Bird's-eye View (Pt. 2)

March 22, 2015:

The drone party (Bird's-eye View pt.1) is interrupted when the EMT's enroute are attacked by the Catwoman and the Street Demonz biker gang.

The Narrows, Gotham

The Narrows is a densely populated, enclosed poverty stricken island
neighborhood within Gotham that appeared during the earthquake of 09' that
tore the city apart. It is situated between Midtown's Robinson Park and the
Downtown's landmasses upon the Finger River.

The monorail runs around or through the Narrows but does not stop here.
There are no stations. The only way to reach the Narrows is by way of
Narrows-borough Bridge in Collgate Heights or Midtown Bridge of the Diamond

The citizens who live within the Narrows are view by the rest of the city as
a lost cause and their plight is quite simply ignored. In the past half a
decade the crime within the Narrows has surpassed that of the Hill and Park
Row in the East End making it the most dangerous place in Gotham. The level
of violence is so bad within the Narrows the GCPD refuses to enter without a
show of force.

Visually the Narrows has been compared to the famous Kowloon Walled City. It
is a crumbling, nest of dilapidated buildings that are have ruined still
from the earthquake. These buildings have fallen an landed in ruined slumps
against one another in which floor upon floor of makeshift housing has been
created by the over-dense population of impoverished. It is here that many
who wish to disappear go, in the Narrows you can vanish from society in one
way or another. Generally it is the less favored route.

Criminals armed with illegal weaponry have a stranglehold on the Narrows,
countless drug dens, gambling parlors, brothels and black market shacks are
set up throughout it's hive-like maze work city structure. It's a nightmare
for the sane.


NPCs: Mercy Hospital EMT's and the Street Demonz


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

APB's go out and sometimes they're received on ends you just do not desire. Wounded, dead… Sounds a little futile - two wounded, one dead. Well that's one that does not need a transport. It's already too late for him.

Two. Just behind the ambulance with lights flashing and siren wailing there's a reflection. Broken lihgt filtering through the smog upon chrome… Then that sound, the undeniable roar of multiple monsters waiting to be unleashed. Front and right, just behind the captain a motorcycle does not bear the same look as the rest, not an old Harley reworked into fitting the lumbering frames of these men. Their patches bear the Street Demonz logo upon the backs, but right now that cannot be seen. Just the fact that they are closing in upon the ambulance at a rapid pace, the bellowing pack of machines and men splitting into two lines, a distinct pattern of obvious overwhelming. Once the split is made two motorcycles bearing sidecars pass the ambulance and head for where the casualties were reported.

Then is when that sleek tech motorcycle bursts forth as well, rounding the ambulance in its high speed race. The motorcycle is recognizable, old Bat-tech, the two wheels stretched front to back but wide in their span, the black sleek and compact body still more advanced in design then the rest that makes the synthetic clad figure upon it have to lay forward and stretch her lith body over the body of the bike in order to drive it. Masked, but who she is, is evident, goggles down and pointed just upon crown Catwoman smiles before two lines shoot out and back, hooking into the front bumper of the ambulance… The plan is already in play as the bike begins to swerve and brakes are applied after a bit of distance is gained.

Hijacking 101. We want your ambulance.

Harper smiles, just a little. Bending to snatch up the piece of her gun that was dropped to the ground to reattach it and stick into her holster for later. "Whatever, life gives you lemons.." Kick it right in the ass. What can anyone do with lemons save for making tea and.. lemon…aid.. whatever!

His obvious distain for her choice of profession gains her a little sigh, crouching down into a squat where the drone once remained, her hand reaching into her back pocket to retrieve the mask to don it yet again. As if she were planning a robbery. "Fine. I quit."

Simple as that. Though a grin was shone beneath the mask.

"Actually, no I don't. I don't know what you want me to do, Batman. You want me to crawl on my knees and beg for approval? Follow you around like a lost dog until you finally say Good booboo? Spit shine your suit?" Her fingers clench into a tight fist, the leathers upon them squeaking with the tension that she's built up. She did not want to yell at the Dark Knight, but holy shit. This man was tough.

"Not going to happen. You're my favorite person Batman but.."

The roar of the motorcycles gain her attention, her head immediately turning that way as she reaches towards her back. Most folks who ride into the Narrows barely escape, and they often come in ones.. not twos.. or on vespas or small engine type doodads that make their byway quiet. This? This was different.

".. You ain't my Daddy.." Someone was moody! Would she dare use his favorite line? Stay out of Gotham! Nope! She liked her spine in tact.

But.. that little ledge was jumped from as she takes off into a small sprint, her eyes attempting to assess the sight that she sees; two guys on motorcycles, heading towards the fallen men. Something about that all just smelled like Fish. "Hey! What the fuck!" Is all Harper shouts out, breaking out into a full on run towards the bikers, her chest already exploding with the need to breathe completely as she withdraws her working stun-pistol-gun and fires…

"Third favorite." Batman corrects the young woman as per her earlier statement, "Your guilt trip is falling apart around the edges."

The ambulance sirens are close but something is off. HUD system ignites up and multiple targets appear, a lot of them. An entire gang.

Raising his hand Batman taps the side of his jaw, zooming in further. "Street Demonz and Catwoman. Odd." Cycling back out he picks up that earlier visual recorder and communicator tucking it back on to his belt, "Oracle, use the drones. Bluebird, time to show me just how much conviction you have and how effective your stun rifle is. Try to stay out of direct visual, I'll deal with the close and personal. We need to get the civilians to safety."

Batman is running now and leaping pulling himself up along the side of some of the wrecked amphitheater wall, it's like the post-apocalypse this side of the Narrows, everything is ruins.
That also gives a lot of odd cover.

The one line that connected to the front bumper of the ambulance is a pulley, much like what you see on a tow truck winch, a large hook swinging beneath and slamming into the axel. If they weren't slowing to Catwoman's brake lights they were now, their tires locking up and smoke rising as it is applied by force. The motorcycle is put on an autopilot:

"GPS: Veer right at the T of the road. Autopilot set." The command from vocals sets the bike into motion of cruise control to the max, her hands lifting from the handles as she turns in the seat, and acrobatic swivel that kicks her legs up and over to ride the bike backwards. A gun is lifted and aimed at the ambulance that is now almost to a stop, the driver and passenger scrambling to disembark a moving and careening truck and when the doors fly open they are flanked by two of the 5 Street Demonz with her.

When the gun is fired two grapnels launch, hooking onto the Demonz bikes and anchoring to the winch at the front of the ambulance, now their brakes are applied and the EMT's are thrown to the back of the ambulance in their scramble and loss of control.

The two headed for the wounded, pull up, arching out to gather the men the ambulance was initially called for, large burly men disembarking, one bearing a Chiappa triple barrel shotgun, snapping it up and back to show it is locked, loaded and he is the watch while the other goes for one of the bodies.

"Get 'em in Buff. She says to the hospital and then we get our pay, all I care 'bout. I hate this side 'a town."

"Yeah, yeah Az, as usual I get the heavy lifting." Buff remarks back as the dead man is passed after a brief check in pulse.

"Company!" Az calls out as that Ciappa is risen towards the rapidly approaching Bluebird. "I suggest you move on kiddo." One warning, she's lucky she gets that, if she doesn't change course there's three barrels ready to heat her ass up.

Oracle called it. Tell a teen 'no' and they'll do what they want. Bluebirds little outburst receives an indulgent smile from the redhead. This one has spirit.

Seeing the ambulance hijacking on her video feeds, Gothams Information Goddess was already moving. "On it, Batman" Oracle goes silent as she accesses the network and gets the drones in the air. The feeds are sent to Batman and her screens, as each drone goes active.

Orders given, given a little too late because Bluebird was dashing out into the fray yet again. Reckless, youthful abandon, the embodiment of pure stupidity trying it's best to grow smart a little too late. The firing of her electro-taser does nothing, the button switch flipped to send the wires snapping back into place, leaving the gun hand ajar as she narrows her eyes upon the buck-shot filled gun and to the two and the fallen men.

Her wrist twists up to show that the gun.. useless against their own, was untrained, tucked back into the holster, her leather jacket swung back quickly and pistol twirled with her finger and tucked back in old west style.

She was about to stall. This was her bread and butter.

"I don't think I can move on.." Bluebird says beneath the ski-mask. "Cause, you're trying to load up my buddies, you see." It was obvious right? Bluebird was a career criminal. There was even a step taken forward, mindful that she's not wearing a bullet proof vest. Things could get shakey from here on out.

"I just want to get'em home safe and sound, you know? To their mums. They're the men of the house and lord knows if their mamas don't see them in their beds any time soon she's going to pitch a fit."

You hear that? Pitch. A. Fit… if the Bat doesn't hurry the hell up!

Multiple visual options. The two drones give Batman a wider range of perception and with them up-linked directly to the HUD in his cowl it patches in smaller screens off to the side of his peripherals. Oracle can control the hijacked machines to remain mobile and map out the battlefield. Highly useful.

"Bluebird!" Does not listen to direction. Check. She is on her own then.

"See if you can't establish communications with her, Oracle." Batman manages before he is headed towards the ambulance itself, without a live com Harper is on her own. He is going to safegaurd the EMTs.

A grapnel line launches out and attaches to the high arch of a bridge, clamping down on it the Caped Crusader zipcords up and lands in a crouch only to quickly drop in a bone breaking descent that lands him upon the man behind the ambulance, a collarbone snaps, a helmet cracks in to cement and Batman grips down on the fallen Speed Demonz bike only to ride it in to the ground on it's side. Armor on his body protecting him enough he can tuck in to a roll and come up in a three point stance, cloak draped around him and eyes up, checking on the man he just downed. Heartbeat monitor indicates the man is alive and fine, just unconscious. One down.

"Holy shit! Jimmy went down and someone is on his bike, something is there… right there!"

"It's the Bat!" Another biker shouts.

Oracle scans the area for cellphone signals, cross referencing what she finds to zero in Bluebird. The womans cell phone will begin to ring in a moment, as Oracle places the call. "Found her Batman, connecting now."

Hands moving across her keyboard sending commands to the drones. The drones begin to circle the area, collecting data and feeding it to the Clocktower and Batman, slowly giving the layout of the area.

The Ciapa ws not fired (sadly, because it is a beautiful weapon), but Az looks down at Bluebird, both grey eyes set in a large rounded face that is decorated by a dual braided beard. So viking of him. Buff is already hefting up one of the wounded, pitching the body over his massive shoulder easily, but due to the hump in his back it looked like a gang version scene of Quasimodo saving someone who fell off the tower. Hence, Buffalo, but despite the disability he was able and already setting one man in a side car upon a tarp before dark brown eyes settled on Harper as well with a grunt.

"The Lady said to get them to the hospital, we don't, we don't get paid. And I got a mama to be sure is well off in a good nursing home…" From his sidearm holster a very overcompensating glock is pulled free and rested at his side. "Don't think their mama's concern me one bit."

Fuck your moral compass, here's mine and it's just as broken.

Catwoman is riding the bike backwards and sees the familiar caped drop of the Bat, emerald eyes narrowing behind the goggles, hearing one call out, confirming it. "Take it away. Now!" The stopped ambulance goes from forward to reverse, the Two Demonz holding the winch and pulleys skidding in a 180 to take it back across the bridge from where it came, the other two sweeping out, one heading for his fallen comrade while the fallen Bat is left in the path of the retreating Demonz and their hijacked ambulance.

"Autopilot off." The bike is not slowing as Catwoman kicks back around to face front, but suddenly she jerks the bike to turn, the smoke rising and that back wheel adaptively unlocking to turn end over end, pivoting traction into such a sharp spin that carries her back towards the Demonz and the ambulance, only to fly past.

They were not goin to stop for Batman, and she wasn't going to make them stop. Part of their deal. But she could help him.


Cutting in front of the two with the tow lines she leans low, her hand shooting out, claws flashing as her hand grabs Batman by his cape and uses the momentum to throw him to the side and out of the way so her men could pass without making roadkill of their enemy. Everyone's enemy…

Once more she spins to face Batman and the end of the road where Az and Buff are.

"Where are you two. Az, Buff?" Catwoman snaps. They have an issue, and where there's one…

"We got a /little/ problem.."

Annnnd.. there he goes. Moving right past, the only show of black that she sees is the back of the Bat. Fuckin. A.

She was left to her own devices, which was cool. It's all good. Harper will be fine. Maybe.


Her shoulders slump for a moment, hands lifting briefly, a move she's practiced so many times when it came to messing with her baby brother.. but she doesn't pull it just yet. Attempting to be the voice of reason as she takes a few wary steps forward, testing the resolve. Bluebird be patient. Bluebird be kind. Bluebird be smart.

They were bigger than her, which was an advantage, which hopefully means they were also slower.. rod upon her back.. gun upon the left.. and GO!

"You going to let a Lady rule your life, bruh?" She asks, but as soon as those last words fly from her lips, her hand drops down to unleash her pistol, bringing it up to fire almost at the same time as her right. The right sinks behind her back to draw out the rod, (it was a taser of course, not turned on), which was soon flung towards Quazi-fly's knee. It was one of those quick draw moves, one that had all luck and probably all bite, hopefully the taser was a sure thing. Cause dude was huge!

There was a buzz felt in her pocket, with the rod out of her hand she immediately takes it out, finger still squeezing upon the trigger which emits electricity that she hopes takes the man down..

And makes him suffer.

"NOT NOW!" She hollers into the phone, "I'LL CALL YOU BACK!" Who answers the phone at a time like this?

Four years ago Batman wouldn't have stressed the speed the bikers and the ambulance were coming in at him at, five years ago he would have been able to spring from his crouch already and lay in to another Speed Demon, now? Now he can feel a small calm settling over him and the faint sound of bells, that is his body and mind bracing for something drastic: Pain.

Then there is a Catwoman on one of his motorcycles, an image straight out of memory that has his mind toying with reality and fantasy, if not for the inhale of Gotham's stale air and the preparation for impact he'd think he wasn't awake, cape snagged, no, Batman turns enough to grip her forearm, linked to one another in a ballet performance duo's dance that could have been executed on ice instead of a street on motorcycles. It would have been scored all 10s. One leg over the other and the outstretched wings fly high, Batman is thrown free of the onrushing vehicles only to land again.

As Catwoman races by she can see the surprise yet forever scorn filled stare of the Batman just before he snaps out of her own visual range, that grapnel claw fired off and sinking in to the back of the ambulance. No talking capable right now. It's all motion.

Harpers answering the phone has Oracle smiling grimly. "Now is the perfect time, Bluebird. This is Oracle. You want to play with the Bats? You learn to be part of a team. Think of this as part of your audition." Flipping to Batmans comms channel "Communication to Bluebird established." She won't be conferencing the channels, till the Dark Knight approves.

The stolen bat-tech pings on Oracles screens and the redhead raises an eyebrow as she accesses older, now obsolete codes in her systems. A signal is sent to the bike to disable it completely, probably too late to stop the current manoeuvrings, but it will stop anything further.

Buff and Az are men of age, the gang one that is not known for its nicities outside of their own 'pack'. They deal in benefits and right now the Lady is giving them that. Everyone else can rot. So when Harper starts forward both of them are raising their weapons, though Buff is dropped before he can get a shot off, his knee buckling to drop him to a kneel while electricity surges trough him and he screams a bellowing call much like what you'd hear from a horror movie. Az on the other hand is rising the large three barrel to swat it like a bat at the aimed hand bearing a pistol, simultaneously pulling the trigger, the imbalance in the maneuver to dodge an agile creature versus the bulky knocking him on his ass after a few unbalanced steps back.

The Demonz hauling the ambulance keep going while the one that branched off to pick up their fallen member is helping him back to his feet and his bike. "Motha' fucker, scratched the new chrome. Ah well Lady said she'd pay…"

"Damnit, let's go we ain't got time, Bat's on the ambulance… Guys heads up!" The other says, alerting those towing the life-bus.

Catwoman does not give Batman a second look, he can be as bewildered as he wants, she told him he needed to listen and he didn't. A bullet from Rodaga later their lines of communication were officially closed. This girl only asks once.

I dance this dance for you.

Ripping down the road can only go so far when the tech suddenly glows another light, hacked and shrieking to a halt that pitches Catwoman from the seat. The airborne figure flipping over the handlebars, rotating in the air much like a thrown cat would, but her hand goes to her hip, unravelling that whip that cracks upward, catching a beam of the bridge and yo-yos her upward.

Cutting through the bridge beams she drops down to the ground beside her two Demonz, the wounded, and Harper in a crouch, eyes narrowing upon the girl and as she comes to a stand that one word cuts through the air with the stucatto call of her lightning borne whip.


"Shit!" Is heard on Oracle's end, even though she's watching from afar. The barrel was risen and Harper leans back as quick as she could, the shot going off which causes the gun hand to jerk up and the phone hand to pull away. Her thumb moves quick to retract the wires, snapping into the gun with a quick lick of her fingers and a tear of leathers that give reason as to why she wears them in the first place. In instances like these.

With the two men fallen, Harper is on the approach, tucking the phone against shoulder and ear, a lean to snag the metal rod which is soon flicked as electricity begins to arc along the two prongs at it's base. "Johnny 5?" She says into the phone, listening to the quick words of the woman, the electric rod pressed into Quasi to cause him to jerk and fall.

"Read you loud and clear Johnny 5.." She mutters amongst the screams, the crack of the whip drawing her attention as she strafes back from torturing the two men to watch..

..head tilted and all.

The command was clear, which brings a frown to a ski-masked face. Even though Harper looks rather silly, she meant business.

"Gotta call you back Digital Underground, Humpty's bout to dance." Though, she doesn't take the time to hang up the phone, she lets it fall willy nilly upon the ground, both hands down at her sides as she draws in a breath. Would she try to reason with this one? Naw. She knows who she is. Just by rumors alone. Two in one month? Awesome!

"You stop!"

And the gun is soon lifted, trained at Catwoman's middle and fired..

"Did he fly? Where is he!?" The bikers are craning necks, swiveling back and forth as the four remaining and mobile around the ambulance are hunting for the Batman.

"On top! On top Raz, he's on top!"

"There he is!"

Inside the ambulance the shaken EMTs are scrambling forward again only to jostle against one another again, bracing themselves inside the vehicle when they hear the loud CHUNKSHINK.

What looks like metal claws pierce the roof of the vehicle.

Batman's cape whips back and forth as one arm keeps him flat on the top of the speeding ambulance, the Street Demonz have done this before, this tactic is not a new thing for them. Hijacking moving vehicles with heavily modified motorcycles sounds fantastic but this is Gotham. The Tekagi-Shuko on the Dark Knight's hand keeps him safe from going flying and becoming a skid mark but until they ease up on their death race he's rather stuck flopping back and forth or he manages something else. The utility belt is groped for.

A grunt sound is audible to Oracle, that Conway 'urgh' and Batman's growling voice pierces the comms, "Gunshots? Heard it through the coms, visuals on Bluebird are jumbled, is she alright?" They're not jumbled. He is.

Bluebird can't just ''call Oracle back'' and dropping the phone without hanging it up was a good move on the young womans part. Either she needs to invest in a earpiece, or Oracle needs to send her a communicator. The latter not quite an option, yet.

"She's fine, Batman." The visuals from the drones are giving Oracle a fairly clear view of the melee. "She's taken out two and is aiming at Catwoman. Dropped her phone though… comms to her a down for a moment."

The men are down for the moment, but not out and one lifts the fallen large glock to Bluebirds back while she is focused on Catwoman and firing at her abdomen.

Catwoman is fast, unlike her henchmen of the hour and hits the ground, her back upon the street and just before Harper, arching, one leg kicks up to try and lock around the back of the girls neck and jerk her face first into the street. Not only making her kiss brick, but Buff is pissed and fires his glock where her back would have been. Az is loading up the other now, favoring his pace because his big ass cracked his own…ass bone.

"She did not pay us to risk our lives. Buff it's a waste, she got this." In saying as much Az is mounting his bike and firing it up. Bats are involved and his ass hurts, his buddy got electrocuted by Jasonette. Over it.

..missed. Damn. That woman was quick. The button was flicked once again to draw the wires back into it's hitch, but focusing on that allowed the Cat to actually grip her in a tuck in roll that flips her forward onto a shoulder and skid of a mask that's torn at the face.


Was that gunshot for her? Who cares! Her weapons were tossed aside from the throw, but that didn't matter, she was going to go all hand to hand, used to it.

A roll and a scramble upon knees, hands hitting the pavement as she lifts herself enough to take a flying leap towards Catwoman. That flying leap included a drawn back fist to lift and pound against the latex clad .. or was it leather? Woman upon the ground with about as much gusto as she could muster.

Bitch-fight.. initiated.

Across the Narrows Bridge…

A cable snaps and another the ambulance is skidding sideways and almost pitching over only to slam in to a streetlamp. Batman goes over the side and disappears.

"Raz, someone got to get in there and drive, he busted our shit up. Raz, what we gonna do? Raz you in charge, what we gonna do?"

"Shut up Skunk, you're sounding weak. Reno, ditch your bike and get in that bus."

"Fuck you, the Bat is still here somewhere, he's just playing with us."

"He just got thrown from a moving goddamn vehicle, he's not going to be moving quick enough to stop you. Get in the damn ambulance."

"Fine fine."

The growl of Reno's bike dies and he pushes it in to an alley, mumbling under his breath the whole way and then shotgun in hand begins to walk slowly towards the still running yet unmoving ambulance, the back door opens on his way and the two EMTs tumble out. "Hey fuckers!" Reno shouts and begins to pull the trigger only to disappear in the shadows above, something, someone swooped down and snatched him up leaving just the shotgun behind.

"OH SHIT!" Skunk cries, "Did you see that? It's like Jeepers Creepers. JEEPERS CREEPERS! Where did you get them peepers… "

"Skunk, hold it together man. You're making us look weak and you're pissing me off. ALRIGHT BATMAN… enough games, we… "

Raz pauses long enough to watch the EMT's take off running. At least they're not in the Narrows anymore. Theyre opposite the bridge.

"We got no beef. We just want the bus."

"It's an amboo-lance, Reno."

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Skunk. Seriously. I am about to pistol whip you dumber than you already are… " Looking around Raz climbs off his bike and waves his arms out wide, a pistol in each hand, "See, look, noone getting hurt. We didn't even shoot at them two.
Just lemme get the ambulance and we're gone. "

"Hey Raz, do you think she is paying us enough it's worth our bikes? "

Raz stops dead in his tracks and looks over at Skunk. Holy shit the idiot made sense for once in his life.

Taking a deep breath, Oracle watches Bluebird as the girl fight ensues. "I want that young woman to get a communicator, Batman." At least that way, the redhead might be able to help keep her alive.

Finally, an alert appears on Oracles screen, it's taken a little searching but she has finally found the frequency that Catwoman and the Street Demonz are communicating on. A minor adjustment to her systems and she catches the last from Raz and Skunk, a small smile appears on her face "This is Oracle. I don't think she's paying you anywhere near enough. Why don't you leave now, before Batman can finish what he started?"

"I got this, you two go!" Catwoman calls to Buff and Az as they hesitate on their bikes.

"But.. Bat—"


The two rev the engines to roars and tear off down the bridge, Az with the triple barrel across his lap, heading to back up his Brothers if they turn out to need it once they cross the bridge in heading to dump the two injured at the hospital.

Catwoman flips to her feet in time to catch that punch in her abdomen, making her fold in for a moment, a breath forced out as a smile splits her lips, something wicked in its depths just before she returns Harper's punch with a sweep upward of clawed hand, aiming for her masked face and removal. There is no further playing, once that uppercut is attempted her other hand is attempting to lay heel into her collarbone while a foot seeks to sweep her back.

Oracles voice in her comm does not bring pause as she lays unrelentingly into Bluebird.

"Oh, but I think I have a reason for him to lay off, little bird in the belfry… Let him know if plans go as intended, so will this girls occupation."

Catwoman is playing an odd game, but playing for keeps.
Punch caught! Yeah buddy, Harper was on a roll now. She straightens up and strafes back, dukes soon applied, gloved fingers curled into a fist as she steps straight into the upward claw that knocks her head back and the mask gone. It was made of the flimsy cotton, the kind that's used in bank robberies, there was no chance for that thing on top of already being ripped and splayed by the concrete.

Though the scratch of claws draw out a hunters notion upon the chin, splitting up towards lips where snake-bites lie. Thankfully, her piercings weren't dislodged, but it draws out a pretty wicked look for the neon blue-haired punk girl.

Cat's movements were swift, the powerful plant into her collarbone jarring the senses as she buckles forward with the pain and back down, flat upon her back, feet nearly in the air, a roll away from the woman and a curling of her body keeps her from crying out.

That. Hurt. Bad. Get used to it Harper, you chose this.

"Not yet, she hasn't earned it. Bluebird isn't an asset until she has proven herself, for now she is just another liability, this here is her chance. All she has to do is come out of this without getting herself or anyone else killed. Then, we'll talk about communicators or anything more." There is background noise, a man yelling at darkness, Batman's gear grinding against what could possibly be cement or brick, stone of some sort. Bruce is outside of visibility ranges but noise tells a lot, once upon a time Oracle herself was also creeping around rooftops, hugged to them watching some lunatic with a gun rant to the world beyond in an attempt at bravery while secretly fearing for his very life. The Bat-Family may not kill but everyone has a snapping point and no crook knows exactly when one of the Bats or Birds of Gotham has reached that point.

Maybe they're the one?

"C'mon Batman… you got better shit to do man. Why waste your time on something like this?"

"I don't think he is the talkative sort Raz." Skunk points out the obvious.

Batman finishes laying out the unconscious Reno along an apartment balcony. The apartment fortunately looks vacant but Gotham's hero isn't about to break open the sliding door to check. The skull rattling punch the man got when he went upside down should be enough to remember the Dark Knight by.

"Got two left over here, Oracle. I'm about to wrap this up and I'll head back in to the Narrows. Keep your eye on the birdy."

"Maybe we should just go, Raz. We can get back to the garage in time to catch Walking Dead. It's on right now."

"Skunk, I fucking hate you."

"That hurts, Raz."

"Hey if Batman kills you or locks you in Blackgate can I Have your bike?"

"… "


Raz is shooting at Skunk. Skunk drops his heel and kicks off, the bike roaring to life and he speeds off at a breakneck pace, scared is an understatement. "STUPIDFUCKINGSTUPIDSHITSKUNK… " Done firing off potshots Raz races to the ambulance and climbs in.

"Message from Catwoman, Batman." Oracle relays the words as they were spoken "She really wants that ambulance. Bluebird is taking a thrashing." Checking the other frequency, she shakes her head "And now the access to Catwomans' comms is gone too." She can try to hack in again, but the time it will take… too long.

Catwoman's landing blows do not stop, not even when Harper tucks and rolls. The whip cracks out and attempts to catch the girl around the throat to hoist her to her feet and spin her, stepping into her back to capture her already bloodied face in her hand, those diamond cutting tipped claws dimpling into the pliant flesh of her cheeks while lips balance just beside Harpers profile.

"You want to fly with the Bats you need to learn one thing, sweetie-bird. Death in Gotham is not swift, it is one bone at a time and can last years. You have a cute face. I'll start there if he does not release my ambulance." The words are spoken on a lilted purr, but there is no room for joking, no jest, just a hard demeanor of intent. "My people need it." And sound reason.

Each blow was taken. Hard. It hurt. Yet Harper continued to move, each breath she takes inward felt like prickling against the skin. But she pressed on, her hand striking out to drag against the ground, gathering up the Narrows finest within her grasp, muck, dirt and blood of the ages until her throat was cracked, caught and tugged with the whip. The quiet shrill breaths soon increased in volume, one hand drawing up to try to tug away the whip as she was lifted upon her feet with ease and turned.

She already had a previous black eye, but the bruise was increasing with intensity, scuff marks against her cheek and claw scratches that split skin beneath her lip. Wicked looks as wicked does, and those eyes narrow in upon Catwoman as she grits her teeth with a bloodied split lip that make pearly whites a shade of pink.

Her words.. taken to heart. Sad thing was? Harper understood. She grew up in the Narrows, had broken bones only when she was a babe, the suffering was understood and matched. They were just on a different side of the line.. for now.

"Your people.. are my people.." Another sound reason, faced with utter disgust. "..You are /not/ the only one in need.." With that said, the muck and grimed hand was lifted with the intent to throw one last 'Kiss my ass' into Catwoman's face. To be mushed and smeared.


Batman doesn't move to stop Raz. He gets Oracles relayed message and stands there poised like a gargoyle leaning over the streets below, watching very calmly as the ambulance jerks back then forward to escape the street lamp then peels out. The Street Demon is even bold enough to stick his hand out the window and flip the Dark Knight off. Oracle can actually hear Batman grinding his teeth as the man departs. It's his faith that Catwoman has a shred of decency and even honor left in her that he even allows this to transpire.

Once two blocks away Reno calls in while his fellow bikers roar down the road across the Narrow Bridge and past where the Gotham vigilante perches. The injured gangbangers in hand. At least there is that. Maybe will live. "Hey, Cat Lady? We got the ambulance, Batman just stopped chasing us but you owe the Demonz some new bikes on top of what you're payin' us for this murder bus."

"Oracle, has she released Bluebird?" Batman is standing now and facing the Narrows, now about to begin his trek across the bridge and back to check on Bluebird and if Catwoman is still there, apprehend her. Doubtful she will be.

"No, you're in need too." A motion as Catwoman snaps her hand off Harper's face and gestures to tap upon her chin and a claw tip over goggled eye as if to point out a few of Bluebirds most damaging wounds. Though while she is talking that muck is shoved and Catwoman in rolling her fist to choke Harper even more, not stopping when veins begin to bulge.


"You better find a god and pray to it…" The comm rings and Catwoman smiles, suddenly releasing the whip and in doing so shoving Harper away with a knee to the middle of her back if she does not move fast enough. The back of her hand wipes across her lips, her tongue extending almost like she is preening that vinyl clad limb and not wiping the diseased mire from her mouth.

"The Black and Blue Birdie has an answer."

With the flick of her wrist she is snapped into the air with a somersault, disappearing into the shadows. "You'll get your pay Demonz." Pause. "Rant, I lost my toy. I want her back." Oh the pout in that purring sarcastic tone seems almost like bedroom talk… If it wasn't for the rage simmering…

Okay, it's bedside manner as well.

"Yes Batman, Bluebird has been released" Oracle responds to the question. "She'll need medical attention though, Catwoman did a good job on her." The redhead isn't overly impressed. "She needs training. I know you don't want her to do this, but like most teenagers, she'll do it anyway."

The best way to shut someone up? Shove disease in their face! She was truly a child of the Concrete Jungle, she plays dirty as well. She also wouldn't be surprised of Catwoman came down with a case of impetigo in the future either. That's how vile that muck was. There was a sickly little grin that plastered over beat up features, though falter as she was choked, dirt and bloodied hands now clawing at the 'claws' upon her neck, until she was turned and booted to the curb.. in style.

Didn't matter, she was free.. and she was doing the slow crawl Marine's do right when they were about to die. Her hand, shaking as it reaches out towards the phone, the very tremors of it bringing the screen to life as she presses it to her ear, rolling onto her back.

She was wheezing of course, her free arm laying about upon the ground as she looks over the smog covered sky. She was /totally/ ready.

"Johnny five.. you still.. *wheeze* there?" A pause. "They're coming to take me away." Haha. "Do you not have robot eyes? Hath not robot hands, organs, dimensions, senses.. *wheeze* affections, passions?!" *WHEEZE* "Do you bleed motor oil..?" *WHEEZECRACKLEWHEEZE*

It almost sounded like a dramatic death rattle coming from Harper, then a row of silence.. and a bit of shuffling and nothing.

"Hah. I'm kidding. Bet you Batman was totally going to cry.." She rolls up with a loud grunt, then slowly gathers herself to her feet. Beaten, bloody.. broken. She was going home for a hot shower and a nap..


Nevermind! Harper likes it outdoors! Face-planted sleeping on the wet concrete was totally in now a days.

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