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May 06, 2019:

Nate visits the mansion labs looking for better solutions for the cyborgs problems. He finds Hank, and Jubilee.

The R&D Labs under Xavier's School


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Lets to be honest. Nate does not like labs.

He doesn't say it out loud, but he flees the medbay the second he is left alone. And despite his usual interest in pretty much everything, from the childish games of the rec room to the innards of the Blackbird. He is never in the labs unless someone drags him there.

Which means he rarely sees Hank McCoy. But today he has wandered into the science section of the underground complex. And somewhat reluctantly looking for a science-y type. Sage? No. Kitty? Nope. No telepathic ping. Okay, "McCoy?" He greets, as the door swish open.

Hank McCoy has finished a major school project, giving an in-depth learning experience for a large number of kids who may not usually get involved in many activities due to a lack of powerful mutations, or a socially inconvenient mutation. But now that it's done, he has time to work on other projects and that's why he's here. A white coat on over his suit, he puts down a row of test tubes and looks to the man coming in. "Nate, hey there. Need something?"

Jubilee totally doesn't do math or science but sometimes she HAS to for school. And so she's in the lab getting help, occasionally asking questions of Hank to somehow muddle through enough with the barest passing grade. She's curled up on a bench, in the corner, a pad of paper and three books spread around her. When Nate arrives, she waves from the corner.

What? Jubilee in a science lab. There is this moment of cognitive dissonance, before Nate manages an incredulous wave back.

"Er… hello, doc," he says, glancing back at the blue-colored scientists. "I do, kind of. See, I just met with Lorna and she was quite distressed. Apparently she saw how Sentinel Services murdered a mutant. Well, not Sentinel Services per se. Looks like one of their agents was one of those cyborgs with Sentinel programming. I have done some research and they are pinning it on the mutant, claiming he was a drug-pushed and had an overdose. Family and friends think he was a web designer, I went to his home and he had a top notch computer setup and no drugs anywhere. The cops didn't even bother investigating, which is also strange."

He flops down on a seat and folds his arms. "Looked harder, this time asking some guys I have in the police that are legit. They think detective so and so did it, and detective so and so is convinced some other guy did it. Bureaucratic fuckup? Too much a coincidence. I think they got hacked."

Hank McCoy tenses up, and very carefully, gingerly, sets down all the glass he's holding. Then folding his arms, his brow furrows, and he turns to face Nate fully. "That sounds troubling. I've been holding down the fort at the school lately, but with the end of the school year coming up, perhaps I can help." He rests a thick hand on the lab bench as he considers. "Top end computer isn't a sign of inappropriate money if ti's the only expensive thing he owns. Could just mean it was the only thing in his life."

Jubilee sits up as this comes up. "Wait, wait, hold on" she chirps up, putting her homework down, pushing a book aside, standing up. "I saw them over the weekend, too. I was a little confused at first, but I think I saw that hame, Sentinel Services. And they were chasing a mutant, who died in a really awful way. I tried to get him away, but he died before I could. They came after me when I Tried to save him."

"I am pretty sure the computer system was for his job, it was not a gaming setup, not that I am an expert," agrees Nate. Then looks at Jubilee. "I think Lorna mentioned you, yes. Sentinel Services is a private company, but it is founded by Trask Industries. Which is the company that build Sentinels for the army and the DEO. Anyway, they deal with 'mutant problems'. Which I am not sure what means, but probably nothing good for anyone."

But he is wandering. Back to the issue. "See. A government coverup is not like this. It would involve using the police like pawns, not trying to hide it from them. And Sage said the DEO was also investigating and concerned about rogue Sentinels and now the cyborgs. We don't know who is behind all this yet. I can't read the cyborgs minds, I need a science solution. And… I think Lorna needs help, too."

Hank McCoy grumbles, and makes a fist, then takes a breath to calm himself. "I think we need two things. We need the body, if we can, to find out how they killed him. An autopsy would help. We also need a way to disrupt these new sentinels. Jubilation, was anything effective against it, that you could see as you were facing one? Nate, same question to you, if you've faced any. I can build something, even if it'll just distract them or slow them down a little, but I don't know what to build." He then goes into a drawer, and with a crinkle, pulls out a twinkie. For comfort.

"He was poisoned," states Nate simply. No need to do an autopsy, really, he died from a massive overdose that would have killed any normal human and most metahumans and mutants. Perhaps Hank could have survived, Nate is sure he wouldn't. "I have not seen any cyborg," he adds. "But Lorna, Illyana, Sage and Rogue did. There are reports; Sage is as detailed as Cyke. They don't seem powerful, but they can pass as humans and they can kill people using firearms just fine."

Jubilee blinks. "She was there? That would explain some things. Like the car that just showed up out of nowhere. I'll have to thank her. Even if I couldn't get him out of there I could get out of there that way. Looks awful, whatever they did to him, but I dind't see it. I thought I heard something but in the fuss it was hard to tell. And Dr. McCoy, um, it's… nothing I did really stopped him at all. Lights, maybe sounds and blasts a little bit, but not much. I really coudln't do anything to stop him at all."

Hank McCoy takes out his phone and takes a few notes as both of them speak. "Sounds like they have augmented senses and physical traits, but only in ways that are generally invisible to outsiders. But overloading their senses doesn't hurt them, the way it might hurt me. We may need to test a more total electromagnetic burst, to completely shock their circuits. Harmless to people. Deadly to machines."

Jubilee goes to sit down again, shaking her head once more at what happened to the poor guy. "They overdosed him. He was fine, then suddenly he wasn't, after they got him away from me."

@emit “We need to find them, Doc,” which is what brings him here. Because telepathy is useless to find machines, so he is half-useless. “If they are out there murdering mutants like they did to the one Lorna and Jubilee saw, who knows how many have they killed. Not all mutants live in Mutant Town. We can’t protect everybody, we need to go for the root.”

Hank McCoy snaps. "I see, that's your problem. You're so used to your own talents, that this is frustrating you. So much so that you came down here." He grins, and relaxes a little. "What if I made miniature bugs that you could place on one in a fight, in a discreet location, such as in the scalp? Would that work?"

Jubilee shrugs. "I don't know, Doctor McCoy. I didn't want to get close. Someone who's better in a physical fight, like you, might be able to do it. Or someone who could place it from a distance. But not me, no way. I'm not getting that close to one."

"Bugging them?" Nate was not considering letting any of them escape, but maybe. "You think you could recognize the murdering cyborg if you see him again, Jubes?" He might only need a glance to the young woman's memories, but it might be best if Jubilee can see and confirm in person.

Hank McCoy sees Nate's doubt about that, and smiles. "You're skeptical of not taking it down when you have the chance? If we take down every one we see, we may never find out where they are. If we let one go to follow it, then we may save far more lives that way. And Jubilation, it could be very important. So if you can, I would ask you to try."

Jubilee sits down again, slowly, thinking. "Maybe?" she asks, her voice soft with uncertainty. "I was doing my best to make it hard to see me. And when I do that, it's hard for me to see them, too. That's why I didn't see what they did to the guy they were, like, attacking."

Nate hrms. Usually he picks up the information from the minds of his enemies. The option is not open with robots. A tracker might be better, since last time the X-Men fought the cyborgs they didn't left much to research when they were defeated.

Then he nods to Jubilee. "No worries, I will take Lorna with me. Although the plan was to destroy the cyborg. Lorna is good for this because she can identify the cyborgs with her magnetic senses."

Hank McCoy digs into the snack drawer again and pulls out another comfort twinkie, then holds up two more in their individual wrappers as an offer to Nate and Jubilee. "I'll build a tracker. I think when we use it, we need to make sure it looks like a real fight. That we're trying to destroy them. I could get in close enough to take a blow and still land the tracker. I'm sure we have others who could do the same. What's the range on Lorna' sability to detect them, do we know?"

Jubilee raises a hand to Hank, to accept that offer! "I would like to come when we do this though, so I can try to protect their, you know, target. Now I know not to hold back when a really big one ignores my fireworks. That means it's.. one of them."

"Sentinel Services has only four offices in New York, only one of them is large," mentions Nate, to explain finding that one cyborg shouldn't be very hard. Of course the twinkie is accepted and quickly devoured. Nate never says no to food.

"Shouldn't be a target, Jubes," adds for the younger mutant. "We are going for him, not the other way around. Just get that tracker quickly. Oh, take in consideration they might have some really good tech around. So if it is not electromagnetic or, y'know? Anything normal modern technology uses, and that can be detected. It would be better. I don't want to find them expecting us."

Hank McCoy gently lobs each Twinkie to its intended target, and tears open his own. "I'll make it small, and I'll try to shield it. It won't broadcast right away. I'll put a delay on it, so that it won't broadcast its location to us until a certain amount of time passes. We'll set that at go time. 30 minutes? 60? Whatever we want."

Jubilee catches hers, and giggles "Thanks Hank!" Now it's Hank. She carefully opens hers, and hums. "I want to come anyway though, if I can help. Unless you guys agree with Mr. Wagner and think I should stay at the school in case they attack here."

See? That is the problem of trying to counter super-tech enemies and using technological means. Nate never knows if they don't have a too large edge on him or not. At this point he needs to trust McCoy knows what he is talking about and his precautions are enough. "Alright," he decides, "so the second you have the tracker, call me. I will be in touch with Lorna and Jubilee and we go hunting."

Hank McCoy nods, and taps another note into his phone. "I'll get right on it. Anything else you need? Besides a guy who can take a punch from a cyborg to get the tracker on?"

Jubilee slowly bites into her twinkie, giving an optimistic nod to the two as they come up with a plan. Swallowing, she smiles. "I hope it works. WE need to find where their REAL base is so we can stop ALL their plans."

Nate shakes his head, "if I am going to put a tracker on one of them, I am going to try to do so without being seen. No need to 'let one of them escape' or anything. They don't seem to want take prisoners either." He heads out, "I'll be in touch. And no, I don't think we need to add more security to the school. But if you do you should talk to Xavier or Scott."

Hank McCoy nods. "Fair enough. Be careful, Nate. And Jubilation, you'd better get back to your homework. I know Kurt did get you on extra training, but your education is your future, as much as the X-Men's mission is." He then tosses her a second Twinkie, as he grabs himself a third."

Jubilee starts to complain, but the Twinkie mollifies her. "Alright Hank. I'll do my homework. And yeah, be careful Nate!" She then slowly sits back, and starts getting her books and papers back into position to get that stuff done. With one and a half twinkies in her lap.

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