Discussing Potential

May 15, 2019:

Kurt and Hank have lunch, the competition of Dagwood Sandwiches silently begun, and a discussion on the potential of a new team member.

The X-Mansion, in the X-Kitchen, Digging in the X-Fridge.

The kitchen of the X-Mansion, where X-Men and Xavier's students receive sustenance.


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Kurt is in the kitchen, at one of the refrigerators - there's a loaf of rye on a nearby counter, and the bavarian is digging around and is practically inside as he passes things to his tail to put on the counter. He's humming a little tune as he goes, periodically whistling. Must make a Dagwood

Hank McCoy comes on in for lunch as well. Students are eating, so he gets to eat as well, of course. Slipping in. "Kurt. Oh a sandwich. Maybe I'll join you in that. What's good today?"

Head popping out, Kurt blinks, "Corned beef, and it looks like some teriaki marinated turkey… gouda…" he looks back in again, "Spicy and regular pickles too." He frowns as he works, "You in the mood for anything particular, Hank?"

Hank McCoy grins. "Pickles, turkey, beef, chicken… really at it. I was thinking… something simple, maybe even some of those chicken nuggets the kids are having. But let's see… I'll start with a roll."

"You really metabolize all that, that fast eh?" Kurt grins, possibly even a little envious looking as he tosses the meats out on the counter and a few more cheeses before he is done in the ice-box. Hopping onto the floor and headed for the table to survey the bounty. "I would have to spend hours down in the danger room if I ate as much as you."

Hank McCoy laughs. "I could. I could throw all the on the roll, and that would be lunch. I burn a lot of calories just staying this size. The mutation makes me big, but the laws of thermodynamics can't be denied." He thumps his chest, and smiles. "I think I'll go with beef and chicken." He crosses and serves himself a plate of yes, the chicken nuggets. "For the sandwich."

Kurt nods "No judgements, Hank. None at all. People stare at me when I eat knodle and a few other things." he chuckles and begins piling meat cheese and the occasional veg on one slice of thick rye. "I managed to work up the courage to go out in public yesterday as well. Without the inducer."

Hank McCoy laps Kurt on the back as he crosses over to start loading up the chicken nuggets onto the roll. "Glad to hear it. Hope it went smoothly. I know what it's like. When my experiment, well, failed, and I turned this color. don't get me wrong, blue is fine. It just wasn't what I was trying for."

"There is no offense Hank. It's an obvious color - believe me I know what it is like to conceal it without holograms, ja?" Kurt frowns a little "It went smoothly enough ja. Jubilee arrived, helped a bit by going out of her way to draw off some of the attention - that made for less pressure." putting a barbeque skewer through his sandwhich to hold it shut. "If you're eatting those nuggets, there's a good kansas city style sauce in the door, goes really well with them." Because everyone eventually has chicken nuggets. They're the best.

Hank McCoy chuckles. "Holograms. I Guess i've always been a little too public to go with that. It's just what I do." Loading on the corned beef now. "That'll work. Nuggets, beef, and BBQ Sauce. I am from downstate Illinois, you know. I don't mind KC one bit. And good for Jubilee. She made you feel sociable?"

Kurt nods "Ja, she's a smart girl, she should be graduating this year too, perhaps besides training for the team, perhaps we could convince Charles to add an extra election for social understanding." he frowns a bit in thought before taking a hefty bite, chewing slowly before continuing, "She's good at understanding the trouble… despite her mutation being invisible." he pauses looking to Hank, "I think she compared being, well like you and I to being like a teenage girl, without outright saying it, but just by how she spoke of things, ja?"

Hank McCoy chuckles. "She does do the best with what she has. I'm sure she'll graduate, even if we have to fudge a few numbers. And yeah, the thing is Kurt. When we found her in the mall, she was being treated as poorly as either of us might get treated on a street. She knows more than she looks." The sandwich is looking large, and now the sauce is coming.

Kurt frowns again, "Ja, I suppose… I read the reports - sentinels." he looks to Hank's creation and raises a brow. "It makes it feel like she's catching up to her age physically eh?" taking another bite while he observes The Sandwhiching. "Well, I don't think there is much in the ways of numbers to be fudged. She has that trouble with actual numbers - but otherwise she seems bright. I don't have her in any of my classes - but the life of the drama teacher. It's a niche lot and not required like a bunch of your classes." snickering

Hank McCoy grabs a copule of pieces of string, and finishes the sandwich by tying it up, and dabbing off the excess bits of sauce. "That's right, and it's only the right thing for us to take that into account. She shouldn't be held back because of her limits. That's the entire point of this school. So we'll graduate her even if she doesn't quite fake her way through Algebra 1. And maybe she should be in a class of yours. Or at least in a play or something. Maybe she can be an extra, or help with your lighting. And yeah, she does her best to hold onto herself, but the world made her grow up fast."

Kurt nods "There has been talk, she has less interest in action, and more in a background part. Charles was champing at the bit again about including more Shakespeare so I'm going to put together Much Ado- I figured for the wedding party I could include some tumblers and the like, let her show off her gymnastics talents." he pauses in thought, "Neapolitan may appreciate the opportunity as well… I'll have to ask."

Hank McCoy claps, and grabs himself a large paper towel as a napkin. "This should be good. And that sounds great. Set her up for success, Kurt. She needs it as she struggles to graduate. She doesn't assume we're going to fudge anything for her. But she's doing her bets, and yes, she's one of the X-Men. She'll get special treatment."

Kurt nods "That is something I don't want other students to see though, some special treatment, ja. But every student should have equal attention. Confidence for when they go out in the world… Not everyone stays in the mansion - it gets blown up too many times… which I suppose gets them ready for hardships out there as well." Good ol' Kurt… ever the dour hidden in the optimism

Hank McCoy smiles as he grabs some coke to go with this. "You're right. But everyone knows she gets special attention every time she leaves class for training or a mission. They already see it. They also see her staying after for hours trying her best to get a D-."

Kurt relents, though the frown remains, hopping up onto a stool in his customary crouch while he chews at his meal. "Dyscalculia must be rough… I was bad at many subjects - but then I wasn't given a formal education, ja?" he gives a shrug and a smirk, "Us crazy carnie folk eh?"

Hank McCoy winks, as he sits and takes his first large bite into the sandwich. His mouth is clearly big enough for that big thing, and he eats it as easily as Kurt will eat his own. "You're right. I couldn't even imagine. Things I do routinely, that give me great pleasure, are a nightmarish chore for her. She gets treated as a lazy piece of garbage, by anyone who doens't know what's going on with her. Which.. is something we all get. Anyway. Enough bragging about one of my students, and our teammate. What wast the best part of growing up in the carnival?"

"I think she'd appreciate knowing she was bragged about, perhaps a graduation present, ja?" Kurt chuckles and then takes a moment to chew and swallow, "In Bavaria - I enjoyed the spotlight, really. I was a freak but they thought it was makeup and puppetry and tricks with a fake tale. They would look at me and see a person, not a mutant, not a monster, just a person performing…" there's a moment of consideration, "I had no love for the American circus I was sold too later."

Hank McCoy nods slowly, as he chews another large bite of sandwich. "Sometimes the best thing is just to be able to relax. What if we bragged about you? And what you've done? Showed you to the whole world, so the next time people saw you, they won't be so surprised?"

Kurt grimmaces, "Logan did that once… rigged my inducer to fail and took me out in public. Not everyone was afraid, some were curious." he furrows his brow looking down, "I do try to go in public - but it's… well I'm not some world renowned scientist, or other things to cushion the blow. I'm a three fingered, two toed fuzzy creature with fangs and a devil's tail." glowing eyes looking meaningfully at Hank, "Even with exposure, there will be hatred - you've experienced it yourself."

Hank McCoy takes a deep breath. "Kurt, I dont' mean as a trick, or as a stunt. I mean, I find a dozen hand-picked national media reporters to bring photogrphers and video cameras, and we have a proper press conference as you announce a special project. Maybe even something simple as a production of a play, discussing the plight of lesser-known victims of the Holocaust. You're right, but with greater familiarity, there's less of that… well, as The Princess Bride put it, Dear God What Is that Thing? effect."

Kurt crosses himself instinctively at that last part, "A public production, ja, that could be good… Normal works, by an abnormal man… But I think we'll avoid the holocaust as a subject of performance, please? Eric has made it a sore spot when he rants at the public and… Most don't like a German bringing it up eh?"

Hank McCoy nods. "Fair enough. But that movie about it was pretty popular. The Downfall." He puts down the sandwich and gently pounds the table. "Das war ein Gefehl!" Then with a chuckle. "some other topic near to your heart then."

Kurt hrmmms "Well, Downfall - everyone loves that… That is Adolf going mad and losing the war. Everyone loves when the nazis lose, I love when the nazis lose. It didn't go over any of the horrors though." he grins "And that means This was an order."

Hank McCoy nods. "I know. He was mad that Steiner didn't obey his mad order to attack with an army that didn't exist, to overwhelm and drive out the Communists. But yeah, I thought the movie did go over the horrors Hitler inflicted on his own country, and how he brought them to suffering and ruin. When I realized that's what the movie was really about, I was surprised it didn't get more pushback. If the Japanese made a movie like that I'm sure there would be. But whatever matters to you. Just an offer. Anyway, I see it's about time for class, so i'd better finish this sandwich on the way over, if you'll excuse me."

Kurt nods "We can go over the finer points later of it later I was just speaking in regard to the notion of the holocaust is all." Kurt chuckles. "And we'll talk about a public play, definately. Tschuss" he laughs and goes back to his sandwhich, brow furrowing.

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