Because We Can

May 08, 2019:

In which Darcy meets Kurt and Jubilee. Flirting may or may not have happened.


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It's about dinnertime around the school. Finals are in full swing, and Darcy is learning how tests get proctored around here. With those students testing on AP exam done for the day, Darcy makes her way toward the kitchen for a meal. She's dressed casually, with Goodwill second hand things. She'll upgrade her wardrobe when funds allow. Until then, she's not going to mention that she knows she's underdressed for her administrative position here at the school, just like she's not commenting on the fact that she's human amid mutants. That last part is mostly due, however, to one simple fact: Darcy has no shits to give.

Nightcrawler is already in the kitchen, 'sitting' against one wall over one of the refrigerators, tail holding open the door as he leans, looking in upside down, muttering to himself in German - non-fluent likely hearing something at almost sounds like clicks and hissing as he mutters to himself.

Jubilee is done with class work, so like, it's definitely time not to be doing any math. Even if some nights she still has to. Not tonight, Internet. So she comes to get some food. Dressed in her usual outfit, with the trenchcoat and the sunglasses. Because of course. "Good evening!" she says with a wave to eveyrone upon bursting in.

Darcy comes in and pauses just inside the threshhold to the kitchen. Her head tilts as she spies the blue creature, upside down, head in the fridge. She's quiet a moment before pressing in toward teh counter for the bread.

"Mind grabbing me some sandwich fixin's while your in there, Blue?" she quips at Nightcrawler, tone nonchalant and like she's been here for years. Her green eyes lift as Jubilee bursts into the room.

"Wow. Rainbow Brite would like her look back," she tells the youngster while dropping bread into the toaster.

Eyes closing as his fur color is called out as a name, murmuring to himself, one three fingered hand working as if clicking over a bead in a rosary
"Der himmlische Vater gibt mir Kraft, deinen Frieden zu kennen und denjenigen, die mich ärgern, diesen Frieden zu geben." breathing in and out before he calls out. "Any preferences, vegan? Chicken, pork beef?" he looks over at Jubilee as she bursts in, "Guten auben, Jubilation."

Jubilee pauses as Darcy makes her comment. "Excuse me?" she asks, since that almost sounded like it was intended to be mean! But no matter, she makes her way up to Kurt. "Hi Mr. Wagner. I think it all sounds good. If we had a Dim Sum going it could be chicken, pork, and beef."

"Bit of everything. Meats, veg, sacue of some kind," Darcy replies, moving toward the fridge to collect anything that's handed over to help transport to the counter.

"I'm Darcy. What's your name, handsome?" she asks just as Jubilee makes her way over. The woman chuckles faintly.

"You might be a bit young to get the reference, but YouTube Rainbow Brite. You should see what I mean," she tells Jubilee before turning her attention back to Nightcrawler, a smile still on her lips.

"Kurt, please. I am only Herr Wagner when I am teaching." several items are lifted over to his tail which opens only enough to allow more to be added. "Unfortunately I do not know how to dim sum… I can make a good stew, a good schnitzle… I have made brat and" he pauses slightly, "What do your Amerikanner call them… Dumplings? The soft bread, can stuff meat or vegitable… or just the dough, cooked and dumped in soup here?" he smiles and disappears in a rush of air to fill where he had been, the trademark BAMF of his teleportation sounding twice as he re-appears by the island counter, settting the bounty down.

Jubilee claps. "Oh, dumplings are a very important part of Dim Sum, Kurt. You see, Dim Sum is when you make a lot of different good things, put them all on the table, and everyone shares all of it." Then looking to Darcy. "I'm Jubilation, Darcy," she offers, even though she was first talking to Kurt. "And I have Rainbow Brite leg warmers, I was, you know what? Never mind."

Collecting all the names, Darcy watches student and teacher interacting, giving only a few blinks of 'well, that was new' when Kurt BAMFs to the island counter. She lowers her still empty hands and moves over to collect a plate and things she'll need to finish making her sandwich.

"Nice to meet you both," she says as she surveys what was collected for things to put in her dinner.

Cold cuts, pickles, some leftover beef, a few slices of ham, havarti, muenster, provalone, half a round of gouda, lettuce, pickles, kraut… He can carry a lot in his tail, and has done so. "It is a pleasure…" he takes a moment to study the woman now that she's right side up, "… Miss Lewis." It would make sense he was made aware of new staff a the school. "Nice to see someone able to stand being among us, without being one of us."
Jubilee grins to each of them, as she ends up getting a relatively light sandwich. "Oh Darcy, so you're going to teach? Welcome. Hopefully not math." she smiles.

Cold cuts? Yum. Pickles, yes please. Beef… hmm.. not with the cold cuts. Ooh provalone!!! Some lettuce is added and oh! What's this? A second type of pickle? Darcy considers the jar before setting it aside, figuring she had plenty with what she already took.

"Likewise," she replies as she gets to sandwich construction. She pauses part way through, looking to to smile at Kurt. There's a sort of barely there soft sadness to her gaze, making her seem a touch older than she likely is.

"If there's one thing I hate most in this world it's discrimination. And I… I don't discriminate. All of us are beautiful and special and wonderful in our own ways. Fur or skin or scales. Poof ability or going too fast or just not giving a damn. Diversity of life makes it worth living and experiencing," she tells the teleporter, before sliding her gaze toward Jubilee.

"Me? Teach math? Oh fu-uhh…" A pause. her gaze slides toward the actual teacher in the room before sliding back to the student.

"No. No, I will not be teaching math." Ever. -internal shudder- "I'm administration. Testing coordination, report cards, scheduling, attendance, supply orders, all that bu-uhh… sh— ss— uuuhh things."

Darcy, low key having trouble censoring her language due to child-like-student-thing in room. Send halp.

Nightcrawler just looks at Darcy as she keeps herself censored with a smile barely containing a snicker, nodding slightly, "Danke, mein dame." he smiles, all pointed teeth behind the beard as he flips his hair out of his face. Part of his old rogueish self shining through as he leans on the counter, "And you are correct, Dame Lewis - though some of the fuzzy ones are the most fun."

Jubilee looks at Darcy, and snickers. "So this is your first time working at a school?" she says, covering her mouth. "Some days it seems like fuzzy is a requirement to teach here."

Rogueish fangfilled smile, a lean on the counter, and the toss of his hair all earn a snicker and a replying devilish grin from Darcy. A wink is tossed Kurt's way.

"Oh, my reply is so not PG13, so… I'll have to give it when there isn't a lil' around," she quips, putting the roofing slice on her sandwich before sucking off a bit of pickle juice from the side of her thumb. Her gaze slides to Jubilee.

"No. Not really. I've worked with this school before. Just ..not in a capacity where I was supposed to work directly with students. As for fuzzy… Catch me on a haven't-shaved day," is the reply before looking back at the things on the counter.

"Ya'll gonna want this for yourselves, or should I start putting up?" is the question, offered to the room at large.

"I can put it away, I was looking for sweets myself." he looks to Jubilee, "Will you be partaking, Jubilation?" motioning to all of the goods that have been laid out, glowing golden eyes somehow turning to Darcy at the shaving comment, giving a deep throated chuckle,
"On either of our no-shave days?" still grinning, fangs and returning the woman's wink.
Jubilee did take a sandwich, and is all set. She now starts looking for something to drink as she holds it up "Tahnks Kurt! I don't think I could eat more than this." She snickers again at the shaving comments as she digs into the fridge. "I'm pretty confident noobdy will want me teaching anything. Except maybe PE, if they're desperate."

"Challenge accepted. Give me a week," Darcy retorts on a broad grinning smirk just before the sandwich is lifted and her first bite is taken. She moans lightly at the sustenance, eyes rolling up a bit before she collects her plate.

"Thanks for pulling out and then cleaning up, Kurt. Let's plan a conference sometime," is stated, one hand grabbing a bottle of water from the counter and shoving it into a pocket of the restaurant apron she's wearing. She… may or may not have failed to return that handy bit of clothing when she left the diner to work here. She glances at Jubilee.

"Unless you got a degree in it, I suppose. There's college classes around here for that sort of thing, i think. I'll check the master schedule… tomorrow. If you come by my office and ask nicely. Until then, I've got a sandwich and some TV shows calling my name. Toodles." She makes her way out of the kitchen with the wiggle of her fingers over a shoulder for them both.

Nightcrawler blinks several times and then laughs at Darcy's wording, taking a moment to shake his head as if to clear it and then looking back to Jubilee, "Never fear, even if you lack in the ability to teach in academics, like myself, there's always a place." setting to the task of cleaning up, poking through the fridge at each trip for something or another.

Jubilee comes out with a bottle of juice, and closes the fridge with her hip. "I don't know what I'm going to do after high school, for reals.I'm pretty sure like, the only reason I'm going to graduate is because of the X Men coaching me the whole way."

Nightcrawler nods a little "You'll find your way, and we'll support you the whole way. You have us to fall back on when you need, Miss Lee, I promise you." he makes an excited sound suddenly and draws a small plastic domed container out, setting what looks like half of a new york style cheesecake on the island counter. "Wunderbar…" said while licking his lips.

Jubilee walks on over, and leans her hip on the counter, and starts snacking on the food. She stares at the cheesecake, and giggles after swallowing. "That looks nice. You know I dind't want to say anything, but the trick to shaving is having good genes and not having to shave as much."

Nightcrawler smirks, lifting dome and cutting two good sized slices, "My genes are just fine, thank you. Some of us can't help having a pelt, ja?" putting the slices on separate plates, and tucking a fork in each and setting one before Jubilee. His tail shoots out to grab a small bottle from inside the fridge door, the pointed end unscrewing it. "Grenadine syrup, little lightning bug?" pouring a healthy measure of thick red sugary joy on his slice.

Jubilee giggles again before she cracks open her juice to have some. Setting that down, she inhales, and sees she's getting a place. "Oh yes please Kurt… I just know I Can get away longer than some, and my dad totally didn't have to shave every day if he was busy."

Nightcrawler blinks at that, brow raised, "I d hope you speak about your legs, I know your a teenager - but even then you're too young for me to be knowing… ach.. It's a bit much, too young." looking chagrinned as he sets the syrup where she can get at it before starting in on his cake slice.

Jubilee almost drops her sandwich when he says that. Her face coloring, she snickers again. "Oh my god Mr. Wagner, yes I was talking about…" She sighs, grinning, and drinks more of her juice. "Though I am 18 now."

Nightcrawler nods at that, "Good…. good. Eighteen maybe… But there are some things I don't think I should know…" lips tightening as he tries to hold back laughter now, cake shaking on his fork.

Jubilee shakes her head. "Look at you, bringing that up, and now you're the one getting embarrassed. Though, the genes work for everything. My arms just stay smooth." She then pauses and looks at him, chewing the last of the sandwich.

"It was not my fault… I was having an adult conversation in half phrases… and then you… and you made the comment, and." Man… Kurt sure does love cheesecake. It's great. Delicious.

Jubilee sets down the sandwich, and steps up to him, tapping his noes with a fingertip as she takes her cake. "Flirting in front of the students, you can only get away with it when they're too young to notice, or too old to be offended."

Nose wrinkling at the tap, Kurt raises a brow at her, "What? I'm not too old. She's not too old. She clearly doesn't think it bad that I am blue, or covered in fur. And clearly she can see that I'm a handsome fellow." he puffs up a bit, eatting more of his cake.

Jubilee Steps back and shakes her head. "I mean, I'm old enough that I'm not going to go around blabbing that you were flirting. That's cool for both of you." She winks, and digs into her cake.

Nightcrawler sniffs slightly, "Good, because we weren't flirting, we were speaking to one another as adults… Because we can." squinting one eye towards Jubilee and patting her shoulder with his tail.

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