Hey, Joe

March 10, 2015:

Joe visits Barry in New York. They run into Kitty Pryde at the Bar.

A NYC bar



NPCs: Joe West


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Joe West digs at a nacho as he looks up towards Barry with one of his trademark grins shaped by his immaculately trimmed black goatee. His sits with his wide shoulders hunched, and his head hangs down a bit with almond eyes that take in his foster son.

"You sure you're alright though? An apartment destroyed by the undead is enough to shake anyone. And that's not even talking about apartment hunting in the Big Apple."

Barry exhale-smirks and shakes his head with a wide smile. The folds of his eyelids scrunch out the blue of his eyes. "I told you on the phone, Joe. I'm alright. You didn't need to use your vacation time."

Joe tilts his head to the side and makes a face as he looks out over the bar, "You said you were alright, but I had to make sure."

The bar is filled with a mixture of middle aged professionals and young hipster-types. It's a bar and grill but the food is well made and the beer is that micro-brew stuff. Only the best for the man who raised him since the day his mother was murdered.

Never one to pass up a good bar and grill, Kitty pushes her way into the establishment. She's alone for the moment, checking her phone as she glances about to find an empty seat. Draped about her shoulder is a heavy messenger bag that she does not place on the floor. Instead, she scoops it carefully into her lap, lifting the flap just a bit to check on her dragon in the cold weather. Giving Lockheed a grin, she places her phone on the bar in front of her and flags down the bar tender.

"Hey!" she greets, glancing up at the tap specials. She's friendly, shedding her thick black coat and bright red knit hat, though she keeps her colorful rainbow scarf around her neck. Dressed in a turquoise button down and a short skirt with leggings and high boots, she certainly looks like the private school teacher she is. "Yes, thank you, a, uh, Brooklyn Lager please. Thanks!"

Her order placed, Kitty glances about, eyes landing on Barry. The boy looks familiar, but she can't quite place him. Trying not to stare, she glances back every once in awhile in an attempt to refresh her memory in a way that won't get her pegged as some creepy staring person.

"Plus, it's New York," Barry says, his smile widening.

"Plus, it's New York," repeats Joe with his much lower voice. "Hey, Imma hit the head. You start thinking about how I'm not going to help you unpack in the morning, and I'm going to start thinking about what sites you're going to take me to."

Barry reaches for his beer and sits back on his booth seat to survey the crowd as he's left alone. His light eyes rest on the girl with the rainbow colored scarf. With that and the hat, he does not readily recognize the young woman, but his eyes meet hers as he looks by. Lingering only for a second, he looks past her and towards a group of frat boys playing darts.

The bartender returns with Kitty's beer quickly enough. Catching Barry's look, she frowns, trying to place him as his eyes dart away behind her. The mutant turns her attention back to her beer, taking a sip before she finally places him. The man she kicked in the back of the head before he fled the basketball game.

Grabbing her beer and adjusting her bag, the brunette woman moves toward Barry's booth quickly. "Hey!" she greets with a confident grin. "Sorry to interrupt you. I just…you were at that Knicks game. Where I kicked you in the back of the head. I just wanted to say I'm glad you're alright. And your friend made it out, too? We, uh, lost each other in the crowd." Since she doesn't know that Barry is the Flash, she is confident in her story and that he won't know her as anyone who phased through Leonard Snart or the icy obstacles in her path. "And, you know, sorry again for kicking you in the back of the head."

As Kitty gets up to come towards him, Barry's eyes flash a bit wider in surprise as some girl just gets up to walk over. He doesn't spend a lot of time in bars and this has happened exactly zero times in his life. As she approaches him, he gives her a look of recognition, harkening back to that recent night at the garden.

Cisco would kill to be here right now.

"Oh hi!" Barry exclaims before waving off the comment. "Oh, you know, it was no big deal. It was," He says before pausing. "It was really crazy, I mean, I was just happy that no one got hurt." And that there was a bunch of mutants there to help out. He doesn't mention that part.

Not realizing the exact implications of what Barry must have thought when she walked over, Kitty smiles. "Yeah. I'm glad everyone got out alright. Sorry to just, you know, approach you while you're here with a friend. I just couldn't figure out where I knew you from and wanted to come over and make sure everything was fine." That accomplished, she raises her beer up in a cheers to him.

"I'll let you get back to your evening. Sorry. Good to see you again…" she pauses. "Sorry, we were never introduced. I'm Kitty. Nice to meet you." While she certainly remembers Cisco, she doesn't quite bring up how she brushed him off to get him out of the Garden so she could help her friends. That's not anything she feels needs to be brought up immediately.

"Oh, I'm not here with anyone," Barry says obviously contradicting that there's a spot with a beer in front of it as well as a giant plate of nachos that seems like it is being shared. "I mean, I'm here with my dad."

Realizing that Kitty might ask the same question that 100 people have asked him, he adds, "My foster dad. I mean I have two dads."

"Like the show."

"The only one I know is the movie with Steve Guttenberg, two other guys and a baby. Get a third dad and then you're on." Kitty doesn't quite sit down yet, not exactly sure of her place here just yet. "And, I guess, a baby." She takes a sip of her beer and grins, the bag across her shoulder moving slightly as Lockheed settles a bit. She readjusts the strap as if nothing has happened. It's a normal thing when she takes the dragon out in a bag.

"But, that's nice of you to go out with your dad. I don't want to interrupt. Seriously. I've heard the guy's night thing is a big deal." He puts up one hand to show she surrenders to whatever male bonding rituals there are.

In Japan, people refuse three times before it's socially acceptable to take something. Whether it's a seat, or a drink, or anything else. But this is New York, and Barry is still getting used to it. It's the second time this girl has said she didn't want to impose, so it's pretty clear that she's either a) a very considerate person or b) looking for an excuse to end the conversation.

Being the kind-hearted midwesterner that Barry Allen is, he decides he'd better let this chick off the hook. He pushes away the desire to ask Kitty for a selfie pic with her to send to Cisco and nods to her. "Well, it was nice seeing you again. Really glad you're alright. We were all really lucky," that there were a bunch of superheroes to put Tar Pit behind bars. And put a cramp on Captain Cold's day.

And Kitty spent quite a few years in Japan, but is also one of those people who is actually quite polite. It seems the two of them are politing each other out of actually talking. "Me too! It was good seeing you again. Maybe we'll see each other again sometime." Though she's been in Manhattan for quite awhile, she's not quite used to talking to people she doesn't randomly know and she starts to back away from the conversation, also convinced that she's interrupting or being rude.
Either luckily - or unluckily - depending on the situation, Lockheed is hungry. And he's smelled the nachos left unattended on the table. Sensing that the two know each other, he deems it safe enough to grab a snack. Without any sort of warning, the small purple dragon snakes out of the bag and snatches onto a mouthful of nachos before slithering back into his messenger bag. Blushing and suddenly protective, Kitty straightens. "Ahhh, yes! It was really good to meet you! Oookay, bye have a nice night!" Without further ado, she starts to back away quickly.

"Hey listen," Barry says as the girl begins to head out. "I realize this is going to sound really awkward, but my friend was sort of mesmerized by you." Barry grins sheepishly. Cisco, of course, is always mesmerized by everyone, really, but he's still one of Barry's best friends and a good guy all around.

"Would you be opposed to taking a selfie with me? I'd like to send it to him."

As Kitty backs away, hand over the flap of her messenger bag. However, as Barry either didn't see Lockheed or doesn't seem surprised by him, the shorter brunette woman straightens a bit, head tilting to the side. The request is met with a bemused and slightly embarrassed expression. "Mesmerized? I think he just doesn't know how to talk to women."

Not knowing what to say she grins and shrugs. "Uh, sure, if I could have a bite of those nachos. I was thinking about ordering some for u—myself."

"It's a deal. Joe doesn't need so much cheese anyhow," Barry says with a grin. Did he notice Lockheed? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It's important to note that he had the benefit of knowing that this particular, spunk brunette was some sort of meta. If he saw it, he's not telling, apparently.

Barry slides the nachos over and reaches in his pocket for his StarkPhone. He begins to go through the apps, looking for his camera.

However, as Kitty has not yet made the connection that Barry = Flash, she's merely thinking of her good luck that he hasn't seen the purple dragon. Slipping into the booth, she picks up a tortilla chip and pops it into her mouth. She keeps a hand over her bag to keep Lockheed hidden.

"So, what are you doing in New York? Visiting? Family trip?" He doesn't have the typical New Yorker sort of attitude.

"Actually, I live here now. I moved in a couple of months ago. I'm originally from Central City, that's where we're from. My foster dad still lives there." Barry smiles to her as he finds the app. "You ready? You can do it with a mouth full of nachos or not. Totally up to you."

Barry holds his arm out in selfie-position. He doesn't know if Kitty is a touchy feely type so he doesn't dare snuggle in. He leaves that up to her. "I don't know if Cisco will love this, or die of jealousy."

"Ah! Sorry, I should really learn to not ask that. I think just about everyone in New York City is from somewhere else. I'm actually originally from Illinois. I've just been here forever." Kitty is mid-nacho, but she stuffs it in her mouth. Chewing a few times, she swallows and then smiles. "Give me a moment."

While not exactly a touchy-feely person, she's also knows it's easier to take a selfie when close together. While not snuggling, she moves in closer and smiles. "Your friend met me for about a second. I'm sure he's found another girl who looks like she's on a show to try and save. He's really quite sweet."

"He is that," Barry says as he presses the button and gives the camera the universal look of, /Guess where I am?/ There's a bright, blinding flash (no pun intended), and Barry immediately posts the picture to his online networking sites and sends a text to his pal Cisco.

"I don't mind. I kind of like being an outsider here in New York. It's been kind of fun so far," Barry replies, shifting conversation. "What made you leave Illinois? Were you a Chicago type or a 'rest of Illinois type?"

Then, he's back at the original part of the conversation, "You should really give him a shot. He's a great guy. And I don't think he's found anyone else yet. You still have your chance."

Kitty grins at the flash (and then The Flash). And then immediately grabs another nacho. Though she said she was only going to have one or two, that seems to have gone out the window now that she's sat down. She takes a long drink from her beer, starting to loosen up now that the introductions are all taken care of. "The rest of it," she grins. "I'm from some little town in the middle of nowhere. I came here for school. What about you? What brought you to the city?"

"Your friend Cisco?" The young mutant gives a grin. "I'm not really looking for that sort of thing right now. Though, he does seem like a good guy. My life at the moment is a little…complicated."

"I came for my job, kind of. I mean, I came to be closer to my real dad, and got a job out here." Barry doesn't add that his father is in Sing Sing doing hard time for the false conviction of murdering Barry's mother.

Barry nods, "I hear you about the complicated stuff. I'll let him down easy for you, but he deserves to know the truth." Barry can't help but chuckle.

"That's nice." The mention of moving for his father gets a look down at her beer glass, though Kitty certainly does sound sincere about that. "Family's important. It's good of you to move to be closer to your dad." Her mother still lives in Illinois. They both have things they are not exactly saying.

With a grin, she nods. "Thanks. He does seem like a good guy." And then she grins, moving to cheers her glass against his. "And you're a good guy to look after your friend like that."

Barry tries not to laugh out loud as it becomes clear that Kitty may have missed the point of why he was doing this. "Oh, I'm not looking out for him—I'm totally roasting him because I know he would kill to be here right now. I mean, the guy is like my brother, but we're guys. We need to razz each other now and again."

It's Kitty's turn to laugh. "If you think that is your way of roasting your friend, you are way sweeter than even I thought at first. All you're doing is talking up your friend and trying to get him a date." She takes another drink. "Unless you knew I wasn't looking for a date, in which case you are a mean mastermind."

Leaning on the table in front of her, Lockheed starts to poke his head out to try and see if he can steal more nachos. Honestly, the dragon thinks more with his stomach than anything else.

Barry shakes his head, "I didn't know that, no. But, be that as it may, I think you are both missing out. I wish I had that sort of forethought, but I just don't." Barry sighs inwardly and leans up upon the table on his elbows while his thin shoulders jut out up into the air. His head hangs a bit as he looks to her, as if he's about to say the most important thing in the world.

"I think your pet likes nachos."

With a laugh, Kitty shakes her head. "You don't even know me. As far as you know, I could be the worst thing for him." She smirks. "Ah, so you're a leap first sort of guy. I can respect that." Then, as he lowers his head toward her, her eyebrows raise and then she quickly looks over. "Lockheed!" she hisses at him, but it's a bit too late to pretend that he's not there. "He's, uh, he's not my pet. Um, but he does like nachos. He's….uh…" How to describe him? "Let's just say you're drunk?"

Barry is wiping at the side of his face and shakes his head no, absently, but his eyes never leave Lockheed. "I'm not drunk. We haven't had anything." And to be honest, Barry couldn't be drunk anyways. "He looks like a dragon."

Barry's eyes finally pull up to face Kitty, "You might be the worst thing for him. But that'd teach him not to fall in love at first sight. So either way, you'd be good for him." Pause. "Do you have a dragon?"

Lockheed gives a lizardy grin to Barry before snatching a few nachos in his claws and buries back into Kitty's messenger bag with his prey. As for if she could be good or bad for Cisco, that's really not what she cares about any more. Barry seems like a nice enough guy, but Lockheed is her close friend. "Uh, yes, he does look like a dragon, but he's not. He's…well, he's kind of an alien? I mean, he's really just a friend."

"He seems kind of cool," Barry says with a shrug, eating from the opposite side of the plate. "Believe it or not he's not the weirdest thing I've seen this week. I'm a criminal scientist with the local police department. I see weird stuff all the time." He sees folks from Mutant Town all the time, but he doesn't mention that. He doesn't know if she's mutant or meta and it's really not that big of a deal to him.

Barry nods towards Joe he comes to take his seat, right next to Kitty.

"Hey," Joe says to her. "I'm Joe. I was wondering if you would stop by," he adds.

"No, Joe, this isn't—"

"She uh,…she kicked me in the head."

"Come again?"

"He's definitely cool." Kitty grins. "And I'm sure. NYPD see a lot of weird stuff here. Though, maybe not a d — " And then Joe returns and she lifts her eyes to the man as he takes his seat next to her. "Oh, hi! You must be — "

The woman smiles. "I'm Kitty," she sticks her hand out to Joe in introduction. Then, she turns to Barry, now teasing. "Waiting for someone else, hm?" She can't help it.

However, at the introduction that she kicked him in the back of his head, she blushes. "I, yeah, it was at a Knicks game. It was an accident. He has, you know, a kickable head. I really am sorry about that."

"His head is definitely kickable," Joe says with a nod, as he takes a swig of beer. "My daughter used it as a kicking bag and a punching bag quite a bit when he was a kid. If he starts slurring his speech, it's probably from the concussions."

"I was hoping to meet Barry's girlfriend, but he's pretty sure he's getting dumped. I thought maybe he was wrong."

"Thank you, Joe," Barry says with a look of half irritation and half bemusement. "You're the best."

"You're darn right I'm the best, and don't you forget it. Kitty, it's nice to meet you. Joe West." Joe reaches his hand towards Kitty for her to shake.

"I'll keep an eye out for that then," Kitty grins at Joe's description of his daughter beating him up as a kid.

"Getting dumped? I'm sorry. I'm sure it's a miscommunication." Not that she knows who he's dating or why they may be breaking up. "And no, Barry was trying to set me up with his friend, Cisco."

"Kitty Pryde," she gives her full name now that Joe has given his. She grins, eyes switching between the two of them. "I should probably let you guys get back to your family thing." Gently, she shifts her messenger bag. "It was good seeing you again, Barry. I hope I'll see you again soon. Mr. West, it was nice to meet you."

"If by miscommunication you mean no communication, then you're probably right," Barry says with a sad laugh.

"Oh, this is the girl that Cisco is into this week? It was nice to meet you, Kitty Pryde," Joe says with a nod. "Thanks for not doing any permanent damage with your foot on the boy," he adds.

"Bye, Kitty," Barry says with a wry grin.

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