Titan Drama 2.0

May 28, 2019:

Nadia tries to warn Katsumi about the Red Room but things don't go to plan.

+-[ Habitation Level - Titans Tower - New York City ]-------------------------+

The topmost level of Titans Tower is where the living and
recreation facilities are found, giving the Titans someplace to stay and
relax while they're at the base.
Much of the level is taken up by the large common room area, which
takes advantage of the large windows giving excellent views of the river and
the city beyond, and the balconies outside are a popular spot when the
weather is nice. The common room has plenty of seating available, with
couches and chairs arranged in groups for better socialization; a large
section of sofa makes for a sunken area in front of a very large flat screen
television, which has an excellent sound system and pretty much all the home
theater touches anyone might want. Of course, it can also be overridden as a
communication screen in an emergency.
The common area also has a substantial, well-stocked kitchen and
dining room, available at all hours. Since the Tower doesn't have any
civilian support staff, though, it falls to the Titans themselves to prepare
meals if they're so inclined, and to clean up after themselves.
Steps to either side of the common room lead the short distance up
to the residential wings, in the arms of the tower's T-shape. These wings
have a number of rooms available for the Titans, each one a small suite
about the size of a college dormitory room: Essentially, a glorified bedroom
with an attached bathroom. Each Titan's room is decorated according to their
taste and discretion, and some seem definitely more 'lived in' than others.


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Though it's been a little while since Katsumi debuted her new identity (to one person) as Bakeneko, she's not really gone out and done much with it. She, however, has not been idle in the interim. Somehow having the costume and identity has made it all the more 'real' for her - like the final pin in the cushion. She's officially a part of this world now. And though she wasn't slacking in training or working on self-improvement before, it's become more of her focus this past week.

She can't go around killing or breaking people by accident. That's unacceptable. She has to work with what she knows, and learn how to adapt between the day/night cycle. There's no guarantee that she'll always have the luxury of prowling around at night, after all. And on top of that, she has to get used to the costume and how it moves with her. It was designed to simulate wrestling gear as much as she could while being distinctly unique, but it's like training in a jersey. Body mechanics have to get used to particularities. For all her quirks, the girl is a very physical, refined athlete.

Said refined athlete is doing none of that at the moment, however. Instead, she's sitting back on the Habitation Level's couch facing the television, fully decked out in costume, and languidly reclined with arms folded behind her head. Heeled boots are kicked up on a footrest, and on-screen before her is a Lifetime murder mystery movie: "We Swear It Wasn't The Man This Time"


From inside the room marked 'Wasp' comes a crashing sound. Then a yelp. Five minutes later Nadia Van Dyne stumbles out, dressed in a pair of insect themed PJ's, yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "What time is it?" she wonders aloud. One of her pillows seems to be tucked under her arm. "I.. think I was up a little later than I expected. Next time I will have to come up with a method to force grow crystals faster… Maybe with ultrasound? I'll have to do some research anyway."

Letting out another yawn she ambles over to the couch area. "What are you watching?" She flops onto an unoccupied section of couch and tucks the pillow under her head. "It sounds pretty terrible."


Katsumi Oshiro sits up and cranes her neck to peer towards the room. Her eyes narrow a little more, bit by bit, until she blinks. Nadia has emerged! She smirks and leans back into the couch again, arms settling behind her head as if nothing happened.

"Neeerdtalk, Doc!," she calls teasingly to the younger Titan. "I don't speak science! I speak clothesline! But whatever you're talking about sounds really smart." She wears a self-aware grin at this point, and slants her bright magenta gaze sidelong to the girl once she sits. "It's, like, noon."

Looking ahead once more, she continues, "It's about a woman who is a college professor, and is single, and turned down a guy who asked her out, and now all her friends are dying, and…" She blinks again, the grin falling to a flat line. "This IS terrible."

Her chest raises as she inhales, then lowers again with a dramatic, lengthy sigh of defeat. "Bleh."


"Which day is it noon of?" Nadia asks casually, as if this is a question she has to ask people a lot. "In less science-y terms I was making a huge synthetic diamond needle for the medical facility. For Caitlin or any kryptonians who need medical treatment. I could have bought one I guess but I didn't have a half million dollars in the Titans petty cash account."

She lets out another long yawn. "It is still May I hope?" She blinks a few times. "You speak clothesline? Did you do laundry work for a part time job?"


"All day today!," Katsumi chirps in response to whether or not it's still May. "Tuesday."

But then she's turning over onto a knee to stare hard at Nadia. "What? Laundry-.. oh. Ohmygod, no." A tiny frown takes her lips, and her head cants. "What you just said hurts me in my soul. You remember that day in the training room? With the simulated goons? I did a clothesline on one of'em. I could demonstrate, if you trust me."


Nadia Van Dyne tilts her head to one side and curls an arm around the pillow. "Oh /that/. I think I know what you mean know," she replies without moving to get up. "I have had some hand to hand combat training you know.. just.. it was more focused on.." She lets out another yawn and waves her hand "Well, I'm sure you can imagine if you've seen my Titans file?" For all that she doesn't directly talk about her past her official team dossier is rather candid about her background training as a child assassin at the Red Room. After all her team mates deserve to know that associating with her puts them at risk of Russian spies attacking them.

She pauses for a few moments, then it seems to hit she's not talking to the Titans most studious member. "You have been reading all the Titans documents, right? You might need to collect evidence or turn someone over to the proper authorities." One of her eyes finally opens again. "I am sure Caitlin or Spoiler will be able to help at first. But neither of us can leave all the hard work to them if we want to be considered proper Titans!"


As if Katsumi took the time for such things. Silly.

"You have a file?," asks Katsumi blankly. "Oh, right. Of course you would. No, I don't snoop." Kind of a lie, but at least she means it here. She'll snoop to do opposition research, though! "I don't think I really know what you're talking about. Why would I need to turn you over to the authorities?"


"Not turn /me/ over," Nadia explains, rubbing at her eyes. "If you catch someone doing a crime and there is no other witness. That sort of thing." She laughs. "Oh lots of people have a file on me. The CIA, SHIELD, The Avengers and I think the Justice League too. It was not my fault but I grew up around some very bad people. So if any suspicious people start asking you questions about me be /very/ careful." She sits up. "Promise?" Her eyes narrow. "You are still at risk from them even with your powers. Please trust me on this."


Katsumi Oshiro's expression steadily flattens as she's lectured by someone she still kind of sees as a kid. Despite the age difference being a whole five years. "Why the Hell would I tell random strangers your secrets, Nadia?," she returns bluntly. "I get I don't fit the mould here, but what kind of idiot do you people take me for?"

She turns to lift to her feet, mood soured. Her trajectory seems set on the kitchen area, or at least moving behind the island counter.


"Because they are /spies/ Katsumi," Nadia says, rolling her eyes. "And you might not have a choice. Because they might try to drug you or threaten to hurt innocent people if you don't…" She sighs and sits up. "I am only trying to warn you because they have hurt people I consider friends in the past."

With an effort she hauls herself to her feet, tucking the cushion under her arm. "I'm sorry if I've upset you, perhaps I should get a proper nights sleep before I cause you any further offence." She walks rather briskly towards the door to her room.


"Ugh," sighs a frustrated Katsumi. "Then what's the point of telling me to not blab!? If it got to that, don't ya think I'll have already not told'em anything!? God, you people…"

The Japanese woman turns to the counter and leans over it, bracing her forearms against the flat surface with a scowl. She says nothing to stop Nadia from her exit, feeling justified in her annoyance.

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