Asgardian Mead

April 22, 2019:

Loki talks up Lena over some drinks.



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The first time it happends one might not even notice as Lena is doing her walkabout of New York she would see a bunch of people in suits just outside discussing things, but one of them is different looking like he is from some midevil fair with the straps, and buckles on green leather looking clothes though well made. No-one else notices, and the person doesn't seem to notice you gawking just continues to talk, and laugh with the others. So maybe he was supposed to be there.

The next time he standing looking out of a window as you are passing perhaps taking a cab the office looks real nice though the building looks old, and unkept perhaps a govemental building of some sort. Again he looks like he did before just looking out into the traffic as men in suits talk behind him. This time he locks eyes with you as you pass his green eyes not blinking as you pass though he gives a small grin almost to himself though no other reaction.

Finally comes to today as walking around it was impossible to miss as there were signs up everywhere.. "Meet the next Govenor of New York.. Lou Ki!" and a picture of someone who looks very much like the man you have been seeing that stuck out though his suit is normal, and his face is a little differnt especially since they changed the color of his eyes. Though he is close enough, and with the places you had seem him to put two and two together, and if one might still be doubting. It seems the words. 'Meet the Govenor' seems to pulse bringing more attention to them before going back to normal though no-one around seems to of seen anything.


The world was full of strange things, this, perhaps, was one of them. But again and again, breaking in and intruding on her wander lust wasn't something she accepted, nor requested. It was strange indeed, and amazingly annoying. She felt it creep up her spine, spying the poster before entering the darkness of a park. Nose twitching up, she shudders and reaches for something resting, mag-locked, against her thigh. Exhaling, smoothly, she moves the gun out and around herself, both hands supporting it and eyes resting down its site. To anyone else who might see her, she would seem rather mad.

"Enough," she hushes out to the nothing. "Where are you? What do you want…"


It was New York after all, and before the gun everyone didn't really care if she was crazy or not as they had better things to do. Though pulling out a gun, and waving it around.. does put a little pep in the step for them running away. There is a light chuckle from behind her, "Well we can start with putting the gun away" though when she turned no-one would be there, then again from behind her. "Then maybe a drink, and a short talk." again no-one there, but if she spun around she would be rewarded at seeing a bar. Inside of it is the man she had seen before that seemed so out of place just sitting the waving over the bartender for a drink not even looking this way.

There is a bit of menicing laughter.. "That is if you are ready mortal.." could be heard though just a whisper on the wind that blows past. There are no other messages, and everyone had run from her so if they had seen or heard anything they were a bit more worried about the gun.


Lena didn't like this. Not one bit. She hears the voice and turns, given her past experiences with someone in her head her reaction to it was not kind. Her finger twitches against her trigger guard before she sees 'him' and the odd bar like setting. Jaw tight, teeth gritting, she lowers the gun and sets it back into its holster. Walking closer, sinking into this…thing that was happening, she sits beside the man and stares forward. Silent, unknowing how she got where she was, she doesn't answer verbally. It takes her a moment, or more, before she parts her dark lips. "I'm listening. I need a strong drink and please, use your indoor voice."


The man eyes her as she sits he knew she had something that others found dangerous so kept his eye on her, and that gun. He nods to the bartender, and points at the bar with two fingers so he will send to of whatever he is drinking down to both of them as he finishes his drink. It had a nice solid beer look though the smell was different as it seemed older though it might been hard to tell before he drank it all. He sighs a bit thinking about where to start so he looks over to her putting his hand out to stop his new drink sliding down. "I have heard rumors about you.. And who you have been associating with." he starts slowly watching her. "It seems you are moving to a larger field.. so I thought it was time we met." he takes a drink, and of course it is actual Mead they would both be. Loki glances at her "I warn you child it has a bit of a kick to it" and chuckles a bit to himself before falling silent again to give her time to get a nice drink if she does.

The people of the bar look normal, as does the bar just people doing their thing each one was perfectly normal as they went about their buisness. Nothing other then the drink selection seemed out of place currently. Maybe the only thing that might stick out was how no-one seemed to bother them, or even really look at them sitting there as each one had somewhere else to look it seemed.


"Oh? Who am I associating with?" She asks smoothly, eyeing her drink and glancing his way. She smells it first, swirls it and watches him drink first. Then, and only then, does she sip at the honey-sweet beverage. Swallowing, she glances down into her glass and whistles slowly. "This is amazing…" Well, looks like he has a winner at least. Another drink, and another, she drains the glass and sets it down, licking her lips clean of any residue.

"I'm listening." She offers at length, giving a wiggle of her cup in request for a refill. Finally, she looks his way, icy eyes settling.


Loki eyes her as she drink, and nods. "I see you still don't understand." as the drinks keep on coming from a tap that doesn't seem to empty though Loki would just shake his head at this. It wasn't beyond his understanding of Mortals that hey enjoyed things like this. While he did look at it as barbaric he did understand this is just how one did buisness with these mortals, so tried again.. "I mean the alien crash site." he adds freezing the next drink mid-slide.

He looks at her, "I want you to tell me who was involved, and why.. as there is someone I am looking for that isn't you." he finishes letting the glass slide again to her. He would keep them coming as long as she talked, but she needed to know he was serious. She had already fallen into his trap, though for now he kept it civil as if others found her usefull to work with maybe she could be an asset. At least for now he had that card to play so he held it for now hoping not to reach that point.


"Oh, I see." She noticed the glass freeze up. His words didn't help matters. She had her principles, oddly enough. Her understanding was peaking. "You're looking for someone that's not me, perhaps you should be giving them drinks instead. I don't know what you're talking about." A slip off the bar 'stool', she rolls her shoulders and straightens her jacket. "If could show me the exit to this, whatever this is, I'd be greatly appreciative."


Loki doesn't even get up he just sips on his drink, as she gets off the stool to stand when she turns the whole landscape changes narrowing down to a small hallway infront of her walls on either side, and the bar behind her with of course Loki sitting there sipping his drink. "No.. I think I have the right person." he says quietly using his indoor voice as requested. "The person I am looking for is very hard to track down, so I showed myself to you hoping you might send him after me." he takes a sip letting her figure out what she is going to do.

He smiles, and adds.. "I warn you shooting is something you will regret. Though not telling you what will happen is much more fun." and chuckles to himself, and pats the seat she was at. "Come sit, there is no need for this how bout we go over who was there that you can say, and if that works out then no harm no foul?" and smiles that menacing smile.


Lena glances down the hall then back toward Loki himself. She seat, the pat, his cander, she glares briefly and keeps her stance. "I wasn't going to shoot you, I was just going to leave." She admits, hands in her pockets, so at least he knows she's not going for her cold gun.

"Why don't you tell me who you're looking for so we don't have to play this little game of pronouns. I don't make it a point to share information about what I do with people I don't know, even less so people I don't trust." A pause, she motions with her head for him to continue. "Enough, out with it."


Loki smiles, and nods. "Of course you were.." though he doesn't point out anything else about her current situation deciding to change topics, "Very well.. I am looking for the speedster. I want to know why he was there, and why it crashed." he asks her watching her carefully. "I understand you may not know fully of what was going on, but a general idea would do just fine, and from how he handled those guards may just keep you alive through all of this," he gives a small chuckle at that.

He looks at the bartender, and sighs.. "Like it or not whoever that was dragged you up to a higher focus. Before I would not care who you are, but now.. Now I must talk to you directly." he shakes his head, "So just tell me what ya know, and you can go on your own way mortal."


"See…most transactions about information are usually done via respect. You don't give a shit about me and that's fine, but you can't ask with one hand and belittle with the other." She advises. To his question, she shrugs. "I don't now why that thing crashed, nor would Zoom. Oh, his name is Professor Zoom. If I knew how to contact him, I'm sure I could get a meeting set for you. That type of man comes and goes as he pleases." Then the why. "Why? For a project. Why else do you steal tech? He wanted tech, I'm a good thief. Done deal."


He glances over at her with a not intrested look in the idea of respect though he listens. He seems to nod in understanding, and it seemed whatever it was that he was listening for he did not hear though he did give a small "Humm." to that part about the tech. He waits till you are finished before finishing his drink setting it down on the bar he looks at you, "Very well.. I believe you, and you might have some use in the future as we all could use some tech now and then."

With a sigh, and a shrug.. "I guess you live through this one." he stands up, and shakes his head at her. "Honestly I wasn't sure there when you got up to leave." he adds like he really though about it for a moment. He gives a small bow with a smile, "Loki thanks you for your time" and litterally disapears infront of you. When he does everything around you changes back into an empty room that looks like it is going to be a new shop once everything gets moved in. There is no bar, no people, no nothing just an empty room with a door that seems to be open leading back outside. Everything would be normal beyond that point as the illusion is over for now, and she had learned his name.. Loki.

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