Communication is Therapy

April 25, 2015:

Kate and Diana catch up and finish what was started.

//Queensland Park //

Upon the rooftop of a nearby building overlooking a park in Metropolis.


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Fade In…

Kate didn't put on shoes when she left the lake house. That would have interrupted the whole getting the hell out of there process. Which means she was left with whatever was left in the car, which turns out to be a pair of low heels she kicked off after her last formal event. They don't particularly go with the sweats, and since sweats and heels aren't very conducive to effective crime fighting, it probably explains why she's staked out a rooftop in a relatively quiet, middle-class area of town.

Sitting cross-legged on the edge of a roof, she watches over the quiet area around a public park, quiver sitting at her side. Since there isn't exactly a lot going on, she keeps herself amused by going through the arrows, checking fletchings and the markings she has carved in each shaft to identify them.

For someone who felt no cold Diana sure felt a chill in her veins that had gone from shards of ice still melting, to blocks closing off and constricting veins. When she lifted off the grounds of the Lakehouse she left a small crater in the turf just beyond the drive, speeding into the air with a sound that typically sounds the alarms of an incoming missile.

Now was the time to do so much that she had put off for lacking the desire for battles that /she/ thought would only end in sorrow, but what ones didn't? The path across the skies overhead Metropolis slowly brought her path to a slower pace, one that has her eyes able to be downcast and watch the children and families at peaceful play along the green of the park, enjoying the birth of spring.

It is not short after that moment of reverie she spotted Kate, an unmistakable presence upon a rooftop bearing her own personal weaponry. No threat to the people, but a watcher of them. Stopping in the air Diana hovers there, watching, thoughtful and as the mind wandered her hover lowered, taking her to land upon that same rooftop but behind Kate, announcing herself so as not to startle the precision based archer.

"I do hope you only intend to take out a purse thief without chase. Your new hero outfit looks like it is a modern day version of Arabian Knights, but cotton." There was no other way to approach the woman, it was either come at her like a battering ram or try a more soft approach of humor that some have approached Di with… difference being is they know the humor and terms on a grander scale then A princess of Amazons.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure the heels aren't quite enough to elevate the sweatpants to fashion," Kate sighs, slipping an arrow back into her quiver before turning to look at the other woman. There's a cautiousness there, but there's vulnerability as well. "Look, I'm…sorry about what happened back there. That wasn't cool. It wasn't helpful. I really was just trying to talk to Steve about trying to make things better. I don't know where he got off that I was trying to kick anyone out of anything. I said you and Superman were heroes."

She looks down, fiddling with the zipper on her sweater. "It's not really about you anyhow. I called my therapist. She said-" Taking a deep breath, she lets it out carefully. "Well. Basically, the truth is, I'm mad at myself for not being there, because I feel like I would've known what Kara was going to do, and maybe I could've stopped her. And it's not fair to yell at you guys for not knowing Kara the way I do, because it's not your fault. It's not a fault at all. It just…happened."

"Even in heated words there are truths of your personal feelings. Even if a small fraction. I do not take what you said and let it go to deaf ears." Diana states, not closing that gap between them for now, leaving the space to words that needed to pass between them - the wind doing nothing in taking them away. "We're a team that is under reconstruction. We combined to tread on foreign grounds. It did not change much but it put people in places they have not been before. We all adjust differently." Hands that rested at her sides now clasp at her front, her stance more militaristic and statuesque, but it can be seen if looked closely it is how she looked 'at ease'. There is no tension, just /being/.

"That call came in abruptly. We all acted as we would during any threat on a massive scale. We acted as we felt we /should/ and we acted as a team. Communication failed to be relayed on one persons part alone, and if any of us knew what she was to do we would have tried to stop her. But Kate… Where would that have put Cap? Me? Not-Thor? Or you? Not where we were and not where we should have been." A low exhale comes with the slight lowering of Diana's head.

"You cannot strategize someone's own decisions. That is not anyones fault. This is no ones fault but mine. I will accept that. But that is what I have to do. A President and thousands are dead. It just…happened. But we have to move on as best we can as a team or we look like the mess they want to paint of us."

"I'm scared, and I don't do scared. Scared is for-" Kate reaches up to rub a hand at the back of her neck, looking away. "I don't do scared. This thing we're doing? It's everything to me. I'm not saying it isn't to you guys, either. Just…I can't sit here and do nothing while they try to shut us down. I won't be shut down."

She looks back up, rubbing her hands together. "I'm sorry. It's a thing I do. I try to be friends with everyone. Except you're…" Vaguely, she opens her hands, gesturing to the other woman. "And I kind of already screwed things up with Bobbi by, you know, dating Clint. Even if she's the one who broke up with him in the first place. To Bobbi I'm just going to be Clint's midlife crisis forever, I think. Which sucks, because Bobbi's awesome. Sorry, I'm rambling."

Shifting, she leans forward to set her elbows on her knees, hands clasped under her chin. "Trying to get you to like me means it matters if you do or not. And if it matters, then I'm kind of screwed, because what sort of hero doesn't Wonder Woman like?"

Finally Diana takes a breath in and steps closer to Kate, standing just behind her but at her left, looking upon her and then looking out along the streets. "The weak? No, Kate. Scared is for those who want to live. Truly live."

Diana listened and when Kate was done for the moment with her venting she slowly lowered beside her, her own booted feet dangling over the edge of the building beside the sweats and fashionista heels, the lasso resting between them but still clipped to her girdle.

"That is all you had to say then. Right now even implying there is no leadership and there needs to be some implemented can be taken wholly wrong, because it runs along side what /they/ are saying." One hand goes up though, realizing what she said there could be taken wrong, so she can continue. "Tensions are high right now. We need eachother's company and to know where we stand with eachother. To know that that will always be there no matter what. It is an easier path to try and find a fault line then to just brace for impact. Kate, spend you life bracing, you'll be ready for anything."

Diana passes her a sidelong glance and smiles lightly, leaning forward to rest elbows upon knees. "Women and love. I cannot give advice on. I am dating the renown playboy of Gotham and constantly hear of my folly there. But, you know, if you feel it is what is right. The stuff that makes you a hero will govern that. Guts, heart, and belief."

The final question has Diana thinking. Deeply. "I love everyone. It is my gift. But just do not hurt the ones I love." Because in all reality, the ones she doesn't love don't exist anymore. Something Diana has no pride in admitting.

"Scared is why I started doing this," Kate admits, shifting to draw her knees up toward her chest. "I had a- A thing happened. For a long time, I was always afraid. So I started training. And then I started doing this. So that even if I don't ever feel one hundred percent safe, at least I can maybe keep it from happening to anyone else."

She looks over to the other woman. "Honestly, I wasn't implying anything. I really, truly, never heard that. I can't say it wouldn't have changed anything," she adds, smile quirking. "I might not've joined. Sometimes, I still let the fear make my decisions. I shouldn't. I'm working on it. But that's sort of where I was coming from, with the communication."

The smile flickers again, a little deeper. "Until you have to go on a mission to Hawaii with his boss and two of his exes and one of his ex's exes, I think you've still got the better deal on the whole relationship thing."

Tilting her head a bit from her near lean off the edge of the building she looks squarely at Kate and nods slowly. "Then it was a local communication fail, just like we had that lead to so much sorrow. But let's not have it again. Sometimes the plain blunted truth of it gets the meaning across and conveyed better. If tensions were no so.." Diana sighs and sits back now, her hands pressing to knees and smoothing back before they brace on the eave of the building they sit upon.

"I am sorry, Kate." Looking from her out across the park and along the avenues her brows furrow slightly.

"Fear is something hard to overcome, it takes time. You have heat, you have passion as Thor said. Just make sure you lead with your heart when it comes to moving forward, as you have been in what I have seen." It is the truth, as the woman is not one to even so much as be permitted a lie, she was always told is was unbecoming of a lady anyway.

When she speaks of her mission Diana returns her gaze to her and just blinks. "It would be like me accepting the other arm while one of Bruce's ladies is upon the other. I'd likely hear more about that scandal in the newspapers the next day. I would not, even if he deplored the gods for it. You need other missions. Stick with us." A wink from Di then.

"On the up side, it was Hawaii," Kate replies, smile crooked. "But yeah. Super awkward." She reaches up to tuck her hair behind her ears, looking out over the park. "I don't mean to be difficult. You guys are just…you're all legends. It's a lot to live up to. A lot to stand up to. Like you said, we're a new team. I'm still trying to figure out where I stand. Sometimes I guess that means I act like an ass."

Looking back, she offers over a sheepish smile. "Thanks for coming. Here, yeah, but…especially to the house. That's…big time not how I was planning on welcoming you there. Maybe stop by another time, we can try again?"

"We started not legends. We earned our notoriety over time and turned hatred and fear to love in most." Never all. Rocking back Diana comes to a stand on the roofs edge once more. "We are you, just rewind over a decade ago."

She looks out towards the Themyscira House, there was a lot to plan and do before the feast tomorrow night and festivities.

A thought came to mind and Diana perked a brow, tilting her chin down towards Kate. "Want to join a hunt in Themyscira with my sisters, we need fowl for tomorrows feast as Thor is proving the beast." One hand then extends to Kate in offering and wait.

"You stand where you plant your feet and refuse to move." The smile that now touches Diana's lips seems to renew a light to all the lines of worry.

Kate slings her quiver back over her shoulder, reaching out to take the offered hand. "Do I have time to change my shoes?" she asks with a grin. "These are so not my stalking shoes."

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