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May 01, 2019:

Darcy Lewis is returning to Xavier's for a job. Rogue is there to welcome her back.

Xavier's School

Staff Meeting Hall


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So with everyone in the school as busy as they are, due to the school year wrapping up in just a couple weeks now, and summer classes starting… people are are in short availability.

Rogue had been asked to be the person to introduce someone to the school and now she's waiting at the conference table in the Staff Meeting Hall, a large open room that once-upon-a-time was used for social gatherings and parties, now contains desks for a number of teachers as well as a large oval conference tables for meetings like this.

The French Teacher has her phone out, she's leaning back in a chair and she's tapping on its screen waiting for the scheduled meeting's other half to arrive.

Darcy moves into the space, her life packed into a threadbare backpack. Still, she chin is level with the ground and she moves into the space with a calm self-assurance. Seeing Rogue, she moves over and offers a hand.

"Hi. Got told to look for the white stripe. It's bitchin' by the way. I'm Darcy."

Rogue does indeed have the white stripes in her bangs and when the woman approaches she looks up from her phone, sets it down in her lap, and offers her a big grin. "Hey." She says as she stands, shakes her hand (Rogue's is gloved in a dark green material). "Thanks." She says about the hair-doo. "Sorta stuck with it, dye washes out in just a few days if I even bother tryin' t'dye it, which I don't really bother anymore."

Rogue motions to a chair at the table. "Have a seat. Was told you're comin' back t'join us here, huh?"

"Dye it? Back to that red-brown you got? No way. Bright green, maybe," Darcy quips in reply, grinning and moving to drop into the chair that was offered. Her bag goes on the one next to her.

"But more full-time. Not just a liason, but like… full admin. He mentioned that if I wanted to teach, ya'll'd help me get the certs I needed, but really? can you imagine? Me? Fucking teaching kids?" Darcy shakes her head. "I could teach them about bad life choices, under aged drinking, and the best way to put on a condom. I'm not sure Baldy would like any of those."

Rogue settles back down onto her own chair and holds her grin. "Green is my favorite color, but the white sometimes makes it hard t'blend in." Mostly for X-Men stuff, its pretty easy to spot the girl with the two-tone hair.

The rest of what Darcy says makes Rogue laugh a little and she nods her head a singular time to the other's words. "I wasn't exactly in a place where I thought I'd be a teacher when I first came t'this place myself. But now? I've been at it for… hell, six years now?" She shakes her head side to side. "Time is flyin'… way too damn fast."

Rogue motions to the table beside them both, two folders for Darcy, both a dark glossy blue with a silver (X) logo on them and 'Xavier's School' lettering. "These are for you, they have the basics on what you'll be responsible for t'start with, and the other is what we can do t'get you goin' as an actual instructor here, in whatever subject you feel you'd slide inta best."

"Time always does," Darcy says, a note of something still sad in her voice. In this, of all places, is it any wonder why? She smiles through it, though, and collects the folders. She opens the Responsibilities folder first to skim as she snickers.

"Only thing I've got a degree in is Political Science. But it's a boring as fuck subject unless you really like the stuff. I can't imagine teaching it."

Rogue leans back in her chair across from the other and folds her gloved hands ontop of her lap. She grins at Darcy's words and raises up a leg to cross them at her knees. "I hear ya." She replies. "You'll wanna pick a teacher that you can pair off with and be their Assistant for, learn how t'organize a classroom enviroment, lesson plans, and grading work proceedures, kinda become a teacher's shadow, so t'speak." She pauses and raises her right hand up to her chest. "Me? I'm the French Teacher, cause I've been speakin' it since I was barely even half a decade old. My mother taught me how, way back then, and its been with me ever since."

This pulls Darcy up from her paperwork perusal.

"You're fucking with me. me? a teacher? No. No fucking way. Even if it's a use of my degree, I'm not good around regular adults. No way I should be like a role model for small not quite adults," she says, head shaking side to side, eyes a bit wide.

Rogue has to show a little half smile / smirk at this response. She shakes her head side to side making those white bangs wave against the sides of her face. 'Well we don't gotta make you a teacher if you're not comfortable with it. Its a lotta work anyhow." She pauses a second then. "Could put you on the security team? Ya could make sure the students weren't doin' things they shouldn't be, make sure the property is safe'n all that jazz, if that'd be a better fit?"

Darcy laughs again. "I ain't no security guard," she drawls, knowing she's not cut from that cloth. "I got the impression I'd be helping with administration things? Not sure what that means for a school and clandestine superhero group, but I figured I'd make shit up as I went."

Rogue grins at that too and she shrugs her shoulders inside of the dark gray top she's wearing. "Maybe a librarian then?" She's now grinning quite large, which indicates she's just joking at this point. "Glasses, tie your hair up? Everyone loves the quiet librarian role." She just shakes her head again then and motions to the folders. "If Administration is where you're aimin' then you'll wanna speak with Jean and Ororo. They're up top around here for that stuff, and… don't tell'em I said it, but I'm pretty sure they're just makin' it all up as they go too."

That she's being ribbed, makes Darcy roll her eyes, a smile on her face.

"Again. Not sure Baldy would appreciate a sexy librian. But then, it'd be a good way to get some of the kids in and reading, huh?" Darcy quips, green eyes dancing with mirth. She looks back at the folders, eyes skimming again.

"The best admin always make shit up. And I'll make sure they know that, and it'll come from me." Darcy pauses a moment before looking up. Her expression is a little more somber than it was before.

"Any… major changes since… last time I was here?"

Rogue has to laugh at the sexy librarian part. "Have you looked at the faculty around here?" She asks back. "We're basically a modeling catalogue." She laughs a little more then, mostly because its something they've joked about as a group how they're all a bit above average in the looks department and how they wonder Professor Xavier's choices in that regard. A mostly unasked question around these parts!

Rogue has to shake her head at the question there at the end. "The last half'a this school year's been pretty quiet. We got summer classes startin' in June and the Seniors graduation party is on the 18th, it'll be out back. This is a hectic time t'join up since we're transitioning out of a school year, but it'll also give ya all summer t'get settled in before the next ramp up in fall. So thats a plus."

"If we ever need a fundraiser, I know a photographer. We can make a Sexy Mutant Teachers of 2020 Calendar," Darcy quips, joining in on the joke in a way that hints that she likely wouldn't leave the question unasked. She also follwed along into the next subject change.

"Good to hear about the no changing thing. I'll help where I can here, learn the ropes, and be ready to kick ass for Fall. Anything else I need to know? Like, maybe, do I get a room or something?"

The southern teacher just snickers at the calendar bit. "I've made that suggestion before, awhile back." She responds. "I'm pretty sure Jean scoffed at me and said something t'the effecta it likely not playin' that well with our student's parents. The students themselves? Well, who knows."

Rogue reaches over then to pick up an Xavier's School mug, she brings it over to her lap then. "Do you want a place here?" She asks. "We got a few spare rooms upstairs in the faculty area. You're more than welcome t'one, but… they're not the best for sleepin' late. Come mornin' there's quite a lotta ruckus out in the hallways."

Darcy chuckles, head shaking at Jean's lack of 'creative' thinking. Ah well. Darcy opts not to poke at that again until she gets to know the school's 'head mistress' a bit better. As for a place, Darcy scoffs gently.

"More like need a place. I'm currently in a halfway house," Darcy says, not seeming at all bothered by the potential for pitter patter of footfalls in the early morning.

Rogue holds a light grin at the first part of what the other says and then she winces at the latter part about a half way house. She starts to stand up then and she motions to the folders on the table. "Screw that." He says. "Grab those up. Lets go find ya one'a the rooms." She takes another sip of the contents of the travel mug and takes a step toward one of the doors. "Ain't gonna have ya in a stressful situation like that, besides, you're gonna be on the team? Ya may as well share in our weird cult like residential arrangement here too." She gives a big lopsided smile at that. "Lets go see what we can find for ya."

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