Gomen nasai! Q.Q

May 02, 2019:

In which Katsumi apologizes for breaking Spoiler and Spoiler ends up giggling.

Titans Tower - Medical


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Katsumi, deciding that Spoiler needed to be back in medical and not fly off on her own to places unknown where she may or may not receive adequate medical treatment, scooped up the batling and tossed her over a shoulder. Spoiler felt the broken rib bend and slip out of place. She placed her hands on Katsumi's shoulder and while she hadn't put up a fight, she was not easy to carry. It was all Spoiler could do to stay conscious, knowing that if she slumped that rib would slide right into a lung and things would be much much worse. Her arms trembled the entire way.

Dropped onto a bed, Spoiler pales on a pained groan and her arms wrap about her side while Katsumi summons the doctors. Of course, they're glad to get their wayward patient back, but one look at her condition, and they gently but firmly press the meta human out of the way and get to work. Spoiler's in no condition to fight them off past a growl that might have been her demanding they leave the mask on. It's mostly ignored as they quickly but gingerly strip her of her armor and get an IV back in. She's complacent with that, even if she's growling as they flood her system with a sedative. When the doctors lay her back the damage to her side becomes completely clear: angry purple bruise, swelling, and a dent where a rib should be smooth.

"You don't need to see this," says a nurse, eyes on Katsumi, pressing her backwards out of the space before swishing the curtain closed and obscuring all vision of whatever is it that needs to be done to get the apparently much more frahile than a super hero should be blonde back to rights. A minute later, the steady drone of a beeping heart monitor drowns out whatever medical jargon the doctors are using to communicate what they need to communicate about the batling.

Katsumi Oshiro was completely clueless - cheerfully so, even! - as she trotted the girl back to medical. And then her screw-up is made very, very clear, and she gapes. Katsumi offers zero resistance when she's nudged back, and while normally may have been impossible to push in the cover of night, was easy enough to guide out.

Hours passed. Katsumi got an exhaustion nap.

It is now mid-morning. The Asian girl got up and bailed on the Tower again. Fortunately, she came back pretty quickly. It took some coaxing, but they let her into the medical area to rejoin Spoiler. She didn't get to see the face beneath the mask, so nothing had been confirmed for her. Whether it is now is yet to be seen…

She isn't focused on that, though. She's inching into the room with a ducked head and sheepishly hunched shoulders. "Spooiiiler?," she drawls, not more than leaning into the room yet. She'd understand if Spoiler whinged a vase at her.
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"Yes?" comes the soft near-whisper. Stephanie had been awake off and on a few times. It was long enough for her to check in at the Batcomputer and to get the medical team to bring her the utility belt from her gear. She switched from the full cowl to the spare domino mask she started keeping on hand, in case the optics on the cowl got damaged but she still needed a mask. This one was sleeker than her first full-face mask.

She'd been told that the domino mask really didn't do anything to hide her face, but she didn't care right now. It was cooler than the cowl, and let the medical team finally realize that the concussion had cut her scalp. She'd been washed up and rests now in a hospital gown.

Call the press. Spoiler's wearing a muted blue instead of black and purple. The color washes out her complexion and dulls her eyes, visible in the holes of the simple mask she's wearing. The top of the bruise that her cowl hid along her cheekbone is visible near her bottom lid, but thankfully the cowl's optics protected her from a shiner. Her lip is cleaned again too, and close at hand there's a tray with easy to stomach food things on it. Spoiler's picked at the offering.

"Good morning, Katsumi. How are you?" she says, polite, soft, and with what has to be her normal voice. All traces of the batling's gear, minus the mask on her face and the sleek black phone on the tray near the food, are gone.

Katsumi Oshiro had caught her voice earlier, in the underground arena. It hit her like an earworm. And hearing it now, with Stephanie's face (minus cheekbones!), just cinches it more. She starts to speak on it, but promptly shuts up. Instead, she frowns immensely at the blonde.

"How am I!? How are YOU!?"

She quickly hurries into the room and stops at Stephanie's bedside. Almost crashingly fast, she bends forward in a deep, apologetic bow. "I'm stupid! I didn't know I was hurting you more! I- I'm sorry!" Her hands are raised above her head. Normally, the palms would be pressed together in contrition, but the hands are full. In one, there's a small bundle of deep purple-blue orchids. In the other, there's a big red heart-shaped box centered with a message written in sharpie: 'I fucked up! Q.Q'

Frowned at, Stephanie blinks. It's a long blink in which Katsumi crosses the space between them. It's disorientating and Stephanie has to close her eyes amoment to readjust. When she does, she finds a contrite asian bowing before her. Blue-green eyes track up toward the gifts, the beautiful orchids and the heart shaped box. It takes Stephanie a moment to read the message. her lips move faintly as she sounds out the words that her brain is having trouble parsing.

"It's fine, Katsumi. I didn't tell you and I was too slow to stop you," says the blonde finally, not reaching up for the gifts.

"Will you set them on the table there?" she asks, eyes tracking toward the bedside table.

Katsumi Oshiro, without raising yet, awkwardly fumbles the gifts onto the table at her bedside. Once done, her hands place together above her head.

"It's not really fine!," Katsumi argues. "I really, really hurt you! And not because I was really strong and clumsy! I hurt you because I was stupid and not thinking!," she rambles, her voice tight. "This has all gotten so screwed up and backwards! I didn't mean to hurt you, though!" There's a beat. "..either time!"

Silence. For a long time, there is nothing but the beep-beep-beep of the heart monitor.

"Pull a chair over and sit," says Spoiler softly, hands folded over her midsection. She waits then, for Katsumi to sit before speaking again.

"I know you didn't mean to hurt me. And I know you feel badly about these accidents. I'm not angry with you. I'm not frustrated with you. I'm not afraid of you," says the blonde, eyes as level and clear as they are going to get while she's on a slow morphine drip.

Katsumi Oshiro lingers a few seconds, not going quite so easy on herself. But after those seconds expire, she slinks over to the chair and drags it over to the bedside as well. She sits upright, right ankle tucking over left. She's then silent for a few seconds after Stephanie speaks, still frowning, hands balled together over her lap.

"I can't keep doing it, though. I've gotta do better.."

"I don't disagree," Stephanie replies, head turned to regard Katsumi. Does she look odd with the oxygen tube thing up her nose? She shouldn't care. It makes it easier to breathe without wanting to draw a lungful.

"What do you need to make that happen? Or.. what do you think you need?" asks the blonde.

"More practice," Katsumi says immediately. "On- on not-people. It's not on you. It's me. I just, I wanted to say I'm gonna do better. I'm not gonna keep breaking you. Even if I'm just being a.. a dumbass."

A soft smile pulls at Spoiler's lips, threatening to split her lip again. Pink tongue darts out to wet the wound.

"Let me know how I can help. Batman's often said that Superman could do with learning to be cleaner with his punches, for those rare times he fights someone as strong as he is. The trouble with training a kryptonian is to make them weak enough so that people like Batman and I can teach them, they're too sick or weak to function and learn," says Spoiler in her round about way of pondering outloud if there is a way to power Katsumi down to teach her.

…when Spoiler's out of medical.

She's talking a bit above Katsumi's head, and it shows in the mild tilt of her cranium. "I don't think I wanna practice punching you. I mean, right now, it's just normal ol' me. No super strength or anything. It'd just be us wrestling. But at night, I need to find that.. that sweet spot, when I'm hitting normal people. Stronger than they can take, but not CRAZY. Does that make sense? I can do that in the training room. Not, not on you."

Spoiler doesn't immediately notice that she's gone over Kat's head, but she does follow along when the meta says that righ tnow, during the day, she's just a plain ol' human.

"Wait. You mean… You're like me right now? No powers? No strength? Nothing?" Spoiler pokes, daring to straighten up before droping back with a light grunt. She blinks then turns back to Kat, her eyes bright with An Idea (TM).

Katsumi Oshiro blinks those persistently bright, inhuman magentas at Spoiler. "Anh-huh," she nods, the sound of her voice and animated bob of her head making her appear younger than she is; paradoxically innocent. "Just regular me. Same as I was in Japan. In the ring. I'm strong; badass. But not superhuman."

Spoiler really shouldn't be smiling to brightly. It's possibly an odd look on her face, though not at all misplaced if she had been without the mask and holding a sparkly Hello Kitty phone.

"We can work on things during the day, and then try out other things at night. We can get some punching dummies with altimeters embedded in them to measure your strike force. I know what the normal human body can withstand in psi, and we can gauge you, get you to dial it down to just where you want it to. I'll link up with the Tower computer, maybe leave Wasp a message about it. I'm sure we can make something for you," Spoiler says. The words are a tumble, bright and quick and airy. There's a lightness, an excitement to her voice, that pitches her tone higher, girlier, younger. Color dances back to her cheeks, hinting at the light splatter of freckles she has hiding in her complexion.

"I really think we can make this work, build you a gym you can play in."

"Oh, um, Nadia gave me like this punching bag thing? That kind'a does that? It's just, in the moment, it's hard to really hold back. To think about it. Or it was." Katsumi looks down at her hands on her lap, fingers wringing. "I freaked. I-.. got no excuse. I just need to do better."

Her feet shift, the soles of her shoes scuffing against the medical floor.

"We can wrestle or whatever, though, if you like. When you're better!," she rushes the last part, quickly zeroing her gaze on Stephanie.

What comes out of Spoiler next she will blame completely on the medication she's on.

Spoiler giggles. It's bright. It's light-hearted. It's girly. And it ends in her grimancing and clutching at her side. The smile is still there, though.

"When I'm better," she agrees, eyes closed, looking happier than she has… perhaps ever in the whole time kat's known her.

Katsumi Oshiro hears the giggle. She squints a little at the blonde she's basically completely certain is Stephanie, but isn't willing to ask point blank. Instead, she chances a different direction - an attempt at humor.

"And we'll video it. And send it to one of those skeevy pervy girl-wrestling sites. And we'll fundraise padded walls for the Tower, for the next time I hit someone by accident."

Spoiler giggles again, groaning and holding her side.

"Ah! Stop! Laughing, hurts," she whines, smiling brightly. Her eyes closed, she breathes a little deeper than she was before and her heartrate it up, but both things seem stronger than they were before and the color hasn't faded. Her head turns toward Katsumi and her blue-green eyes open again.

"Thanks…. for stopping by," she says, voice back to soft again. This time, a gentle fatigue has settled in. No doubt a doctor will soon be summoned.

Nurse Busybody need not apply! Katsumi knows dismissal when she hears it! Not that she's offended. She accomplished what she came out to do - apologize for hurting Stephanie worse. And it seems she's helped her find a better mood in the end. That's a much, MUCH better conclusion than putting someone in a hospital!

Katsumi gets to her feet. "Hurry up and get better, you wuss," she sasses, her voice soft and borderline nurturing, despite.

"Sooner than the doctor would like, I'm sure," Spoiler promises on a gentle sigh. She watches Katsumi make her way out. She is feeling better, if she was going to admit it, and her gaze drifts toward the flowers and the … valentine's day looking candy. Spoiler giggles softly again, drifting off back to sleep while gazing at those flowers. A soft smile rests on her face.

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