Rock 'Em Sock 'Em?

May 29, 2019:

Betsy and a Confused Hulk watch a robot fight in the Danger Room.

The Danger Room


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The Danger Room is in use, though there isn't a lot of noise coming from it. Which suggests that it is Banner that is inside, as opposed to his more noisy alter-ego.

However, a quick mental check will prove it's Hulk that's present, because any mental pressure reveals the roiling ball of upset that Hulk always exudes. In this case, it's sort of a low volcano level, instead of a blatant distructive force.

Banner didn't tell Betsy about this, which could be good or bad: he's private, he does various things on his own to protect her (bad), or he was sure it wasn't going to cause some big issue somehow (good).

Regardless, a check in on the Danger Room reveals the thing is pitch black inside, and just the readings show that Hulk is somewhere in it.

Betsy was happening past the danger room when she noticed that not only was it in use, but it was also quiet. It could be indicative of kids wanting privacy, which is never a good thing. But a cursory check found that, indeed, the Hulk was the one inside. Yet….there is silence. There is anger, but on (nearly) manageable levels. Curious, she can't resist cracking the door to peer inside. Only darkness here. She slips inside and shuts the door behind her. "Hulk?" she asks quiety. This isn't her average greeting. But it isn't her usual encounter.

"Hulk's room," Hulk announces defensively, irritable as always, when she looks in. There was a brief visible flash of reflection off of his eyes from the light the door made when it opened: of course he looked over. The height meant he's probably sitting on the floor in the middle somewhere.

"This is Hulk's /room/," he repeats, and a tremor slams through the floor as he beats both of his hands downwards towards the ground.

"Yes," replies Betsy matter-of-factly. "This is Hulk's room. I am not trying to take it away from you, Hulk. I wanted to find out if everything was okay. You're quiet. Is Hulk okay? Is something wrong?" Betsy does not back down from his tremoring, or his defiant claims. But she doesn't encroach any farther than just inside the door.

"Hulk angry at /Banner/," Hulk informs her, without any particular attempt to lie about it or evade. Things often just ARE, with Hulk. "Hulk doesn't like boring dark room," he adds, insolent, in the manner a toddler might announce: it isn't really the room, it's that he wants something to be mad about, and his mind went somewhere crazy with it. "Nothing to smash."

But then he starts to get to his feet; the sounds alone prove that he's doing that, as does a grunt.

"/What/ has Banner done, now?" Betsy asks in a quasi-accusatory manner. She takes a couple of steps in toward him and crosses her arms. "If you want to tell me, maybe I can find something in this room for you to smash. And maybe even a little light, so you can see to smash them." Her tone is not one that talks down to Hulk. Cajoling, perhaps slightly. More coaxing than flattery. Something more akin to the patience of communicating with a child as if he were an adult: Hulk is not a child. He is a powerful being, in his own right.

"Sat in boring room," Hulk says, as if partially baffled by everything as well. "Hulk smashes, not sit," Hulk informs her. He didn't pay a lot of attention to where she was in the darkness, so he actually ends up running directly into her. Her reflexes are probably such that he doesn't mow her down or check her: he wasn't trying to swat her, just stomp over into her proximity.

If Banner was deliberately trying to work with Hulk, in a dark place without stimulus, that would make sense for the situation: except that Hulk is now out, and active.

Hulk seems to make some kind of decision, because he heads towards the door, fumbling at it instead of asking the Danger room to, say, light up.

"Betsy is startled, but not hurt by Hulk's blundering into her. She moves aside quickly as he makes for the door, and she speaks up.

"Set lights, low." Betsy's command is met with a response from the room. It is now lit, if somewhat dimly. "Hulk, will you stay with me?" Betsy asks pleadingly. "Was Banner asking you to come out?" She moves to a control panel and selects a preset selection. The danger room transforms into a woodland clearing. "I can find something fun here, if you'll let me."

Hulk gives her a mutinous look and promptly yanks on the door, stalking into the corridor. "Banner did; Hulk here now," Hulk answers, in a 'so there' sort of statement. He doesn't seem to know what he's going to do once he's in the hallway, though, so he hesitates there, scratching at a large green pectoral, and glaring at the hallway like it did his mother wrong.

"Remarkable," Betsy utters beneath her breath. "He brought you out without giving himself to anger," she observes. And now, clearly, Hulk has no idea what to do. And that ….well that could be dangerous. Maybe Bruce is there beneath the surface. Maybe he is observing. But she knows better than to address him. THAT would definitely anger the Hulk. "D'you know why he brought you out?" She finally asks.

Hulk usually retains some notion of what angered him, or what caused him ire: he focuses on the source of his irritation right away, every time, often without even the slightest pause. Hulk seems frustrated and aimless, much like he does when he turns to Hulk, smashes the thing, and then isn't sure what to continue to be angry at.

Hulk gives her a death glare for asking him the question: probably because he doesn't know. He squeezes his big fists a few times, balling them up, and then troops away from her down the hallway, towards the elevator. Considering school IS in session, a loose Hulk is certainly a bad thing, overall, if he gets any speed or headway built up, or decides not to bother with the elevator and just lunges at the ceiling. So far he's been somewhat contained, due to lack of stimulus to piss him off, but now is clearly going to go hunt some stimulus.

Ducking back into the danger room, Betsy leaves the door open and fiddles with the console. A pair of large robots appear to have been summoned forth. They pose no immediate danger, but each stands about as tall as the Hulk, and they make a cacophony of noises: rattles, beeps, and hums. She touches a few more buttons, and the two engage one another like a pair of life-sized Rockem Sockems with a score to settle. The sounds echo raucously down the hallway, smashing into one another loudly.

Of COURSE Hulk looks. He comes back to the doorway, and looks in sideways at the scene. His face is clouded, and he slides his dark green gaze sideways to Betsy, eyes narrowing. He then releases a deep, sudden laugh, and stomps into the room two steps and dumps onto his butt on the ground, watching the robots fight. "Hulk think left winning," Hulk states.

Lefty does, indeed, seem to be winning, as he unleashes a fury of powerful blows, knocking Righty back, and back, and back some more. The poor robot seems hapless, unable to get a punch in edgwise as Lefty pummels him.

Betsy grins and moves to shut the door, just in case things get out of hand, but she has left the room's AI to continue the simulation as it sees fit. "Righty, FIGHT BACK!" Betsy yells as she seats herself to one side of Hulk. "You're not even trying!" But Righty has a surprise of his own, as he finally picks up Lefty in desperation and throws him against the far wall, giving chase as the stunned Lefty flies through the air and crashes down on the floor next to the wall.

"Booooooooooo," Hulk bellows at Righty, stretching out his hands forwards and out to his feet, then drawing his legs in to sit cross-legged on the floor. He looks for something to throw, but failing that, grumps and curls his palms over his knees. "Your robot not good," Hulk tells Betsy without looking at her, still watching the robotic brawl.

"He's not MY robot, I just wanted to watch 'em fight!" Betsy protests. Then, turning back to the scuffle, she shouts at the robots. "C'mon, Lefty! You had him on the ropes, you lost your focus!" Lefty is getting up from the floor, and lunges at Righty, practically collapsing against the other robot. It's clear he doesn't have much left in this fight. The clatter is loud, as the two clash again. Righty punches Lefty once, hard, and knocks him back against the wall again, but at least this time he doesn't go down. "Ooooh," Betsy cringes. "You think he can come back from that?"

"Mmmh," Hulk says, distractedly, staring in a somewhat vacant way towards the fight, but he's lost interest in it, to some extent. The distraction drew Hulk out of himself a little bit: out of paying attention to maintaining being angry so as to prevent Banner from surfacing. Hulk is fading out, now, and there's a size reduction and a simmer of color as the green starts to fade down and out.

Hulk lifts his hands automatically over his face, as if shielding from view.

Betsy waits quietly, looking to the fight, but watching Hulk in her peripheral vision, as he begins to lose ground, and Banner seems to be taking over. In the center of the room, one of the robots, probably Righty, has knocked down the other, torn off its arm, and is beating it with the newfound weapon of choice.

Hulk has covered his face. She scoots closer, not quite touching him, but awaiting the inevitable final shift without interrupting it.

It comes, finally, though it also means he's turned away from her automatically; Bruce always folds inwards and separates himself: hands, or with walking, or any other method available, if he's conscious enough to do so. It's just his weird shame and exhaustion, and the deeper need of a confused creature to hide for a moment.

Once back down from the Hulk high, he looks around, disoriented as always happens, but not surprised. He's never surprised to have been Hulk; not anymore. He notices Betsy, and lamely suggests, "I'm hungry. How about pizza?"

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