't want you to get hurt if we have to come to a sudden an ultimately gentle stop." he quips.

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