The Losing Party

January 25, 2015:

Bruce and Diana attend a post city council election party for the Sommerset township of Irving Grove. Lois Lane is a guest along with several other colorful individuals.

Irving Grove, Sommerset - Gotham

Directly east of Gotham across the Gotham River lies Sommerset; a relatively
peaceful location that can be reached from Bristol by way of the Mooney
Bridge or Gotham along the Trigate (which gives an amazing view of Arkham

Sommerset was popular during prohibition due to Slaughter Swamp. A given it's
name because it was a favored spot for mobsters to dispose of dead bodies
despite this the land itself seen little use until the Archie Goodwin
International Airport was built. Now days one of the busiest airports on the
East Coast.

Somerset is now a prime spot for tourists, campers and hunters and traffic
heading in and around Gotham due to the airport and the government protected
Dayton National Forest; a huge forest that skirts around the Gotham River and
further inland offering miles upon miles of wilderness that is largely

Irving Grove is located here only several miles from the airport, a popular
residential community that was once known for it's logging industry but now
caters mostly to those who don't mind a commute and wish to work in Gotham
and fishermen. Irving Grove also caters to one of S.T.A.R. Labs most
successful weapons department facilities.


NPCs: Stuart Topolo, Edward 'Eddie' Graves, Richard Gray


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Fade In…

A clear sky for the first time in what feels like the greater half of a century and the fishing and logging strong town of Irving Grove is hosting a party at the runner-up's large manor just north of the township itself. Gotham is visible across the river in it's sprawling skyscraper spotted cityscape. This is after all the outskirts of Gotham territory and the countryside of Somerset.

The house is filled with officials, wealthy or vocal residents and even several celebrities, Bruce Wayne included in that number. The man himself standing beside a out of place looking character with a long goatee, piercings, guy-liner and a floppy beanie. The actor Eddie Graves, he is said to have a vacation home somewhere around Irving Grove. He likes to hike and camp in the Dayton Forest. A third man stands not far away in a maroon sweater, older than Graves and Wayne considerably but hosting a handsome smiled, auburn hair weathered gray and hazel eyes. Their laughter carries from the veranda. Definitely the less sober and dull portion of this not-so-victory party for Stu Topolo, the man who would have been mayor if he was not beaten terribly in the polls by Harliss Greer.

"That is absolutely disgusting, Eddie."
"Brucie, don't knock it until you've tried it right?" The elder individual grins at the tall dark and handsome man in the suit across from him.
"I'm a creature born of my very nature… a beast!" Edward chuckles and flexes while saying the word /beast/. More laughter ensues.

Events like these used to be Lois' bread and butter. Even though she claims she's not apart of that line of work anymore, seeking vacation and a possible permanent residence into Gotham away from the happy and shining few, it wouldn't hurt to schmooze along with the rich and somewhat famous, the notables of Gotham in the face of ambition, wine, and hors d'oeuvres that have potential to blast a pallet into outer space. A party like this deserved a little red number with black pumps, red bottomed of course, something that could clearly clear out her bank account if it wasn't for a favor from Lucy. Clutch held, phone always on record within said purse with the microphone amplified to deal with the muffle and scratch of a jostle.

She floats a bit, offering little smiles and waves, hand striking out to grip a flute of wine as a waiter passes, Lois taking stock and examining the who's who from afar to watch interactions and closeness just to get a..

No. No Lois. Vacation. Here for fun, and not for work.

Diana is not far, but after the painstaking endeavor of indulging the other ladies in small talk (which she is horrid at) she excused herself for some fresh air. Beyond the veranda and along the edge of a copse of trees she has taken to wandering. Silently sandal-led feet tread over landscape that is crisp due to the chill, even her breath fogs before her lips. It is amazing that not far from this peaceful plot is Gotham, or New York, or Metropolis. Enjoy it while you get it.

The cold does not effect Diana, it is known already who she is, the ambassador and recent 'arm candy' for Bruce Wayne. Don't say that to her face.. But it is no small wonder why she is in what she is an unaffected by the chill, walking along and breathing in the surrounding nature with that billowing catch of light silken fabric, a forest green and lined in that of gold accents. Slits bearing the open airiness around her legs where it seems they are all held together by the circlet of golden leaves around her waist that cinches and then drives upwards with the weaving of fabric to 'x' across her abdomen and leave the sides open, showing off the contrast against olive tones skin. Weaving their path across chest and around her neck, a criss crossing pattern of billowing fabric to fall at arms as well.

Sipping from her own flute of sweet red wine boasted to have been wrought from local vinyards she actually takes the time to savor it instead of give a smile and nod. It's best to do that instead of chime in with the man talk. Cringeworthy.
A large man, heavy set and stubble bearded with eye glasses extends a hand towards Lois, "Lois Lane? The Lois Lane of the Daily Planet? I'm a big fan, you're even better looking in person. Please, please, I insist, drink. I may have lost but that is no reason for us not to celebrate life itself." Stu Topolo a retired very wealthy producer and the man who just lost the election for Mayor of Irving Grove.
"I had heard rumor you were in town but I was not sure if it was just the song of the harpies or if you actually were." Mr.Topolo is already buzzed. "Well obviously not this town, Irving, but Gotham. Let me introduce you to some of my guests."

Edward Graves pauses to look past Bruce and spy Diana, "Hot damn! Look at that amazing dish of strange. I need to break off a piece of that." He pushes past Bruce and Richard only to insert himself right before Diana, "You are abso-fucking-lutely beautiful."
Bruce's eyebrows drift upwards and he glances at the elder man and they both share a small grin. This could prove interesting. Mr.Graves is not known for his tact or… ability to interact with the rest of human civilization - let alone Amazonian.

Lost in her own world, Lois quickly snaps out of it with a warm smile and an extension of her hand. "Yes, yes." She shakes his hand, her grip strong but not overpowering. General Lane always said to keep a strong grip when shaking a mans hand. Gender does not matter. She does put on a healthy display of drinking, lifting the flute of her glass in praise of meeting the man after her hand has been withdrawn, a slight shake of her head as a little laugh bubbles forth. "Yes. It's true. I'm looking into relocating, Irving is on one of those lists. Though it's a shame that it wasn't you who won. I am sure you would have done this city proud."

She bobs her head in agreement, arm willingly snaking between Topolo's own, walking with him to be introduced while keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings. Old habits die hard, of course, the most interesting is the mans interaction with the Amazon. If she's not working, why not have a vacation with some entertainment and gossip she could politely slip to a young and upcoming star in the field.

Sigh. Diana came out here in whole truth to get away from the inane banter of housewives and deplorable behavior of the mindset of a succubus. Aphrodite loved all and personally many, but that was -not- Diana's patron following. Must be this mans. When he approaches her hand ceases in its reach for a barren branch of all but a few berries and silenced birds that went to wing in the intrusion.

A light snap and the berries are removed, one placed between her lips and tasted while the other rolls lightly between fingertips as she chews. The smile coming faint but not bearing the color of flattery. "Abso-fucking-lutely.." She repeats back, the smile growing as she mulls out that word. "And where did you manage to learn such a compliment befitting a goddess?"

Brace yourself, Diana is stepping closer to Edward and offers him that remaining berry betwixt fingertips before his lips.

"Oh pish-posh, I wouldn't know the first thing about being mayor. I'm almost happy I lost." A humble wave from the towering Tobolo as he makes it look easy to cut through the throng of guests in his expensive home. The majority of the party go-ers are Irving Grove locals of little to no repute. It is without no surprise the bigger names are all gathered near the veranda which overlooks Stu's garden and pool.
"That is fantastic. We could go for some new blood around here, new fresh celebrity blood. It seems to be one of our growing things honestly, Eddie Graves the star of Hunk, Voyage of Sinbad, Bibles of Truth and Sparta just bought a beautiful little home out on Kostner Lane. I own some real estate out there as well, a few houses, if you like I can show you around when we have some nicer weather."
"Uh oh. We may have to step over here for damage control." Lois on his elbow he makes way to Diana and Edward.

"Learn?" Mr.Graves blinks then laughs, "Improv of course!" The man then snaps his lips out and kisses her fingers wile taking the berry, "Mm mm damn that tastes good and I ain't talking about the berry." A holly berry that will probably give him the shits later. "Who brought you here? May want to let them know you're leaving with Eddie!" Now he is closer, almost right up on Diana and attempting to drape an arm around her waist. "Recognize me yet?"
Bruce amused doesn't butt in and instead is having a low conversation with Mr.Gray. The two men chuckling quietly as Stu and Lois approach.
"Mrs. Lane." Bruce offers politely at their arrival, "Stu, party is lovely, a shame we lost."

"From what I've heard, it's almost like riding a bike." Cue hoity-toity laugh here, fake as all get out. But she doesn't push the envelope too far to make it seem disinguine. Someone really did say that it was almost like riding a bike. She just couldn't remember who.

As Topolo mentions Eddie, she glances towards where the amazon and the men stood, her brows raising in a 'not bad' fashion, wine sipped, and .. "I wouldn't mind looking. Just set up a date and time. As long as it's lovely and we're able to close within the month without any hiccups, that is."

But.. damage control. Lois was good and bad with it. Though lately, her damage control concludes with getting a popular scientist killed with his own creation..

"Mr. Wayne." Lois retorts back, taking on the inflection of his tone as her own, wine emptied and another glass taken up by another passing waiter just because.

What?? It's the Amazon heritage. Men label you as just a trophy, a token 'piece' and the women either take it or…don't. Amazon. Diana is on the side of don't. So he'll have bubble guts considering he does not taste of this fruit often, it

it's ** the /least/ she can do, her sisters would have laid him out with a broken face.

<—— Ambassador!

Diana's smile is genuine, the gentleman is not bad to look upon but his mouth won him no prizes before he came to stand before her.

The touch is what causes her spine to straighten, that regal and yet lax pose gone as her smile slowly fades and his hand is captured in her own. There's debate there, one that counts the amount of tiny bones in the hand and the pressure point to push. just. so. But she does not she simply steps forward casually like in dance and keeps his hand while she escorts him to stand before Bruce, Mr. Graves, Lois, and Topolo.

"Excuse me, but he would like me to let the man I came with know I will not be debating with him tonight. Is that okay Bruce?"

That hand-hold is likely getting uncomfortable now!
"I was never really good at riding bikes, Lois, you mind if i call you Lois? You can call me Stu. As you can see I am not the most athletic sort." A friendly smile from the big man and he carries on, "A month? I have no doubt we can do that. I am a very easy going businessman. You'll become a client and I'm all about making sure the client gets what they want."
"It's okay Bruce. One battle in the war." Stu says politely.
Bruce's cheek bounces as a muscle underneath it jolts, "Yes, one battle in the war." He agrees before the billionaire reaches over and gives Lois a light touch on the forearm in greeting. "You're looking lovely tonight, Mrs.Lane."
Richard Gray steps forward and tips his glass up, "A pleasure to meet you, Lois. I think I read one of your college dissertation on International Criminal Justice. I think… you'll have to pardon me and my memory. I'm not getting any younger."
Eddie releases an, "Oh… oh OH owch! Jesus tits you're strong." But he goes with it and wears a smile only to retract his hand once back to the others, rubbing it with the opposite, "She definitely works out. Bruce, you see that? She is one fit specimen. I think I'm hard, Stu, feel it, feel it. I got a emasculation boner."
Stu's hands flail out to fend off Eddie's grabs, "Eddie, stop it, Eddie calm down and meet Lois Lane of the Daily Planet."
The man takes one more swipe out before spinning to grin largely at Lois, "Another raven haired Goddess. You through the best parties Stu, almost as good as Brucie."
A light smile from Bruce Wayne and he sidelong glances at Diana. There is a humorous spark in his gaze. What a sadist. "Oh? He is quite the charmer, Diana."

"I don't mind it at all. It's actually preferred. Stu." She grins now, giving a slight shake of her head and a nearly downing of her wine in one sip. "All sorts are the athletic type. Some might say in different sports that size doesn't matter." Ew. Lois. Stoppit! "But yes. A month. My lease on my apartment back in Metropolis will be up, which I did not renew. I gave myself that much time to check out the scenery to see if Gotham or Irving would fit. Unless, you have properties in Gotham as well?" She asks of Topolo.

As Stu handles the conversation, Lois was smirking in Diana's direction, that was until she approached and spoke to Bruce, when she introduces herself. "Ms. Prince? It's a pleasure to finally see and meet you in person." She would offer a hand, but Mr. Wayne gives her a light touch of the arm, in which she smiles and dips her head courteously. "Thank you Mr. Wayne, and you're as dashing as always." She wanted to lose all of the social niceties and say, 'How's kicks!' But, he's a businessman, must keep it proper. "Are you and your date doing well?"

It wasn't hard to hold many conversations at once, and it seems like the gathering crew around Bruce and Diana were old pros. Once Gray steps into the picture she raises a glass towards him in greeting as well. "Oh, that was so long ago. Don't worry about it. And it's a pleasure as well." God, she wasn't having a hard time keeping track but the sauce was running thin. She finishes.. and replaces smoothly as if each glass were her first. But she doesn't drink this one yet, she was nearly about to laugh. It would be a shame to spit to not choke all over Bruce's suit.

"It is an honor to meet you, Mr. Graves. I'm such a fan." There was temptation to liquor the poor guy up into passing out in a back bedroom just to keep him from getting in trouble with himself.. but she was sure that Stu had a handle on things.

The flattery of a beast in heat almost has Diana's eyes rolling in her head, but she keeps composure and it easy to replace when Lois approaches and introduces herself. She knows of the woman, she is not a hard one to place when you come from Metropolis - or consider the place your other home and most of your allies are from there. "A pleasure to meet you finally, as well." She says with that eased wording of honesty, not just flattery like the gaggle gathered seems hard pressed to put forth in the game of rubbing elbows.

The politics that underlay it all are being duly noted, as well as names and face to what the current ongoing affairs are. Little have to do with her, or her profession that she stands firmly upon. But they could. "It's a pity his charms are very one direction." Diana says lowly to Bruce as the man's new sights are set upon Lois, the poor woman, even a lift of brows from Diana is offering silent aid to the woman if so needed.
"Oh well I do hope size matters." A jovial laugh escapes Stu before he nudges Eddie and whispers, "Behave yourself, sir." A pleasant smile is gifted Lois, "I do not unfortunately but I do know people."
A warm smile is given from Richard before he asides himself to drinking more. He has a love for it.
"Mr.Gray is the former Dean of Gotham University and an accomplished writer himself." Bruce adds, "Also a fellow contributor to Stuart's campaign."
"Bruce, what did I tell you about calling me Stuart, please, we're all friends here. Just call me Stu."
"Friends! Yes, wonderful, handsome, top of the food chain friends."Eddie adds in, "Lets make a toast." He waves his glass out for a clink, "To hard cocks and handsome people!"
Bruce Wayne releases a low cough that has him almost sputtering as Richard then claps Eddie on the shoulders, "Cheers to that but how about we take a walk, I hear Amber Forever is here and she has been dying to meet you."
"Oh? I can't disappoint a fan." Eddie says cheerfully, "Ladies, lets all get together again soon. I'll have my agent call your agents."
Steering the man away Richard gives a parting wave to Diana, Stuart, Bruce and Lois, "it was nice to meet all of you." Mr.Gray offers before he and the movie star vanish back inside.
"I must apologize for some of my more raucous companions. Eddie means well and is a very genuine person, a great method actor, and valiantly loyal friend. He is just well… "
Bruce Wayne speaks, "He is crazy."
"Yes, absolutely batshit crazy. Oh god is he crazy." Stu then leans foward and whispers to Lois, very quietly, "He also poops on people. True story. I'll tell you about it some time." Not really intended for Bruce and Diana but one is heralded by some circles as the World's Greatest Detective and the other is the Princess of Themyscira and not all exactly suffering normal human limitations.
No word from Bruce he just pretends he didn't hear that. He is well aware of the gossip and social exchange commonplace amongst some of his 'elite and aristocratic' peers. "Welcome to Gotham, Mrs. Lane."

Lois could recount the many times that children have came up to her and asked about Diana. How the little girls stood in front and took pictures snapped by Lois' phone, girls in pig tails showing off their little muscles and fawning at how smart, tall and pretty she could be. They were going to be all growed up to be just like the Ambassador. Some wanted to fight crime, some wanted to be fire fighters, an all too adorable kid wanted to be a doctor. Mayhap before she leaves Metropolis she could convince Diana to share words of wisdom for the children there. That would be something.

But, she held her own, offering a small and tiny shake of her head to Diana, if everything were to go bad, she knew just how to handle that type. Push him on to one of his fans so that his private performance fails. Someone would be a very disappointed lady and he'd be on the cold porch.

"Here, Stu." Lois states, shifting so that she could reach into her clutch to retrieve a card with her number and current location on it. "Give this to your best. And I would hope to see you at negotiations just to catch up? Or before hand to at least give me the skinny of your agent friends." Real estate. She hates it. Hearing about Mr. Gray's employment was a relief, he could be a formidable contact one day in the future."

Eddie's toast had her choking on her wine, which causes her to dislodge from Stu to pat her chest, face beet red with the need to laugh. Finally it comes through, a boisterous laugh, the first she's had since this night, the mention that he was crazy even shows it.

But it was the whispered words that gets her gills, her face frowning and scrunching that makes her stating that she was a fan of Eddie's practically cringe in regret.

"What.. oh.. oh my god.. oh.. oh my god oh no.." She nearly, nearly misses Bruce's welcoming. And it was a true welcoming indeed.

"Thank you.." She wanted to sound more polite, but she couldn't get the look of ick off of her face.

Eddie's toast reminds her of toasts of old that were written about in books her mother tried to keep from her in reading, but Diana's thirst for knowledge left her staring at pages many-a-nights wide eyed and jaws dropped upon the pages.

"How Spartan of you…" Diana says to Eddie with the brief flash of her smile and then and furrow of her brow in though of if that was even a proper toast for this time. Definitely not this place.

That confirmed by the flick of her cerulean eyes over a few other clusters of socialites who look over and look away to hide their disgust from one of the men of the hour. At least they did not hear the last part murmured that now has Diana blinking.

A slow gesture that has her watching Eddie get escorted off and disappearing in the small waves of people. Puzzled and yet the wrinkling of her nose shows distaste, even as her statement comes forth. "So he has not evolved much beyond that of a chimp save speech."… Outdated speech.

Okay so now her wine is downed and the empty flute held out in order for another.

When in Rome..

"Unfortunately Ambassador, the man is little more than an ape." Stu smiles apologetically again, "I will not subject your ears to further drivel on the subject as I easily could. My time as a producer has earned me a collectors list of oddities in the friendship domain, Eddie is one such spill over and I made the mistake of introducing him to Bruce last year. Since that encounter he has been obsessed with Mr.Wayne."
"He has been trying to talk me in to letting him by land near mine in Crest Hill. I've put leans against the offer just to keep him away. It's flattering but… "
Stuart nods, "Eddie is young. He is living the life and well… he thinks Gotham is Hollywood and accepting of his particular style." A toss of his hands in the air before he is pouring drinks for everyone (more wine), "Artists! Actors, rock stars, whatever they want to call themselves."
Bruce rests his hand on Diana's forearm with their limbs interlinked slightly, a formal gesture not something inappropriate, "No explanations required, Stu. I am Bruce Wayne after all." A handsome smile appears on the playboy of Gotham. It's true. A sordid list of stories follows the man in tabloids, the internet and gossip.
"I'm more surprised Diana here is allowing herself to be seen in my company. It's doing me some good. Are you working right now, Lois? Or is this a social visitation for you?"
"Oh yes, I am surprised you're not out in the East End, have you heard of the criminal lock down going on there? I've never been to that section of the city but it is intriguing. If I was still making movies I would send someone there on my behalf to take notes." Topolo's commentary.

Lois was surprised that Diana actually heard Stu, but then again, she really shouldn't be. Twas the liquor talking. But by then, she was already on her fifth glass, and she was sure that Stu didn't spare expenses when it came to the liquor. And that fifth glass was soon traded off for a sixth. Despite being a lush, she kept it together well, no glossy eyed, slurred speech, she could walk just fine.

"I imagine that he could afford it." She idly says, glancing off towards where Eddie disappeared to with Mr. Gray. And then, the nearly empty glass (she was drinking all the while) is topped off with drinks that were poured in a toast.

She slips behind Stu to stand more nearer to Diana, quiet words complimenting the man on her arm with a slight and careful nudge. It would be something for the papers, no?

As Bruce addresses her, she shakes her head slightly. "No, Mr. Wayne. This is all a social visitation. In a weeks time I'll officially be unemployed." Her gaze turns towards Stu now, a slight shrug of her shoulders given. Why not admit it?

"I've only gotten close enough to take a look at East End from afar. It's almost like Fort Knox. But.. if intriguing enough, I'm sure it'll only take me a couple of days to get close enough to gleam what's going on in that particular side of the city." It wasn't a brag, she was slowly becoming curious. Gotham had criminals that the likes had never seen. And they were clever.

When the discussion starts oing the way of crime in Gotham, Diana gives a small touch down upon Bruce's arm that he had just linked in her own, though no glances are exchanged, she is duly looking for a passing tray of that sweet yet pungent red wine so that she can swap out empty for full, and when she does get that opportunity her fast motion has her lowering her hand with not one, but two glasses balanced betwixt fingers, one already coming to lips.

"How could one with your ability be unemployed, Lois, or is it of your choosing to find greener pastures?"

The inquiry has something else in the depths, an innuendo of her own to lightly prod at the woman. Most reporters go where the action is, but to quit?
"Out of work? You Mrs. Lane? I won't hear it. I can help you find work quite readily if you need it, I know a lot of people in need of a writer or journalist of your caliber." Stu says cheerfully.
Bruce smiles, "I am sure Lois will not have issues finding work. Like my date said, are you wanting to work again or is this a vacation for you?" A glance away from the women and Stuart and the man catches sight of June Pendling a lingerie model and an ex. An ex on not so good terms and a woman of some considerable mental issues herself. Perhaps he should engineer a way for her to meet Eddie if they haven't already.
"Stu, we'll have to catch up. Lois, you have my business card, any time you want to talk just let me know." He smiles at Diana, "Mind if we head back to Gotham?" Also he knows what sort of parties Stuart hosts after hours. He isn't one to be privy to such things as it will cause him conflict on several moral planes.

Lois smiles slightly towards Diana, one shoulder lifted in a shrug. "By choice. I'm sure that if I have a need or want to return to journalism, then I will." And could. Stu's words flatter her, her hand reaching out to lightly pat his shoulder, all the while downing the last glass of wine she'll have for that night. "No no, it's not necessary Stu. Just contact me when you have one of your agent friends lined up. Remember, I only have a month and I'm seeking a really, really great deal on a home. Not an apartment."

"Vacation first and foremost to complete the move, Mr. Wayne. Then self-employment. That's if you're willing to call blogging a sort of gainful employment. But, I also wanted to try my hand at Private Investigator. I've already stopped down by the GCPD for registration." Now she was proud of herself, and a little bit drunk.

The emptied glass was tilted up towards Bruce at the offer of a talk, another towards Diana as the couple were preparing to depart. Lois too seeking her exit. If she's aware of the parties that Stu hosts, no one knows, however.. you really can't get a good, greasy burger and a nice cold beer here out in Irving, which was what she craved.

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