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May 29, 2019:

Lorna and Nate got beat up by cyborgs when they recklessly attacked the Sentinel Services building. So again in the medlab…

X-Bunker level 2


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The medlab of the X-Bunker, again.

Looks like Nate spends here half of the time in the mansion. And it is clearly not fair because it is his least favorite place. And to be honest, he is Annie Ghazikhanian's least favorite pantient. Impatient patient. But the head nurse never fails to treat the ungrateful young man professionally. Berating aside.

And this time Nate shouldn't even be here. His armor protected his ribs, and besides a swollen eye and some bruises he should be fine. Only he wasn't. He fainted shortly after Nightcrawler teleported the X-Men from under the crumbling building, bleeding from nose and eyes. Apparently trying to hold a crumbling building and then teleporting was not a good idea.

He is awake now, though. And lies unhappily on a high-tech hospital bed, looking at the metal ceiling angrily.

Lorna was for all her considerable powers, a glass cannon. She could throw mountains, hurl tanks, and the alike… and yet a few good punches to the face and she was a struggling mess. She looked worse than she felt, but having gone through tear gas, and being physically beaten by some cyborgs before her innate powers had pushed them away… it had been hard on the young woman.

Mix with a good dose of her more depressive state, and Lorna wasn't, for once.. in a rush to go anywhere. She had a black eye and a split lip, and her green eyes were red rimmed from burst blood vessels from the tear gas. She'd thrown up shortly after Kurt had safely deposited her, and was still too nauseous to want more than soup.

The green haired woman laid on the bed, having taken a few more pain killers and burrowed deeper into her blankets and seemed intent on ignoring the world for a good long while yet.

"Lorna…" grumbles Nate. "You are projecting so much negativity I am starting to wonder if steel will spontaneously rust with you around. I am an empath, you know?" He glances at the young woman. "Cheer up. We won. And Sentinel Services' building got wrecked. Then again that might have been doing them a favor. Most people there had no idea they were getting turned into murderous cyborgs."

Maybe they deserved it. But Nate is used to casual callous attitudes when minorities are involved. Most people don't even stop to think what they are doing when taking a job that might hurt others not from their 'tribe'. Food on the table is more important and all that.

Lorna burrowed deeper into the blankets, cracking a green eye rimmed in red at Nate from her cocoon of cotton and sheets. "I can't oxidize iron, that demagnetizes it." She muttered, and shut her eyes again. The blankets now burrowed up all along her head as she heaved a great put upon sigh. The bed squeaked and she turned over, putting her back to Nate and muttering.

"We kicked a hornet's nest, Nate. Who knows how many mutants are going to be killed by that thing?" She grimaced, and closed her eyes again, her voice raw and scratchy even to her own ears. Her mind continued the sullen spiral, rolling over the same self-loathing that had occupied it for the past month or so. Ever since Marcos had walked out on her and didn't return. She'd more or less cut herself off emotionally as much as she could. Mutant Town had been her focus and now she felt as if she'd failed the mutants there yet again.

"Not as many as they would if they were still creating cyborgs," points out Nate. "And we destroyed a dozen of them. And found out that it was all a single Sentinel." He hesitates then. That just one Sentinel was behind the whole cyborg army is a worrisome idea.

On the other hand, "Hank will be tracking the cyborg he bugged, so we will get them soon," then he frowns again. "Or you will, it looks like my telekinesis is not working. Again." Which explains why he is still there. But his other psychic powers are obviously working. He has been talking to people.

Lorna pulled the rest of the blankets completely over her head in shuffle of the bed sheets and linens. The mattress beneath her squeaked and creaked with the metal springs inside as her powers hummed and faded with her inhale and exhale. She squeezed her eyes shut for a long time, before she finally twisted around to glower at Nate from the pocket of blankets she'd curled around herself. Her hair a riot of green tangles about her features that there shadowed beneath the blankets.

"Uhm, that thing is out there. Likely doing what Sentinels do—killing mutants. It's kind of their one thing. And that guy, whoever he was with it.. He was freaky as all hell Nate. I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. I'm about ready to call up my father and ask for my daughter so I can run to the Savage Lands and let the world burn." She growled, muttering darkly.

"It was twenty feet tall," points out Nate, thinking about it. "If it was out there killing people Superman or someone would punch it into pieces in a second. Or at least it would be in the news. No, it is hiding. It has been hiding for a while using the cyborgs as pawns and attacking only at night. Like when you found those villains in Bronx. Sage said the D.E.O. was also looking for those Sentinels." Which Nate would add a 'maybe' as the D.E.O. has many rotten branches and what most of them known might not be all they should know.

But that is a problem for another day.

"It did not talk like a Sentinel, though," he adds. "He talked like a… a real person and said he was 'Bastion'."

Lorna arched a brow from under her wrapped up mass of blankets, but fell silent and remained so for a length of time. She grumbled, and the bedframe wobbled as she thought and her powers came and went with her breathing once more. It was a tenuous hold for the magnokinetic. To be this depressive and this wrapped up in her own head wasn't healthy for anyone.. but when one could take out a whole building or more, it was decidedly a bigger issue for others.

Still, that was all that happened.

"It was twenty feet tall and was hiding underground somehow. And is able to avoid people freaking the hell out and hide again? Bullshit Nate. You don't hide a twenty foot tall murder robot." She rolled her eyes, still aching from the tear gas and grimaced.

"I couldn't be bothered to hear his name. I was being punched in the face. Or kicked."

"Yeah, I know," he sounds a little guilty. His telekinetic shields are good enough to stop tear gas, but the sonic blast broke his concentration. He is sure Jean would have been able to handle it.

More Danger Room needed.

"Well, no news reports, so it is hiding. Next time we need to take it down. This time we didn't really have a plan, or any idea it was there," actually they -had- a plan. Which Lorna and Nate decided to ignore.

Details, details.

Lorna tugged the blankets all the way over her features then, after shooting Nate one more glower from her cocoon of blankets. Her head thumped painfully from all manner of issues, sonic blast, tear gas, physically being beaten upside the head. There was a reason why she in the med bay, and for the rare, rare moment. The green haired woman wanted to stay there and rest and sleep and not move.

"Or they're doing something so the reports aren't getting out. Think of that? If they're capable of murder bots, who knows." She muttered from beneath the blankets.

"I'm not dealing with it right now."

"Yeah, the cyborgs," which happen to be much better at murder than 20 feet tall robots. Who would have thought? Obviously that one Sentinel figured it out. Because the government was building giant robots to deal with powerful mutants, that 1-2 percent 'alphas', not the normal mutants with minor powers or odd looks.

"Fuck, that is why the Friends of Humanity were there," he sighs. Lorna is not dealing with it now. And he shouldn't either. But since he can't move much, he can do some thinking. "Sage hacked into the Sentinels systems and met a hostile artificial intelligence. I just read the report."

Lorna sat up, throwing back the blankets with a groan and a throbbing head ache. Her green hair was a riotous mass around her head, partly tangled due to the blankets and partly due to her inherent magnetic fields. Either way, static clung to her and her hair was a mess. "Nurse! Please can I move to another room? Nate won't shut up when I'm trying to rest." She hissed, giving the telepath a look.

She said she was done, she was well past done. She didn't want to think. She wanted to sleep and ignore the world for as long as possible.

Finally, Lorna, exasperated, pushed herself up to stand on bare feet and made to track down the nurse herself.

"Okay, be like that," grumbles Nate, looking again to the ceiling. Last time he tries to cheer her up. Maybe she needs some vacations in the Savage Land. Nothing like a hungry dinosaur or two to get out of a depression.

He should also get out here and do something. But to be honest, he can do all his telepathic homework from the bed. And even Nate realizes he needs to give his body some time to heal. He just hates to stay still.

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