Jumpin' Jubilations

May 02, 2019:

Jubilee gets some training pointers on Sentinel attacks from Laura.

Danger Room - X-Men HQ - New York City

This room is bordered by a walled and windowed off control panel, where
either someone can man the settings of what projects for the competitors
inside, or set it to a random scan with multitudes of varying scenario
selections, down to ones that truly held a past with X-Men missions.

The Room's World View Model Library has digital models of over 50 million
objects and their attributes, including weapons, vehicles, buildings, and
aliens in order to make the scenario's laid out true. Although everything is
an illusion within the Danger Room's arena, the way it is projected seems
near to realistic within the heavy metal bunker that is meant to withstand
up to atomic levels of blasts from within, or without.

The Arena of the Danger Room itself bears a hardened floor that even bears
the 'X' shape within ridges, but every small nook and cranny bears a porpose
from image projection, gravitational irregularities, and effects that can
even be felt as their true to nature texture and atmosphere.

(( This is the training space where the X-Men learn to push themselves. ))


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Fade In…

Jubilee is one of the X-Men who is still a student, so she has extra responsibilities. But with the sentinel situation going on, and the threat of augmented sentinels taking technology from Tony Stark and using them to attack the mansion, Kurt Wagner gave Jubilation Lee a task: Make sure to be prepared for such an attack. So, she's gladly skipping algebra today to come down and train. Dressed in a Yellow leotard, blue leg warmers, and a pink headband, she steps out in here, and onto a mat.


When it comes to Danger Room scenario's Laura is something of a connoisseur. Having worked to come up with ever more impossible situations for her own personal training regime. But thankfully for Jubilee they probably won't be using anything that drastic. Attacks by killer robots, usually of the Sentinel variety, are practically a default setting for the Danger Room. Not that this makes them easy.

"What exactly are you looking to gain from this training?" she muses, scrolling through optional settings on the control panel. "Guiding other students away from danger? Or actively counter-attacking?" She pauses, fixing Jubilee with an appraising look. "You're attire is very colorful, so perhaps some sort of distraction duty?


Jubilee starts off by doing a warmup. On the mats, she gets a running start, and dumbles hands, feet, hands feet, does a double twist in the air, and lands on herfeet. Now turned around to face where LAura's talking from, she laughs. "It's a little of both, Laura. My first priority is the safety of the students. After that, I try to protect the institute and stop the bad guys." She then signals for the program to start. The mats are gone, and now it's the foyer to the mansion. Full of kids.


"I expect some people would point out you are still a student," Laura notes with a shrug. "But if they do point out it never hurts to be prepared. Not when there are credible threats to the school." She doesn't bother to warm up herself, her mutation making it largely unnecessary, and leans against the bannister in the simulated foyer. Usually when supervising Danger Room training people remain in the command booth. But for Laura it's much easier to study someones form up close and, if she's honest, a good chance to sneak in extra training.

"That being said… Given how advanced the technology involved is you shouldn't feel compelled to stay and fight. The building itself can be replaced. People typically can not."


Jubilee nods. "Right Laura. I'm a student, and I'm an X Man. I'll try, but I'm just one person." The simulation fully starts, and there's a crowd of students. She runs past Laura and up the stairs part way. Then leaning out over the rail, she calls out in her high voice "All students, stay inside. Stay calm, and get under ground immediately. Get to shelter. Don't go to class. Get underground right away." She then jumps off, and lands on her feet, squeezing past the crowds to get to the door. "Stay back," she adds as she opens the front doors to try to see what's outside.


Laura Kinney seems to slip through the crowd of simulated students almost without effort. Sniffing at the air to get a sense of what the simulation has coming as she watches Jubilee run through the evacuation routine. "Hmmm I wonder if, given the technology involved, we should considered temporarily disabling some of the more automated security systems. They could pose a risk if hacked…." she muses, her head tilting to follow a distant sound. "Machines are often more trouble than they are worth."


Jubilee looks to Laura and frowns at that idea. "I woudln't even…" But then she sees three students outside, gawking at what's approaching. Jubilee runs out of the door, and yells "Get down, get inside, run, fast." Jubilee places herself inf ront of hte kids, keeping between them andwhatever's coming. She looks up herself to see what's in the air, approaching, that would cause such an evacuation. Must be something metallic, right? She squints and looks, raising a hand ready to prepare to make a distraction.


"I would recommend keeping moving or finding some cover," Laura suggests, moving up to the doorway as the simulated students rush in. "Standing between the kids and incoming attacks may seem brave but some weapons will simply go through you. It works much better for someone like Colossus." She glances up herself, then ducks back into a more covered position. "Hopefully you will not be facing robotic versions of yourself. I did not think to bring suitable eye protection."


Jubilee giggles. "Good point, but I wanted to see what they were, and where they were coming from before…" And now they're close enough that she can see. The computer has extrapolated from current data, and well, it's a smaller, faster version of anything they've seen before. And it's firing. Jubilee starts moving at this point, running, doing more of the same flips she did before on the mat, this time in the grass. As she does though, she starts firing shots at it, causing intense pops all around the one that's firing on her. "Ugh…"


Laura nods in approval "Knowing your enemy is important, but a Sentinel will be able to target you from much further away than you can usually see." She begins studying the Sentinels movement, getting an idea for how it targets and how Jubilee is moving to avoid it. The streams of energy blasts from the Sentinel throwing up plumes of dirt and lawn. "And remember to pace yourself."


Jubilee is moving, and moving more quickly than the average person, with great control in how she does so. Landing on her feet, with the kids past and in, she wipes some dirt that kicked onto her face from one of the sentinel shots, and starts running herself. Jumping onto a bench, and doing another flip off of it. "I think… in a real attack like this… I'd only shoot at them long enough to get everyone inside… you agree?"


"That depends a lot on what goal the attackers have," Laura replies, frowning as she considers the question. "It make take sustained fire for one to consider you a threat. Or you might find that allowing it to attack unimpeded is more dangerous than firing back to save energy." She follows along at a brisk jog. "Ideally you'll have supporting X-men around to counter attack. Our greatest strength is in teamwork and experience." The 'and our mutations' is left unsaid.


Jubilee gets inside the building, and sighs, signaling to stop the program. "That was really crazy. I hope… if it does happen, yeah, it's not that bad, and I'm not alone. But it's something to think about…"

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