Ashes, Ashes

April 25, 2015:

The Justice League come together, in part, to discuss their situation in the world. It leads to a fight.

JLA Lakehouse

It's a Lakehouse. For the Justice League: Avengers


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It's been an uncomfortable week for the Justice League Avengers. Kate missed the action, so she didn't get called in to testify with Congress. Which is probably for the best, because she's been spending the intervening time trying to keep Kara from panicking, looking over the playbacks of the event, and talking to a horde of lawyers, as well as putting in face time with several charities to work on bumping the positive message of heroes at home.

She's just coming back from one such trip, dropping her quiver by the door with a sigh. "Anyone home?" she calls into the foyer. "I brought Chinese."

After a long moment where Kate would probably assume she is by herself, she can hear a call back from the foyer. It's clearly Steve's voice. "Yeah, I'm here." With the cold front that came in this week, the temperature has dipped on the east coast, enough to warrant the building of a fire.

Steve is seated, wearing a black turtleneck and leaning back in one of the upright couches. He's just sort of sitting there. Which is similar to how it's been the last few days. He's come down to Metropolis to stay close to D.C. should something else happen, or if he's needed by the committee in some way.

The lack of answer is long enough for Kate to run upstairs and change into sweats, and by the time she hears it, she has Chinese food cartons unpacked. "I brought options," she says as she brings them into the den, laying them out on the ottoman. "Chicken fried rice, mushu pork, orange chicken, mongolian beef. And veggies. And rice."

Once they're all laid out, she settles into an oversized chair where she can sit cross-legged, waiting for him to pick first. "How're you holding up?"

"Hey Kate," Steve says giving her a faint smile as he turns to look at her. "I'm actually not hungry, to be honest. Thank you for the offer though."

He nods a few times towards her in response to her question. "I'm holding up alright, all things considered."

"When's the last time you ate?" Turning it down the first round means losing choice of food, and Kate reaches for the pork, picking up a pair of chopsticks in her other hand. "This whole situation's pretty crappy," she admits, jabbing her chopsticks into the container. "But I've been doing what I can to make sure we're covered. Before I bought the house, I made sure all our paperwork was in order to operate as an independent, nonprofit international aid organization. I mean, it was for the taxes on the house, but I've been going over the paperwork with some lawyers, and everything's where it needs to be."

She takes a bite of the pork, pausing as she chews. "That's the legal side, at least. Not the how do we actually fix this side, though."

"Kate, if Traverstein gets her way, they're going to pull out everything to get us out of here. The law isn't really going to matter that much. They'll revoke our right to do our work in an honest way, bring us underground, and turn us into vigilantes. I'm not so certain that's the way this will go, but if it does, lawyers aren't going to make much difference. And what's worse, they may end up having public sentiment against them."

He raises an eyebrow at her question about the food. "I'm fine."

Then, sitting back in his chair he takes a deep breath inward. "Well, someone like Diana will probably have a better game plan than I do. Maybe Superman, or maybe you guys, I don't know. There are a couple options from where I sit. First, we could just sit and wait for it to blow over, hoping for the best and react accordingly. Second, we could beat them to the punch, give them the sacrificial lambs they want, and secure the future of the League. Third, we could go on the offensive, but I think that will be difficult given the fate of the President."

"Steve, I know you're a good guy, and the way I hear it, the world was kind of a different place where you're from," Kate says around a mouthful of pork. "But I'm going to tell you the ugly truth about today's government. For the most part, they're rich, corrupt, white men with closets bulging full of secrets whose main goal is to keep the public happy enough to look away while they do whatever they want."

She shrugs, sticking the chopsticks back into the box. "I went to school with most of their kids. My dad plays golf with half of them. They're vicious. Waiting for them to decide not to try to crucify us or make us their advantage is just giving up. And handing over one of our own isn't an option." She quirks a brow, watching him. "Captain America's not giving up, is he?"

Steve looks at Kate incredulously, "I'm not sure where you got the idea that I'm giving up. If you think so, you don't know me very well. I'm talking about strategy."

He chuckles a bit, "And I appreciate you trying to help me understand today's government, Kate, but I grew up in the 1930s. We had plenty of corruption in an era where our government used Jim Crow laws to oppress African-Americans and President Harding was in office."

Kate's smile quirks, and she lifts one shoulder in a shrug. "Can't blame a girl for checking in. Seems like everyone's doom and gloom right now. Besides, Superman and Wonder Woman are great heroes, but they're not leaders. Not the way you are. And Steve, we need leadership. I can't train Kara. I can teach her how to think, but I'm just not equipped to give her the work out she needs. And we all…"

She grimaces, poking at the pork in the cardboard container. "We all need more time working together. Procedures. Plans. Maneuvers. Jesus, football teams have more practices than we do, and they're just screwing around, you know?"

Steve frowns at Kate, "I'm not sure I agree with your assessment on leadership. And I don't think the President died because we didn't "practice" enough. And a more effective team isn't built through procedures." For whatever reason, Kate seems to have gotten under Cap's skin a bit. "And it certainly doesn't come through cracking on the leadership of the team. You can't preach unity while making disparaging comments like that."

It's the end of a long day, and things are fairly quiet at the lake house. For the moment. In the living room, there's a fire going. Steve sits on the couch, while Kate's cross-legged and sweats-clad in one of the chairs, a spread of Chinese food between them. Kate's eating. Steve's not.

"It's not a crack," she replies with a perplexed look. "Everyone's got different talents. I'm not strong. Clint gets distracted. Cam's always going to help someone who's been hurt first, no matter what the consequences are. It's not disparaging to acknowledge all of our strengths and weaknesses. But if we don't know them…"

She pauses, frowning down into the carton. "If I'd been there, I would've known what she was going to do, Steve. I maybe could've stopped her."

Kara had lead the way from Gotham, showing Thor some of the sights on his way to Metropolis; since she was unsure exactly how much he had seen. She points at a beach they fly over, telling Thor, "That's where this big jerk from Atlantis tried to kill me when they invaded, but then Aquaman." She pauses, "You'll like him, came and stopped it."

As they pass over a nice looking Lakehouse she begins to fly downwards, already picking up on her name being said with superhearing.

Thor might notice her expression darken a little as she was reminded of recent events.

Opening the door to the Lakehouse, she calls out, "Anyone home? I have company." It was her way of saying 'Hey I'm here! Stop talking about me!'

As the Prince of Asgard flies beside Kara, the wind helping him control the direction in which he flies. He pauses a moment floating over the Lakehouse as Kara descends. His blonde hair caught in the breeze when he releases his control on the wind and falls 1000 feet to the ground. He lands with a thunder crack, the ground cracking under his feet expanding outward in a shattered pattern. He follows Kara silently, his red cape fluttering in the window. As they walk up the stairs of the lake house he rumbles, "This is quite a beautiful place you have Lady Kara." As he bends down slightly to step through the door, the huge Asgardian stands back to his full height taking a moment to look around.

"Diana is a fine leader. This was not her fault. And though I respect you as well, I won't advocate for her removal. Or anyone else's for that matter. If we're not in this together, we won't survive it anyhow."

Steve looks over his shoulder into the entryway and gives a wave towards Kara and Thor. The latter, he does not know well, but they have fought on the same side before, so there's some respect. Steve has no idea, of course, that it wasn't Thor, but his brother posing as the god of lightning.

"Who said anything about removal?" Kate quirks a brow. "We don't have leadership to rem-" And then there's a crack, and she sets the carton down to hop out of her chair and head for the doorway where she left her quiver. When she hears Kara, the tension eases from her shoulders as she steps out to meet the pair. "Oh, hey Thor," she greets with a tired smile. "After all the chaos lately, I thought maybe you decided to pass on coming out here to meet us. Glad to see Kara found you. I brought back Chinese," she adds, pointing a thumb over her shoulder and including Kara in the smile. "If anyone else is hungry."

Kara looks between Captain America and Kate before explaining, "This is Thor, Prince of Asgard and one of the coolest people I've met BUT it's not the same 'Thor' you two think you met before." She pats the Thor with her on the arm, "This is the REAL Thor, the other Thor was a fake, which is why Thor came to Earth. Fenris confirmed it all to and we've been trying to find Loki since."

She gestures to Captain America and Kate, "This is Captain America and this is Kate also known as Hawkeye. Who will both probably be really pleased to know, Thor is looking forward to joining us and fighting by our side!"

Heading for the fridge, she finds a six pack of ales that Clint had been keeping and gets it for Thor, "Hopefully, this will be good enough till you get some Asgardian Ale!"

As he nods curtly, Thor places Mjolnir down on the floor and the entire house seems to creek. He walks over to Steve and extends his large hand to the man, "I have heard of you. Heimdall has told me that you are an honorable warrior. That you should have been born as Asgardian. I am honored to meet you." His blue eyes travel over to Kate and he nods his head, "A archer? I can tell by the way you carry yourself Lady Hawkeye. Any friend of Lady Kara is a friend of mine." When Kara tosses him the ale. He uses his free hand and grabs it from the air. He narrows his eyes at the girl, "This is not the same Troll piss we had at that…pizza palace?"

"Perhaps removal was a strong word, but you were definitely talking about a change in command. Where I come from, mutiny isn't acceptable. And it won't be on this team either."

"That's great news, Kara. Having seen what he can do in action, that will be a very big boon to us."

Steve raises an eyebrow. "Meet me?" he asks, clearly confused. "We fought together in Orleans…" he says; his voice trailing.

Kate looks at Kara for a moment while she puts all the pieces together. "Aww, c'mon, we got Loki-trolled?" she finally groans, scrubbing a hand over her face. "I am suddenly super relieved we didn't actually take him pirate fighting right then. But yeah, archer," she adds with a nod toward the quiver by the door. "And swordswoman, and martial artist, and apparently not a native speaker of English, because Steve clearly can't understand a word I'm saying," she adds with a roll of her eyes, heading toward Kara and the alcohol. "Please tell me that wasn't the last one."

Kara smiles at Steve, "Like I was saying, that wasn't really Thor that you met before, we think it was his brother Loki. At least that's who Fenris and Thor seem to think the likely culprit is.."

She shakes her head at Thor, tossing her hair over her shoulders, "Nope! That's German instead of American beer from what I understand, it should be a lot closet to Asgardian I hope. Sorry again about the 'troll piss'.." Kara giggled a little, wondering if people on Asgard drank troll piss or something.

"Nope, lots more bud light in the fridge Kate, I didn't think Thor would enjoy that though.." Kara slinks over to snag a few pieces of chicken from Kate's chinese.

As he shakes Steve's hand, it's a firm shake and he releases it. "Yes. It seems there is a fake Thunder walking Midgard. I suspect my brother might know who it is. I am currently looking for him to see what he knows about it." He opens his hand and the hammer flies off the floor into it with a loud thud. Thor seems unphased as he hooks it on his belt. Thor takes his finger and stabs it into the top. He looks over at Kate and nods curtly, "If it is my brother. I will have words with him." Thor presses his lips into a fine line. He throws back his head and drinks down the entire beer in a few gulps. He crushes his in his hand and shrugs, "It's passable." Thor lets out a rumble of a burp. "It's not Asgardian ale." He begins to look around slowly.

The idea that Thor was no really Thor at the Battle at Orleans is something that takes Steve aback. Not only is it a stunning breach of their team security, if and when the government finds out, it will make things even worse than they already are."

At Kate's shocking use of words, Steve stands up. "Young lady, you're out of line."

This seemed to be the place to be, and as Diana seemed to only seek eloquence in the walls of her own home she needed to speak with a few others and finding them was the first step. She already was ready to have Oracle put in place counter measures to the web-attack upon Steve with the forboding silhouette over the loss of the American leader. To seal off access to the site and shot down any foreign access, or shut it down all together and start anew.

Landing upon the doorstep of the Lakehouse her hand catches the door behind Kara and the vaguely familiar male presence that came in with her. Pausing there though there is more then just the charge of a Son of Odin in the air and that of Steve's words follow suit to bring the rise of a dark brow upon her forehead.

Fingertips make a pinch motion, pushing the door aside and booted feet of black with the silver plating carry her over the threshold and into the Lakehouse where cerulean eyes slide over the interior with only one interest in mind, pausing on those gathered within and that of Steve.

"What line?" Kate retorts, closing the fridge door without taking anything out. "That's the whole point of what I'm saying. There is no line. We have a council, but we haven't all been in one room since the whole swearing in. We don't spar together, we don't practice together, we don't have a chain of command in the field, we don't have a game plan, we don't have a proper charter with standards, with expectations, with a freaking mission, and God forbid someone should point it out because it's apparently mutiny. And here I thought you missed the whole McCarthy era. Apparently it was just a natural progression of the generation!"

She holds out a hand toward Thor, grimacing. "Sorry to air dirty laundry on your first visit, big guy, but we're sort of in a tight spot right now. There was a mistake. And Congress - that's the group of elected government officials who run things here -" you get used to the explanations eventually, "Is sort of on a witch hunt for a scapegoat. I don't intend it to be any of us."

Which is when she sees Wonder Woman, and for once, genuine surprise crosses her features. And - miracle of miracles - she's at a (momentary) loss for words.

"If Thor would like to, I was hoping he could stay here at the Lakehouse with us and hopefully be able to join the JLA. It's not my call but I would definitely vouch for him." Kara also couldn't deny she loved how Thor called her Lady Kara; it made her feel awesome!

When Wonder Woman arrives, she smiles at the older woman and nods her head respectfully, "Hey Wonder Woman, this is Thor. The real Thor, Thor, Wonder Woman! She's one of our leaders in the JLA."

Glancing at her clothes she says to Thor, "I'll be back in a minute, I need to freshen up a little. Help yourself to some food if you like." She points to the chinese that Kate had brought.

As he crosses his arms over his chest, Thor listens silently to Kate's speech before he turns his attention to Wonder Woman's entrance. A clear look of surprise when an Amazon walks into the room. A large grin begins to crawl across his face as he moves to the woman. A certain warrior like confidence as he extends his hand out to the woman. "It has been some time since I have seen a woman of Themyscira." He cocks his head to the side, "I am Thor Odinson, The Thunder. The Protector of Midgard and Prince of Asgard." He looks in Kate's direction before looking over at Kara as she leaves, "I have told Lady Kara that I would help thee in any way that I can. I have learned of some things going on in Midgard that have me concerned. I have informed my…" He looks back at Diana with a certain look of interest, "…father that I will be staying on Midgard for some time."

"The line between respect and disrespect," Steve says quietly. "Implying that 3/5ths of our leadership is either incapable of command or too dim to understand what you're trying to say is not going to help lead people to your cause. You may have good opinions, but you have little experience. To boot, you weren't even there. You may be right that we don't work well as a team, but that has little to do with why we're in the situation we're in right now."

Frustrated, Steve reaches for his coat which is slung over his chair before looking to Diana. He gives her a knowing look; as if trying to work with this younger generation is getting to him. "Diana."

"No, by all means, do not stop on my account you seem to be on a role lately of saying what should and shoul not be done but if you are on the path to beat a war drum for answers and action you, too, should not be beating it. As I recall, Clint made you a council member and your fault is just as much as anyone elses if you want to blame. So keep going, you might as well be sitting with Traverstein instead of in a building you claimed to have obtained for the League." Diana looks around the structure, it's a look she has borne quite a bit lately. Tired. Though as she does so her fingers touch down upon hip just above the resting coil of her lasso, now coming to land upon Steve with apology lingering.

"Yes, as I heard, you want to head your own witchunt. That is not becoming of someone named for council for a team you seek to stir turmoil within. In my home that is outdated, in your words and personification, that brings eventual civil war."

Kara then gets a slow nod in her direction, one that bears greeting and acknowledgement, though right now it is best she remain silent any further. A new introduction catches her attention, the hand that had come to rest upon her hip extends upon Thors approach, the vambraced grip clasping his own with equal strength to greet a fellow warrior of almost forgotten realms. "It is a pleasure to meet.. The real you. What does your father think of the news? My mother was none to pleased when the decision was forced upon her. Welcome."

Kara could be heard, loudly singing in the shower upstairs before she finishes up and races down with superspeed all freshly clothed and bathed. Frowning a little as she hears the conversation still going she asks softly, "Can't we all just get along and work together? We can't let this turn us against each other, we're a team and a family." She smiles apologetically at Thor, she had not expected all of this.

"That's what I'm trying to do. You all want to sit on the council, but the purpose of a council is for people to talk to each other! I talk to Steve and he decides I'm trying to insult everyone. I can't even talk to you, because I never see you. What good are we as a team if we can't even talk to each other without everyone getting their panties in a twist?" Kate clenches her fists at her side, jaw tightening as she takes a deep breath.

"Before I bought this place, I made sure all of the paperwork was in order for us to operate as an independent nonprofit international aid organization. Part of it was to deal with the taxes. Part of it was because I knew there'd be complications with us going public. I've spent the better part of the last week sitting in with lawyers looking over all of that, because Traverstein may be a bitch, but she's a bitch who's got to work with Congress's rules, so we probably ought to know where they can actually come at us."

"Family," she snorts at Kara's words. "Yeah. That's what I thought we were going to be. But apparently Mom and Dad are about as interested in the kids as mine are."

As he releases Diana's hand, there is a certain degree of respect for the fellow warrior as he takes a step back from her to look back over at Steve, "I have been blessed today to be in the presence of such warriors." He runs a hand through his golden locks to get the hair out of his face as he turns to answer Diana's question. "My father was not pleased. He feels my duties as a Prince of Asgard should always come first before my duties as Midgard's Protector." He grumbles thinking about this other Thor. "He was even more displeased at the idea of another Thor walking this plane. As am I. If we can find my brother, he will help me find out who this impostor is and…" Thor falls silent when Kate expresses her displeasure. He looks at the girl and hmmms, "I do not know you Archer. However, I can see your passion. Sometimes it is passion that blinds us. I once was told that Knowledge speaks and Wisdom listens by my mother, Frigga. Thou art clearly passionate about this team but…" He frowns slightly, "I am sorry. I am not a member of this team. I should not interfer. My apolgizes." Thor takes a step back.

Steve takes a deep breath and holds back what he was about to say to Kate. It's not going to help a thin, and probably wasn't the way he truly felt anyways. "Kate, whether you intend it or not, your words are pretty insulting to people who were there. You weren't there. But your response is that Diana should not be in command. I respect your opinion, and I'm thankful for having a place to relax. I appreciate your efforts to help some needy people throughout the world. But where I come from, good leadership is pointing the finger at yourself first, and others maybe never at all." Another deep breath, "I think we all need to relax and think before we talk."

He shakes his head at Thor, "Our problems are being played out in front of every television station in the country. What's one more opinion?" he says with a grin.

Kara's return and words get a light softening of the gaze that had quickly snapped into a keen edge known for battle. Though her own hands do not move for the physicality of it all. "Families have their issues."

Though when Thor seeks to take a step back upon his own revelations and admittance her hand rises, palm up as if to stop him.

"You were brought within the fold at a rough time, Son of Odin, and for that I apologize, but to truly know what you seek to be a part of in Patriarch's World… Midgard.. Please." The hand held to let him know to stay, remain, now gestures to the heated exchange of words. If he chooses to partake or not though she will not move him. "And soon after to show no bad blood I will extend an invitation to the House for Amazon drink to put it all behind us, if it can be."

The final words redirect her back to Kate's seething, in her own stirring depths a shield and sword are evident. The small line of muscles along Diana's jawline twitch. "I have thought on this for days, Steve. Sleep eludes me where nightmares prevail and I will find no answers there because there we all swing hung from the limb of a tree. I was hoping not by internal means but this has proven me wrong." Pause. "Thor is correct. You have passion, you have strength, Kate. But here we are not your parents. We are a team of like minded people with a goal. The paperwork has been in order for years, the workings of the team within government standards has been there. Instead of trying to blame lack of seeing me you could also cross my threshold as I am not hard to find if you want to because it is apparent if you want something you get it. The one thing you will not get however is your desire to remove myself or Superman form our seats. You will not get a mother and father intent on petting you to sleep from the horrors of life because that is what we are here to combat and deal with together and we should have outgrown that when we signed on. If you desire that you are in the wrong place. If you desire to point outward and seek upheaval, this is not the place for you either."

Diana tilts her head a moment and looks from Steve to Thor and then Kara before going back to Kate after looking down the back of herself. "I see no twisted undergarments. I have nothing to say to that."

Kara nods to Thor and places a hand on his arm encouragingly, "Please Thor, let us know what you think if you like. A fresh opinion and perspective on matters will be welcome by all I think." She was looking very worried at the fighting, she hated it. She felt like it was all her fault and maybe it was.

"My response is that someone should be in command! So far as I know, no one has been. That is the exact opposite of pointing fingers. That is saying we are all responsible for collective failure, and maybe streamlining things would help." Kate has moved on to extensive talking with her hands now. "So sue me for suggesting it should be the person who's got experience commanding and working with other people. Let me be extremely clear here, since you guys don't seem to be getting it: I'm not talking about removing anyone from anything. You can't remove someone from a position that doesn't exist."

"I'm not asking anyone to pet me to sleep. I'm asking that while we're all under attack, we could, you know. Talk to each other. Plan. Strategize. All be aware of what's going on." She takes another deep breath, rubbing a hand at her brow. "Thor. You're a prince. It's my understanding that Asgardians are pretty big on the whole war thing. Do you go into battle without a commander?"

Steve sighs, "This is what I'm talking about Kate. Diana was in charge at Orleans. Your refusal to recognize that shows any number of several things. Either you're just being impetuous, or you're disrespecting her. You blame her for not being around, but then you critique her lead on a mission that you weren't around for. Worse, you don't seem to see the hypocrisy. In that, and the rest of the things you've mentioned. I suggest you leave before your foot gets stuck even farther down your throat. If this is how you advise talking to one another, you'll be sitting at a table of one."

Either way, it's pretty clear that he's leaving as he's putting on his coat.

Steve sighs, "This is what I'm talking about Kate. Diana was in charge at Orleans. Your refusal to recognize that shows any number of several things. Either you're just being impetuous, or you're disrespecting her. You blame her for not being around, but then you critique her lead on a mission that you weren't around for. Worse, you don't seem to see the hypocrisy. In that, and the rest of the things you've mentioned. I suggest you leave before your foot gets stuck even farther down your throat. If this is how you advise talking to one another, you'll be sitting at a table of one."

Either way, it's pretty clear that he's leaving as he's putting on his coat.

As he cocks an eyebrow at Kate's question, Thor hmmms, "I have often gotten myself in trouble Archer because I was the commander. I once caused a war because I allowed my…passion. Get the better of me." He crosses his arms over his chest as he nods slowly, "Yes. I did lead the Warriors Three and Lady Sif through many adventures. However, when the All-Father walked onto the battlefield you listened because he was a warrior of warriors." He sighs looking at Kate, "Most who lead do not want the title. And those who do want it for the wrong reason. It took nearly 1000 years before the Warrior's Three and I just…clicked. A solid team connection does not happen over night." As Steve gets ready to leave he frowns slightly but know all to well the frustration he is expressing.

Diana just shakes her head slowly, the small smile something personal, and only going with the exhasperated huff of a laugh. "There is a command and has been, all you have to do is acknowledge it and respect it." Her hand extends towards Steve in a light gesture. "The only person in this room that seems to have a problem with the current way of things and the way it has been is you, perhaps even those unaccustomed. The Justce League has never 'adopted' members, members have come to us of their own strength ad volition. When we are on the field we communicate, we operate within our parameters and specialties and we trust eachother to the extent that we know if we are needed, we are called. Otherwise it is our battlefield and the trust extends to the decisions of our teammates as well."

Diana pauses when Kate inquires to Thor about battle strategies, waiting to hear his response as well. When he does respond Diana's light smile ticks a bit more upward, though it falls when Steve exits on the very words Diana has been trying to express. Her eyes sliding back to Kate.

"I am an Amazon, and my kind are not all that unlike the Asgardians," Though there are -always- semantics there. Saying their name garners a respectful nod, not just to Thor, but his lineage."I have been training for war since a child, but I will not force those to listen who have refused since the day they met me, there are those who do and will that I need to focus on in battle. But since you are on the team I -will- trust that you will make the right decisions for the goal we all share, and if not, then we discuss the reprocussions."

The final word then has her gaze wandering to Kara, landing upon the girl with a sturdiness, and yet something in those depths wavers.

Kara looks up at Thor with surprise when he gives his thoughts before nodding in agreement. A 1000 years? Hopefully the JLA would be able to get meshed together and click a lot quicker than that, or they would be in Booster's terrible future and long past it by then.

She frowns a little as Captain America is moving to leave and she asks, "Won't you stay a little bit longer Cap? I was looking forward to hearing you and Thor swap stories…"

Kara seems to shrink down a little as DIana's gaze falls upon her; feeling like she was the size of an ant. If only she knew Ant-Man, it might be possible.

"Am I not speaking English?" Kate looks between Diana and Steve. "Because it really seems like what you're hearing isn't what's coming out of my mouth. And since when has Diana been in charge? I was told we had a Council. I'm on the damned Council. The practically imaginary council, by the way, since we haven't had a single meeting ever. At no point has anyone said oh hey, by the way, Wonder Woman's in charge here. How am I supposed to acknowledge that if no one ever says it? Aside from action, maybe. Except you know how many actions you've ever taken toward me that were things a leader would do? None."

Kate shakes her head, stepping toward the door. "Don't leave on my account," she says, scooping up her quiver. "There's Chinese in the living room if anyone's hungry. I've lost my appetite." She starts for the door, then sighs. "And my shoes. Whatever."

Thor hmmms softly as he watches Kate leave, "I admire her passion, but her emotions cloud her judgement." He grins slightly, "There was a time many many moons ago I was similair to her." He looks at Diana, "Let her go to calm down. Does the Archer have a mentor? Someone she confides in? Perhaps they could be involved to train the girl and help her see thou art trying to do what is best for your team. One thing I have learned is the mortals on Midgard can be very charged by their emotions. Your team has to act a level above that and since I do not watch television. I am more of a get in the action kind of person. I do not value what people say to me as much as I value what I see for myself." He motions to Kara, "Lady Kara has shown me nothing but honor and respect since my arrival. She has been a large help in my trying to find my brother. She even helped me learn that my nephew was walking on Midgard." A clear frown escapes him, "But that is another subject. So I would say allow her the time to vent. It sounds as if she means well but has no direction in how to channel her passion."

"Sounds like you just signed up, big guy," Steve says as he reaches to one of the desks to grab at his set of keys. "Diana, let's meet up and talk when we can. Compare notes and that sort of thing. Supergirl? Thanks for your positive attitude in light of everything that's going on. Thor? Welcome to the Justice League: Avengers. It's always exciting. I'll promise you that."

"CLint put you in your position because he felt you had what it took to be on this council and be a leader when the time called for it. Stop pointing your finger Kate, you have allowed me the same curteousy. Any time I have met you it has been in the field of battle or you finding something to growl at me about. I have others who greet me with the tone of fine company instead, and anyone would prefer that. If I wanted to be fighting unending battles of cries of neglect I go home." Which is far too infrequent and things are only worsening. Lines and decisions had been made and there is a limit to how much Diana will keep shovelling on her plate now. Being an Amazon does not mean being foolish as well as selfless.

Watching Kate go only makes her comfort in these walls even less, and Steve as well? "We will, my friend. And Steve?" Diana states her feet unmoving but her eyes say so much. Her sorrow for how they have treated him as well as: "Thank you." Because what it boils down to is that what Diana had come here initially to do, thank the team for their candor in all of this, their proof of who they are and their strength despite the weight of opposition. Even if it condemns you, being you is all you have.

A long exhale passes and Thor's words process, looking between him and Kara, though another discussion can wait, for now. "She does have a mentor, though I do not know where he has been. I am sure his other duties are keeping him busy." Beat. "I am very much on the same page. Words can lie and deceive, it is actions over time that eventually tell the truth. From the smallest twitch to the largest swing."

"It seems Kara has managed to cover all bases save those of an Asgardian worthy ale, shall we plan perhaps a feast tomorrow night, welcoming you and to unwind the undue tension?" Diana then looks between the only two left.

Kara sighed as Kate was leaving now to and she didn't feel like there was much she could do about it, but she would try, "Thank you Thor. Kate's my friend though and I don't think I could let her go off like that without at least trying to do something…" When Steve spoke to her, she nodded slowly, biting her lower lip before saying softly, "I'm sorry, it feels like this is all my fault." She knows how Kate can be and so she pulls out her phone and says her a text, '/Do you want to be alone or want to talk?/'

She smiles at Diana's mention of a feast and says softly, "That would be nice, we could all use it."

As he grins like a kid at Christmas time, Thor clearly likes the idea of a good feast. "By Odin's beard, it will be a feast unlike no other! I will return to Asgard and bring back two kegs of the finest Asgardian Ale for the feast. I will even see if I can get my hands on an Asgard Boar to roast." He grins looking over at Kara, "If you would permit it Diana. I will bring Kara with me to Asgard. We can hunt the boar together." He looks over Kara, "The boars on Asgard can be as large as a house. It will be a grand hunt Lady Kara." The oversized warrior is clearly excited .

Thor's lightheartedness, weightlessness. It was a breath of fresh air to have at this moment. At others it may be as trying as patince with Namor, but there is always a middle ground to have foothold upon and despite headached the Atlantean was still enjoyable while he had stayed. His broad grin is returned with Diana's own, and though it does not shine nowhere near enough light right now it shows the desire to reach that point again.

"That will be great Thor Odinson! I will have my Amazons begin to prepare a feast, bring our drink as well as go on a hunt with me. It will lighten their spirits as well. They do not enjoy constantly being trapped within the House either and I owe it to them." Looking from Thor to Kara, Diana's brow rises slightly. "She does not need my permission, nor do you. I do hope you both enjoy it as the hunt and the night to come are desparately needed and long past due."

Stepping back she turns then after another firm clasp of hands with Thor and the same offered to Kara as well, heading out and into the dusk.

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