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April 08, 2015:

A group of heroes gather.

New York

Central Park


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J'onn J'onzz had reached out to Kara, asking her to meet him at Central Park. Of course, as before, this message is sent mind to mind. <Supergirl, This is the Martian Manhunter. There is something of importance we must discuss. Please meet me in Central Park.> His voice is flat, almost sans emotion. It is clearly no emergency, in his mind.

And so, the Martian Manhunter waited in a somewhat off the beaten path in the large park- an area of relative privacy from the park proper. He floats a few inches off the ground, upright, and looking out towards the city- glowing eyes gazing through buildings. Watching. On guard, even now.

Kara had been in New York City after the craziness of the night before and when Martian Manhunter mentally 'texted' her she kind of acknowledged it because she wasn't really too sure on how all of that worked.

Reaching into her pockets she texted Kate, "<If you're still in New York that Manhunter Martian wants me to meet him. Mind coming along, just in case?>" When strange aliens with names like Manhunter asked her to meet, she definitely was a little weary!

Supergirl can be seen flying above central park, heading to a discreet meeting place but since her skills at stealth sucked it would be easy for /anyone/ to follow and see if she was going to check out some kind of trouble.

Kate grimaces at the text. The last time… « I'll come, but I'm not making any promises about being nice if he gets into my head again. Someone needs to explain to him that that's rude. » Or at least she's decided it is. Probably because she doesn't like it. But she leaves Clint's place, getting into the mustang to drive to the park.

Central Park, a great place to practice the Tai Chi that Danny happens to fond of. Sure he can do it at the Dojo, but well there is something to be said about doing it in the great outdoors. Of course Central Park is also home to well muggers and stuff. So well a great place to get another kind of workout if one wants. Of course while he is practicing, he just can't help but notice the flying person overhead. And hey that could very well mean some action. Since things have been slow for Danny lately, he decides to do something not very smart and follow along. Cause hey something that involves a super person is probably just way out of his league.

J'onn looks up towards the sky as Kara approaches- and even in the green of spring the green skinned Martian stood out. He lifts an arm as she approaches, in greeting. "Supergirl." he states, "I am glad you came, thank you." he begins, assuming the Kryptonian could hear him based on what he's seen. "We must discuss the events in Zion. Your actions, in particular." Kate is unexpected, but he can sense her approach. Iron Fist is an unknown to J'onn, another mind in a sea of minds- although one of great discipline. It is, however, silently acknowledged through realms of thought.

Kara set down in the park area near Martian Manhunter, smiling politely at him as her cape fluttered around her, "Hello Mr. Manhunter." She wasn't actually sure if Martian Manhunter was his name or superhero title, "So what's on your mind?"

New York traffic takes a little bit longer than super flying. But really, finding a parking space is the hard part. Kate is circling the park a few times, trying to find somewhere to put the car. Sometimes, a bike just seems like a really good idea.

Well hey this doesn't look like something that one will see every day. Hey isn't there some rule that when heroes get together for a talk they end up fighting each other or something? So well Danny decides to watch this. The Iron Fist gear is around somewhere if he needs it. But hey, how often does one get to see a Martian in action…

"You are a capable heroine, and have much to be proud of- however, you are too quick to act. Your actions put a great number of lives at risk." J'onn states plainly. "You did not seem to realize this, or react in a way that leads me to believe you understand the gravity of your own actions. The possible cause and effect of the situation. As I do not understand, I would like for you to explain." The Manhunter states, as he turns to speak to Kara face to face.

Kara considers the words of Martian Manhunter carefully, watching him with a thoughtful expression as he speaks. She doesn't interrupt him and when he asks her to explain she smiles, "It's like really /really/ simple. You told us the bad guy couldn't be allowed to push the button on the control panel, he was about to push the button. So I destroyed the control panel. No button means he can't push the button."

Her hands are rested on her hips and she continues to look towards the Manhunter, "None of us but you seemed to know that whatever this thing was, would blow up if the control panel was. I imagine you only withheld that knowledge from us, because you were capable of handling the situation if it went awry."

+MEET: Constantine has arrived via +meet.

There's a spot! Kate guns the engine to pull into the space before someone else can, then gets out to come to where Kara wanted to meet. She's got her quiver over her shoulder - just in case - though as she arrives, she looks more like she's going for a walk than looking for a fight.

And Danny continues to watch. Hey he doesn't want to inject himself into something that doesn't involve him. But hey he is fascinated by watching the people. Of course he is imagining what a person with the power levels these two have could do with some martial arts training.

"I had only just realized what we had found, but what we found is something I'm familiar with. There used to be two sub-species of Martian. There are green-skinned Martians like myself, and white-skinned Martians. In the pre-history of this world, some white-skinned Martians committed crimes against the people of this planet, using them for test subjects. They hid their crimes well, though, and long ago my people, the green-skinned Martians decided to leave this planet to evolve on its-own. What we found was one of those long hidden labs. It was not something to be expected, and unfortunately some of what you say is true. I should have been more forthcoming with information as it became available." The Manhunter replies, before continuing. "Blowing up a console to stop someone pressing a button should not be done without knowing what the console does, what its connected to." he states, "You have super speed. Can fly. There are other things you could have done, things within your abilities, that would have diffused the situation without putting others in danger."

Constantine is out at the park. Central Park is popular for lots of reasons- more than just being the only piece of greenery for miles, it's also surprisingly a strong confluence of ley lines.

So John is bidding farewell to a trio of elves- actual elves from the court of the Woodland Queen, a land beyond the realms of man. Wearing their silken shirts and a glossy cuirass made of woven, glistening leaves, with curved swords at their hips, they stand out even almong the unusual residents of the Park. Words are exchanged, hands held up in a universal gesture of peace, and the elves walk between two trees and vanish in a shimmer of summer greenery. John turns in place, striking up a cigarette with the motions of a man desperately needing to feed a nicotine habit, and takes a few deep, immediate drags, relaxation sagging his shoulders at the rush of the cigarette.

Kara really wished she got to see the elves. Then maybe she could have ridden a unicorn. Constantine never invited her to do anything nice.

Hands still on her hips, Kara seemed interested in what Manhunter was saying about Mars but she didn't comment on it in particular, "You're right. I do have super speed and other abilities but in that situation they wouldn't have helped."

She winks at the Manhunter, "Now on the other hand, if I had super duper awesome mind control powers and psionics that I could use to control people. I totally would have been able to stop the button from being pushed without blowing up the console."

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"No, Kara." Kate arrives just in time to hear her suggestion, settling a steady look on the Martian. "Mind control and stepping into people's mind's in the first place is very rude. Some might categorize it as a violation, actually." She crosses her arms loosely over her chest, defensive.

Well Danny can't help but shake his head at Kara's words. He decides he should get changed before he introduces himself. Of course since he was already wearing the pants, all he has to do is toss on his shirt and his YELLOW BOOTIES! Walking out of the place he was kinda hiding in he clears his throat a little, don't want to startle the people that can squash him in two seconds. "It sounds like she could use a little training, possibly something that focuses a lot on discipline, as opposed to using pure strength to solve problems."

The Martian stands a long moment, just listening then to Kara. "I have a manner of communication that is both private, and instant. Although I am able to do many things with the mind, as your friend says, it is not appropriate. I will connect minds to facilitate communication in situations where it is useful, among those of titanic might and great ability, when we must act in concert- but only because the needs of those we would protect require that we as protectors sacrifice." He looks towards Kate, "However, I do apologize for any intrusions."

J'onn looks to Danny, nodding. "It is perhaps the case." J'onn then looks to Kara, eyebrows knitting together. "Tell me, does your Justice League train you at all? Or is it simply a society of like minded individuals?" The line of questioning changing. He's said his piece- its up to Kara to do something with it. J'onn then nods in quiet greeting to Iron Fist.

His nerves finally settle after John washes down his cigarette smoke with a couple of belts from the battered silver flask in his pocket. The pale-faced magician looks around and spots Kara being assailed by J'onn, Kate, /and/ Danny. Seeing as how the blonde Kryptonian had smacked him in the chops fairly recently, a gleeful look crosses his face for a moment. His hands go in his pockets and he moves towards the little group, his coat's belt and tails fluttering around his calves with each purposeful stride he takes.

"Sorry, if you like, next time I won't act at all so I can't be blamed. There were several others there, unfortunately none of us, save you Mister Manhunter could probably have prevented the button from being pushed without destroying the console." Kara smiles, "You seem to poke into our minds without hesitation, yet morals stop you from doing that with people who are seeking to do others harm? I guess I don't understand martian logic."

"We're working on the training, thank you," Kate says defensively to both J'onn and Danny. By which she means, she is. "It's a little bit complicated. The League is still trying to find some cohesiveness, and there's a limit to how much I can do with training someone who could snap my neck in a training accident. She's not stupid, she's just not from around here. I'd think you of all people would understand," she adds to J'onn. "How long have you been here on Earth, Kara? How long since your life turned upside down?"

"Who has been training her?" Danny decides to ask, "I wasn't at whatever was being talked about, but I have over heard, and I just thought of how much a person like her could benefit from some training." He pauses after that, "Oh I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Iron Fist. I have done some training with other heroes, and would like to offer my services in helping to train her."

"I have not read your mind, Supergirl." J'onn states simply. "I have opened no other path between us but that of communication. Unless its required, I do not pry deeper into other's minds. The work one does with the mind must be subtle, or the damage you do will be great. My people are naturally telepathic, it is, very simply, the method of communication I find most comfortable. I apologize, again, if it has caused you undo harm." He does, at least, sound sincere.

"I have said my piece. There is no more to add. The line of questioning although related is not meant to offend." J'onn says next, "It is an attempt to understand your position. Where you are standing now. It grants greater understanding. If your training is being neglected, it would not be appropriate to fully blame you for your actions. You teach in those situations. Do you have a teacher, Supergirl?" J'onn wonders next. He looks to Danny, "Ultimately, we can all offer ourselves for the purposes of training, its up to Supergirl to decide if she could benefit from training."

"Screw 'em," John suggests, dragging heavily on his cigarette. He winks bawdily at Kate in passing. "You can punch your way through a bloody tank, luv. Sounds like there was a problem and you solved it without killing anyone," he tells Kate. "As much as I'm not a fan of getting kissed on the jaw by cute blondes, I can't say as I wouldn't want your little fists of fury on my side of things in a toss."

Kara seemed to be getting a little frustrated, she felt like everyone was picking on her and she was trying to pay attention to them all at once, "It's only been a few months Kate and whatever anyone wants to say about Justice League training, they taught me to do the right thing and act when I need to act."

She kind of stares at Manhunter, fists no longer on her hips but balled into fists. Constantine's comments don't come at the best of times but she growls, "Exactly, I just did what I could. Apparently it wasn't enough."

Despite her temper she manages to effect a reply to the Iron Fist and even Manhunter, grumbling, "Fine, I'll take training. Is everyone happy now?"

She pulls out her phone and texts Kate, "<I could use some shopping training right now.>"

"Hey, John." Kate tips her chin toward Constantine as he shows up, giving both J'onn and Danny a glare. "Only a few months," she points out to them in Kara's defense. "A few months, thrown into an entirely new world, with an entirely different culture. I've been trying to help train her. I figured doing the right thing was a good place to start. But the fine points don't come overnight." When it comes to doing things the smart way instead of the hard way, Kate's certainly the expert. But she doesn't have super strength to fall back on, either.

Danny looks at Kara, time working with kids has taught him when a person is getting frustrated. He reaches into a pocket, and pulls at his card, "If you wanta little more training, feel free to contact me. Sorry we had to meet like this. If it helps, I do understand coming to place you don't really know, and having to learn a lot in a small time. It seems like you have been learning the important things first, and whoever has been working with you deserves a lot of thanks for teaching you."

"That is good of you, Hawkeye." J'onn agrees simply, "I have nothing more to say. It sounds that many are willing to help you meet your potential, Supergirl. For what it is worth, I know what it is to be alone in a foreign land. I, too, shall endeavor to give you an ear should you ever need a voice." He looks to Danny, nods once more and then jets off into the sky, disappearing somewhere on the horizon.

Constantine squints upwards, watching J'onn withdraw into the sky above, then looks at Kara, Kate, and Danny. "Well, he likes to leave on a strong note, eh?" he observes sagely.

"Sounds like you're a regular one-woman wrecking crew, luv," he tells Kara. "Are you getting into the demolition business?" he inquires, taking another heavy drag on his cigarette.

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Kara accepts the card and puts it into her jeans pockets and nods at Danny, "Thanks and sorry if I'm in a bad mood, first it's Green Lantern getting on my case and now him. Whose next Power Girl?"

She was clearly kind of grumpy after being lectured and she shrugged at John, "According to Manhunter I am, even though I try my best to always avoid any property damage."

It was time to go sulk, unless someone stopped her, Kara was going to SuperPout.

"It's not your fault, Kara, you're still learning," Kate shakes her head to her friend. "I'm sure none of these people were perfect when they were four months in, either. You've just got a lot of power, so people watch you more carefully. That's on them, not on you, okay?"

"Consider giving me a call, I will gladly help you if you want." Danny says, but he doesn't have much to add after that, so he just does the simple thing and does the standard Ninja Vanish! Gotta love that training you know.

"Kate's got something there," John says with a nod and a wag of the ember-tipped cigarette held between two fingers. "When all you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails, savvy? But on the other hand, the more you have in your toolbox, the more likely it is you'll freeze up with indecision," he says, turning his hand over to emphasize his point. "You can get by just fine for the most part smashing things into bits. But if you want to do the greatest good, you need to know all the ways you can help people. I can't stop an asteroid from hitting Earth, but, I'd like to see you negotiate a century-old peace treatise with the Wood Elves of Elsewyrld," he says, gesturing vaguely behind him. "Blasting an opponent into pieces definitely isn't always the best solution, though it can often be the easiest."

Kara turns and nods her head to Kate as Iron Fist disappears and replies, "Okay." She listens to Constantine speak and shrugs her shoulders before she goes to sit up in a tree, her legs hanging over the side of a branch.

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Kate sighs as Kara goes to pout in a tree. That's not even the first time she's had a friend do that. Clint's kind of the expert at it. "Elves, huh?" she asks Constantine like it's part of a completely normal conversation. "Sounds like you've had an interesting day."

"You could say that," John agrees. "Maybe more like an interesting week. Wouldn't call it an exciting month, though," he determines, watching the blonde girl swoop skywards to sulk for a moment, before looking back at Kate. " The Elves were here because of a confluence. I've been in the Fae lands before a time or two. I'm not the most popular visitor, but they at least take me seriously as something of an envoy. If they'd just picked someone at random, there's no telling what kind of a deal they might have tried to rope humanity into. We might have given them Schenectady or something."

"Doesn't someone negotiating for that sort of thing have to actually have some sort of authority to offer it?" Kate quirks a brow at that description. "Seems like they'd have a hard time collecting on that one." With any immediate danger past, she shrugs her quiver over both shoulders, settling it in place more comfortably.

John looks at Kara and tilts his head down to the ground in a gesture of invitation. "C'mon down, luv," he invites the girl. "If you were around when I was getting my chops in, you'd be right there along with everyone else telling me I was in over my head- which was an ugly ordeal, I promise," he says with a wry chuckle.

The lanky Brit looks back at Kate. "You'd think so, but the Elves live by the motto of 'we make our own rules'. If they came along and picked a representative, they'd make us stick to whatever that person agreed to- and it'd be bloody war if they thought we were cheating them," he assures her. "Best it worked out as it did."

Kara remains up in the tree pouting, playing a game on her phone so she replies to Constantine, "I'm busy negotiating like a peace treaty with the trees ok?"

"Isn't don't make deals with elves, like…common sense?" Maybe it is for Kate, at least. But Kate's full of thoughts and experiences that most people don't have. "They're gone, Kara," she adds to Constantine's invitation. "And they were dumb anyhow. I know you're trying your best, okay? And it's at least partly our fault for not coming up with more formal training. Things've just been such a mess, is all."

"Don't let them try to sell you any acorns. Trees are bloody liars," John advises Kara blandly. He seems of the mind that the best solution to a pouting superheroine is to let her pout. "Blimey, she doesn't take criticism well, does she?" he asks Kate, jerking a thumb up at the superheroine. He produces a lighter and a cigarette and quickly fans the stick to life with a few quick drags.

"Don't make bargains with them, but don't bloody let an invasion happen if that's option B," John says dryly. "Rule to a long and happy life is to fake it until you make it. Rule two is never let them see you bleed."

Kara hops down from the tree at Kate's words, plus Constantine's insistence at continuing to chat with her! She shrugs her shoulders, "Maybe they're right but Manhunter is dumb anyways, he's going on about me not being able to stop the guy but he wasn't really doing anything except floating around calling out instructions in our brains. UGH!"

She pats the tree and replies to Constantine, "The trees are nice. You're just jelly you don't know how to negotiate with them, not every problem can be magicked away you know." She grins a little.

"That's not one I can always get away with," Kate laughs to Constantine, shaking her head. "I usually try for never let the bleeding stop you." She doesn't comment on how well Kara takes criticism, though. She knows they can be heard just fine by the Kryptonian. "I've been meaning to try to talk to Mockingbird and Wonder Woman to help with some of the training stuff, Kara," she admits, apologetic. "I just haven't been able to really catch either of them."

"You should probably learn their language," John grins at Kara cheekily. "Trees don't negotiate. They don't need to. The forest has been around for thousands of years. They remember when we were swinging from the branches. They'll be around long after we're gone, and if they have to rebuild the forest right on top of the city to guarantee it, they will. Manhattan could look like a jungle in a week if they were of a mind."

"Everyone is busy with their own responsibilities, I'll find whatever training I need on my own. I'm not some charity case" Kara grinned as Constantine told his story, magical people were always a bit eccentric, "I knew you were old but I didn't know you were old enough to remember your species evolution from ape to man. On the bright side, at least you're not as old as the trees!"

"It's not charity, it's team-building," Kate sighs, pushing a hand through her hair and looking back out toward the park. "Fine, whatever. It's your choice. I should probably get back to things," she says, turning with a brief smile for Constantine. "Good to see you again, John."

"It's not charity, it's enlightened self-interest," John tells Kara, wryly. "I'm just looking out for my own skin. Still, you did save the day- seems you're doing something right, in my own view, anyway."

He smiles at Kate and winks at the archer. "Good seeing you, luv. Don't be a stranger, eh?" he says, lifting a hand in a flicker of farewell before Kate takes her leave. He looks back at Kara. "So you're really Superman's relative, huh?" he asks her. "I can't imagine you'd be wearing that big 'S' if you weren't."

Kara waves to Kate and shrugs again at Constantine, clearly she just wanted some time to herself, "Something like that John…." She looks towards the departing Kate and then towards the sky, "…So what's up?"

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There comes a pat on Kara's shoulder and John gives her a surprisingly direct look, made soulful for the obvious personal sense of recollection and regret buried deep in his eyes. It's something only the most painfully obtuse of individuals wouldn't recognize as the voice of experience. "Look, luv. People harass you because they care. You'll be a force for tremendous good one of these days. Weary old blokes like me don't want to see you make our mistakes, because the world doesn't need more bitter alcoholics trying to save it." A sincere if slightly forced smile crosses his face. "We need people who love what they do and don't walk around with heavy hearts. Regret kills more heroes than villains do."

Kara listens to John's words, a serious expression upon her face as she does so. She's doing her best to pay attention and take the words to heart and when he is done she smiles, "Thanks, I'll keep all that in mind. You don't have to worry about me becoming an alcoholic though, I hate the taste." She offers the old man a hug and says, "I should go fly around or something."

Constantine seems a bit surprised at the hug. He's not what anyone would, ever, call particuarly huggable, and he smells of cigarette and scotch overlaying something smelling vaguely of incensed walnut or oak. Still, he gives Kara's shoulders a squeeze, embracing the slender blonde, then releases her and steps back, clearing his throat. "You go do that, luv. See if it clears the head. Save some kitten in a tree or something," he offers. He looks like he might say something else, but instead turns and walks away, coattails flapping around his calves.

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