Spores D'oeuvres

May 13, 2014:

In Soviet Russia, plants grow you. (Language warning)


Some secret Soviet installation out in the middle of nowhere.


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Fade In…

Siberia! Seriously, could you choose a place that's any colder? No one likes Russia. The trees in this forest are charred black, covered in contrast with white powdery snow. Tracks lead through the forest path, snowmobiles and truck tracks. They're leading to a bunker that's almost buried in snow a couple miles ahead. It's a great hideout for a lab, or something that someone might be looking for.
One person looking for the contents of this bunker is Evelyn. Bundled in a thick coat with goggles and skis, she's still shivering even as she slowly ski-walks down the worn path, sometimes looking behind her to see if more vehicles are coming. She's about a mile or two from the bunker, alone in the forest. "F-f-fuck.. It's cold." She murmurs to no-one.


Through the ages, there's been one trick to making Siberia a more enjoyable place to be. It has skis on the front, a spiked track in the rear, and is capable of flying across the snow at upwards of eighty miles an hour.

Why the hell would Domino ever come out this way without having secured proper transportation for herself?

Evelyn would certainly hear it coming, though snow does make for a pretty good sound insulator. Add in the direction of the wind and the forward speed of that particular sled and she may not have all that long to react, which may very well turn out to be for the best. As odd as that might seem. Its lone occupant is decked in white and smoke grey armor that looks like it's -way- too thin to offer any thermal protection at all out here, coupled with a shielded helmet that makes it look more like motorcycle apparel than anything designed for arctic conditions.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing.


Evelyn spots Domino first, which probably isn't for the worst. If you're keen and _lucky_, you might just see the smoked lenses of Evelyn's ski goggles before she skids to the right towards the brush. Her clothes are wool and fur, insulated tan and white with fuz. Kind of like a classic eskimo, though the digital pattern easily would give away her military origins to someone paying close enough attention.
In the brush, the android quickly undoes the clips to her skis to free her boots, leaving them by the brush as she kneels down, perhaps too late to not be seen by the acute.


There's this thing about digital camo… While it has an advantage over electronic gear, there's a drawback. It's easier to spot with an unaided eye. Nature doesn't work in straight lines.

The drone of the engine cuts off as the black and white snowmobile coasts to a halt, its lone occupant already up out of the seat in case she might need to leap for cover or drop flat and gun it out of there. The large, nasty looking rifle across her back is fairly impossible to miss, too. Now, unfortunately for Evelyn, Domino's keeping an eye out for people as well. 'Leave no witnesses,' and all that jazz. Finding a lone wanderer that's attached to this project could be most beneficial.

That's why she's hopping to her feet with a compact PDW tucked within both of her gloved hands, training it on the brush as she whistles in a 'come out, come out, wherever you are…' fashion.


Evelyn kneels a bit closer to the ground, not quite able to slip to another bush with Domino so close. Her breath is shaking a little bit, coming out in little tufts of white mist. From her side she draws her silenced pistol, pointing it up a little bit and steadying it with both hands. She's ready to spring.
If Domino gets any closer, she makes her move. A snowball will come flying out from behind the bush as if a well-aimed grenade now in a trajectory to smack Domino in the face. At the same time, she springs from behind the bushes for some nearby trees and foliage, revealing her presence.



Helmets reduce peripheral vision somewhat.

Domino's arms drop in unison, the sigh which follows practically audible despite the head enclosure. "-Really?- Who throws a fucking snowball out here? That's like the kind of thing -I- would do."

No attempt is made to level her weapon upon the now revealed threat (if it really IS a threat!) Instead she reaches up and sloooowly wipes the slush away from the visor before turning to meet this individual mask to face. The one raised hand never has a chance to drop back down before it's flicking the polarized visor upward, revealing what should be an entirely obvious black patch around the left eye.

"-You?- The hell's this all about now? If you're trying to track me…" she trails off in a warning about as frigid as the Siberian wind surrounding the two.


As soon as the snowball splashes against Domino's face, Evelyn rounds the corner of the tree and has her pistol aimed at Domino. They may only be a few metres apart, but that's about perfect pistol range. When Domino raises her visor, she says in unison with Domino, "-You?-" She pauses for a few moments, "What the hell are you doing out here, this is a CIA operation. Not a place for a lunatic to be skiing." She doesn't lower her pistol.


By now it's quite clear when Dom rolls her eyes, letting the white painted PDW drop from her hands to dangle from a shoulder loop. Rather than start pointing nasty hurty things back at Evelyn she merely pulls the helmet clear, bracing it against a hip with the dead weight of her left arm. "Does it -look- like I'm planning on skiing to you?" she pointedly asks with the mobile's engine still merrily idling away.

"Friendly heads up, kiddo. More groups than the CIA like to dip into the global cookie jar." (But now I know what you're doing out here, thanks for that bit of intel.) Motioning down the path with a quick upward twitch of her chin, she inquires "Soviet stronghold, cira 1948, just south of two klicks? Looks like we've both been invited to the same party. What are the damn odds."

(1 in 403,921.)

"Put the gun down, I'm not the one you're going to use it on."


Evelyn's face dips into a frown for a moment, "I could repay you for that little hole you gave me earlier.." Her eyes narrow for a moment, thinking about it. She could, but she doesn't, instead slowly lowering her intercepter pistol, clicking the safety on. Fortunately, it's pretty self evident if she's here, this is probably a CIA operation. After all, Evelyn doesn't like to go to below zero weather for vacations and fun.
"I don't think there's goes to be anything in there, call it a hunch." Evelyn says finally, letting her guard down a little bit. She's shivering, as evident by her teeth clattering a bit when she lets her body's natural response take over. She looks towards the base, then back to Domino. "What's your deal?"


(Hey, I know that gun.)

Dom's eyes narrow just slightly, leaning to the side before Evelyn puts her sidearm away. "That's not standard issue." More importantly, however, "You really out here by yourself? Doesn't seem very sporting of the pencil-pushers, weather like this should be appreciated by all."

It's the -shivering,- though… This is an android! It makes no sense! But..dammitall. Despite the overwhelming evidence that none of this should matter in the slightest she releases another slow breath and steps back to the lone vehicle, unzipping a pack strapped to the back and pulling out a hand warmer to toss over to the other woman. "No idea if you've got frostbite concerns like the rest of us. Unless your goal is to become a droidcicle you really need better gear to make it out here."

As for her 'deal?' The question is met with a pointed stare, the merc debating just how she wants to answer that question. "Same reason." Ev's CIA, aren't they supposed to have all of the answers? Besides, if this facility is a tomb then her own objectives don't really matter, now do they.

"Come on," she 'offers' with a motion to the back of the mobile. "May as well be useful so long as you're here."


Evelyn holsters her weapon finally when she decides now that Domino isn't an immediate threat. That's probably affirmed a little bit when she catches the hand warmer. She looks at it expectantly for a moment, observing it, before finally using it. "I don't think there is any gear that'll protect you when it's thirty below.."
Walking over, Evelyn eventually makes it to the vehicle, and she swings her legs over the back and sits on it. The shocks complain a little bit, but not even close to as much as movies make fun of robots for. She's not _that_ heavy. "Thanks." she says back, not quite replying to the frostbite thing. After all, while it may be one of her concerns, it's nothing Domino needs to know about.


(Well, today just got awkward.) "We've really gotta stop meeting like this," Domino nonchalantly states while climbing back behind the controls, plunking the helmet back into place. Just like that, off they go down the trail.

The question now is, what the hell is she supposed to do..? Apologizing tends to not be one of her fallbacks. That, and she's still not sure if she should feel bad for having taken the shot. It was all Barton's fault, anyway. She could share some intel but that might raise even more questions which she doesn't want being asked. Of course, she could also just shut up and drive.

She shuts up and drives.

Then she parks the mobile off to the side and kills the engine, switching the helm out for something lighter weight and meant to directly combat the cold. "There's always -something- going on in the middle of freaking nowhere, isn't there," she rhetorically asks. "Scout for vehicles or prints first. I've got eyes out for cameras."

Just like that the two are working together. Apparently.


"You're telling me," Evelyn says back at you. Climbing on, she wraps her arms around you to keep steady because snow. She's pretty much silent during the ride as well, though she sometimes shivers a little bit.
Upon reaching the base, she lets go of you and steps off. It's started snowing. Again. Fucking Siberia, it's miserable out here. The wind speeds are picking up, too. The bunker is an old cement structure, spray tagged and marked. It's old. There's one gigantic metal door, slightly ajar as it leads far underground. There's actually no indication on the outside that this place has any power at all, but Evelyn goes scouting.


(Tags and an open door? Not so promising. At least we can get out of the wind for a while.)

From the outside the place looks about as impressive as a clump of grey Lego bricks all slapped together. Gotta love that whole 'military efficiency' thing. Domino makes one pass around the perimeter before reconverging with Evelyn, the PDW once more occupying her palms as she slips through the open entrance. This is one of those times where having a gunlight proves to be quite handy.

"Think I'm more concerned with finding a pack of wolves down here than Cold War secrets," she mutters. "Looks like we both got screwed over, place is a damned tomb. " Which begs another question to be asked, what on Earth did the -CIA- want with it?

(This doesn't feel right. At all.)


When Evelyn converges on Domino, she's holding a pair of dogtags in her hands. "Found these. Russian, I can't read it." She tosses them over to Domino, they look pretty dented and old. Probably nothing worth keeping.
As Domino descends into the bunker, Evelyn follows. She removes her ski-goggles and draws her pistol, shaking her head as she also lowers her fuzzy hood. The darkness below is almost tangible, and the incline isn't too friendly. The floor is wet, a little slippery. After a couple minutes of descending, plants start appearing. In this weather. Vines and foliage as green as can be wrap around the walls, gripping as they climb up the tunnel as if it reach for the surface. Going any further, the foliage just gets thicker and more aggressive, almost covering every wall and floor.


On the upside, Dom -can- read Russian! On the downside, the tags aren't going to be of any help. There's a glance followed by a slight frown, "Nothing important."

What is important is that it would appear that they're descending into a jungle… As the vines start to become more dense she stops and moves over to poke at one of them, as if it might suddenly reveal a face and greet them both. "I'm no botanist, but this seems rather unusual."

More scientific minds would be having a field day down here, gathering samples, running tests, getting atmospheric readings… She's got none of the fancy gear and zero mind to pursue such curious anomalies, but the matter is far from ignored. "What the hell did they send you out here to check on, Ev?" she asks, finally using something approaching the other woman's name. "Does someone think this is Eden or something?"


Evelyn stops to look at the plants for a moment, but she probably makes about as much sense out of it as Domino. Looking to you , she shrugs and descends further, careful to step over roots and vines now. As you descend further, the foliage gets thicker and the air gets more _humid_, and warm.
"I'm looking for someone." Evelyn reveals finally, looking to you. "But you're right, this is a little weird. Did you expect this?" All the plants are _very_ real, and very leafy. None of them look like any common genus, however. "My instinct tells me to burn everything, I don't like it down her-, I take that back. I really don't like it down here." She stops, pointing ahead of her. There's just a few dried blood smears on the floor with three long claw marks.


Looking for someone… Dom turns to give Evelyn a 'for real?' look. "If not for the plants I've seen more lively fallout shelt-" Clawmarks. Blood. "Nevermind. Looks like your odds of finding someone alive down here just took a turn for the worse. If you're lucky you'll still be able to identify them, at least."

Perhaps even more troubling is that her own odds of a successful op seem to be disappearing quite rapidly as the two continue their descent into the peculiar jungle. This is every bit as unexpected for her. It's also looking like a bigger problem than what she's prepared for.

"Gonna take more thermite than I've got to torch the place. I'm open to suggestions."


"It might just be a coincidence. After all, I was following track marks for vehicles. They go into this facility and disappear, though. That's odd." Evelyn says, stopping for a moment. She starts to unbutton her jacket, discarding it on the floor. She has a few thermal layers undernear a full suit of armor, including pads to her arms, chest, and legs. She must be wearing at least 30kilos of gear and armor. At least.
Leaving the jacket behind, she descends further, digging out a flashlight to help combat the darkness. Darkness and plants. This is creepy. "Did I mention I don't like the dark?"
After another minute of descending, Domino and Evelyn are presented with doors, swung wide open and twisted by the plants that have overgrown here. The bunker's antechamber is laden with metal grated floors with botanical experiments gone wrong. The bulbs are shattered, but terminals glow dimly against the wall, stuck in some sort of loop with cracked screens. There's a soft smell of phosphorous.


Not a bad idea, shedding a little weight. Dom can do without the head covering, though it would appear that she's only got the one full piece of armor to go against all of the cold. That the woman beside her is lugging around so much weight (and STILL got cold!) is ..surprising. Oh, and she doesn't like the dark. The matter is set aside for the moment, still rolling around in the albino's mind. There's just so much which happens to be so peculiar around here…

"Okay, serious Q and A time," she cuts in just before those next doors, half turning herself toward Evelyn but turning most of her attention to the underside of her left wrist. "You act like any old person out there. But you're made up of components. You've got strength and mass which others of your size don't. What all -can- you do?" she asks with a glance. "You're not protected from the cold, you can't see in the dark… Help me out here, I can't understand why ..why you -exist,-" she finishes with a final tap to her wrist. In about a second flat her armor shifts from white and grey to pitch black.

"And as soon as we meet the unfriendly locals down here, how concerned should I be about you being able to survive the encounter? I can't carry you back up these stairs."


Evelyn clicks off her flashlight and presses against the wall to the entryway, as if seeking cover should anything come running out with flailing claws to kill her. She sternly looks to you and listens to your question and thoughts. In a normal situation, she might be seriously offended. Something about combat situations cause her training to kick in, however. She _is_ a soldier, that's what she was trained to be, that's what she is.
"Seriously? You haven't figured it out? I was designed to be like anyone else. That _is_ my design. I'm literally an android that _is_ human, I blend perfectly anywhere that I'm not being shot at." Evelyn says frankly, peering around the corner for a moment. "I'm not supposed to be in combat situations, but the CIA doesn't care. Flat out, as long as my reactor is online, it would take a lot for me to go down. Unless you hit something important like my backup battery." She glares.
"That's why I'm wearing armor."


'Backup battery.' "Lucky shot," Domino replies in a purely dismissive fashion. "Yeah, so you're like everyone else. Why create something like that when they could have just -hired- someone that's like everyone else? Were they so keen on the idea of physical ownership of one of their own? Nothing personal but you got the short end of every stick possible."

(Man the air's thick down here… Gonna have to be careful the sweat doesn't flash-freeze when we're running for our lives later.)

"No scanners, no motion sensors, no thermal identification..fine. I'm just going to treat you like a regular human. Congrats, looks like you get your wish today. Cover my three, we take this slow."

And apparently she's giving the orders now, too.

"For what it's worth, glad you're not dead. You're way more entertaining alive."


"Thanks, I think." replies Evelyn as she crouches low. "For what it's worth, I can be expanded with other technology. They just… Haven't. My reactor could probably power this whole base." Well, that's worth mentioning. On Domino's signal, she shuts up and follows her six.
Gun drawn, Evelyn is pretty nifty in that she at least seems to be a pretty good aim. Entering the facility is a bit of a trick, it's hard to not step anywhere without crunching leaves or vines or whatever's on the ground. There's a few hallways out of this room, but the base is entirely quiet. Plants are everywhere. A small red light gleams far-far away in the top right corner of one of the adjacent hallways. It's just which direction to go now?


A whimsical sneer passes over blackened lips with the 'I think' part. About the reactor, however… "Powerful enough to level the place, too?" Dom asks. It might appear that she's being serious more than snarky, though whether she's actually considering -trying- it or not isn't quite so easy to tell.

So far things seem ..way too quiet. And eerie. Eerily quiet. There's still some power running to the facility, however. This is a start. The preliminary search reveals nothing hostile, nothing even so much as stirring beyond the two-strong invading force.

"You wanna look for your person, feel free," she offers while leaning forward to get a closer look at one of the terminals. "I'd sure like to figure out what in the -hell- happened down here. We still have unaccounted for clawmarks and blood patterns. They came from somewhere. I'd appreciate knowing where."


"Powerful enough to level the place? You mean explode? No, it's not volatile." Evelyn responds with a look of annoyance. "Besides, we're like a hundred metres underground?" Whatever. She starts to stalk off down the center hallway, "I'll be right back." It's not like she hadn't planned on doing this alone, anyways.
After a couple minutes, if you stay, the jingling of Evelyn's gear disappears into the silence that's already permeating the entire environment.


How's Domino to know what is or isn't possible here? Evelyn is kind of challenging what she thought was, or wasn't, possible simply by being here! It's a learning experience all around. Now she knows that there's no risk of the 'droid going all mushroom cloud on her. This is important!

"Scream if you need backup," she casually replies while picking over the keyboard. Hopefully everything still works despite the heat and humidity, already she has to pause to wipe matted black hair away from her eyes. Anyone else might think that splitting up is a bad idea but these two are here independently, with their own objectives. As far as Dom's concerned, the less Ev knows about her reason for being down here the better.

Just gotta plug the USB drive into the … Right. Dated technology is dated. "Hope like hell the printer still works," she mutters with a sigh.


Plugging into the computer pulls it out of its recursive loop. It takes a little bit, but soon you're cracking through the software. If you wait long enough, you'll just about get to the point where you're through when — the entire bases power flickers, resetting the computers. God. Now you have to start over again.
Until you hear a scream -far- into the complex, and the power shuts off again. Complete darkness.


Stare. -Sigh.- In the silence that follows the blackout, Dom's "Oh bloody hell" becomes the only sound heard. Fingertips drum along the desk once, then power returns.

As does trouble.

She's already back on her feet and running, PDW in hand, before the thought (At least I know she was listening to me back there) can take shape. The facility's lights can't be trusted, she's got a 120 lumen flashlight attached to her weapon and a pair of widened eyes a bit further back. It's a bad time to realize that A: this place is a lot bigger than she had realized, and B: she doesn't have a floorplan. She can only sprint down one hall for so long before a decision has to be made regarding direction.

There's luck. Then, there's echolocation.

"Ev, call out! EV!-Sssshit," she ends in a low hiss before picking a direction wholly at random.


Running down the hallways is laborous. The metal shafts run almost like pipes. Stairs, hallways, it's almost a maze with nothing but your footsteps echoing against the walls. A bloody howl reverberates throughout the complex capable of sending chills into even the mightiest of heroes.
Behind you, something scitters, like claws clattering against metal, but if you turn to look, there's nothing.


It's with this sound from behind that Domino stops short, breath held and back coming up to the wall as she stands there and listens, well and truly -listens.- This isn't what she had expected at all, -none- of this. The fancy forearm-mounted automapper had been left behind. Why would she have needed it for some old Soviet cement cube out in the middle of nowhere? At ground level with..with natural light and all of that fun helpful stuff..!

It had been a long trip. She had traveled light. Easier to get across international boundaries, and all. Down here with limited gear, she's feeling largely unprepared. It may not matter though, one cannot hit what one cannot see.

Unless you're the world's luckiest bitch.

No attempt to aim is made. One shot from the lengthy 9mm's suppressor sends a jacketed slug up into the ceiling, rebounding with a spark and a whiz to fly off to gods know where. As far as personal sacrifice goes, one bullet tends to matter most in a zombie apocalypse.

She hasn't seen any zombies down here yet.


The soft glow from the sparks briefly illuminates the hallway you're in. A wild-haired black shadow is inches from your face, with red eyes and gangly limbs. Almost like a silhouette with one wide, white, toothy grin full of sharp teeth. This only last the split second the bullet's spark illuminate the area, then it's gone. The bullet thunks into something organic, you're sure of it. You hear the dripping of blood. Were you successful?
One of the thick tree-like vines has been hit, it's dripping a white goo onto the floor. Before you really have time to figure out much about that, you hear something. Someone's running, the sound of footsteps against metal combined with the desparate panting of something fleeing. As the sound draws nearer, you also hear something big and clunky running too.


(Oh SHI-)


Whatever had those evil red eyes and nasty big pointy teeth gets a handful of bullets sent in its direction. Just as quickly Domino's crouched low and wound up at the opposite wall with the PDW in one hand and a sidearm in her other hand, the former with the flashlight turned on once more. The spent brass barely had a chance to catch up to her in falling to the floor.

(Okay, that got the blood flowing…) And she didn't even need to step outside for the sweat to run cold.

Something big and clunky could be another problem. She doesn't know! She's not even sure if it's worth pushing through this pitch black labyrinth looking for someone she has no personal connection to before the battery in that gunlight dies out or if she'd be better served just trying to save her -own- ass and find a way back -out- of this Siberian hole.

..That matter had been answered a long time ago when she stopped to pick up a passenger out on the trail today.

"Tell me that's you, Ev," she speaks out in a low voice as eyes and weapon sights quest for a new target.


Sure enough, if you round the corner, you'll find Evelyn running with her pistol in hand. She seems to be fine. Phew! "Turn left!" She shouts, blazing past you. If you look again, you'll see a big hulking furry black dog running on all fours down the hallway. It's fast and as big as a fucking horse. It's also bleeding. Ev got to it, first.
"Cover your mouth!" Evelyn shouts again as she blows past you, heading for another hallway. She's pretty agile, dodging all those vines and branches.


Hooolycrap! Well, now Dom's got direction on top of motivation. Who knows what's up ahead to the left, they're about to find out! The albino's sprinting but an instant later, rattling off another collection of rounds behind them both in the hopes of at least -slowing down- whatever's back there. Outright killing the big nasty beastie might be asking a bit much out of a subsonic nine millimeter. She can always hope, though!

"You're just awesome at making friends, aren't you!" she calls back, -after- being told to shut it. At least, that's how she translated it. There's always room for sarcasm.


The few rounds puncture it and it howls again, sounding just more pissed. It's already limping, if it weren't, it would have easily caught up with you and Evelyn already. Turning a corner, Evelyn takes hold of a bulkhead door, starting to close it just as you zip through.
It takes nearly all her strength to close the door with some of the vines in the way, but she won't be able to unless Domino helps. The beastie is getting close. Run or leave Evelyn trying to close the beastie away? "Shut up and close it!" Evelyn barks, straining against the door.


As luck (for Ev!) would have it, the decision had already been made. Dom's conscience won't let her walk out of here without helping the artificial-but-not woman. While she's right there to help close the door she's also not as strong, though at times like this every bit should make a difference. Twisting the wheel lock, though, -that- is a thing she can do.

Now, finally, the merc's gone silent. Thus, everything that she needs to say can be read right from her widened stare. 'What was that thing, can we leave now,' and possibly even an 'are you okay' or 'did you find what you were looking for?'

She's finding at least one thing she's looking for. A frag grenade with a programmable delay. Never leave home without 'em.


The door closes with a loud wailing creak and a lot clunk. The wheel lock twists into place and seals the door. Confused, the beast runs into the door and then begins clawing it. On this side, it's just a quiet scratching noise. Good work.
Evelyn pants, almost wheezing for breath as she leans against the door. Her forearm is folded on the door, and her forehead rests on her arm while her other hand lays planted against the crusty door. After gaining a bit of breath she looks over, "I found him." What. The. Fuck.
She stares at you for a few moments, wide eyed. "Oh, shit. Cover your nose and your mouth, why didn't you listen to me? The air is toxic, the plants are making a hallucinogen."


Those three words take a moment to sink in, Dom's eyes once more going wide as she takes a step away from the door and points right at it. "THAT thing?"

And then there's a bigger problem. Breathing. As in… No mask. No filtration system. No extra layers to cover her airways with. Her hands come up and out as she just looks over herself before those raised limbs drop heavily back to her sides. "Well -fuck- me running. Have a good life, kiddo."

This isn't what she had prepared for at all. Those growing suspicions from earlier are looking more likely to be true by the second. Someone knew something that she didn't know. Someone wanted her to never leave this place alive. Or, possibly even as one of those -things- lurking behind the door.

"Evac," she bluntly says while reloading the PDW. "It's all we can do, evac. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to make it topside with you. If not I'll just buy you some time."


"And you call yourself a merc or whatever? Man, did you bring anything?" replies Evelyn, as she turns and sits down. Undoing a few clips, she drops her body plates and just takes off one of her thermal layers. Pulling the canteen off her waist belt and a coal stick, she grinds the coal stick into some dust, puts it into her shirt, and then drizzles all of her water onto it. Tying it and straining it, she hands the folded shirt up to you.
"Put this on. You're getting out." Evelyn says affirmatively. If you take it, she'll start putting her gear back on. The scratching at the door's stopped, it looks like the werewolf gave up. Once her vest is back on, Evelyn grabs the lock wheel and uses it to lift herself back up. She doesn't mention anything about owing her, either. Though, you totally do.
"What did you come here for, what did you need to get? We can get it before we go." Evelyn says, looking at Domino. "And are you ever going to tell me your name? Or something to call you?"


"What, you think I come pre-packaged with a fucking utility belt like Batman does?!" Domino counters. "I plan for each job as best I can and this one mentioned -nothing- about rampant plant growth in the middle of fucking Siberia with a hallucinogenic atmosphere! I brought -weapons,- because I -kill- things. Would you like me to start with you?"

Filter. "..Or..I could start with Cuddles the Wonder Gremlin," she lamely 'corrects' herself while taking the offered mask. "Just grab a terminal or two on our way out the door, either they'll have the info or they won't," she grumbles.

..Oh. Yeah. Right. She never did offer a name, did she..? Clint probably found out, SHIELD resources and all that jazz, but she's not been the most forthcoming in that department lately! "Domino," she simply replies. Maybe it's a lot of practice which allows her to say that with a straight face, given the black eye patch and all. "I'll take it as a good sign that you haven't heard of me before, your friends back at the Agency might have something more to say about it."


"Evelyn," replies Eve in way of formal name exchanges go. "I guess it's just what we soldiers do. Carry everything for every possible situation." She motions to the air, "This is why they send me places." Obviously, given she's not wearing a mask. The hallucinogens will probably continue to bring nightmares to life for Domino, but Evelyn helps her grab a few terminals and they even manage to escape. Upon reaching the surface, Eve puts her jacket back on. They're free, free back into evening level cold siberian weather. This could hardly get any worse.

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