A Wasp in the vents

May 09, 2019:

Spoiler and Katsumi catch up at Titans tower and then Nadia interrupts unexpectedly from an air vent.

Habitation Level - Titans Tower - New York City

The topmost level of Titans Tower is where the living and
recreation facilities are found, giving the Titans someplace to stay and
relax while they're at the base.
Much of the level is taken up by the large common room area, which
takes advantage of the large windows giving excellent views of the river and
the city beyond, and the balconies outside are a popular spot when the
weather is nice. The common room has plenty of seating available, with
couches and chairs arranged in groups for better socialization; a large
section of sofa makes for a sunken area in front of a very large flat screen
television, which has an excellent sound system and pretty much all the home
theater touches anyone might want. Of course, it can also be overridden as a
communication screen in an emergency.
The common area also has a substantial, well-stocked kitchen and
dining room, available at all hours. Since the Tower doesn't have any
civilian support staff, though, it falls to the Titans themselves to prepare
meals if they're so inclined, and to clean up after themselves.
Steps to either side of the common room lead the short distance up
to the residential wings, in the arms of the tower's T-shape. These wings
have a number of rooms available for the Titans, each one a small suite
about the size of a college dormitory room: Essentially, a glorified bedroom
with an attached bathroom. Each Titan's room is decorated according to their
taste and discretion, and some seem definitely more 'lived in' than others.


NPCs: None.



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Fade In…

Katsumi Oshiro is making her way into the habitation level, looking a little tired after a full day of running around and rapidly moving items. She's rescued most of her things from Japan. All but one, really. One very important thing. But it's currently stuck in Metropolis, which isn't doing it a whole world of good. But she figured she could try to ask around and figure out how to get the things from Point A to Point B, THEN deal with that last remaining object.

As always, an uber-woolly calico is trotting along behind her.


Knowing that she really needs to NOT doing any front line crime fighting for a few weeks, Spoiler has confided herself 'to quarters', in which she has opted not to run patrols but rather take some time to poke at the Titan's computer systems, update files, and generally just get used to how things work here so she can better use the resources later. An hour into her work, the hungry calls and she makes her way from the computer center to the habitation level where the kitchen and eatery space is found. Seeing Katsumi and the feline draws a light smile to her still healing split lip.

"Katsumi," calls the batling softly, voice modulator back in place.


Ahhh the life of a supergenius scientist is never dull. Not when you've got an entire buildings worth of crime fighting technology to play with. Although it was phrased as 'Update' when the idea was originally presented. Of course the occasional delighted shouts of 'Oooo what does this do' that are typically followed by short term system failures would suggest she's enjoying her work.

It might come as a little bit of a shock when Nadia's head pops out from a duct in the ceiling, accompanied by a shower of dust and a few stray screws, and she yells "Do not turn on the kitchen appliances!" She glances around to be sure no-one was about to electrocute themselves, then beams a smile and adds "Although you /can/ use the kettle. I made sure to get that working first, for the inevitable hot drink break."


Katsumi Oshiro directs her formerly somewhat-aimless wandering in Spoiler's direction, putting on a tired smile. "Hey, S-.. um, Spoiler." Let's be real. She knows who she is at this point. "How's the mend?"

The usual energy in her voice is on the wane. Katsumi is one pooped trooper.

A trapdoor Nadia has appeared! Katsumi squeaks and hops back a step in surprise! "Ahn! Wear a bell!," she chastises.


The name shift is noted, and behind the cowl blue-green eyes narrow faintly. But Spoiler's lips stay flat as she inclines her chin.

"Mending," is the reply. The batling waits for Katsumi before continuing toward the kitchen.

"I was on my way to see what there was to coo-" Nadia happens! Spoiler looks up and sighs lightly. Very lightly. Ribs still mending.

"to see what tea there was to steep," she amends to the yoki at her side, calm and composed against Katsumi's startled squeak.

"Did you want to join us, Wasp?" asks the blonde without glancing up again.


"If you want tea I made a samovar for the kitchen. It's got a phone app which lets you remotely brew up to forty mugs worth of tea at once and then receive an alert when it's ready," Nadia offers cheerfully as she crawls around in the vents. "I will join you from above.. I'm just hotswapping cables, it's the only way to make changes without shutting down portions of the building security system. But it means I can't leave things unattended." She makes a hrm of concentration. "Is there anything either of you would like me to add to the repairs? Ideas other than 'a bell'." She sticks her tongue out at Katsumi.

"Oh and Spoiler, please call me Nadia. It seems silly calling me Wasp when I'm not even in costume…"


"I, uh, I'm good. I think that'll put me to sleep, if I have tea or anything," Katsumi pardon.

While she talks, the calico moves through the room to assume his comfortable spot before the bizarre little shrine of odds and ends in the corner. Nice and out of the way.

"I dunno anything about that, but I do have a question. Any of you know a good, easy way to move a lot of stuff from Metropolis to here? That won't break my bank?" Since she isn't making any money at this point.


"I think 3 cups is sufficient," Spoiler quips up at Nadia, lips almost dancing into a grin.

"And thank you for not shutting down security systems. I'm still looking through things here, but I'll send you a list of things if I find anything. I would like to work with you on any system upgardes," she says continuing toward the kitchen as Madia continues in the duct work. As for the name, she won't reply for now, but the request is noted.

"If I can find some Earl Grey, it shouldn't put you to sleep. As for a moving truck, I could borrow one for you, if you wanted," she offers. Because the batling is not at all above slipping into UHaul, taking a van, and then leaving it at another UHaul later.

As for the lowjack, it's called hacking for a reason.


"A lot of stuff? Anything less than a building I can probably just put it in my pocket and carry it for you," Nadia offers. There is a thud and a muttered rude word in Russian. "And the tea I've set it to make won't make you sleepy. Oh no! I've been drinking it since I started this work… What day is it? Wednesday still? Anyway it'll keep you alert through anything short of knock out gas."

"I've put some of the plans in the communal drive but those are very.. unspecific for security reasons. That and I keep having to invent.. things. I haven't even had chance to come up with names for it all yet.. But anyway things to let the Pym Industries stuff talk with all the existing Titans systems."


Katsumi Oshiro considers the tea, but seems leery. Whether Earl Grey or Red Bull, she's hesitant to chance it. "Well, if I give you a note, do you think you could do that, Nadia? All my stuff's at the Hall of Justice. It may not even fit in the rooms here, but it's.. y'know, my stuff." Some of the things, she absolutely has to find a way to fit in. Things that are quite important to her.

"I totally cleaned out my apartment today," she mentions as she turns to lean back on the island counter. Her elbows come to rest upon its flat surface. "Met that Dr. Strange guy, he opened a portal, and I went crazy getting all my stuff out of it and here. And he's dealing with the curse thingie."


In the Hall of Justice. Spoiler's head tips.

"If you need help getting in, Nadia, let me know," says the batling before she moves to get teh kettle going, a mug from the cupboard, and a bag of a light herbal from a drawer. Knowing that Strange is on the case and that the contact didn't lead Katsumi astray is heartening to the blonde, and so she nods lightly but says nothing further.


"I've been there before," Nadia points out. "To help Caitlin do research during the demon invasion. I'm sure they'll let me in if I have a signed note from Katsumi saying I'm collecting things for her. Or at least bring those things to the door for me and I'll move them from there. And not to worry about storage. I'll just leave anything you don't need shrunken until you need it unshrunk. Problem solved!" She crawls around in the ceiling until she's closer to the kitchen area and pops out another vent. "It is not very clean up here. I found a half eaten sandwich earlier which might have been in the vent longer than I have been in the country…."

"I wasn't aware you were interested in technology Spoiler, do you study any particular fields? Or do you want involving in all the tech work to just generally learn more? I think… Well, I need to confirm the budget with Caitlin first, but I /hope/ we'll be upgrading the Titans transportation into a space plane. Which should be all sorts of fun."


"Okay. I'll get you a note soon, Nadia. Thanks," Katsumi says. Though she still audibly lacks energy, it's at least sincere gratitude. "And then I need to figure out how to get back to Japan to pick up my car…" She isn't even sure it's technically street legal in the United States. But she can't leave it there. It's important.

Her head turns. "Space plane?"


"Good," is all Spoiler says of Nadia being able to get into the Hall. She stays quiet as Wasp and Katsumi work out hte logistics of bringing super small things, as well as the half eaten sandwich. There's a snort from the blonde, as she can guess who it might have belonged to. It's a soft snort that's immediately followed by a darker broodier sort of frown. She turns away to pour hte now ready water into her mug over the tea bag, willing herself not to think about those thigns anymore.

"Tech in general. I've made modifications to the sky cycle the Avengers gave me, and I've worked a little bit on the electronics in my own suit, but beyond that… a general working knowledge of most machinery is a good thing… just in case." And sensible for a batling.


Nadia Van Dyne nods, although it looks a little odd while she's upside down. "Yes. A space plane, like a plane but able to go into space. There's supposed to be a Justice League Javelin somewhere in the building. I'm still exploring and I'm sure I'll find something that needs a hanger eventually. It might just be locked because I do not technically have a pilots license."

Upside down Wasp offers Spoiler a cheerful grin. "If you did not have a secret identity to protect I'd recommend you drop round to G.I.R.L sometime. We've got a lot of cool technology and engineering resources. Better than a lot of colleges. And a lot of very smart people willing to help. I /guess/ nothing would stop you coming as a superhero it just might be a little weird. The mask and voice modulator might… trigger people? Is that the term? Anyway it is up to you. But even if you do not wish to visit I'll drop the upgrade info in your room here. If that's okay?"


"Isn't that just called a space rocket?," asks Katsumi. 'Space plane'. How silly! Rocketships are already a thing! There's a chance she's misunderstanding some specific point on the distinction.

Either way, she begins moving to the dorm room that's been designated hers, raising a hand. "I think I've gotta nap. It's been a long, LONG-ass day.."


"Sleep well, Kat," says Spoiler as she collects her mug of tea. A sip is taken as she peers up at Nadia's offer of the lack of identity.

"I'll keep the trigger warning in mind, but yet, the upgrade info in my office here is perfect. I'll give you any feedback I have. I was working on the computers actually, so unless you drop that system, I don't mind keeping you on the coms to work that way. I'm not up for crawl spaces just yet," says the Batling, pushing off the counter to return to her computers and the prospect of tech chatter with Nadia.


"I wouldn't let you join me anyway. Not in your condition! That would be very irresponsible of me. And yes you should go sleep Katsumi, I'll happily explain what we're building when you're well rested." Not that Nadia guarantees anyone will understand her explanation. "And I would be happy to dial you in via comms Spoiler. Especially if you can find some maps of the duct systems."


"Maps, I can do," Spoiler quips, grinning and feeling less useless. It's invigorating, and she happily tosses herself to the task.

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