Cat Fight!

April 22, 2019:

While Katsumi ponders her situation, Spoiler decides it's time to push some buttons. Things get hairy in a hurry, resulting in one runaway Kat.

Habitation Level - Titans Tower


NPCs: None.



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Fade In…

The sun is dipping in the horizon, the final vestiges of golden light dimming to pastel pink clouds. A few stars are already struggling to make themselves known, and the silhouette in the moon is climbing high.

Inside the Titans Tower, the broad windows give a wonderful panoramic while bathing the furnishings of the common area in a warm glow. In the back of her mind, Katsumi is aware that her physical prowess is altering with every passing second. It's a thing she's becoming used to: as the sun sets, her powers grow. As the sun dawns, her powers wane. But that's not what she's focused on right now. The Asian girl is lying on her front along the sofa, directly across from the enormous flatscreen television. Modest in wardrobe by her standards, Katsumi is wearing her typical black choker centered with golden coin, a dark camisole and, perhaps unwisely, given her position, skirt. Her booted ankles hang over the arm of the furniture, her left arm is tucked at her side, and her right arm drapes to the floor with the remote loosely associated with her palm. Bright magenta eyes are affixed to the television screen, which is currently playing Monday Night Raw.

Yes, professional wrestling.

The girl's gaze is somewhat distant, though. She's paying attention, but there's something else behind those eyes.

Meanwhile, an excessively woolly calico cat has been hard at work throughout the day. Throughout the day, small items have been going missing - pencils, teacups, books, paper towel rolls; all kinds of things. And it's all started to amass there on the lowest top of an art deco-style bookshelf, with a few cushions before it to let the feline easily reach his project. And to his credit, he's certainly crafted something unique. A wide, circular base, a domed middle with 'branches', each holding finer lightweight objects that periodically *tinkle* when disturbed, and a flat, forward-facing section to top it. That upper section may be the most interesting yet, as when it's viewed from most angles, it appears to be nothing more than an assortment of odds and ends. But when observed from just the right position, generally in movement, one might make out a horrific, demi-human face. The circular base has a neat trench fashioned before it, which currently supports two crossing sticks of incense. The tips have been lit, with a cherrywood scent wafting into the air.

The calico sits on his haunches, head bowed and jade eyes closed.


Into that coming darkness, Spoiler enters. She pauses a few steps into the room, taking in the odd demihuman face, the cat meditating, Kat 'meditating', the TV flickering with american wrestling. She moves toward the window, peering out at the city beyond.

"You look bored," she says after a long moment, long enough to make it seem as if she had always been there. Her hands are folded behind her back, hidden by the folds of her black cape, making her look like little more than a blonde haired shadow.


"Nuh-uh," says Katsumi without glancing away from the screen. "Just thinking. About American wrestling. They look so gentle. We do it rougher in Japan. Mexico does it rougher, too. Spent a little time there. But thinking about what it'd be like if I went back."

The calico remains studiously head-bowed before his mini-shrine constructed of odds and ends. He doesn't seem interested in interjecting.

"A f#^@ing p#@&-for-brains b#^@-ass horse-faced four-flushing tide-pod-chewing sack of monkey s#$@ cursed my old general manager into begging me to come back to the NWF. I told'em I can't. But that d$&@-juggling s@#*-gargler cursed him to want me back more than the need to even breathe. I dunno what to do. Wrestling made me happy. Wrestling might keep that jerk manager alive. But I can't pretend I'm the same anymore…"


"Your manager is being forced into taking you back?" Spoiler asks, turning soundlessly to regard both cats in the room. The furry one seems uninterested, the human looking one is still sprawled on the sofa.


"Yeah. On pain of death, sounded like. You know a Loki? That Skrillex-looking motherf#&@er is owed a neck-punch." At last, Katsumi lifts her head to look back at Spoiler, once again using her voice to figure where she's standing.


"Loki…. I've heard the name. Can't say I know him personally," Spoiler says, eyes on Katsumi. "Of course, there is always Norse Myth," she adds coolly, unfrazzled by the foul language or by having been spotted in the darkness. She had, after all, placed herself to be backlit by the cityscape beyond the window.


"I dunno if he's really THAT Loki, but what can I say? He said he cursed my old manager, and now they're blowin' up my phoneline." Katsumi drops again to look back at the television. "Maybe the right thing to do is to try to uncurse him. I have no idea HOW, but if someone can be cursed, they can be fixed, right? He gets to go back to being a jerk, I get to go back to this."


"Maybe," is all Spoiler says, moving from the window to find a place to perch, the back of the arm chair to sit on. "Have you asked your magical liason?" she prompts, not turning her gaze toward the feline.


"Not all magic can be undone easily," replies the feline, head still bowed and eyes closed. "For instance, the Yokai Soul will only leave you upon pain of death. And even then, by His Lord's will."

"Cool, helpful," replies a dismissive Katsumi. "I need to find a magic nerd. You know any?" Katsumi turns over onto her back and props herself up on her elbows to look towards Spoiler.


"A few, actually," replies the batling, head turning back to Katsumi from the calico on the shelf.


"Names? Digits? Allergies?," furthers the Japanese girl with a smirk, amused that the other female didn't take the initiative to supply any details on her own. The feline, meanwhile, has fallen silent again; back to his meditations. Prayers?



"They have them. I'm sure they have most of their digits still, yes. One is allergic to mildew," Spoiler rattles off, making that last one up because these contacts are old and she's not sure if they'll even still acknowledge if she came calling.


Katsumi Oshiro's smirk begins to shift into a frown. "Spoiler," she says, pushing herself to sit up more. "Don't make me beg. I'm asking you for some way to find'em or contact'em." No one has ever accused Katsumi of being quick on picking up subtle cues. The bombastic Japanese girl tends to go in the opposite direction.


"There's a difference between begging and stating clearly what you're looking for," Spoiler comments, pushing up from the airchair's back.


"I- what?," asks Katsumi, suddenly confused. "I got an ass@&# who cursed my old general manager. I need to find someone who can maybe undo that s@&#." She lifts her right hand to bob her index finger between the two of them. "We on the same page?"


"Possibly. Are you asking me to dig through my contacts to see who might be able to undo a curse placed on someone by a being who may or may not be a Norse God?" Spoiler asks, head on tilt. It's almost like she's poking at Katsumi, to see how far the girl can be pushed on this, were her patience lays.


She found it.

"Oh my god, Spoiler, don't be a b@#&!," fusses Katsumi, finally sitting up like a normal and productive member of society. "This guy might die because he's obsessing over me, and you're, like, f#&@ing playing wordgames?! Do you have the info or what!?"


Button located. Spoiler tucks that away for later use.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't sure you were serious about locating this information, what with how you were sprawled out, looking depressed, on the sofa. Someone's life is on the line and you were just laying there," states the batling in a flat and cold deadpan.


"The f#$& am I supposed to do!? Whip out a phonebook? 'Hey, do I look under W for Wizard, or P for Potter?!'," argues Katsumi. Spoiler has successfully lured out Aggro-Kat. "Is Miss Cleo still a thing?! Is that what your source is?! Or are you just screwing with me and don't even HAVE any!?"


"You're supposed to ask your friends for help or else find the information yourself," Spoiler growls, advancing on aggro-kat, baiting her further.

"You're supposed to seem like you give a damn instead of laying here moping. You're so focused on everything you /can't/ do, that you don't seem to realize what you can /possibly/ do," hisses the blonde. Her voice sounds inhuman, demonic almost, in how she shifted register and her voice modulator compensated. She has a mere three inches on the wrestler, and so she uses the height difference to her advantage, seeking to press the girl further.


And instantly, Katsumi is on her feet to square off with Spoiler. She doesn't retreat an inch, shoulders back, neck straight, and chin uptilted to glare back at those creepy mask-optics.

"I thought I WAS asking a friend," she growls back.

There's a moment of silence before her eyes narrow.

"You wanna back up off me, sweetie." Despite the word choice, there is no sugar in her voice. It's a very clear, very imminent threat. Katsumi doesn't take being pushed well.


"You didn't ask," Spoiler says, voice low and just as dangerous as Katsumi's.

"You whined at me and hoped I'd catch the hint," she adds. The cape hides just how tense and at the ready the batling is. She has an idea of what the super is capable of, given that she has access to Titan's computer systems. She knows that if she wasn't caeful, Katsumi could likely put her through a wall. Spoiler's ready for the wrestler to try to grapple her, just in case.


"I said BACK OFF," repeats Katsumi at the continued slight. Only this time, it comes with action. Katsumi's left hand has moved to deliver a stiff push to Spoiler's sternum with the intent to put some distance between them and assert dominance. It's perhaps a predictable preamble, but the most important part of that is that in itself: it's a preamble. Meaning, there's likely more to come.

As to the force applied, the sun hasn't completely vanished over the horizon. Tendrils of fuzzy purple and pink linger in the sky, and a sliver of golden sun remains visible just over the horizon. She's not at peak strength yet, but it's nearing quickly. That said, Katsumi is attempting to hold back - to find that middle ground between assertive forcefulness and not putting Spoiler through the window on the other side of the room. The end result would undoubtedly be considerably more forceful than she meant, but still well short of her full potential.


"Or what?"

Spoiler knew this was the girl's breaking point. Action had to happen from someone like this. She was breaced for it, ready for it, and even knowing Katsumi was a better wrestler, likely a better grappler, and had her out matched on both strength and speed, Spoiler acts anyway.

She reaches up, grabs Kat's forearm and very neatly spins to tuck herself into Kat's chest, body pulling and angling to toss the super over her shoulder and onto the floor at her feet.


Katsumi Oshiro gasps when her attempt to assert herself is used against her! And in no time, the Japanese girl recognizes the motions of ippon-soei-nage! But that recognition triggers something latent inside her even as she's lost her footing, as she tilts into the throw instead of away. The girl has always had immaculate physical control as an aerialist - it was her flashiest A-game. And an acute physical awareness is the result of a full devotion to the training. But this goes beyond those factors. It's effortless. Even graceful. As she's pulled, the Japanese grappler tucks her knees close to Spoiler's back and tilts into the toss, only to complete a clean flip, landing on the floor in a perfectly-poised crouch.

And then she leans onto her palms, bracing against the floor as her legs shoot back in a double mule-kick aimed. Her heels are aimed to drive against Spoiler's torso in a flash before retracting back into that crouch. She didn't give herself enough time to measure the force on this one. If it lands, it's going to hurt, and there may be some considerable distance traveled.

She isn't even thinking about the skirt she's wearing.


The moment Katsumi's feet connected Spoiler knew it was going to hurt. The faint crack told her exactly how badly this was going to hurt, and she had the air time before impacting the wall to make the mental know that trying to grapple a wrestler really is a bad idea all around and in general.

The low dull thud Spoiler's body makes as it hits the wall by the windows is a gunshot in the air. it's followed by the softer subtler sound of her body falling to the floor. And for a long heartbeat silence.

Spoiler takes that heartbeat to mentally sort out exactly what was broken, what wasn't, and how she needs to move to make getting to her feet appear completely smooth and effortless.

Okay, so it's a bit longer than a heartbeat or ten, but only because they are all friends here, right?


By now, the woolly calico's head has lifted, jade eyes opened, and turned to watch the exchange with interest.

The moment Katsumi's boots touch back down, she's at her full height again and whirled to face Spoiler. Those magentas are burning, her teeth clenched, hands balled into fists, and footing spaced at the ready to continue the fight. But upon seeing Spoiler at the opposite end of the room and not looking quite right, there's instant regret. Regret mixed with concern, anger, and frustration. She doesn't know how to act. Should she check on her? Should she protect herself? Does she need to make sure it's clear that she's not to be messed with? What would that ultimately mean?

"Ghn.. dammit!," she roars at her. "What the Hell is your problem!? I- I just wanted info! I didn't-" She cuts herself off, eyes squeezing shut to try to force a mental reset. She was trying to do the right thing! How did it wind up like this!?

Well. How did it ALWAYS wind up like this in the end? Katsumi, incapable of making or maintaining friends, has struck again. She went too hard. And now things are ruined.

She growls, frustrated, and rubs her palms against her eyes. When they lower again, the only thing she wants to see is the exit. And upon spotting it, she tries to rush for it.


Spoiler was far too slow to regain her feet, slower still to find the breath to speak, and by then Katsumi was bolting for the door. Spoiler pressed too far too fast, and she knows it. Ah well. It's done now, the only thing left is to go back and try to track down those magic users, see if any can be convinced to lend a hand on this. She'll come back tomorrow, after she's had soem time to work on it, and she'll get Katsumi whatever information she's managed to find by then.

Gettign to her feet smoothly is a challenge, but Spoiler manages it, straightening up and turning to leave the living area for the computer center. There is soem security footage of the last few minutes to erase, after all…


Meanwhile, the calico hops down from his little shrine and pads across the floor in a remarkably relaxed manner, given the high tension on exhibition just now. His head lifts to Spoiler, watching her turn to leave the area. Then he looks back at the shrine, incense still gently burning. There's a final look to Spoiler.

"Perhaps now she will realize what she is. Thank you, Shinobi."

He then resumes his trek to casually pursue the errant Katsumi, despite being well and truly left in the dust.

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