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April 12, 2019:

Kurt tracks down Frank Castle, in an extremely unorthodox manner.

Central Park


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There's plenty of activity going on around New York at all times of the day and night… but Nightcrawler isn't looking for everyones activity. He's looking for a specific mans activity. After the Stark Tower raid, Punisher has been surprisingly on the downlow for a man constantly at war. The reasons for that are anyones guess…. but the result is finding the man has been difficult for Kurt. He's known to be involved in the Sentinel attacks, having been directly present at the Mutant Town attack… so following the underworld threads for the cyborgs he was looking into is probably a good place to start.

Somewhere in Central Park tonight, the Battle Van is sitting in a parking lot, the Punisher and Microchip have been staking out various black market suppliers to make a list of clients who are interested in the cybertechnology and biotech required to create something like the cyborg sentinels. A number of recon drones are in the air tonight, watching various dealers with Microchip running facial recognition. Punisher is in the Battle Van in his usual getup, gear web ready with an M16/M203 standing by in case they find someone worth capturing.


Above one of those groups, perched on a thin tree-limb like a cat on the hunt, Nightcrawler holds on with three limbs, his tail up and swaying as a counter balance when needed.
He's on his own, confident that he has the upper hand in more ways than one. His rosary is tucked away behind his armor, save for the small wooden cross that hangs over his belt. Heavy weapons, high calibur - the kind of stuff they shoot at Logan, or Piotr… and especially at Wade when the mouthy maniac is in town. If anyone knows what sort of leads might connect to these attacks, or if they know of anyone who had been a contact hit by The Punisher it should be these men.
Wrapped in shadow beyond the normal evening gloom, even his glowing eyes remain concealed, narrowing to golden slits as he leans closer, listening, judging when the right time may be to descend.


"Frank, Dealer 3 has someone watching from a tree. Some sort of blue guy… is that Nightcrawler?" Microchip asks from the monitor. Punisher gets up and heads over from the weapon maintenance bench he was at and looks at it. "That's blue boy allright." Punisher grates out.

"What's he doing out here with black market dealers?" Microchip continues to ask. "I got no fuckin' clue. I didn't think that group bothered with the underworld, just with defending mutants." Punisher clucks his tongue a moment, before he takes a rubber round magazined Barrett MRAD. Placing a suppressor on it, he peeks out from the top of the Battle Van, lines up the shot… and one by one, the dealers below Kurt are shot in the head by rubber rounds, knocking them out. A couple manage to get off shouts of "We're under at-" that are immediately silenced. "I've got no idea what he's doin', but I can't have him screwin' this up." Punisher grates out as he heads for the driver seat, the DMR placed on the maintenance bench. "Keep on the other drones. I'm gonna go and see what the fuck he thinks he's doin'."

The Battle Van can be seen coming towards Nightcrawlers position, overtly.


The men downed, like dominos, Kurt's head jerks back, eyes going wide before he drops to the ground, immediatly checking vitals, "Gott im Himmel…" he murmurs, looking over the men and then about his surroundings - creeping back towards the shadows on all fours, springy as a cat as he tries to pin point where the shots must have come from before he focuses on the van, peering - inhuman eyes piercing the darkness beyond the windshield the moment it dips where light cannot reflect on the glass and then suddenly
*BAMF* he is in the back of the van, in a crouch, "Herr Castle, you are surprisingly difficult to find, ja?" the shadows seeming to grow around him again, wrapping around him like a lover.


"Frank Castle is dead." Punisher grates out in reply. He knows what Kurt can do, so him popping into the Van is the least surprising thing to happen. Microchip, in the back says nothing… but he does stare wide eyes at Kurt, having never met the mutant before.

"That's Microchip, he's my partner, and the only one who gets to call me Frank." Punisher continues as he sets the Battle Van to drive back to the parking lot he was at, and turns back to Kurt in the drivers seat. "What the fuck do you think you're doin'? I got a clean operation goin' here, and you're gettin' in the middle of it."


"Guten Abend, mein Herr" Nightcrawler bows his head at Microchip - Don't worry, I'm not one of the ones who bites." the fuzzy blue elf bows his head. "I would rather speak to the man and not the monster, meinn herr." Kurt shifts up towards the front of the van.
"As for what I was doing, I was trying to find you. This seemed the most logical place, ja?" Nightcrawler sits in his typical crouch, elbows resting on his thighs, looking up at Frank with a brow raised.


"Good thing for you I was prepared for interruptions. The scum I just knocked out will have a confusing story to tell, but no solid leads." Punisher leans forward then, "What do you need, blue boy?"


"Kurt, please." Nightcrawler notes as he looks around the interior of the van, "I need a man that is good at killing and that Sentinels or their cyborgs would not notice as easily ja?" reaching up to lightly scratch at his cheek before he continues. "If they are hunting Stark and not mutants, and can adapt to his tech - how long before you are targeted next eh?"


"You're looking for backup for somethin'. That about right?" Punisher reasons out, before he points to a duffel bag in the back. "That's a cyborg head from one of the Sentinels. They're going after innocent mutants, so I've been tracking and dismantling their operations where I can."

He looks back to Kurt, "I'm willin' to listen, at least." Punisher responds.


"Ja, I had heard you were at mutant town and we could use you along the way. You say you have been tracking them, that can help us, you're good at destroying things like them, also good. We could use your help, Herr Castle." Nightcrawler frowns a little deeper, tail twitching back and forth.


"I do my own thing usually. Most people don't want to listen to a 'mass murderer'." Punisher uses air quotes there, "or take their lead from him. Give me a time, a place, and an objective, and I'll see what I can do. No promises."


Nightcrawler frown and looks down for a moment, thinking before he looks to Frank again, "It is not my place to judge, that is for another. Mine is only a life to live as He needs me to. "Between you and Wolverine I can only imagine the numbers of the dead." he offers a thin smile to the man, "So I call you Frank - because Frank still lives and fights like a man with a purpose and an anger I have seen in some of my compatriots." he shrugs a little, "Forgive me, I am waxing verbose." head canting to the side, "How do I call to give you said place and time when it is determined?"


A moment passes as Punisher taps a finger on his leg, visibly thinking. Then, he looks to Microchip, "Give him one of the burner phones, Micro. Can't hurt." Punisher grouses as he turns back in the driver seat. "moving locations, let me know if we're out of drone range."

As Punisher continues, Microchip reaches for a bin of electronics and pulls out a flip phone. He hands it over to Kurt with a smile, "He doesn't often work with anyone else, so this is going to be interesting." The hacker smirks to Kurt as the phone is offered.


Accepting the offered device, Nightcrawler tucks it into his suit before bowing his head. "Danke, mein herrs. I will be in touch - I'll not interrupt your war any longer, Herr Castle." Nightcrawler moves to the back of the van, "I apologize for the smell, its only brimstone" and he disappears in a burst of indigo smoke and the sound of air filling the vaccuum where he was.

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