The Axe, Part 2

July 27, 2014:

The interrogation for Giles Gunroe nets some interesting results.

One Police Plaza


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"Look, Gunroe," Matt says, trying to reason with his client. "They'll be coming soon. I know Pezzini, she's alright. We can cut a deal if we can give them something. Anything."

"You think I'm done for, don't you, Murdock?"

"Well considering the Axe was in your possession, and considering the post is linked to your ISP, I think it's time to play smart, Giles. Depending on what type of mood they're in, you might get off with medium security. You should think about it. But-my advice? Tell the truth."

"And moreso," comes a British accented voice from the doorway, "You threatened the life of a woman with said axe. Not a good combination for you, Mister Gunroe." Lara Croft comes in, sipping a cup of coffee that has not been offered to Matt or his client. She is dressed simply, in casual khaki slacks and a short sleeved blouse. Her hair is in a bun, her makeup is minimal, but the smirk on her face is just for Giles while the arched brow is for her paramour.

Sara Pezzini is sticking with the black motorcycle leathers. It's appropriately intimidating, at least. In case the image of the Witchblade has somehow slipped Gunroe's mind. "So, for the record," she says as she steps into the room. "I am definitively not getting paid enough for this interrogation. Before we start. So you can be super clear on who's not going to be the good cop tonight."

"Detective Pezzini," Matt says with an exhale mid-chuckle, "I think you'll find that my client is agreeable to tell you what you want to know-whatever you want to know-in order for your assurances that Mr. Gunroe is able to take a plea bargain that allows the police to go after the real culprits in this ordeal."

Giles, meanwhile, is shaking. It gets worse when Lara enters, and feverish now that Sara is in the room. Nevertheless, he allows Matt to do the talking for him.

"Hello, Miss Croft," Matt says, clearly already knowing her.

"Mister Murdock," Lara replies cooly, keeping up the faade. She settles in a chair, lady-like, sipping from her mug as if she doesn't want to lean across the table and throttle Giles. She's clearly the good cop here. SHIELD Agent to be. Whatever. "I'm not sure anything Mister Gunroe knows is of any value to us whatsoever. The world has lost a major archaeological genius, so that will require some very, very good information to appease me."

"Come on, Murdock, you know how I feel about plea bargains," Sara replies, dropping into a chair and propping her feet up on the interrogation table. "Letting one criminal go to catch another? Just leaves criminals on the streets. With a vacuum for the little guys to start fighting over. That's when innocent people get shot, when the people who aren't actually good at what they're doing start fighting to be the boss." She steeples her fingers, tilting her head to smile toothily at Gunroe. "Besides. From what mister Gunroe was saying, I'm not convinced the big players in this little drama are the sort anyone can bring to court."

"I understand that Miss Croft. What Mr. Gunroe is accused of is selling stolen property and assault with a weapon. We all know that with the system the way it is he won't spend as much time as you would like behind bars. But that's not really why we're here. We're here to determine who, in fact, killed Rhys Bale. And Giles, here, he's willing to speak to that if a deal can be made here today."

Matt nods to Sara, "I understand that too, Detective. But the facts are that you're going to get my client for, what? 3 years with good behavior? We'll offer you one in medium security with state's witness afterwards. And he'll give you what we all have been wanting to know for quite some time here. You, me, the rest of New York."

"It had best be the truth, Mister Giles, and worth our time. As far as I'm concerned, you are an accessory after the fact to the murder of Rhys Bale, and that will get you more than Mister Murdock is stating. So spill it, and spill it all if you want any sort of bargaining to be done." Lara looks at the man with a steely expression and he may be able to tell, at that point, it was she who was ready to just kill him in the house that night.

"And again, I point out, that information isn't worth a legal plea agreement if the answer is, you don't want to mess with me, the people who funded this are ancient wizards. Or demons from beyond another world-gate. Or whatever the fuck these nut cases are claiming," Sara snorts to Murdock, folding her hands over her stomach and leveling a steady look on Gunroe. "So think carefully before you start talking, Mister Gunroe. For information that leads to convictions, we can talk. For information that leads to insanity pleas, there's less wiggle room."

Outside the interrogation room, the precinct is buzzing quietly. Pezzini's still on leave, until the department figures out what the hell went on with her partner. But then, no one really wants to tell her what she can and can't do.

Paul finally filled out the last of his paperwork and showed up to submit it. He was promptly informed that Pezzini was also here and that the two of them spend more time at HQ when they're suspended than when they're working. Which might actually be more than a joke since they're often out on the streets. So after dropping off the papers to get reinstated (and no longer considered dead), he goes to see just what's going on. "Murdock." he sighs on seeing the lawyer. "Who's the woman with them?" he asks the nearest cop.

"It's the truth, Miss Croft," says Matt. He already knows, and it's confirmed his suspicions. "But I'd argue that while you can prove that my client had the axe, you have no proof how he got it. Weaponry changes hands on the black market all of the time, and my client peddles in such things. My client will testify against the murderer at trial and also allow you to put pressure on the accomplice." Matt's head never leaves it's place towards Lara. Surely he lost Pezzini's trust a long time ago, but surely Croft knows where he's headed with this.

"It's good, Pezzini. It'll be worth it," Matt says with an exhale. "He'll testify. The killer confessed to him."

"That's Croft," the officer says back to Manning with a shrug. "Hell if I know, I think the chick might be Interpol. Hot accent, though."

"Very well, out with it then," Lara concedes. She slides a yellow legal pad and pen over to Gunroe and sets a digital recorder on the table. The Brit leans back in her chair and sips her coffee with an almost relaxed air.

"On the condition that Mister Gunroe's information leads to the conviction of Bale's killer," Sara repeats, spinning her bracelet around her wrist without looking away from the accused.

Paul grunts at that answer and reaches out to flip the intercom on so he can hear what they're saying. Which is making deals without a DA present?

Matt gives a nod to Sara, knowing the score. "Go ahead, Giles."

"I got the Axe a few days before I put it up for auction, on account that I was trying to remain underground," Giles begins with an exhale. "I'd already agreed to take it when I found out it was involved in a murder. At that point in time no one was for sure that Bale actually got it. I was contacted by a man named Lester Poindexter. He's a well known…how should we say? He gets things done for the Kingpin when things need getting done. The guy's a walking weapon. I've seen him use a nickel to put an eye out as easy as he was flipping it heads and tails."

"Can I get some water?"

Matt pulls a bottle from his briefcase and Giles continues.

"The guy's not real vague about his exploits either. He told me flat out that he had to wait a few hours before the whore Bale was with left. He even talked about going after her for having seen him do it. I think he's the kind who does this thing just for fun, to be honest. He's insane."

"When he found Bale, he was high as a kite on the Smooth. Poindexter said he used a shotgun as he stood over him."

"The Smooth?" Lara asks, gritting her teeth. "Please elaborate." Lester Poindexter cannot be a real name, anyone knows that. Right?

"This Poindexter fellow doesn't sound like an independent operator to me, Gunroe," Sara prompts in turn, popping a knuckle. "Just for fun. Insane. Not things that usually lead to well-orchestrated hits unless there's something else behind it."

Paul beckons to one of the uniformed and when he comes over, says "Run the name Lester Poindexter please. Let me know what you find."

Giles nods to Lara, "The Smooth is a downer that the kids in Mutant Town use. It started as a way for mutants who have painful manifestations of their mutant gene to smooth out the ache. It's like heroin, but with a bit of hallucinogen to it. As far as his name, I'm not sure if it's real or not. That's what people in the Kitchen have known him as. I think he is former government or military. Really enjoys his killing."

Giles nods to Sara, "Well that's the thing. He works for the Kingpin. But that's the trick. I know who the Kingpin /is/. He's Wilson Fisk. I also know why they killed Bale. Didn't have jack to do with the axe. Back in the day, when Fisk was just starting out, before he had his legit companies, he was an enforcer with a small crew. Bale's sister, she used to live in America, and she had this stalker guy. Bale contacted Fisk to protect his sister after the cops thought he was crazy. He was always really paranoid about cops for some reason. Anyways, after the first 5k, Bale promised he'd pay another 5k. But Kingpin just wanted more and more. Bale tried to pay 25k a few weeks ago, but it wasn't ever enough."

"I'm telling ya, that Poindexter never shuts the hell up."

"On it, Detective Manning," says one particularly plucky officer who clearly wants to get on his good side. She almost bounds away out of the room to go run the information.

Lara grimaces at Gunroe's words. Wilson Fisk is not a name unknown to her. He, much like Roland Desmond, has meddled with her archaeological expeditions prior. She just seems to be at odds with all the underworld bigwigs these days. She also remembers Rhys' sister and her problems. She looks to Sara, "Is Fisk even touchable, or will we have to focus on the assassin?"

Sara hesitates for a moment at Lara's question, lifting one hand to move it from side to side. "I've got some information," she says slowly. "Working on rebuilding it to something that'll stand up in court when Fisk hires a winner like Murdock here to get him off," she adds with a saccharine smile for the lawyer. "Nothing's ever guaranteed."

Paul just continues to listen.

Matt is certainly interested. He's accosted Paul in his bedroom and interrupted the travel of Pezzini during Chinese night with that very idea. Fisk, the Kingpin, must be taken down. To him, this looks as good a chance as any.

"I give you the biggest bust of your career. A thank you would have been more polite, Pezzini." Matt shrugs and straightens his tie. "In any event, you've got enough to put Poindexter away, if you're able to catch him." Perhaps Pezzini will need his help with that too.

"Yeah, there actually /is/ a guy named Poindexter," says Johnson, the pretty gal who seems taken with Manning. "He got out of a murder charge back in 09. Evidence tied it to him and they even had a confession. Apparently the guy was just spouting bullshit, talking about how he did it and why. But a technicality made the confession inadmissible." Johnson hands the paperwork to Manning with a huge smile on her face.

"Then let's get this all down on paper, shall we?" Lara prompts. "We have some research to do." The woman rises and heads for the door, leaving the rest of the interrogation to the police. Otherwise she might still be tempted to slam Gunroe's head against that table repeatedly for his part in all of this.

"Oh, bite me, Murdock," Sara rolls her eyes. "I don't need you to make my cases for me, thanks." Well, at least she used the word thanks. That counts, right? She looks after Lara, then shakes her head, dropping her feet to the floor. "I'll go get you a DA and someone who can get this written up for you."

"/HE/ gives her the biggest bust of her career?" Paul asks. "The ambulance chaser defending the criminal?" He sounds like he's tempted to do a bit of head slamming himself. He takes the papers the cop brings back and flips through them. "Thanks Johnson. Appreciate it." Especially since he's still officially dead.

"Charming, Pezzini. As always."

Matt nods and gets out the paper and a pen, sliding it in front of Giles. "Just tell the truth. The whole truth." Matt gets up as Lara leaves, "Will you pardon me for a moment?" he says to Sara as he gives one of those half, fake smiles at the two sided mirror. Because he can hear Paul.

He follows Lara out of the interrogation room and down the hallway towards the bathroom and touches her arm as he ducks into it with her in tow. Once she's inside, Murdock locks it.

"He's telling the truth. I'll spare you the details, but I can tell, physiologically, when someone's lying. He isn't." He wipes at his mouth, letting his cool exterior evaporate. He's so close. He feels he's so close to getting something on Kingpin. For four years he's been working on this.

"The sister. She might know something." Matt runs his hand through his hair and exhales.

Back in on the other side of the interrogation room, Johnson sort of stands there awkwardly as Paul looks through it, "You're welcome, Paul. I mean, Detective Manning."

"I've met her once or twice, I should be able to get us in contact with her," Lara murmurs to Matt. "And then I get to face the Pezzini inquisition over why I'm dating the lawyer she hates. And let me tell you, the Spanish have nothing on Sara." She smirks at the blind lawyer.

Sara might let the door slam behind her just a little bit. "Oh, hey. Paul." She blinks when she sees her partner, clearing her throat. "Side job. Sort of. Which turned into…" She trails off, waving a hand at the interrogation room. "Hey, Johnson," she smiles briefly to the younger officer. "You wanna take this one, bring in the DAs?"

Paul glances over at Johnson a moment before looking back at the papers. Crushing on the gay guy; doesn't care or they didn't tell her as some kind of joke? When Sara comes out, he offers her the papers. "Poindexter. Unsurprisingly, he's got a record. Fill me in on the rest? Just make it fast since I have a date with that hot fireman I told you about and don't want to keep him waiting." He didn't, since he doesn't but it does let Johnson know he's off the menu.

"Boy would I, Pezzini?!" gleams Johnson. "Thank you so much!" She burns away and looks to get the DA leaving Sara and Paul alone to talk. But when she hears Manning mention the fireman, a little piece of her heart dies inside.

"Pezzini?" Matt makes a face. "You know her? She's a good cop but she has no love lost for me, I'll tell you that. But it's the good cop thing that'll see this through." He leans to give her a kiss on the cheek, obviously still bristling with the energy of getting this close to Fisk. "And if you dump me, please make sure it's a better reason than Sara. Gotta go. I need to switch clothes and find this Poindexter guy."

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