Could Have Gone Better

June 21, 2014:

Sara had information to share. It didn't go well.

A dive bar in Manhattan


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Saturday night in Brooklyn, which is not where the hipsters usually like to hang out. Not in this part of town, anyhow. Sure, there are places with the low lights and the strobes, where the music pounds too loud for voices to be heard. But here things are a little more…homey. Dive-y, if one is entirely accurate. O'Halloran's started out as a pub, but in the last twenty years, it's been a slow slide into a proper dive bar. It was a cop bar for years, though even in the last five or so, most of the cops have moved on to newer places. Sara, though, is…resistant to change. So when she got off her shift, she pulled Paul with her, and called Roy to join them. Because she had something to share.

She's claimed a spot at the bar and a bottle of beer, flipping through a file in front of herself. "Let's not talk about where the information came from," she says with a glance to Paul. "But we've got some potential targets to look into."

Paul ordered a beer as well and looked around the place. "Reminds me of the first bar I was ever in when I was fifteen. Except cleaner and not as dark." He uses a napkin to wipe down the top of the bottle and takes a swig. "Now I do want to talk about where the information came from. Just because you don't want to. And what kind of targets?"

1997 was an alright year for Logan. He took a break from the trials and tribulations of the world and wandered around America for a while. He caught Game 7 of the World Series in Miami, spent a month lying on a beach in the Keys and caught Titanic in the theater after making his way back up the coast to New York. His bar of choice at the time? O'Halloran's. The boys in blue didn't bother him and he always had a few stories to regale them with.

It's been over a decade since he last set foot in the place and his eyebrows raise when he gets a good look at (and smell of) the place. He glances over his shoulder at his companion, jerking his head to the side as though to prompt her to follow him inside.

"Don't know if yer old enough t'drink," Logan murmurs quietly, "But this used t'be a cop bar. Figure hidin' in plain sight'll work well enough."

Long, dark hair hanging down from her head, providing a shroud of sorts for her features, not too unlike one of those Japanese movie ghosts. Well, not that bad. Regardless, Laura perhaps looked a little too young to be in here. And her ID was perfect - maybe a little too perfect, and it clearly stated she was 25. So clearly, she was allowed to be here.

"Don't worry about it," says Laura to Logan, lifting her chin somewhat as she folds her hands into the pockets of her jacket. She wore a mauve corset beneath that - a shorter skirt - buckles and pins and the like, worn under that. And knee-high boots that looked like they belonged in the military.

Laura was speaking back to Logan, her voice low in a rumbling sort of whisper. "You used to come here a lot?" asks Laura, shifting her billfold in her pocket so she was certain she had the right ID under her thumb.

Upon entering proper, her eyes shift across the patrons, a little frown tugging down the corners of her lips as those green eyes shift.

It'd been a while since he'd been at a dive bar. Fortunately, at least, he had found a babysitter recently, so he was able to say "Absolutely," when Sara had called him up and invited him.

Showing up in jeans, a white t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket, as well as the usual red trucker's hat, Roy flashes his driver's ID at the door when carded. Crossing the territory to where Sara and Paul were, Roy slides in, removing his shades and tucking them into a pocket. "Whew, nice place you picked out, Pezzini. What's this info that's got you hot and bothered?"

"Hydra," Sara answers Paul. "Or so says the intel. I'm not convinced yet, so I want to make sure we're getting a good look at it. Otherwise…Well. Hey, Roy," she tips her chin up as the Checkmate agent arrives, looking amused when she sees the trucker hat. "Seriously, do you ever take that thing off?" She pushes the file toward Paul, waving the bartender over to get a drink for Roy as well. She notes the arrival of the other pair with a brief, curious glance, but doesn't seem inclined to check IDs. Yet.

"Hydra." Paul repeats. He doesn't need to ask where the info came from now. Though he glances at the file, he doesn't move to pick it up. "So you're working for her now? She feeds you information and you let her walk when she kills someone? She's a cop killer, Pezzini. No investigtion. No trial. She murdered a cop."

"Years ago," Logan answers, pulling a chair out from underneath a table for Laura, "Had a log of reg'lar waterin' holes in my time. This one was '97 to late '98 … somethin' like that. T'be honest, I figured it would've turned into one of those skinny jean, drink yer seasonal microbrew from a mason jar, Ingmar Bergman-type deals. Kinda glad t'see it just want straight dive."

He glances over to where Sara, Paul and Roy are seated and grabs the back of an unoccupied chair at their table. "Mind if I borrow this?" he asks, not waiting for their reply and instead pulling it after him and sitting down on it across from his genetic clone.

"Figured you could use a little socializin' so as t'make you less inclined to bite folks. You got yer head on straight enough, jus' need t'be a li'l less 'this must die, that must die'."

Logan can't help but pause when he overhears part of the conversation going on at the other table. He leans on his bared forearms and looks sidelong, eavesdropping.

HYDRA. Laura's features turn stony as she picks up the group at the bar saying that group name - even repeating it. Logan might see her demeanor change a bit. Well, while she had an aggressive and forward stance before, it seems to get a little more tensed up - even if she goes through the motions of grabbing a chair, sliding up to the table.

A brief flicker of those brilliantly green eyes towards Logan, and she makes a little sound in the back of her throat.

"I don't know what any of those references are," she states, her tone of voice a little low. "You keep doing that," she adds, with a little snort. She sounded grouchy, but that was a pretty constant thing for her.

"You didn't see what that guy did - I knew him from before," says Laura. "He was /dangerous/," she says, her voice lifting up a bit as she snaps a finger towards Logan to point at him.

"I'm not allowed to have the hat while I'm in work uniform," Roy replies, as he does indeed take the hat off… only to try and shove it onto Sara's head. "Or on duty, for that matter. So… Hydra."

Sitting down as his drink is apparently ordered for him, Roy leans forward. "So we're talking about it in a dive… because… why, we waiting for someone to find us?"

"I work for the city of New York, Paul," Sara grimaces at her partner's accusations. "As a Detective. Not a soldier. Which means I don't just assume that what I see is the whole story. I investigate. And I do what I can so that certain types of people don't feel a need to go out shooting cops in broad daylight without things like investigations or-" She pauses as Logan comes over, gesturing vaguely toward the chair until he walks away. "We're coming here, because this way Paul has to think about it before he decides I'm a danger to the department or something like that."

"No investigation required." Paul counters. "She murdered him in cold blood, in broad daylight and then announced who she was. And then threatened to kill more people. And then did so and also announced who she was. And you're collaborating with her. Did you meet with her to get this?" he asks, tapping the file. "Did you try to arrest her? Shoot her as she fled? There's a difference between bending the rules and working with cold blooded killers, Pezzini. You're crossing the line." He's obviously being kind and giving her a way out. She's crossed the line and his expression says so.

"I'm not callin' you wrong," Logan answers, drumming his fingers on the table, "I'm just tellin' you to rein it in. An' the references are just the ABC's of me. You'll get 'em eventually."

The conversation at the other table can't help but attract his attention. As he gets up to go to the bar (not asking Laura what she wants, funnily enough), he casts another look at the Sara, Paul and Roy. Even as he waits at the bar for his drink order he leans on an elbow and watches them, keen ears picking up on their conversation.

Laura pauses a moment, looking malcontent with such an answer. Regardless, she was noting Logan's own attention in the conversation - no doubt for different reasons.

He got up to go to the bar - that doesn't stop her from standing up herself, briefly turning her glare upon the three official types.

Having managed to put the hat on Sara while she was glaring at Paul, Roy leans back with a self-satisfied grin. Looking good, Pezzini.

The smile fades as he listens to the two of them go on, trying to figure out what was going on. Giving Logan a sheepish look while he passes by, as though in apology for the glaring couple, Roy tilts his head to ask, "Wait, wait, Pezzini, you did -what-? With a Hydra agent?"

Pausing, Roy turns his head at the stare being fixed at the party, and back at Laura, tilting his head and then winking, before turning back.

"Yeah, you let me know how you think shooting the body-hopping, century-old terrorist is going to work out, Paul," Sara snorts sarcastically. "Because I'm pretty sure that ends with a pissed off terrorist who knows us, and we don't know them. That's just my gut, though." She takes a swig of beer, giving Roy a disgusted look at his question. "Seriously? No. The Partisan. Who's running her own damned private war against Hydra. Unfortunately, her private war looks a hell of a lot like standard terrorist behavior. And one of the people she shot was a cop, and Paul's got blinders on. Clearly," she turns back to Paul, "This isn't the sort of thing we take on with standard procedure. This is spies, and shadows, and undercover shit, not mooks pushing coke. And we're not equipped to handle that."

Leaning back, she peers around Roy to get a look at Logan and Laura. "Anyone else getting the feeling there are more than three people in this conversation?" she asks, a little more quietly.

"No, she's working with someone who's murdering Hydra agents." Paul answers Roy though he doesn't take his eyes off Sara. "Or those she claims are Hydra agents. Don't talk to me about blinders, Sara." They're using first names? Shit just got real. "You just admitted she's a terrorist. And you're still working for her. If she's giving you information and you just take it and walk away, you're not a cop. You're an accessory. Whether you can shoot her or not, whether you can arrest her or not, whether standard procedure covers how to deal with a near immortal killer or not, you've decided to join her." He taps the file. "This is the proof. She's bought you with information and you've let her." At her last words, he looks around and focuses on Logan and Laura. "You chose this place." Another bit of poor judgement.

"You talk 'bout body switchin' an' terrorists an' yer gonna raise a few eyebrows," Logan says aloud as he walks past the other table with drinks in hand, "Can't blame a fella fer havin' his int'rest piqued."

As he walks back to the standing Laura, pushing a mug of Molson's into her hand as he does so, "L'chaim."

Sitting back down, he leans back in his chair and unabashedly watches the trio. They've made him so there's no need to pretend he's not listening anymore.

Laura Kinney didn't even try to hide it - didn't even try to hide her glare when Sara looks her way. Roy's goofiness draws her attention his way briefly - and when he turns back, she snorts - kinda turning her eyes back to Logan then, a bit of the intensity leaving her.

Catching the Canadian booze, Laura brings it up to her nose to sniff it, crinkling her nose as if finding the scent unpleasant. With a brief glance up towards Logan though, she takes a sip.

Leaning across the table, however, she briskly whispers to Logan. "HYDRA is important. They're…" A glance towards the bar trio. "… involved in something that needs to end," she states with a finality, sitting back in her seat and taking another sip of the drink.

It didn't even phase her, really. It would take a heck of a lot for her to get drunk - even more for her to stay drunk for any length of time.

Oh good, at least the intense stare cooled off. Next up, maybe a smile. For now, though, Logan's remark had drawn a grin out of him.

Turning towards Sara, Roy quirks an eyebrow. "Man's got a point. Could've briefed us at your office… or you know, called me and we've had set up something." At least -Roy's- agency was equipped to handle this sort of thing. "You know what? Let's just hold this till tomorrow, talk about it at my office. For now…"


"… I think that dude's totally checking you out, Pezzini."

"Jesus Christ, now you want to bitch about the bar? Every cop on the force has confidential informants, Paul," Sara snaps, setting the bottle down hard. "And everyone knows they aren't always following the letter of the law. The difference is, they're giving you something worthwhile. She didn't buy me with information. I bought these people's lives. Do you not get that? Every name she gives to me is one that we cross off the list by putting them in prison, and she doesn't cross off by putting them in a body bag. And with less collateral damage." There's a glint of something at her wrist, though she drops her hand beneath the bar almost as soon as it can be seen, leaning back with a swift exhalation. "Why in the fuck am I wearing this hat?" Roy.

"CIs aren't terrorists, Sara, and you damn well know it. You don't work with them. You kill them. And if you can't do it yourself…" And Paul looks dubious about that given that his eyes flick to Sara's wrist at the glint, "Then you work with someone who can. She has information? Fine, she can trade it for taking the death penalty off the table. If /anyone/ else had learned about this, you'd be busted instantly if not brought up on charges. Stop it now before that happens."

"Yeah, I figured somethin' named after a mythical monster ain't gonna be 'bout givin' puppies t'orphans," Logan answers Laura, taking a gulp of his own drink without the displeased nose-wrinkle. For a moment he appears distant. The name is painfully familiar and it's biting at the back of his brain but he just can't place it. Something from before. Must be.

Logan grins slightly to himself and raises his eyebrows at Sara, taking note of the glint on her forearm. Body switching terrorists may not be the most unusual thing he's learned about today, it seems. He looks back to Laura, expectantly.

"So, what're they involved in?"

Laura hadn't smiled in heaven knows how long. So good luck with that, Harper.

Logan's joke might earn the Canuck a half glare of his own - Laura giving a little snort before she takes another sip of the drink. It was… growing on her, this Molsons.

Noting Logan's glance towards Sara, Laura tracks it to the policewoman - seeing nothing, however, she looks back towards Logan.

"Making people disappear from M-Town," says Laura, her voice steeling another note or two. "So they need to stop." There were other things there, that she knew about the group, but… Laura would probably not say those yet. Possibly never say those.

Giving a light shrug, Roy turns his attention back, thinking about what Paul's said. "You know, this -really- would be better done somewhere else." Of course, given how hot-headed Sara was reacting right now as well as the belated reaction, Roy rubs his chin. Granted, he'd worked with questionable sources himself, but -police officers-… well, they had different rules to play by. "Pezzini, you really want to announce to the world who you're working with?" He doesn't answer her about how she'd ended up with the hat, instead turning his attention back towards Logan and … whatever. "I suppose you know -something-. So pull up a seat, tell us all, and I'll buy you a round if you're going to tell us anything, you and your companion." Eyes shift from Logan to Laura. Hurm… just how similar did they look?

"Funny how I tried to trust my partner, huh?" Sara retorts to Paul, taking off the hat and flipping it back at Roy. "For a guy who's pissed about someone killing people without a trial, you sure seem to be pushing the whole killing angle pretty hard. You have some other grudge you want to share with the class? Because I know you're not exactly lilly white yourself." As Roy invites the others over, she takes a closer look, gaze sharp.

"And have I turned you in?" Paul points out sharply. "But as you have pointed out, I can't stop her. Maybe SHIELD can. Or Checkmate. Stop her, not work with her." But it's one thing to air one's dirty laundry in public. It's another to invite others to listen so he leaves it there and turns to study the two.

"I'm not gonna tell you much," Logan answers Roy, gesturing at Laura, "She might, though. Knows more 'bout it than me. Go on, kiddo."

Under the table, he nudges Laura's chair with his boot and jerks his head over towards the table where the trio are sitting.

As it turned out, Laura and her genetic clone didn't look /that/ similar. Laura took after her mother, for better or for worse - even if there was probably a bit of Logan in her facial structure somewhere. Being called 'kiddo' earns Logan a brief look like 'really?' but Laura leans forward.

"I don't know anything about it at all. Maybe if you tell me what exactly you guys are talking about, I might have more information," she says, voice fairly dark.

"Right. How about telling us who you are and how you know things…?" Roy asks, for the moment ignoring the partners squabbling. It can wait till -after- they talk about what they knew…

Eyeing Logan, then Laura, Roy quirks an eyebrow. "Well, you were saying something about people disappearing, and apparently it's related, so…"

Motioning towards Sara, Roy tilts his head at her. "Your call."

Sara Pezzini reaches up to rub a hand at her brow when Logan and Laura settle in, and Laura proceeds to provide no information at all. "You both have been listening since you walked in here," she counters. "You've heard enough to piece things together. And the fact that you've been able to piece things together means that you've got enough background information to give what you've heard some context." She reaches for her beer, eyeing the pair. "So let's skip the part where I try to reassure you that we're the good guys, because apparently tonight I'm the bad cop."

Lifting his beer to take a swig, Paul just watches Laura.

"Eh, bad cop is subjective," Logan answers, turning his chair and sitting down at the same table as the rest of them, "If you want black an' white then print newspapers."

He leans back and takes a sip from his mug, looking from Paul to Sara, "I don't know much 'bout this Hydra thing. You got my attention talkin' 'bout body switchin' terrorists. Sounded familiar though if I'm honest I couldn't tell you why."

"Names Logan," he introduces himself, reaching a hand across to Sara first given that she seems to be in the worst mood. He lets Laura introduce herself.

Laura narrows her eyes at Sara, her jaw clenching tightly. A flick of her chin, "HYDRA is snatching mutants out of M-Town. Or trying," she says then. "That's all I know," says Laura, leaning back in her seat - her mug of beer ignored now as she folds her hands into the pockets of her jacket.

Laura's eyes look from Sara to Paul then back again, her expression growing a bit darker. "They should be stopped."

"We've had reports about that, but not enough witnesses to get us information on where to even begin…" Roy muses, before his attention shifts to Sara. "Unless this is what you were going to tell us…?"

"Sara," the detective introduces herself, leaning forward to take the offered hand. There's a heavy bracelet on her right wrist, possibly the source of that glint earlier. She shakes her head to Roy's question, though. "These guys are more on the level of drug dealers. Not that they couldn't be tied into that sort of thing, but nothing in the file suggests they are. These were step one to getting her to trust other people to handle this war on Hydra. We fix this without it blowing up, and maybe we can get her to come in on her own. Maybe we can do more for people being abducted. Stop things that need to be stopped."

Get her to come in on her own? Delusional. "That's not a lot to go on." Paul says. "And the precinct there probably knows about it already. Assuming anyone's come forward." Possibly not. "We can go talk to them and make sure they do, especially if you have anything more concrete."

Logan lapses into silence once he's done his greetings, the bracelet not getting a second look from him. He's not about to second guess people on jewellery.

It was a nice bracelet, though, Laura thought.

"HYDRA are not drug dealers," Laura says, conviction in her tone. Glancing between Sara and Paul, the young clone eventually just… pushes herself up from the table. "I don't think anyone in M-Town would take it to the police, anyways," Laura says, kinda turning on her heel - and starting to head towards the door of the bar. Although stalk might be a better word.

"You think they'd talk if the police went to them?" Roy responds, quirking an eyebrow at Laura, before she stands up. "Hey wait a…" Roy starts to get up, before glancing down at Logan. "What did we do?"

"I doubt most of them would trust most of us," Sara starts to answer Roy when Laura gets up and starts to stalk off. "Case in point," she sighs, taking a swallow of beer and looking to Logan. "Sorry. Wasn't trying to scare anyone off. If she feels like talking later, though?" She reaches for a card, offering it out. "Give us a call, any time."

"Walking away; great way to make a difference and get those people help." Paul notes dryly and down the rest of his beer. "I need to go for a run." he sighs.

"Moody sort, ain't she?" Logan watches Laura go for a moment, giving the trio a 'what can you do?' shrug, "No idea. She's sortin' some stuff out. Wouldn't worry 'bout it."

When the card is offered, Logan takes it and looks it over carefully for a moment. Satisfied, he tucks it into the inside pocket of his jacket. Paul's comment evokes a raised eyebrow from him before he glances back at Sara, "If yer the bad cop, yer boy is doin' a shitty impression of the good cop."

That said, Logan stands up from the table and downs the last remnants of beer from his mug. He offers Roy a polite nod and follows off after Laura, "Wait up, kid."

Laura heard that. So that might have caused her to make the derisive little groan on her way to the bar door, and flick a 'moody' glance over her shoulder. But as she reaches the door, the young woman brings up a hand to push the door of the bar open, still moving out at a brisk pace. She doesn't seem to be waiting up very well - but once she got a handful of steps outside, she would slow enough to be caught.

"… well," Roy says once the duo has left. "He's right. Moody sort. Better hope they call, Pezzini."

Taking a swig of the long-delayed drink, Roy glances at the police partners. "So you guys… how about we just hash out the details of this stuff tomorrow? Tonight we get buzzed, at least."

"Yeah, we're sort of crappy partners that way," Sara admits to Logan, watching the unusual pair make their way out for a long moment before turning her attention back to Roy. "I doubt alcohol's going to make it better, Roy," she mutters, but she trails off to gesture to the bartender. No reason not to try.

"We'll talk about it tomorrow." Paul says and stands. Alcohol will make it more likely he says something he probably shouldn't. And he was serious about going for a run. This neighborhood, he might not need to touch the ground for ten blocks or more. "Call me." Tossing a tip down on the bar, he heads out as well.

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