Gate Keys

November 21, 2014:

Spook squad and friends arrive at a magical conflict in Brooklyn

Brownstone Brooklyn


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Brooklyn. The most Famous and also most Populous of New York Cities five boroughs. 2.6 Million people packed into an area between Staten Island and Queens. In a neighborhood between downtown and Brooklyn Heights, on a street with both restaraunts and a stretch of brownstones, there is a disturbance. A disruption to those running errands, getting a bite at a specific restaraunt, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To those mystically inclined there is a Spike in activity from one brownstone in particular. To those out on the street there are several bright flashes of eldritch green light which illuminate all the windows in the early evening darkness shining forth in quick bursts accompanied with what for all the world sounds like cracks of Thunder.

Another day, another report of a haunted house. Okay, more like another month. The haunted houses break up the tedium of werewolf and vampire sightings. People watch too much Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf. Paul was already in Brooklyn when someone called the cops and it got routed to EI, of course. And they promptly routed it to him. An unmarked car pulls up, the little light flashing on the dash, and he climbs out to check the street number and then look over the brownstone.

Jason was just walking home with a briefcase in one hand and a bag of some kind of Chinese food in the other when the flashes started. He's been one for trouble so when the flashes happen he's about ready to don his 'mask' when he realizes that there are other people already on the case. So he just places his hands into his pockets and walks right over.

It is a wonderful night for a moon dance or to go strolling from roof top to roof top. Ozymandias is doing the latter, so he is perfect position when he hears reports of a haunted house coming in. When he arrives on the scene, he sees Paul Manning already there. He swings from a fire escape and lands nearby the officer, "May I offer some assistance, Officer?"

FLASH… BOOOOOM…. One of the third floor windows explodes outwards. It isn't just glass though it is a woman wearing dark jeans, a black leather jacket, a distinct katana on her back. She is craddling something very protectively in her arms as she flies backwards, propelled through the window with a lick of green eldrith light from some sort of spellwork. "Not cool!" she shouts loudly back at the window she was just thrown out of, for some reason not seeming too terribly worried about the three story fall she is about to experience.
Leaping at a cop during a call is not the wisest moves and Paul's stepping back and reaching for his gun before Ozymandias comes to a full landing on the pavement. And even once he sees who it is, he still draw his gun before remembering just who weird snake guy is. "Assistance? No sir. Just stay back. Well back." he adds as the window explodes. As a woman comes hurtling through, he boosts and moves to catch her.

Jason's got great reaction times, but not fast enough to outmaneuver the cop already going to catch the falling woman. Though he's quick to react it just takes him a bit too long to get over there, keeping his grip tight on the briefcase in his hand. He's only half way across the street despite being at a full run by the time she would hit the pavement, being one of those guys to run towards a fire.

As the cop reaches for his gun, there is a slight smirk that forms underneath his mask. Before he can dismiss the officers warning, the officer moves to catch the woman. Ozymandias says, "It looks like you have your hands full. I guess I will go check things out." Ozymandias makes his way towards the building with his shield and spear drawn.

Paul can easily catch the woman as he boosts and moves to catch her, she doesn't weight that much but she is very, solid. Faye looks up to Paul "Good catch!" then back to the building. She is still clutching a large stone to her chest, it is covered in all sorts of arcane carvings which glow with a faint eldritch green light.

Luckily for everyone, no one needs to wade into the dark brownstone. Right about now the rest of the street facing windows blow outwards, and Things start to crawl out of them. Darkness congealed into form with glowing green eyes. Minor demonlings of some sort it looks like, roughly a half a dozen already emerging. To which Faye replies "Really.. really for fucks sake… put me down he is getting desperate now.. god knows what he is going to do next." wriggling and landing easily on her feet if Paul sets her down.

Catching even a small woman falling three stories isn't something someone 'normal' can do under usual circumstances but Paul's experienced at covering it up. In this case, once he has a hold on her, he spins around and around like a carousel to absorb her momentum and all that kinetic energy. After a few rotations, he sets her down and steps in front of her. Demons. Fortunately, small demons. "I suggest you go back home." he warns them. They should be able to sense what he wears and thus what he can do to them. It's almost an after thought that he asks "What's the stone?"

Calmly sitting down his bag onto the sidewalk, Jason presses a button on the underside of his briefcase which quickly begins to unfold itself into a rather strange looking weapon with a double drum magazine. With a rather gravely voice he just calmly states, "Some days I wonder if this city's worth it," the gun clicking into place as it finishes forming.

Ironically, Morien really doesn't like other magical beings, so the appearance of the demons only serves him to clench his weapons as he starts to count the number of demons with his aasagai, then quickly scanning the rest of the area around him as the entire street begins to form into a battlefield in his mind.

Faye shifts the stone to clutch it protectively with her left arm to her chest now. "Greater Gate Keystone I think." her right arm stops being remotely human, leopard fur and a wicked set of claws replacing it with a quick ripple blur of flesh. "Jeremiah give yourself up, dismiss these wretchlings now!" she shouts up at the building.

Said Wretchlings ignore Paul's warning, probably under the command of this Jeremiah. They and a few more bringing the number to ten proceed to leap, drop, crawl, and slither onto the street and charge the people who are not running screaming for their lives!

"Get back!" Paul calls, glancing around at the few civilians who weren't smart enough to take off running at the sight of the demons. Jason gets a small double take when he sees what the man is holding. "You better have a permit for that. Because I /will/ arrest you if you fire it even once." The last thing he trusts is a high tech tommy gun in the hands of some civilian. He'd probably say more except for two things: the woman shapeshifting and the demons charging. "Shit." And then there's a bigger, badder demon standing where the detective was. It's not really a demon but the subtleties will be lost on the average person. Reaching out to two of the smaller ones, his hands go around their necks and he squeezes till their heads pop off.

Jason doesn't really say much in response for his own actions adjusting his footing on the spot, and turning off the safety in time for one of the demons to try and jump him. It's a twitch reaction but he starts unloading a volley of tazer rounds into the creature while it's in the air, trying to drop it before it can claw out anything important.

As Paul transforms into a mystical creature too, Ozymandias lets out a soft laugh as he thinks that I guess they will have something to discuss if he ever takes him up on his offer to listen to Morien play his trumpet again. The thought quickly fades from his mind, as he uses his superspeed to ram his titanium shield into one demon, while thrusting his aasagai into the demon several times.

Faye takes in the scene now watching it unfold around her, standing with her right arm transformed into a wereleopards.

Paul transformed has grabbed two demonlings and they easily have their necks throttled and heads popped off, quite graphically litterally considering his alternative form and strength. POP.

Jason "Lucky" has shot the hell, get it hell, out of one of the leaping demonlings catching it mid-air and causing it to do this almost Comedic stuttering spasm of tentacles and claws and things that should not be midair and lands still twitching with electricity on the ground in front of Jason.

Finally Ozymandias with a well timed shield bash sends one demonling flying back through the window of the brownstone with a clang of his shield, which tumbles it into one of its comrades that was crawling out, and the stabbing of aasagai to the other one is very effective if messy as well.

That leaves six still up once the two get out of the brownstone again. Faye hums "Okay I can work with this." as she casually claws a demonly several times severing an arm and some tentacles.

In the upper brownstone window that Faye was chucked out of a man in a black suit, that is clawed in several parts, steps into view. Right hand raised with eldritch energy "Cursed meddlers!" oh yeah classic villain right there. He tosses a bolt of energy down at Faye.

Paul reaches for another demon to use to batter a fourth while still trying to keep an eye on everything. A tazer, that was unexpected. Still illegal but at least there won't be stray bullets so he might let it slide. "Look out!" he warns Faye when he spots the magic missile or whatever it is.

Seeing the bolt of energy coming for Faye, Jason does what comes naturally, diving right for Faye, with the intent of throwing her out of the way and taking the full force of the blast for himself. If it works it'll hurt like hell, and ruin another perfectly good set of clothes, but it's worth saving the life of someone else. Even if he doesn't really know them at all.

Ozymandias rushes to meet the demons that are coming out of the brownstone, he lets out a war cry as he stabs his aasegai into one of the demon's chest. He pulls his aasegai from one demon, and quickly stabs the other demon after blocking his attack with his shield.

Faye was squinting up at Jeremiah, the Villain of this interchange when he launched the bolt. She may have been about ready to dive out of the waym but before she can Jason "Lucky" is there to tackle her clear and get Zotted by the Evil magic himself. Well it was no Harry Potter Killing Curse, but it is a significant blast of hellish energy slamming into the man.

Paul successfully bashes one of the demonlings into another in a classic smash smash motion, even thought the black tentaclles are pretty slippery. Both in question scramble and claw at him while they are beat out of this plane of existance with snarls of the damned.

Ozy is working on demon-kabobs as skewers twpo of the creatures one after another on his spear.

That leaves Jeremiah and two more of the demonlings, which are scrabbling towards Faye now. Jeremiah curses in a hell-language "Give me the stone you bitch!" okay that was in english, he seems to be working up another blast.

Paul moves in front of Faye to block the demons but ignores them for now. Tearing off a small part of fence, one of those nice spear like vertical poles, he throws it up at Jeremiah. It's no javelin and he's not Olympian but sheer strength can overcome lack of training and talent for a short distance and it's only three stories up.

As Jason slams into the ground a ways off he mutters obscenities, the force of the blast managing more to knock him completely out of sorts then actually kill him as he'd been expecting. Though it does completely ruin the front of his shirt, almost exactly as he'd been expecting. Trying to drag himself back up to a stand from the street lamp he'd slammed into across the street, Jason does his best to launch a few rounds of tazer at Mr.High and mighty Wizard, doing his best to ignore a few shattered ribs.

As he superspeeds his way towards one of the demonlings, he places his shield on his back and unshealth his sicklesword. He jumps up in the air in an attempt to stab the demonling nearest to his with his assegai to slow his progress, before trying to finish the demon off by using his sicklsword to slash the demon's head from his shoulders.

It is just not Jeramiah's lucky day. First Faye messes up all his plans for the evening. Then these other meddlers step in to help her. Now there is a piece of his fence flying at him like a clumsy javalin. He ducks the throw and is rewarded with being tazered "yahnbnahjuyyhaaaaaaaueoeh" is his mystic statement about that as he dances with the shock and disappears from the window with a thump noise. Ozymandias decimates the final two demonlings who were clawing into Paul, to perhaps less than useful effect in the long run, as he ignored them.

Faye picks herself up, still clutching the stone object, her arms both human once more "Right then…" a glance at Lucky "Thanks." then she looks to the window "We should probably make sure he is down before he rabbits or summons more."

"Sounds like a good idea." Paul agrees and reaches over to pluck the stone out of Faye's grasp. "I'll make sure this gets to the right people. And then you should all get the hell out of here before the cops get here." Other cops, that is. Tucking the stone under an arm, he heads for the brownstone entrance.

"One of you mind doing me a quick favor," Jason calls out from his position slumped in the corner his broken ribs shifting about and causing a good bit of pain. "Need someone" He pauses trying to shift into a slightly less painful position "to put a bullet in my heart," as he presses a second button turning the automatic taser rifle back into a briefcase.

Ozymandias looks over at Lucky and is not sure if he is joking or not. He looks at the direction of the brownstone, but decides to heed Paul's advice, and leave before the other cops arrive on the scene. Ozymandias calls over his shoulder as he bound on a car to prepare to grab on to the nearest fire escape, "I see why you work this division." He grabs hold of the nearest fire escape and starts his escape.
He is still need to get his conflict fix, so the first mugger or drug dealer is probably going to have their arms and legs broke.

Really Faye was not expecting the big guy to take the stone from her. She bristles there "I don't know who or what you think you are but you are inteferring with a Federal Agent and will be thrown in the same hole in the ground we are throwing Jeremiah in. Trust me we have cells that can hold you demonblood." she is making assumptions there. She doesn't think he will be running, so she moves where he is moving, towards the building, both arms going into a wereleopards, deadly killing claws now. She does glance at Lucky confused as to why someone would want to be shot i nthe heart though.

Paul actually pauses to look over at Lucky. He just shakes his head and continues into the brownstone. They'll get the man a nice bed in the hospital psych ward. Now though, there's more important things to worry about. "Federal Agent eh? I've heard that before. Which agency? And before you pick one at random, I have enough connections to verify anything you say." In mid sentence, he shifts back to human form and pulls his gun again. Where does what he's wearing go? It's magic!

Jason reaches into his own pocket trying to look for something. "can't regenerate, unless my heart stops," fumbling through the pain and dropping his pistol. ", and I think I broke something" He mutters watching as people leave on their own ways.

Faye growls, litterally "Be my guest, Faye Stone, BPRD." she keeps up, and doesn't shift her form back down. She launches herself up the stairs both supernatural strength, speed, and claws she climbs and pulls herself back up onto the third floor. Out of sight "He is down." There is another THUMP and then she is back to the top of the stairs "Catch." she tosses Jeremiah, ziptied now, down to Paul. Okay maybe she is in a really bad mood right now, she could have used the stairs of course. She follows Jeremiah out with a leap down three floors landing near Paul, human once more herself.

BPRD. "ID." Paul requests even though it can certainly be faked and he's not going to believe it anyway without verifying it first. And then a body is coming at him and he has to shift to his Rapture form again in order to catch it one armed. "Gee, thanks. What I always wanted." He drops Jeremiah onto the floor then changes back to human.

Giving it another try Jason flicks the safety off of his little pistol, before realizing something. "Might be bit better if one of, stabbed my heart" There's a good deal of starting and stopping in his speech as his broken ribs move about causing a bit more pain. With the baddy well in toe he's at least helped do something good today even if he does wind up in the loony bin…. again….. today…

Mystique fishes out her ID and flips it open to show Paul it, indeed it is a BPRD Federal ID for one Faye Stone, complete with agency badge and motto "In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt". If one has seen one, it looks utter authentic. "Now, show me your identification as well sir, before I decide if I need to arrest you for inteferring with a federal agent and stealing federal property." She crouches down and picks up Jeremiah effortless now and moves back out to the street heading to Lucky, seeming to expect Paul to follow since he seems to be some sort of Hero.

Faye fishes out her ID and flips it open to show Paul it, indeed it is a BPRD Federal ID for one Faye Stone, complete with agency badge and motto "In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt". If one has seen one, it looks utter authentic. "Now, show me your identification as well sir, before I decide if I need to arrest you for inteferring with a federal agent and stealing federal property." She crouches down and picks up Jeremiah effortless now and moves back out to the street heading to Lucky, seeming to expect Paul to follow since he seems to be some sort of Hero.

Paul does follow Faye out but it's more to in order to go to his car than because he's following her. Opening the back door, he dumps the stone in onto the floor where it's not going to be easily seen. Especially not with the blanket draped over it that he takes from the trunk. Once that's done, he takes out his wallet to flash Faye his badge and then his cellphone to make a call.

Faye looks to Lucky "Stab you… why … hey" she gets distracted away once more following Paul to his car "I am so not letting you leave with that." she doesn't remotely seem worried about cops arriving to the seen unlike vigilante that ran off already. "Who are you."

"I am the person who is waiting for Hellboy to answer his damn phone." Paul answers, glancing at Faye. "You do recognize the name, right? BPRD agent? The guy I've worked with who can vouch for you being an agent? No offense but you broke into the guy's house, stole a magical artifact, and caused him to unleash a small horde of demons onto the streets of New York. And all without backup." So yeah, color him not impressed and downright dubious.

Faye keeps one eye on Lucky though most of her attention is on Paul "Of course I know him, though Director Manning would probably answer quicker than Hellboy.. he is pretty hard on his phones." she shakes her head "I both had it under control and was in no real danger and we didn't know Jeremiah could toss that kind of firepower around. It is likely the stone.. and frankly we are stretched thin enough that we don't tend to roll a lot of backup unless it is necessary or a muggle team." yup Muggle Team, very respectful of the normal agents she is. If the guy has Hellboys phone number she seems less worried now he is going to rabbit with the rock.

"Except I don't have the Director's number." Paul points out then leaves a message. For good measure, he sends a text too. "He must be punching something." he says as he puts the phone away. So he /has/ met Hellboy. "I know a few people who can keep this thing safe if you want."

Now it is Faye's turn to look less than impressed. "I don't know who you are. I haven't seen ID. I have very little clue why you think I would let you take that to some people who can keep it safe.." she shakes her head "I'll be taking it to the agency and we will lock it up or destroy it pending assessment… like we do with these sort of things." she pauses then holds her hand out for the rock. "Who Are You anyhow."

Lucky's just not having a good time of it in the background as he just shoves the small pistol back into its holster, trying to grab for a knife instead. "Decent in the ranks?" Jason asks with a bit of a pained chuckle escaping his lips as he tries to decide how he should really deal with this, before just jabbing himself in the heart to try and get it over with.

"Manning, EI." Paul says, showing Faye his badge. Detective in the Extranormal Investigations unit. Lucky speaking up, gets him to look over and frown. "Ok, whoever you are. Put the knife away. An ambulance will be here in a minute to take you to the hospital." And indeed, they can hear sirens approaching.

Faye looks at Lucky once more "What is your deal guy…. hold tight." she pulls her own phone out and calls into the Agency "Yeah route clearance for me to a Manning, New York Detective in their EI unit. Thanks." then tucks her phone away. BPRD switchboard should be calling EI, to call Manning and clear Faye now. "Think a demon got in his head… maybe we should taser him…"

"No respect for the mutant," Jason offers in a rather joking manner before moving to twist the knife, just wanting to have a bit of proof for once. "No one ever" He coughs up, trying to just get it over with quick "believes you without proof,"

Still frowning, Paul walks over to see what Lucky is fiddling with. "Jesus Christ, guy." he says as he sees the knife in the man's chest. "What the hell did you do?" That certainly wasn't there a couple minutes ago and none of the demons used knives. He knows enough not to try to pull it out since that would likely kill him. "Look, the ambulance will be here any minute. Just settle down."

Faye waits until Paul is over dealing with the knife victim, she smoothly pops the door, reaches in for the stone, and shuts the door once more. She expects it to be cleared but she isn't messing around. She shifts her jacket and slides the rock into a small sling pack under her coat as she walks over to join Paul and Lucky "Woah… he stabbed .. in his heart… what are you trying to prove buddy." well he is about to prove it ironically enough.

"Sorry," Jason states looking right into Manning's eyes as he pulls the knife back out himself with the last of his strength. It's about as instant as one could expect for what he's just done to himself, that light going from his eyes in a single instant, an inhuman amount of blood starting to pour out of the wound, splattering the ground.

Paul quickly lays Lucky flat on the ground and kneels next to him, using the man's own jacket to staunch the bleeding. "God damned idiot." he mutters. "Where's that fucking ambulance? Get on the horn and make sure a bus is on the way." he tells Faye. "Radio's in my car."

Faye blinks "Woah.. crazier than I am.." she runs back to Paul's car, again, and this time calls in to hurry the damn ambulance along the way now. Hell she thinks she heard the guy with her good ears say something about being a mutant, and that.. that is extra motivating.

The blood stops for a moment the body going rock hard as if it'd been sitting on the sidewalk for days. Then it's started right back up again pushing out bone fragments through the open wound on his chest.

"What the hell?" Paul stands up and backs away from the body. And then his phone starts playing music 'I fight authority, authority always wins.' "Shit. Manning." he says when he answers and then listens, glancing over at Faye with a scowl, transferring it from Lucky to her. "Yeah, got it. Fine."

Faye smiles to Paul, imagining the call he just got since she started it into motion. She heads over and crouches by Lucky though watching him, do this fascinating thing "It looks like he is regenerating actually." she is an expert at healing factors. "he may be a mutant or something else."

It's rather quick all things considered the wound in his chest sealing itself up, his body going limp again. Then his chest surges as if he'd just been shocked by a defibrillator, eyes opening a gasp of air. Sounding somewhat delirious as if having just woken up with a horrible hangover "Happy Birthday!" The paramedics coming over just in time to see the now conscious man, and practical river of blood, laying on the ground in front of Manning.

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