Overlapping Jurisdiction

August 18, 2014:

SHIELD, NYPD, and Hawkeye's apprentice all show up to find the apartment even beyond its usual state of disaster. Jurisdictional bickering commences.

Hawkeye's apartment.

It's probably always a mess, but usually without the broken glass, blood smears, and brains on the wall. Broken window where Domino first shot through then punched through. Glass all over the inside of the living room. His wooden bow is shot in half, splinters and that bullet through the table and onto the floor. Deadpool shot up the place, so there are bullet holes ALL OVER. His mugs/cups are shot up. Clint's blood into the kitchen, and blood/brains in the living room. (Deadpool's.) In the kitchen, there's a cookie jar on the floor with speciality arrow tips. Oh! There's a net-arrow tip that was deployed and cut up.


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Fade In…

Paul was expecting a call. And it wasn't happening. Given the importance of what Superman had to say, he really wants to make sure everything's a go and Barton did say he's be letting him know. Except he didn't. So screw it, Paul called. And there was no answer. So he called SHIELD. Except Barton wasn't available. The nice thing about being a cop if you can find things out. Such as when you know someone's full name and telephone number, it's a snap to find out their address. And as soon as he does, he also finds out that it was the scene of a crime, bloody and smashed up. The tech boys have come and gone collecting evidence so it's just cordoned off with the yellow police tape. But Paul ignores that. He's a cop, he know the possible victim and he can always claim it's SHIELD business. Standing in the open doorway, he flips the light switch on. "Shit."

Kate has a key. It's one of the perks of the whole student-mentor relationship. That, and Clint probably wouldn't notice if she jacked the keys long enough to get her own copy made, so it all works out. So, after running a few operations of her own, she jogs up the stairs to Clint's apartment, whistling a cheerful tune. "I don't care! I love it!" Singing, which cuts off sharply when she rounds the corner and finds police tape. "You moron," she sighs to herself, slowing down as she comes up behind Paul. "The place is usually a mess, but they don't usually have to tape it off."

Paul turns at the sound of the singing getting to this floor and he moves the edge of his jacket to reveal his badge. "I'm sorry but this is a crime scene. Do you know Mister Barton?" Reaching in, he pulls the door shut behind him but leaves it open a crack for now.

"He's my…" Kate sighs, holding up the key. "He's my coach. I've got a key. You can test it if you want." She offers it over, but not without stepping at an angle to try to get a look inside. "What happened in there? Is he okay? Did they take him to the hospital?"

"Just what is your name, Miss?" Paul asks, taking the key. Holding the door in place, he tries the key. Since it works, he considers it a moment then gives it back. "Your coach." His eyes shift to the bow and quiver the girl is carrying and he nods. "I see. May I see your identification?" As he talks to Kate outside Barton's apartment, he pulls out his cell phone.

"Kate Bishop," the girl replies, digging a Coach wallet out of her quiver - not a counterfeit - and passing over her ID. "Seriously, I think I'm his emergency contact. Do you at least have an event number or something?" She pulls out her phone, flipping through and trying to make a call while she gives Paul a chance to look over the ID.

Paul looks over the ID then hands it back to Kate. "You can contact the precinct to get updates. Thank you, Miss Bishop but I'm afraid I can't tell you anything else at the moment. Please excuse me." Stepping into the apartment, he closes the door with Kate in the hall then dials SHIELD. "This is Detective Manning." They surely know him by now. "Get me Hill. What? I don't care if she's in a meeting. This is an emergency. No, I don't give a shit if it's with Fury. No. Fine. Get me May and don't say she's in a meeting. Yes, I 'll wait."

Kate takes back her ID, staying quiet long enough for Paul to step inside before snorting. "Yeah, right, McGruff," she mutters under her breath. "Like I'm letting you people handle this." She listens to her own phone, a hint of worry showing despite her bravado when there's no answer on Barton's cell. "C'mon, Clint. Tell me you left something for me to find you with, you meathead."

Thankfully actually on her way home from having completed a milk run to Toronto and back when the SHIELD comms tech patches a call through to her. That never bodes well. "May." This had better be good.

"This is Manning." Paul states into the phone. "I'm at Barton's apartment. It's trashed and bloody. He was supposed to call but I can't get in contact with him." That should be 'good'.

Kate pulls up a program on her phone, tapping a few commands into the screen. In the apartment, a few arrow tips strewn across the floor start to blink, just as there's a muffled curse on the other side of the door.

Paul likely hears May curse faintly. "I'm on my way. But Manning, I am required to notify SHIELD and they'll be less than five minutes behind me." The phone call ends without giving Paul a chance to respond. She can MAYBE add a minute to that time estimate if she drives fast…

Paul just stares at the phone for a minute. "Why do you think I'm calling you?" He'll ask that when she gets here and puts the phone away. Turning to look over the room again, he spots the blinking arrow heads. "Shit!" Yanking open the door, he leaps out into the hallway and flattens against the wall on the side of the door. He knows some of those things explode.

Kate steps to the side as Paul comes barreling out, brows rising. That…did not go as planned, and yet not so badly. Of course, now the door is open, the detective is out, and she can duck under the tape to get a look at things on her own. Though not without taking a moment to pick up one of the blinking tips and toss it out into the hall after Paul. "Tracking tips," she calls out helpfully.

Paul lets out a breath and scowls as he picks up the arrow head before going back into the apartment. "Out. Now. You're contaminating a crime scene and I don't have time to arrest you. First put this back /exactly/ where you found it." So it matches the crime scene photos.

"I'm not contaminating a crime scene. Like you even know what's the usual mess and what's different in here," Kate snorts irreverently. She points to the remains of the net. "Net tip. Really dumb, and a bitch to compensate for when you're shooting, and super limited use, especially," she crouches next to what's left of the net, "If the person you're fighting is carrying a sword. Probably some sort of katana. And those?" She points at the smear of brains on the wall. "That's brains detective, and there's no body in here unless you guys already took one away. And if you had, there'd be SHIELD techs all over this place. So either someone killed Clint and is bringing in the body for a bounty…" She grimaces, wrinkling her nose. "He wouldn't hit brains on purpose, and he doesn't hit things by mistake. So there must've been a team."

"SHIELD is already on its way." Paul informs the girl. "Now you can tell me who you really are. You know too much about him and his toys to just be a student of his. But if you were SHIELD, you'd already have called it in and gotten authority to take over the crime scene."

"Hey, how do you know I'm not his girlfriend and I just don't want the NYPD getting nosy about his dating habits?" Kate tosses back, frowning as she looks at the cookie jar that had all the tips in it. "He's been meaning to label those things for months," she mutters.

"Because he's too young to be having a midlife crisis and dating a kid." Paul counters. "Now, you can either tell me the truth or get out of here. You have about three more minutes to decide till it becomes SHIELD's problem."

Kate makes a face as she glares at the pile of tips. That one hit a little close to home. "I already told you the truth," she says as she straightens. "He's my coach. And I'm plan B." Her chin jerks up, stubborn. "If those are his brains on the wall, then I'm next in line."

"I don't think you need to wait till he's dead to join SHIELD." Paul points out. "Two minutes. They'll probably be happy to take you on his recommendation. Assuming he even wants you in SHIELD." Pause. "You're not his daughter are you?" She could be younger than she looks. And boys will be boys.

Melinda May does finally arrive, and faster than was probably expected. She makes it up the stairs to Barton's apartment at a near run while still being very quiet doing so, and after giving Kate a cursory, nearly dismissive glance she steps through and into the trashed room to take a quick look around before focusing on Paul. She pulls her phone and makes a VERY short call consisting only of some manner of code (like something NYPD might use but completely different codes so incomprehensible to anyone who isn't SHIELD trained) before she steps back outside again. "Manning, out. Now." Yeah, he did that to Kate, she's totally gonna do the same to him. "This is SHIELD's jurisdiction now."

"Wow, really? From too young to be his midlife crisis straight to love child?" Any further commentary, though, is delayed by May's arrival, and Kate crosses her arms over her chest, staying where she is. She's mouthy to Paul, but even she knows better than to start something with May.

"No." Paul tells May. Bet she doesn't hear that too often. "First, I owe him for that rescue in Turkey. If he's still alive, I'm going to be involved. Second, I need to know if he had time to get the message to Hill about Superman needing a meeting. I'm afraid that's even more important than Barton. And last, you know anything about her?" he jerks his head toward Kate. "Katherine Bishop. Claims to be Barton's replacement."

Melinda May doesn't even give Paul THAT look for more than a second before she reaches to grab and turn him around and wrench one arm up behind his back to frog-march him out of the apartment. "I said, OUT." If she manages to do so successfully, she'll let him go in the hallway and close the door with ALL of them outside.

Kate actually follows May and Paul out into the hallway of her own volition. Because, well. May. "He's not answering his phone, and whatever happened with the jar, he didn't manage to grab any tracking tips when he went," she volunteers for the agent.

Paul's qualified to teach krav maga but he's not about to get into a sparring match. And since May's coming out as well, he doesn't try to break the hold. Especially since he wants the place uncontaminated too. "You done? Good. Now, the answers to two and three would be nice while we're waiting for your techies to show up."

Melinda May stands in front of the now-closed door and looks at Paul flatly. "I don't know the answers to those. Talk to Hill about them." And now, she turns to Kate for more than a cursory glance. "When did you talk to him last?" She pulls her phone again and starts sending a message to SHIELD to have them track his phone and tell her its location.

"Yesterday morning," Kate answers May, reaching for the quiver she left in the hallway. The bow inside is definitely the same model as Barton's - in fact, it used to be Barton's. "We were supposed to practice today. I haven't stopped by in a week or so, so I was expecting a disaster area, but not the police tape."

"And I spoke to him yesterday evening." Paul says once Kate has answered. He pulls out his phone and calls up the history to give May the exact time. "He was going to get in contact with Hill. Whether he had time to or not should help narrow down when this happened." Yes, there are multiple reasons to find out.

Melinda May nods to both of them and quickly sends another message on her phone. Haven't heard back yet about the location about Barton's phone. Annoying. "It would." She then leans a bit as the sound of multiple footsteps on the stairs approaches. "Ms. Bishop, we'll keep you appraised, but it's best if you head home now." Paul doesn't get that courtesy, because May is only too willing to drive him back to SHIELD to talk with Hill about those questions he has. One less thing she'd have to deal with.

Kate rolls her eyes, hitching her quiver up on one shoulder. "Whatever," she mutters. Yeah, Kate's not going home. But she's not sticking around to be watched, either. She's got another Hawkeye to find.

Paul moves to make way for the SHIELD investigators. "You need to call the NYPD and let them know you've taken over the case. You can also get whatever results they've come up with so far. And since I'm not a tech, I'm taking off. I'll call Hill and ask about that meeting."

"Already done," May tells Manning. She looks at Kate again. "Give me your number." Could this mean May is offering to keep Kate in the loop personally? Possibly? Gasp!

Keep her in the loop, or track her phone. One or the other. Kate doesn't chance it, though, rattling off a number for May. Granted, it's a number to an answering service where she can get the information without actually giving out her cell number, but there's nothing about the number that says that. At least it won't until May looks into it. "Thanks," she nods to the agent. "I'll let you know if he calls." Probably.

Paul nods once then turns to leave. Kate's not his problem. Right now, making sure Superman gets the help he needs is his problem. "Call me when you know something." he tells May. He'll also be getting that concession out of Hill if he can. Without waiting for, or expecting, an answer, he heads down the stairs.

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