Composition V

February 21, 2015:

The Baroness ends her partnership with Hugo Strange and withdraws current operations out of Gotham. (emits by Taskmaster)

//Old Town Gotham, Old Brysler Motors Building //

Hidden Lab


NPCs: Doctor Venom Doctor Hugo Strange Zayin


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The Old Brysler Motors Building in Gotham is a run down structure that suffered hard from the '09 quake. Half the structure collapsed and what remains is mostly stretches of cement garage where display cars used to be housed or tests where to be run. Now it's a hidden lab for Hugo Strange and his cronies.

Tonight it is the meeting place for the SRD Operations Manager and his private benefactor, the Baroness and Cobra Security.

The bunker like inside of the lab is lined with tables, beds, machines, even standing tubes that house prototypes for the Bio-Viper program (those prototypes being living specimens). Part of the agreement was Doctor Strange is allowed his own surplus of the final project, that final project has been processed.

Dr.Strange stands in dark trench coat with his gloved hands clasped behind his back and a large grin, welcoming, waiting and expectant. Beside him are two armored black clad individuals, one wearing a beret the other a woman with a scar that peels from chin to over her missing ear, little more than a hole there.

With the Baroness is her entourage: Zayin dressed in his usual sharp suit, fancy dress and watch key-chain. He looks like a Pinkerton in the wrong era. A real smooth individual straight to the handlebar mustache.

Then there is Archibald Monev or Doctor Venom: he is wearing a black turtle neck sweater with a leather jacket and slacks. Very out of place looking and not all that threatening unless of course you've seen him in action in the lab, he's a genius and more than likely carrying around some home-brew Walter White style explosive on his person.

Who isn't here? The Taskmaster. The man was recently captured and subsequently released by SHIELD in record timing, his loyalty may very well be at question and he has only contacted Baroness since his release by means of text which is bizarre as Ana knows first hand the man hates to text. That is a subject that will of course need approached.

Oh there is more to her entourage, but she lets some things be saved for last: The best. Shadows flicker through the halls and silently she creeps, like a serpent through them, but not out of stealth, in fact the closer she gets any surveillance in the halls starts going to a snowy crackling screen of black and white, alerting any security Hugo may have.

This is first.

But by the time it gets to him the silence is broken by the approach of metallic heeled footfalls, a crascendo that would match that of a cellars dripping water from a leaky pipe. Foreshadowing of the dark dungeon held close to the chambers of a stony heart. The lighting filtering to the hall from the lab reflecting off the metal armor. Plated from over her feet, around the heels and upward, contouring supple curves with a hardened edge to mid thigh. beneath that the body suit of second asps skin stretches in a black spread over her figure, covering where the metal plating of armor holds her unforgiven, spanning over her chest and bearing a deep red cobra with hood outstretched and open-mawed. The promise of poison in its devil's grin. A mimicry of what tries upon blood huen lips, though her eyes are briefly hidden from expression by the lenses of glasses and the glare of lab lighting.

A hand extends out, drawing fingers along the top of a lab table and then bringing them to hover just before her face as she rubs them together.

"So dusty, so cliche."

Ivy was not too far behind; she wore the regular regalia, high heel boots that reach the bottom of her knees, heel stiletto thin in the color of earthly green. Spandex beneath the long coat she wears to keep the chill of the winter off. Spring was just around the corner, where she'll flourish, but now in the cover of night she kept herself warm and true. Curled, red hair dances along as she enters into the ruined building, a regular cadence of click clacks, green eyes laying upon each present even though certain individuals cause her to twitch.

Someone was missing alright. But the thought was tossed away in favor of the current meeting. Focus needed to be had, ill feelings thrown out of the window, ruby red lips pursed as such as she regarded them all with a kind stare.. never mind. There was nothing kind about it.

Ana's word draws out a slight grin; it was only slight. For to flash a smile all the men would wince and crumble to her feet in all of her.. no. Stop it Ivy. Just stop!

"So cliche. So cliche that while this would be the first place for them to look, they would not look."

The way they stood, all elements coming together, made of a match made in hell. "It's perfect."

Hugo's smile somehow widens across his features as the unspoken crosses through them, "Baroness, my dear, what a pleasure it is to see you. I am only going to assume you got tired of reaching my secretary." A glance past the Lady Snake and his reflective glasses settle on Isley. A former patient. If only the man could smile more. "Doctor Isley. I see you are doing well for yourself still."

Doctor Venom glances from Ivy to Hugo then speaks, "Keep your vile tongue to yourself, Strange. Our mistress is well aware of your folly."
Zayin comes to a stop, heels together and just stands beside his employer. A casual glance around the lab. As usual the man looks perpetually bored, the only who can bring any expression to him seems to be Taskmaster on his most annoying (or best) of days.

Hugo chuckles, "Careful, Doctor, you speak out of turn. Do not forget who lets you snakes slither about Gotham with absolute impunity."

Baroness pauses, a statue almost, dangerous curves labeled for the case of a dead man upon the attempt to explore them, even with eyes and from a distance. Fingers left before her face and within inspection curl inward as it now can be seen in the light tilt of her head that those sub-arctic hues are sliding from the doctor to Hugo, her upper lip drawing back like she would smile, but instead it resembles a sneer bearing hooked fang dripping a foggy hued venom in a masquerade. Tendrils of long black hair spill over her shoulder with the gesture, inky spiderwebbing upon armor clad shoulder, showing the ageless veiled.

"Fool." That single word spat from Baroness' lips to Hugo, and in that one word a couple simple steps take her from Isley's side to right before Hugo. The hand that is not bare is gauntlet-ed, but mobile, claws upon the tips of that medieval made modern covering. At a close vantage you can tell small holes are in those razor-ed claws that now dare to caress gently along Hugo's jaw and to his lips.

"You have gotten sloppy, impunity is not the word you should be throwing my way when Gotham's Bat is prying eyes into my systems because of you. Not even my Doctor has been so careless. Don't forget who has been funding your power."

If any of those beside Hugo deign to move forward to her for closing that proximity so quickly her unarmored hand is already holding a sidearm drawn from thigh holster, aiming it out to give them a face full of the Ruger SR22.

Ivy's eyes fall upon Venom, her jaw tensing under the weight of his quick glance as he begins to speak for Baroness. Her lips curl into a little frown as her gaze sets upon Hugo, then draws away quickly to plant greens into the nearest, dilapidated wall. Don't look. He'll see you. She thinks, but he already saw the most..

The dripping venom that draws from Ana's lips as she leaves her side causes Ivy's hands to draw from her pockets. She was ready to leap into action in spite of Hugo, in spite of them all. "I have a feeling.. Hugo.. that these snakes would take to slither where ever they damn well please, with or without your allowance."

Hugo's smug features are unchanging as the Baroness displays her ire, "This is Gotham, my dear. The Bat and his flock are bound to sniff at whatever the winds may carry through, especially other denizens of the night. Isn't that right, Poison Ivy?"

Hugo's man to the left of Hugo shifts as if to draw but doesn't pausing instead with hand on his holster, thumb flicking the velcro off.
Zayin himself already has a weapon drawn, a slender knife in two fingers.
Doctor Venom on the other hand has gone quiet and stepped back beside Pamela. Whispering, "He has many Bio-Vipers here… " As if stressing caution and apparently pointing out the obvious.

Hugo continues, "I would like to think we both gained something from this, this venture was very much to our mutual benefit. I now have an army of obedient soldiers as do you, your bio-vipers as you call them will be much more effective. The vigilante's of Gotham should be of little to no concern for you…"

Baroness' hand falls from Hugo and takes a step back, sliding her weapon back in its holster, leaving it unclasped much like his cronie as a small sniff passes with a light cock of one corner of her lips. Eyes narrowed into shark-like slits she brushes past Hugo towards the lines of tanks housing the incubation of Bio-Vipers. Each display pad before the beings gets a small tap, those claws dancing and retracting as if duck-duck-goose is the game of the minute, presented by pads of fingers and hooked tips. A rise of one hand comes with Isley's words.

"Keyword Hugo, you just said it yourself. Was. I operate discreetly, if I wanted a billboard out there with my company's logo all over it I would do that myself. I do not need to pay a fool for that kind of publicity." As Baroness speaks she is making her rounds to each occupied tank, coming back to them and now holding what looks like a tiny projector remote.

"You confuse my tact for concern. Mistake number two." And as she presses a button a small beep sounds, a light flickers and two of the tanks housing Bio-Vipers blow, an explosion of body parts and liquid, like a chum tanks explosion to feed the circling sharks.

A sidelong glance to Ivy and a small smirk is there and gone; easily an illusion? "Our business is concluded."

Both sides of the coin; Ivy sees it. How most could operate under the radar without the Bat catching wind, and how he could catch said wind and fly in out of Hades to shut it down almost immediately. But does she speak it out loud? Yes. Ivy has no filter, filters are for the weak. "There is truth in those words." She admits out loud, taking a step back enough to brush shoulders against Venom as he murmurs close. "I know." Is all she could say to the man, if there was comfort in her voice, he would be the only one who could tell.

Her hand lightly hooks into Venom's arm to draw him backwards at a tug, keeping the good doctor at her side to protect him; even if he had designs on her, she respected his work, if only he could keep those lips of his shut.

Little to no reaction was given as the remote was produced, a heel placed forward to position herself in front of Venom, her head turning slightly towards the side as the tanks blow, a small smattering of bio-hazard touching the tip-toe of her boot.

"FOR FUCKS SAKE BARONESS." She snaps out, obviously pissed that her Jessica Simpson's were slightly ruined. It would have been nice if the blast radius was spoken about before hand. She could have avoided shelling out another hundred for a pair of boots.

"You seek only to destroy and cause discord. You are but a broken creature who lacks very little in the name of humanity, Baroness. What is your agenda? Your true purpose? I read about a girl once, she fit your profile, a revolutionist with a belief, a moral compass, a desire to bring forth change and then she burned her own parents alive. Sad, broken creature." Hugo irritation may not be evident in his features but his tone and words speak volumes. He still stands with his hands folded behind his back but one can see underneath that outfit muscles bulge and veins in his neck stand out - he is surprisingly not a small man.

The man with the beret lifts his submachine gun up to aim it at Baroness only to have a thrown dagger appear in his hand, lodged there between tendons. Gritting his teeth his other hand snaps up and withdraws the sidearm he earlier teased at about to take aim.

The scar-faced blonde woman is grabbing Hugo's shoulder and pulling him back, drawing him towards cover but he seems to be a hard target to budge. "Move! We must get to safety… "

"Activate the test subjects." Hugo commands the lab techs. One by one the tanks that are not completely destroyed are powered on, a hiss coming from them before the contents are drained and naked men and women step forward.

Zayin is producing more throwing knives and launching them at Hugo and his two guards. No words, just action, the inside of his fancy brocade vest housing over a dozen of those.

Doctor Venom lunges in front of Ivy like a human shield, arms out wide.

"How… chivalric and humanitarian of you, Doctor Venom. I had not expected such or perhaps the woman has seduced you with pheromones?" Hugo taunts as the blond guards woman shoves him towards the exit. "A shame our business ends here, Baroness, I had much in store but it was inevitable we turn upon one another, it is to say the least in our very nature."

"So says the man who has tanks with people in them that are mindless husks. Just. Like. Me." With each syllable Baroness hits the button, detonating tanks even as they drain and the Vipers step out, leaving some in pieces and 'dead', or still coming missing some pieces. "Please do not argue semantics. Toe-may-to, to-mah-to." A flippant gesture of remote holding hand and she looks at the protesting Ivy, all due to a boot.

"Don't /you/ tell me you are penny pinching the sum I have given you. Buy more or get a nice green version of mine." A gesture from her midsection down, to her armor. Leaning in she speaks in a whisper. "It comes right off."

When Venom makes his move to shield Ivy and Hugo is being shoved out Baroness turns on heel and makes her own departure. "Yes, a nature of endearment." One of those Bio soldiers comes upon her and that Ruger is drawn and pressed between open and telling lips, the trigger pulled opening a crater in the back of its skull.

Though what is occurring outside is a silent COBRA chopper is lifting a few dark clad soldiers back into the sky, the whole building now riddled with plantings of specially modified 'Comp B' re-dubbed Comp V (to fit theme of course), across her teams comms they will hear the warning:

"You have 5 minutes."

Ivy's eyes twitch as he attempts to dissect Baroness. She remembers that well. The methodical, tell-tale signs of his psychology.. no. She won't go there again.

With the subjects activated, Ivy does not move. It seems that the others had things well in hand, she didn't even need to chip a nail on what she helped to create, but what gets her attention was Venom, the man stands in front of her and guards her from the fray, her brow upturned and a little smirk playing upon her features. That.. was interesting. Tit for tat, she supposes.

Though, the mention of her shoes causes her to glance down, her gaze following the tip of Ana's shoe, roving up thighs with a bitten lip and body armor that fitted to the frame.

"Does it now?" Ivy said, calm inside the mayhem. A Bio-Viper draws down upon Venom and a hand strikes out, vines snapping forward to punch a hole into the minions neck.

The sickening sound of it's withdrawal, a green clad hand clasping Venom's shoulders draws in a retreat. She intended to drag the man along with her, protest or no. "Let's go, Monev. You earned this one." What he earned was anyone's guess.

For there will be mayhem, probably screaming. And it wouldn't come from Poison Ivy.

Hugo retreats with those closest to him only to vow revenge as his labs burn to the ground. Opposite the Baroness' COBRA brand carrier copper an SRD land rover is peeling out flanked by several others.

Zayin moves quietly after the Baroness, Doctor Venom and Poison Ivy, "I hope this was a wise course, despite his rather intentional seeming blunders he was a valuable ally. Our strongest foothold in Gotham…"

Doctor Venom's calming himself but wondering if indeed Pamela Isley has doped him with her special variety of pheromones and plant toxins, "Earned?" The world spinning back to him as he hears Zayin, "The man was a waste of our time. He is far too obsessed with this city and it's psychopaths to pay mind to the greater design." It is not often he speaks opposite of the Night Creeper attache. Not often.

Below them the Old Brysler Motors Building is bursting with explosions, a bubble out here and there of rising flames. It will spread for some time before the Gotham Fire Department can get it under wraps… such a beautiful glow on a cold cold night.

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