A Visit to Sentinel Services

May 21, 2019:

The X-Men go looking for one 'Agent Brown' who they know is a murderous cyborg and stumble into the Sentinels cyborg HQ. Boss fight follows. Emits by Nate.

Staten Island

It is a three stories office building.


NPCs: Bastion


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Sentinel Services main office in the city is in Staten Island. Truth is they don't make much business in New York proper, as despite the large number of mutants, the cops are used to deal with them and the heroes deal with the really dangerous ones. Still, it is not a small office. New York is too important. And from New York they can respond to calls from close cities and villages. So large office, three top floors of a four floors office block and a small place in the lower floor for public relations.

Nate took a van for this one. Landing the Blackbird in the middle of Staten Island didn't look like the best plan. On the other hand flying everyone here didn't seem a good idea either, even with Lorna's help. Hank has his devices with him. Lorna is kind of famous. Plus, this is just one cyborg, right? No need to bring down the sky on it.

A van, with no markings, tinted glass, false plates. The driver also has a fake driving license, but it is SHIELD quality fake, so it works. (Thanks, Darcy).

Sentinel Services is in an important avenue, but traffic is light, not like in Manhattan. Nate's police contacts and a light astral projection scouting confirms Agent Brown (aka the cyborg) works here. The public door into Sentinel Services is just at the side of the Abraham Lincoln's Youth Center - Sponsored by the Friends of Humanity. Because of course.

Nate's muttered curse is quite graphic for those with keen ears. He doesn't stop the van, though. He drives past the front checking for cameras, guards and psi-shields. He knows there are psi-shields, which is why his astral scouting didn't get much. Also, he counts with Lorna 'looking' at the building with her magnetic senses.

Lorna was convinced to come on the mission to try to make up for her previous failures. The normally green haired woman sought only to destroy the threat the cyborg presented and leave.. Truly.. Though upon seeing the towering building of Sentinel Services, her expression soured and her eyes narrowed. "Do you think they chose the initials S.S. on purpose or that it's just a coincidence that the new police for mutants happens to share that with Nazis?" She hissed between her teeth.

Lorna had taken steps to try to disguise her obvious appearance. Her green hair was dyed black, and instead of the solid green uniform she'd switched it for a mix of black leather and sharp greys. Though with her powers, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out who she was.

"So what's the plan? Can we just take out the whole damn building and move on?"

Jubilee sits in the back of the van with people, getting out of school to do this. "I'm sure the school is fine, even if Mr. Wagner wanted me staying back to defend it," she smiles. "Even if I'm not there to help, other people can this time, if something happens. But hoopefully we'll be able to end it. As for the plan, my plan is to do what you guys tell me."

Hank McCoy would normally want to be driving in this scenario, but since Nate's been heading up this whole thing, he's happy to defer to Nate's planning on this, and specifically his desire to have a more discreet driver. So he's crammed into the back, suited up, with all the equipment he needs to read any telemetry from any trackers. "I would prefer we minimize any loss of sentient life, when possible. Killer robots always make that line difficult to draw, but there are going to be innocent people int he building, who just work there. Not every German office clerk was a war criminal."

"I don't know, Lorna. I really don't have the cultural background," comments Nate. Because yes, there was a World War Two before the Age of Apocalypse, but it was like a small skirmish between little nation states compared with the genetic war about thirty years later.

Eighty million human dead seems a lot, but that was the first month of Apocalypse offensive.

There is a reason Nate despises the Friends of Humanity and all the other groups that believe a genetic war is a good idea. He was there.

"No worries, Hank. We are just going to put a bug on him. No fighting today," pause, "uh huh," he adds. "I see six, no… seven cameras. Good security. Also, there is a guy in the alleyway checking in the thrash that I can't read. Might be a cyborg. But he is not our target."

Lorna gritted her teeth as she shot Hank a glare over her shoulder. The magnokinetic had been.. to put it lightly, unstable in the extreme for the past month or so. "I know you didn't just tell me that the people that let my family die in gas chambers were 'just innocent bystanders'." She grit out, her green eyes lashing with no small amount of uncontrolled rage. Her temper had always been a tangled thing, but it seemed that it was a roiling mass worse than usual.

A rough exhale and Lorna twisted back around to turn her focus to the building. "That a guy in the alleyway. He's one of them. I can sense him from here. The security is … more than usual around the building's structure.. And they're draining hard on the power grid. I can't follow it all the way through, but they're pulling in a lot." She muttered stiffly, and shifted in her seat to unbuckle it.

"Right, so why am I here if it's not to end these murderering cyborgs, Nate? You promise me that."

Jubilee looks between Lorna and Hank. "No, that's not what he's saying. He's saying we care more than they do, and we don't kill if we don't have to. It's how we show the world that we're fighting for the right thing. Right, um, Hank?" She adjusts her sunglasses on top of her head, making sure they're there, in case they're needed.

Hank McCoy rubs the back of his neck. "Sorry, Lorna, she's right, not what I meant. We can't create bad press. We're the minority. We're at the disadvantage. We have to play by the rules, even when they don't. Especially when they dont. Regardless, Nate, I have your tracker here." He carefully goes into one of his machines, and pulls out a small black dot, with a white paper on one side. "Pull the paper off, and it will stick to whatever you put it on. This ain't just superglue. This is the best oxygen-activated epoxy I could find. Whenever you're ready, I'll program it from here with a timer. From that moment, until the timer goes off, it won't emit a thing. It should be virtually indetectable."

"We will end them," states Nate. "Hank has a plan," which is more than Nate can say. Because he wants to destroy the cyborgs too, but they are a difficult target for someone that relies too much in telepathy for the investigations. They needed science. For him it is not a question of morality but of finishing the threat of the killer machines once and for all.

"I'm giving him a chance, we gotta do something more than smash them when we find them," he concludes. "We should find a place to watch the building. I want to find the Agent and maybe there are more cyborgs. That there is one there, hiding, probably means this place is important for some reason."

So he turns around and drives around the block, looking for more oddities. "The whole block is shielded from telepathy. I don't want to push because chances are I would fire alarms," pause. "Son of a bitch, there he is!"

Sure enough, Agent Brown, dark outfit but sans tie, is walking into the building through a side door that must be for employees. Another two men with him. Lorna and Jubilee would recognize him. Lorna can verify both the other men are human, though. "Lorna? Something is weird here. He has a human mind, I can read him."

A glance was spared briefly toward Hank and Jubilee, cold in the extreme and harder than the steel Lorna bent on the regular. "There are no revolutions without blood spilled. They're making a war on us, they won't stop until we're all dead. In which case, we're already better for not wanting Genocide. Spare me the speeches. They don't matter to me." She drawled, and her gaze swung back to the street with the building before them. Her gaze narrowed as she swept out with another electromagnetic pulse. Her head tilted to the side as she considered, listening with half an ear to Nate.

"Of course there are more cyborgs." She muttered, and then Nate was swearing as he drove around the block and spotted the agent. "Do they have X-gene alarms power blockers that you can pick up on Nate?"

Her hand closed on the door frame and her fingernails curled into the leather of the door's side.

Jubilee doesn't say anything further to Lorna, to avoid inflaming things more, but instead just looks where Nate indicates. "Yeah, that's the one who killed the guy in the park," she sighs. "He's a killer" She then looks to the others to make sure of what to do next. She sits up, bracing herself against the van, ready to move if she needs to, right away.

Hank McCoy nods to Lorna. "I earnestly hope that this plan works, and we get an entire facility for you to take out, and an army of weapons for you to destroy with it. But first, we need information. They're hiding from us, specifically us. We need to break through their defenses. Nate, when we talked you wanted stealth. How do we get this on him stealthily? Stealth probably means you sit tight, Jub."

"For sure, Lorna," replies Nate. "Trask Industries builds mutant detectors. They are kind of bulky, but this place is large. Sentinel Services is a subsidiary." He is talking slowly as he is trying to get as much of possible from Brown's mind before he gets into the anti-psi field. "Want to try to tag him with the tracker, Hank? I can cover you an illusion. But be quick."

The men are entering the building, the van is moving slowly pass them. Can they be thrown and stick into someone? If so Hank's enhanced senses and agility might allow him to do the near-impossible throw.

Lorna's lips pursed into a thin line, "Great, so it's just like Genosha all over again. I don't think having a lone person walk up to the agent is going to be enough. Not with all the protections already in place. If we could get one alone else where? Sure. But we need a distraction. Right?" She arched a brow and glanced over her shoulder at the others in the van and back to Nate.

"You promised me that I'd be able to make this right, and if you didn't intend for that to be now. Then there's no point in having had me come along. I'm not going to wait for these guys to kill another mutant." She drawled, and then promptly made to pop the door of the car open and hop out and onto the side walk.

Jubilee looks to Lorna. "If she's going to distract, I can distract too. I can um… " She pauses, and scrunches her lips. "I can go act like I'm you know, what's the word? Not begging but… oh right, busking. Totally." She'll then look to see if Hank objects TOO strongly before she hops out.

Hank McCoy gets a pained look on his face as events start taking a life of their own. Not a great team this is. He bites his fist, and just lets them do their thing. With more practice he'll take command better, but we'll call this a learning experience. "I'll try it. Illusion me up. What, make me a missionary of some kind? Cop? Somebody who has a reason to touch, and get in close and personal." HE then taps into his computers. "I'll time it for 30 minutes. That's when the tracker starts. 30 minutes from now."

"She’s got a point," admits Nate, hitting the brakes. "But this guy… I don't think he knows what he has done. He has hole in his memory." Pause. "He is a bit of an asshole, anyway. He is part of the Friends and hates mutants for no good reason, but he was thinking about calling his mother in Pennsylvania after work like a good son, and about how much hates the tacos all his coworkers love. He is just a guy." Nevertheless, he is full of cyborg hardware.

But he is not the same kind of cyborg they have met before either. Not like the one in the alley who is just a robot inside a brain-dead man.

Sitting in the back of the back of the van, he's easy to miss - the way the shadows wrap around him due to his mutations and connection to the Brimstone Dimension. Talk of Germans, the camps, that whole… horrible fifteen… twenty year period in the history of his home country, Kurt keeps quiet. Lips pursed, listening and slinking out of the van with the others, scuttling beneath to hid his appearance which is the least inconspicuous… like Hank. Blue furry people. Stealth missions. Awesome.

"Fine, I won't just fry them," She snarled back.

Lorna knew one sure fire way to get a mass of agents out there and see their scope of numbers… as well as get enough confusion going on to make it less apparent that there were trackers going around. And that was to purposefully trip the anti-mutant alarms. She'd done as much in Genosha, and while it was likely a crime likely to get her into all kinds of trouble… The magnokinetic was done with playing it safe. She'd been pushed and pushed, and now she was acting.

As soon as her booted feet touched down on the concrete she was striding well into the reach of the anti-mutant defenses that ringed the building's front. Her fists at her side she reached out before her. The street-lamps above sparked and blew, one after another along the block as she forced a power surge through the whole area.

It wasn't direct attack, but it certainly would get their attention.

Jubilee gets out of the van as well, having gotten Hank's blessing, such as it is. She gets away from Lorna though, across the street. And sets up to start busking. She splays out her coat, puts a dollar into it, and stands beside it. Raising up a hand, she make sa sparker come up from her fingertip. "Wheee," she giggles, trying to capture what she used to do whwen she was younger in the mall. Distraction GO!

Hank McCoy lets them get started, as he gets ready to go himself. "Alright. I'll go. I can move fast when I need to. Get in there, slap his shoulder, get out. Juet tell me what I look like and I'll do my best to sound it. But remember, I do midwestern best, since that's what I am, Nate."

A powerful electromagnetic pulse hits the building. Cars outside stop, as their electrical systems fail. Lamplights explode. Cellphones and cameras fry. But… Lorna hits a wall. The whole building is hardened against electromagnetics. She can feel how the ECM waves are stopped by a metal. Aluminum, most likely. A nested Faraday cage. She cut out the power from outside, though.

"I think it is a bit late for that, McCoy," states Nate, sliding out of the vehicle. Alarms are blaring. Inside the building, but also outside. "Let go with plan B. Letting some of them escape."

And somewhere nearby.


"There's your distraction.." She offered over her shoulder as she stood and waited for the chaos of agents to descend on them all.

The usually green haired woman, who had dyed her hair black for this occasion couldn't help but feel along their defensive measures with curiosity, rolling her powers along them like she was running her hand along a fence, testing for flaws and cracks as she ran her powers over it. But that was all she did, she didn't push against it. Not truly. There was no need. She simply stood there, her hands at her sides as power sparked around her. There was a self satisfied smirk on her expression as she waited. After all, it was the first time Lorna was acting directly against those that had been in part responsible for the attack on Mutant Town.. At least in her eyes. It was a far cry from her time as an X-man.. but it was something. She was doing something.

"There's your distraction.." She offered over her shoulder as she stood and waited for the chaos of agents to descend on them all.

Jubilee does pretend to gawk at what's going on across the street, but she keeps right on busking. Adding a second light from her other palm. "Magic… help a girl out get lunch? My parents died in a car crash, and I'm all alone." Every word of it is true.

Hank McCoy starts moving. With the go ahead from Nate, He tears the paper off of the tracker, and slips it discreetly between two fingers, ready to be slapped on. At that, he leaps out of the van and CHARGES barefoot at the Agent who is the target. Barreling at him at full speed, aiming to slap the tracker on with one hand, and a punch in the face with the other for good measure. "I hear you kill mutants," he'll grunt.

Waiting, looking from beneath the van as Hank sprints out, Kurt waits, ready to move to drag his old friend to safety through smoke and darkness should the need arise. Tail whipping back and forth, the excitement pouring out of him palpable to those sensative to such emphathic sensations in the air. He spares a look to Jubilee as well, and back - trying to make sure all whom he can watch are still alright.

Agent Brown is the only one of the trio of Sentinel Services agents that reacts quickly. He draws a handgun and starts firing at Lorna at full auto. The other two agents duck inside the building. "Lost his mind," mentions Nate. "He… it just turned his human mind off. For fuck sake."

And Brown ignores Hank until he is almost on top of it. "Hank McCoy. Codename: Beast…ktt" despite his considerable strength the cyborg gets trampled by the blue mutant. But sharp metal claws extends from his fingertips, though, trying to tear Beast's skin and flesh.

"A fine mess, Polaris," mentions Nate with a grin. This time he tosses his full telepathic power against the psi-fields of the building. In seconds they overload.

Somewhere, close, a second ALARM is activated.

And Nate goes psi-skimming. Counting a single cyborg is no threat for Polaris and Beast. He expects the 'bum' to arrive quickly. But it really doesn't matter. Two cyborgs are still not a threat for this group.

Lorna threw up her hands while the bullets flew toward her, it wasn't as if the Cyborg had had time to fill his gun with antimagnetic bullets just yet. The benefits of a surprise attack. As Nate jumped out beside her, Lorna flashed him a grin as bullets fell down around her in a ring of her magnetic fields and the Cyborg agent charged toward Beast and her.

"Well, there we go. We wouldn't have gotten that for an answer without me. You're welcome." She offered over her shoulder as Nate continued onward. "Do we still want this one?" She called, and flexed her powers again, throwing out an electromagnetic charge that might cause the cyborg to hiccup again. She wasn't sure if it would since the last time she'd messed with it, but it was worth a try.

Jubilee ramps up her fireworks even more, making little sparkles all around, moving her hands around, trying to keep the illusions that it's all just an illusion of some kind. She starts using her gymnastic flexibility to be energetic with it.

Hank McCoy is going to have to take a hit. But he fully expected to take a hit. Those claws do land, and they make him cry out. Which means when Hank slaps the tracker onto the Agent, it's with a bit of extra force. But then, he pulls back. His now free hand goes to the wound, as he backs off. "You'll pay for that one, monster. You'll pay for that one." Raising his voice and looking to the others. "Fall back, get out of here. We can't beat guns." Which is a lie, and he hopes they realize it.

Patience, one of the worst virtues sometimes. Kurt still waits, huddled in the dark. Logan would've charged, or Remy… probably Rogue as well. Kurt waits, he knows his role, he can fight but this isn't a strike mission. He can infiltration - but this doesn't call for it. He's an emergency measure for now. The emergency exit if needed.

"I don't know, ask McCoy," replies Nate. The bullets are lead, so Lorna's shield stops them fine. More fire comes from the door, though. One of the other Sentinel Services agents is shooting at the obvious mutant. But his bullets are also stopped.

Then the bum they saw before comes running. Inhumanly fast, his right arm peels off and a stream of napalm is fired on Hank and Lorna's direction. Unless someone intercepts the cyborg.

"We can't go," states Nate, sounding angry. "There are people suffering inside, they are building more cyborgs. Just here." He kicks the door open, sending the agent using it as cover flying inside.

A shrug and Lorna flexed her hands outward again, catching stray bullets before the rain of lead fell to the ground and clattered on the sidewalk. "Nate, you and me can handle it. Hank can handle what we actually came here for. Kurt can play emergency out. Jubilee can keep eyes on all fronts for us. Tell us when or if the police or back up arrives here. We'll need to be fast." She was moving, as soon as the inhumanly quick cyborg from the alleyway came onto the scene.

She threw up her hands, and shoved the attacking second cyborg away from them toward a car. He was metallic in build and structure, she'd sensed him before and a car was a whole lot of steel for her to magnetize a thing to.

"We clear? Lets go."

Jubilee does hear Hank, since he's loud. She grabs her money, having only gotten a dollar, and her coat, and puts it on fast ad she runs. Waiting for the street to be clear, she runs across to try to get back into the van. "I hope Hank did it, and that Lorna will be alright," she squeaks, hiding out for the rest of the mission. Hopefully nobody will tell her to do homework…

Running bum! Plasma arm! Kurt barely resist the urge to raise his head and clank it on the underside of the van before he lurches forward, a cloud of brimstone wafting from beneath the vehicle.

Reappearing in a crouched run, leaping forward and disappearing once more with another pair of BAMF sounds, Kurt appears next to the sprinting bum, as it is battered aside by Lorna "Guten auben!" is called out as he reaches to wrap his fingers around the business end of the weapon, and his feet around the head of the cyborg, the intention being to teleport a third time, taking limbs and head with him when he re-appears atop the van.

Hank McCoy sees that he's being CHASED, now. Not a time to run right back into the van. He uses his speed and mobility to get ahead, jumping and climbing over obstacles, also using his endurance to make it harder and harder without slowing down. EVENTUALLY he'll circle back, but only when he's sure it's okay to do it.

Agent Brown was hit by Lorna magnetic blast, and like the first time, it takes him a few seconds to recover. He is standing up now, looking for his handgun, since Hank has broken physical contact. Not finding it, he chases after the blue mutant, willing to use its claws and poison to fight even if the mutant is actually stronger and faster than him.

The second cyborg, with the flamethrower, manages to avoid being hit by Lorna's blast. Apparently somehow he sensed it coming, and he is quick. But then Nightcrawler teleports in, grabs it and teleports away with his weapon and his head. There is an horrible rendering sound and the decapitated body manages to take two steps forward, spraying blood everywhere, then falls to the ground.

Appearing, landing on his shoulder, eyes clenched shut, Kurt gasps and tosses the severed head aside.

"Vater, nimm diese arme Seele in deine Arme und vergib mir die Verletzung deiner Gebote." he sighs, hand clutching at his side as he rolls and uses a foot to get a grip to swing in through the open doors. The pained look on his face a mixture of emotional and physical

We are clear, lets go.

Famous last words. But Nate was already going into the building, mind-blasting the Sentinel Services agent that shot at him along the way. The man, a normal human, is knocked out easily enough, but there are more coming.

Not that many, he realizes. It is early in the afternoon and many agents are out, doing SS work. Most of the people inside are administrative personnel and trying to flee. Or call the police. Cells are dead, thanks to Lorna. Even those protected by the Faraday cage depend on the antennas that have been knocked out. They will reset, but it takes a few minutes. Landlines? Maybe working. "We better hurry," he comments, gesturing Lorna to follow. He hopes Nightcrawler will come too, but if the German mutant needs to help Beast with 'agent Brown' then they will have to do it by themselves.

No biggie. Polaris powers are perfect to deal with cyborgs and Nate considers himself the most powerful of the X-Men (at least when Jean is not around). "They have some kind of labs on ground level. Don't think there is any 'youth center' here," he comments.

Lorna was moving already before Nate spoke, since it seemed this was no longer a scouting mission (something she would not apologize for), her boots clacked hard on the cement as she bolted up the stairs and then, very quickly, found herself flying rather than running to zoom along and toward the doors, which she attacked with a blast of concussive magnetic force rather than simply opening them. Her anger was hot and boiling over as she moved and it fed her powers.

"I should have knocked out most forms of communication, but they'll likely have back ups." She called and stormed up to get inside the building proper. Her hands glowing green at her sides with the strength of her electromagnetic fields, at the ready for anything thrown her way.

Hank McCoy hums, looking to the other two, and deciding to get back out of the van. Still all suited up, the first order of business is to evaluate any threats to the van and its passengers. And all the expensive equipment in there. HE'll also think very intently to Nate that he's open for suggestions on how to help. «Which way did you all go in? And what do you need?»

"They still have light here," notes Nate. They are going deeper into the building and there are no windows in which seem quickly built service corridors. Concrete floors with deep indents, perhaps of heavy machinery. There is indeed the hum of machinery. A couple armed men try to stop them, but run away when their bullets bounce off against a telekinetic force field. Right ahead Lorna can feel power generators which have replaced the drain of the city grid. Someone is using a lot of energy.

Outside some people are fleeing the building, but some armed men in Sentinel Services outfits are also running around. They are organizing and likely will try to go after Lorna and Nate. Or perhaps they will go after Hank, he is pretty conspicuous. Kurt seems to have taken cover. He is good at hiding.

Lorna floated, rather than walked, gliding on magnetic currents as she stretched her arms out before her and headed for where she figured an elevator would be. After all, she could feel the metal and iron rebar that made up the concrete structure. She could feel where the wires and machines met and twined together to form whatever it was below and around them inside the building's inner workings.

"Want me to cut it?" She asked Nate, arching a brow. Her hair floated around her in a halo of green. It crackled with the energy that sang around her. She had fully immersed herself in the electromagnetic currents of the world and was thrumming with power.

"The generators are dead ahead. I can zap those, get a power boost… and we can find an elevator and get to the lower floors."

Hank McCoy gets to work. Firstly, he keeps moving as there's some folks noticing him again. He instructs the driver of the van to be ready to move if Kurt or Jubilee tell them. And then he's off, bounding, jumping, taking what cover he can. «I'm going to try to get behind the Agent who was chasing me, just with my speed and ability to get around and over obstacles faster than he can. If I clear things out here I can come in after you.»

"I don't think there are lower floors. Or if there are, no one is there," replies Nate, kicking open a double door. And then they are in a lab out of a sci-fi horror movie. Lights are a subdued green, and lit only eight transparent cylinders with men inside, they are connected with wires to the top and bottom of the devices, pieces of metal inserted in head, arms and sometimes the chest.

"You can't be here! Get out!" Screams a thin, bald man dressed in white. He freezes when he sees who they are, though. Nate's left eye is glowing brightly. Lorna is hovering. "N-no… get out, you endanger the volunteers! Security… help! Help!"

Outside Beast acrobatics allows him to get Agent Brown into a dead end alley, and while the mutant manages to climb out, the agent does so far more slowly, and Hank is able to double back while the cyborg tries to find him. "Beast is coming," comments Nate. Because Hank is going to know what to do here and… wait. "Volunteers?" For some reason Nate thought this people would be victims. "Yeah, blow this up, Polaris," he snarls.

Lorna wasn't in a particularly forgiving mood. She was standing, or floating however, in the heart of an SS facility. A place that spat out ill-conceived notions of men, turned them into killers and murderers. In her eyes there was nothing worse than what the building and those that worked there stood for. Not in the modern era. It fed every measure of her anger, her own bubbling rage. These were the sort of people that were the reason she could not have her family. These were the sort of people that hunted down and killed her kind. They would do the same to her, and to the students.

The wires and metal bits of cyborgs yet unmade were blazing in her mind's eye as bright as flares and she didn't particularly plan to wait for Nate's go ahead before she landed firmly with a clomp of her steel toed boots. With a snarl, and scream of rage, her arms thrown out she threw everything she had outward in the strongest blast of electromagnetic power she could summon.

Nate could protect himself.

As for anyone else?

She didn't care.

Hank McCoy isn't going to give the Agent a chance to do anything. He charges, shoulder lowered, arms out. Aim: to tackle him in the midsection, get him down, and knock him out. "Dream of cybernetic women," he murmurs as he gives the head a solid blow, which for Beast is no small thing. If that goes as well as planned, then he'll try to make his way in after the others.

Lorna's blast shatters metal and glass, sending the half-cyborged men to the cold floor. The man in white dives for cover, to avoid shrapnel and glass fragments. "Noooo… stop!" He screams. Light go out, but a door opens and a trio of cyborgs charges in, jumping over the metal remains, arms stretching into guns and claws. These are not like the others, their cybernetics are obvious. "The hell… Reavers," comments Nate.

Sentinel Services, Friends of Humanity, and now Purifiers. All his (not)favorite people are here. "Kill the muties!" Howls one of the Reavers, launching a barrage of high-caliber bullets. Which hit a telekinetic shield. "Pff, they are all metal," comments Nate with a smirk.

But at the same time, on a balustrade overseeing the lab, half a dozen Sentinel Services agents in combat gear are taking positions. Among them there is a tall man in a black and purple one-piece jumpsuit. Dark hair, red eyes, a stern face and a goatee make him look like very much like an army official in his forties. "Wait," he commands the Sentinel Service agents, stopping them from firing right away.

Outside Hank charge takes the cyborg completely by surprise, knocking him down and making him hit a wall pretty hard. Looks like he is knocked out. Outside the Sentinel Services building, they seem to be evacuating the non-armed personnel. There are a couple agents outside, but most went back inside. The police should be arriving soon, but they are not here yet.

For some reason the police never shows up quickly when the cyborgs are around. And although this time the X-Men took the initiative, somehow it is happening again.

Keeping up the rearguard, until he hears the screams and the tear of metal, Kurt slides in to a halt when he sees Hank shoulder check the man. "Beast! They're evacuating people, it looks like they're keeping the non-combatants out." looking around with wide eyes, "Where do we go next?" Late to the party, looking for direction.

All metal. All alive and singing to Lorna's magnetic senses. She didn't need Nate's telepathic shielding from bullets, her own electromagnetic shields were alive and thrumming at full power. Her hands were held out before her, swiping this way and that as she threw the scattered metal remains around her like a storm of steel. It sparked against itself, and screamed in the air loud and clear.

The leather of her jacket creaked and Lorna snarled as she flung it out about her with a manic, hyper focus.

The arrival of more SS agents merely meant she gathered the whole room's scattered metal slag and scraps, floating it in the air around her like a wave about ready to crash through and break against sand and shore. Though this of course, would be bodies. The red eyed man's command didn't register over the clamor of metal and she thrust out her hands and sent the torrent forward in an attack.

Hank McCoy is glad things worked okay. He'll then wave out, using his big hand to let Kurt know where he is,a nd where to come OVER, and try to meet him halfway. "Kurt, I know your powers are… particular… but this is a crunch. Can you get us inside to them? If not, we're going in the old fashioned way, and trying to find where they went."

Sending chunks of steel to the Reavers isn't as effective as it would be with flash and bone humans. They are built to take a beating, and their steel and titanium alloys are tougher than the remains of the lab. One of them gets buried under a ton of debris, though. Another is very fast and dodges everything, getting to Nate… only to find the young telepath punching him through the chest. The third Reaver takes a few hits and manages to swipe a massive claw charged with energy at Lorna, but it fails to get through the magnetic shield.

"Yeah, these guys," he looks up. «Heads up. Seven guys, I feel no minds. They must be cyborgs». He sends this to Kurt and Hank, too. Taking an extra three seconds to send Kurt the images he might need for a teleport in.

Then the man with the goatee raises a hand. And blasts. With a sonic cannon.

It is deafening, and neither telekinetic barriers nor magnetic shields can do much to hamper the sound blast. Even the surviving Reaver screams and goes down. "Now," says the man, and the Sentinel Service 'men' toss half a dozen canisters just as Nate's TK shield falters.

The room fills with tear gas.

The metal was only ever meant to slow them down. Lorna was confident in her abilities, to capture and twist the metal inside each Reaver and pull it apart, inch by inch and leave them broken. How could she not? Her magnetic powers hummed along, unburdened by worries that there might be something plastic lurking that would be fired off at her. These were metal men, with metal parts, and their weapons reflected that. As one of the Reaver's became caught in her magnetic shielding she grinned, and flicked out her hands, crushing the metal parts of his frame and figure with a clenching of her fists.

Yet her grin faded entirely to a shout of pain as she collapsed down to her knees, clutching at her ears as the sonic blast hit her and Nate full on. She screamed, and her head pounded in time with the ringing in her ears. Just in time for the room to begin to fill with tear gas.

Jarred by the sudden images from Nate, brows knitting as he steadies himself, focusing on the image in his mind "Come." Kurt motions to Hank, moving to place both hands on his arms, "Brace yourself, this will be unpleasent." focusing where he saw, the Sentinal Services members, the space behind them from where they threw the canister grenades.

*BAMF* the sound is much louder than normal, and the cloud of purplish smoke considerable due to the mass being moved (Hank… he loves twinkies) and the pair rip through the Brimstone Dimension, appearing in an identical cloud and *BAMF* sound. Kurt dropping to a kneel at first from the effort. "Go, Beast! Go!"

Hank McCoy complies with Kurt's suggestions, and braces himself. Regardless, the chemical and neuroelectronic effects on his brain, of that odd dimension, take their toll. He puts a hand to his head, wobbles slightly, and blinks hard. But he forces himself to grunt "Hammerin Hank, Aim me to where the end zone is."

Nate has a gas mask in his utility belt (all those pouches are for useful things!) but the cyborgs are not going to let him get it. They jump down on the ground and proceed to try to beat the crap out of Lorna and Nate with their fists and the butt of their assault rifles while they are stunned, blinded and almost unable to breathe. At least they are not trying to murder them outright.

"Ah, Doctor McCoy," speaks the cyborg in black and purple, turning to face the newcomers and floating to stand between them and the other cyborgs. "I admire your work," he adds, his voice polite but cold. Barely modulated. "It is unfortunate you are also a mutant. I will take no joy executing you."

Pain blinded Lorna. She couldn't think, couldn't breathe.

Her emotions, running so high before, were blurred out as kicks, punches, and fierce blows rained down. But it was also when the defensive part of her powers kicked in. The part that had summoned the strength to land her on the ground after she'd ripped apart her step-father's plane. It ran on instinct, and not thought. Metal peeled back from her in a short explosion of magnetic energy, with a scream and whimper of pain. It was thoughtless, it was uncontrolled. It was the last struggling movement of a woman gasping for air and fighting through pain that wouldn't stop.

Glowering at the man speaking, taking a long breath to get his bearings, Kurt uses Hank's wobbliness to get him turned, speaking to him in a close voice.

"Straight ahead old man! Get them! I'll get the others out of the gas." He then looks into the gas, biting his lower lip, "One at a time…" he leaps again through smoke and shadow, aiming to appear by Lorna, struggling to keep clear, trying to put a hand on her,

"Polaris! This will hurt" moving others is already starting to wear on him, but they need to breath, and they all need them to be able to fight. He pulls to drag her from the gas and to the clear zone, with the rip of displaced air to mark the passage.

Hank McCoy feels Kurt's distinctive hands, and hears that distinctive voice. So, he rubs his eyes, digs his toes into the floor, and takes off. Wisely saving the return quip until his body's already in motion, gaining kinetic energy, and readying to put the law of conservation of momentum into effect as a demonstration for Jubilee. Not that he knows she's coming. "Execute my ass!" … Okay. He's groggy.

Jubilee apparently has been following Nate all along. But she's been quiet about it in all the bustle, and staying behind, the compact high schooler managing not to be noticed despite her brigh tcolors. The sensors didn't even pick up her powers before, so distracted by Lorna. Lucky Jubilation. But now everyone's getting attacked, so even though she's taying back, she starts to fire concussive blasts at the machines attacking everyone, one at a time, spreading them out to try to cover EVERYONE. Though all the bright colors will draw attention to HER location now.

The problem with psychic powers is that they need a good deal of concentration to use, and being hit by a sonic blast and then choking in tear gas make them pretty hard to use. So Nate is barely holding himself against a pair of cyborgs, using his telekinesis to enhance his resistance and strength. But Lorna's blast send them flying back briefly, and he manages to clamp a mask over his face.

BAMF. And Lorna is out. Good! He can barely see or hear, and of course the cyborgs have no minds he can read. Then there is a blast of light and he is not the only one who is blind. "About time, sparkles" he mutters, tackling down one of the cyborgs.

Meanwhile Hank is charging the apparent head cyborg. And the man seems unfazed. On impact the blue mutant will know why. Agent Brown was not as strong as McCoy. But this one? He shaves Beast away easily. He is far stronger. Then his eyes glow white, and he shoots twin laser beams to the veteran X-Man.

One moment Lorna was blinded by pain and choking for breath, clutching at her nose and mouth as her eyes watered and burned. Then pain. More pain. Why was there more pain? What had happened? Where ever it was that Kurt had BAMF'ed her to, she curled in on herself, coughing and gasping for clean air again and lay still where ever it was that she had ended up.

With a whimper, her eyes still burning from the after effects, Lorna curled up on her side and clutched her arms around herself.

Dropped to his knees, next to Lorna, Kurt brushes the hair out of his eyes and rests a hand on her shoulder, "Lorna, deep breaths, deep." he looks up, and brings his com out, "X-Man… status?" his voice weary while he remains next to the green haired woman.

Hank McCoy BOUNCES off his intended target. Fortunately that was enough time for his own natural regeneration to help him recover from the BAMF. He rubs his eyes again, eyes flicking to Jubilee's shots to make sure nothing'd coming at HIM, just in time for the LASER shots to get him moving. "I'm hard to kill," he grunts. "Why don't you just surrender now?"

Jubilee sees that Kurt and Lorna are out of the way, leaving just Nate and Hank to cover. Far enough away that she's not a target… yet? so she focuses her shots on the ones closest to Nate, and the one shooting at Hank. "Yeah, just give up," she chirps up.

A couple of the cyborgs turn to face Jubilee, one of them rushing at her and the other shooting with an assault rifle. The others keep trying to beat Nate into paste, but with a little fresh air, his telekinetics are back, and he is pretty much invulnerable.

The cyborg boss, however, is in another league. Even the blast of fireworks hitting his side barely catches his attention. "There will be no surrender. We fight to protect humankind. I am the Bastion against mutants." He fires a few more laser blasts at Beast, faster, and more accurately. Like a computer that adapts quickly to Hank's movements.

Tired… So tired, "Vater im Himmel, gib mir die Kraft" he sighs, stumbling to his feet, drawing his sabers from his side. "Beast, I'm going to try and make an opening… see if you can open hia armor for Jubilee. Jubilee, keep firing on the same spot, as much as you can, maybe you can make a weak spot!" taking a deep breath with a silent prayer on his lips. Kurt leaps with a BAMF even as his arm is coming down with one of his sabers, appearing to the side of he cyborg, and then he re-appears again, and again, his blades wheeling out of the smoke, tryng to chink the armor, crack it, something, anything that Beast can try to get his claws into. He lands again, further off, down in a crouch, hands numb, nearly dropping his blades as he gasps for air.

Hank McCoy hears that, as he does his best to keep moving. A nip from a laser catching up with him gives him extra motivation. "Aaah," he calls out after he gets hit. "Aim for the open spot? I guess that makes me Peppy?" he jokes, as he does his best to do something UN predictable: using the springs in his legs to leap right at Andross's big head, applying all his body weight to try to wrench the head right off! Uunlikely to kill him, but might give an open spot!

Jubilee is Slippy then? Wait, is Slippy a guy or a girl? Does it matter? "Alright guys," she grunts, starting to breathe hard as soon as she starts to move. Since once she's being SHOT at, she keeps right on moving. Right TOWARD Hank, getting around him, as she keeps right on firing dangerously concussive blasts. These are at least M80 firecrackers exploding in the faces of the bad guys, not just fireworks anymore.

Bastion was expecting Nightcrawler attack at any moment. But perhaps not the flurry of quick teleports that led to be hit with that sword a dozen times in a dozen points. He is tough, but his armor does have weak points, and Kurt hit a couple of them, drawing blood and damaging internal components.

The cyborg turns to sweep the area with lasers, and then follow up with a sonic blast that should slow down the teleporter. But then Beast jumps from behind, grabbing his head and drags him down. It does not break, but his body slams against the concrete floor with a tremendous crunching sound. The shower of plasma that follows from Jubilee's hands sends him flying again, and as he rolls over to stand he has much of his face burned to the metal skull, and an obviously broken arm.

The other cyborgs are no longer shooting. In fact one of them goes flying against the far wall, and makes a mess there. Nate is mostly recovered.

Bastion glares at the mutants. "This… is not the war. Of course… bzzz… you realize this is not my body."


The whole building shakes. A hand the size of a van burst from the ground and grabs Bastion. The ceiling comes down. "Come here, I can shield us!" Screams Nate as the metal body of a Mark III Sentinel stands up from -under- the building.

From outside, the Sentinel Services people and a hundred other New Yorkers can see how the whole building collapses from inside. "Mutants, mutants did this. They are monster… wait. That is not a mutant!"

The huge Sentinel stands as the building just crumbles around him. Then flies away at high speed without saying anything.

Kurt stumbles, moving Lorna with him, hauling her up into his arms, wait wrapped about her waist for added lift as he makes for Nate when he calls out. His swords are left behind, and he staggers, exhausted from moving others and from the blitz. "Hold on, Polaris, almost there." collapsing within the range of protection, almost too tired to respond to the Sentinal rising up from below, eyes bleary.

Hank McCoy would do a dance at this point, having successfully taken him down and did his job. But then the ground starts rumbling! Not the intended dance. Nate's message is received loud and clear. He moves, grabbing Jubilee by the waist, and getting her under cover faster than she would on her own. "Time to get out of here?" he asks the group.

Time to get out of here, yes. Nate manages to create a telekinetic bubble to shield the whole group, but they end up under tens of tons of broken concrete, steel and plaster. Fortunately also with a teleporter. Because even if Lorna and Nate were in shape to dig them out, getting seen by the people outside would have been a public relations disaster.

It is five very tired and bruised X-Men that make it back to the school about an hour later. Fortunately the van survived the mission.

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