Goons and Green Fingers

January 21, 2015:

A clandestine shipping operation between Cobra scientists and the SRD is interrupted by a trio of vigilantes. (Emits by Batman)

Doctor Venom,SRD Personnel


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Robinson Park district is expansive with several facilities that are nameless, owned by whoever and off the books. Generally it's the government or equally shady individuals who manage such things, this time is no different.

Gotham is overcast, just after seven in the afternoon and rain falls upon snow-to-iced over landscape. Why here? Why would someone like Batman or the Oracle care what is imported or exported? Thats the next step. Batman himself has been tracking this particular route, this lead and as a result disappeared for almost a month undercover. Elijah Ness a retired Chicago Police Officer who had recently transferred to the Gotham SRD. Dark, smooth to the scalp hair that parted to each side, a hawkish long nose and green eyes. He is a broad shouldered man but lightly stooped with age, his age evident on his wrinkled brow. Lately he's been getting called Lefty due to the sometimes drag of his left leg. It's stuck.
"Hey Lefty, three trucks incoming. It's that Redheaded dame again, what do you think she is wearin' this time?"
Elijah 'Lefty' Ness grins lopsided over at his friend, "I dunno Bates. I hope it's black and laced though." Chicago inflections in his accent, Batman has had a lot of practice. Turning his back on the other man he sets to rolling open one of the warehouse doors. This is a transport facility only, he hasn't been trusted enough to know where they go next.
"Audio check. Oracle can you hear me?"

Why has Doctor Isley found herself back in Gotham? Her well funded and highly connected associates have good business here with non other than Hugo Strange. A man who used to torment her in the Asylum whose sanity could be questioned right alongside her own. This same man through his own wiles, charisma and probably hypnosis has found himself at the top of the food chain in Gotham as the Special Response Divisions very own Operations Manager. A position that affords him all manner of liberties.

Pamela herself alongside her esteemed and equally demented colleague Archibald Monev have been working on a very special batch of chemical-goodness for Strange himself. This important shipment is volatile however and needs constant monitoring, monitoring that the Baroness insisted they both overlook. The importance of these three delivery trucks is high on the meter.


Oracle is listening and watching from her perch in the heights of Gothams' Clocktower. The wheelchair bound redhead has been tracking 'Elijah Ness' for a while and when the audio check comes in, she's ready. "Audio check confirmed, Elijah. I've also got visuals into the area."

On her screens, Oracle has the feeds from every security and CCTV system in the area displayed. Each camera with it's own window, allowing the redhead to keep an eye on the proceedings.


"We have yet to give it a name."

Ms. Isley says to her cohort, who patiently waits beside her for delivery. There were times where she had caught Monev staring, slack jawed and wide eyed, and times that it made her so uncomfortable she dreamed endless nights of rooting his eyes from his head with a shoe horn.

'Play nice.'

Those words rung from memory at the instructions given to her from Baroness, sends a green gloved hand to reach up and strike the side of her head with a slight shake to toss those words from memory. But this was important. If they were to retrieve the shipment safe and unsound then she need not fly off the handle to maim.

"They need to hurry soon. This is not a place for a lady." She comments, turning sharply upon her heels, hands stuffed within her pocket to turn and pace a grove in the ground from her wait. She was impatient. And she was growing just a little irritated as moments pass.


"Naming it is the hardest part. This is our baby together, one of our greatest accomplishments. My brain scanner applications and your pheromones, simply imagine what our esteemed Doctor Strange can do to improve it. We could completely rewrite a person from scratch, amicable, 100% loyal… it's marvelous." Monev is not an unattractive man but his lunacy bleeds through and it makes his eyes bulge which colors him towards the ugly. Auburn hair, green eyes, thin bodied but not unhealthy. His hands rub together leather gloves crinkling.

CAREFUL you buffoon!" Isley is spared the man's adoration and pining as he begins to bark at on of the porters, Elijah "Lefty". "This is fragile and you damage a single crate I will have you laid out on a table and peeled open for study. You can replace one of my laboratory apes quite easily."

Lefty grunts an apology and looks away from Monev towards Isley, video footage of the two. It'll allow Oracle to find out exactly who they are. Though, Oracle and Batman both know full and well Pamela Isley. They're just a little more than familiar in that regards.


The video footage of Monev is freeze framed long enough for Gotham's Information Goddess to start her searches. It will take a few minutes for the results to be returned and Oracle settles back, observing the scene carefully. There's little to do, but watch… she doesn't distract Elijah with idle chatter while she waits.

The results start filtering in and are stored in the ever increasing database Oracle keeps. "Elijah, Oracle. One Archibald Monev aka Dr Venom. World class botanist and scientist who has been playing with bio-weapons. Disappeared from the scene years ago and this is the first recorded sighting of him in the US in approximately ten years." There's more information coming in "Known terrorist and inventor of a machine called the Brainwave Scanner."


"You are strange. Archibald. And your wording is fucked." A gloved finger was pointed towards the man as he attended with the arrival, Ivy leaving him to do the heavy lifting as a metal chair was soon grasped and turned, aptly straddled as arms hang along the back of the chair to watch. Too tall heels rock against the concrete, fingers dancing along the others as she raises her voice just enough to be heard. "You have a way with people, doll! Perhaps, perhaps, you may just gain more honey with flies and bees, yes? Or is it more bees and flies with honey.."

She never could get that stuff right.

"Honey. Yes. Don't mind him, manservant." She calls out towards Elijah with a wave and a flick of her wrist. "Take care not to ruin our packages and I'll allow you a very, very lovely night in my house in The Narrows." There is a plant that someone gave her that she needed to test out; it secretes a powder that incites bad dreams for its victim.


"Flowers in your case… and yes, I have a gift." Archibald agrees while glowering. His gloved fingers wriggle again almost as though it was a nervous habit before he motions the porter inwards, "Come on, manservant. Set it on this table here. This is the first of many batches we'll be checking. Go fetch another crate… don't just stand there you simpleton."

An exhale escapes Lefty into his headset and he turns away from Monev to go fetch another crate, fortunately Bruce has remarkable self-control and discipline. A grin is given to Isley. "I'd like that but it's okay, it's part of the job."

Monev's brow twitches, jealousy bleeding through his features. He's been trying to court Pamela for months now and she has done nothing but spurn him and the first mook with a crooked nose she spies she offers a 'lovely night', "Repugnant. Why would you encourage such a mongrel? I fail to understand you woman."

Once outside of earshot of the two inside and passing another crate lugging henchman Bruce / Elijah replies to Oracle, "I had seen his face before, I wondered where. Thank you for confirming. I'm going to try and get an image of what is inside of these but it doesn't seem to be a weapon, not per se. They're not as protective over something that could end their lives as they could be. It is definitely something else and Ivy, she wouldn't risk destroying our largest park with something that dangerous."


Oracle smiles, just a little bit, at the ''manservant'' and Elijahs' sigh "Just remember, you wanted to be undercover" she teases "Are you sure you won't take up the 'lovely night'? We could learn something of value."

Elijahs response gets a sharp nod from the redhead "Sure, once I have the image, I'll see what I can find." Elijahs video feed is still centre stage on her screens, when the image comes in, she'll start her searches.


"Save your gift for those who might appreciate what you have to offer. I knew at least three men who enjoyed a tongue like yours back in Arkham.." Her eye twitches, a hand sinking into her hair to scratch her scalp to calm herself. She was surrounded by green. She was surrounded by green. Woosa. Bad memories out.

Archibald's disdain for her tastes causes her to laugh, however, a musical one as she draws herself from the chair. She doesn't move towards him, but towards the crate that the manservant left, an arm laying upon it before opening. "Have you /seen/ that mongrel? I could break nails slapping him all night."
She makes an audible shiver in her bones motion, then wiggles her fingers towards Monev. "Crowbar."


"Mrs. Isley's lovely nights involve becoming organic plant food for flesh eating flora. I think I will pass." While he replies Lefty peels open one of the crates (no crowbar necessary! He's the Goddamn Batman). Inside are small freezer capsules with packaged liquid inside. It's one of these capsules he fishes free and shoves in to his belt. Uncomfortable fit but it'll just work towards his disguise.
"Hey! Lefty, what are you doing up there?"
"Nothing, just had an itch."
"An itch? Oh whoa, sick, wait until you're off duty man. I know that broad is hot but put it back in your pants!"
Lefty snorts then feigns a cough and pretends to be adjusting his clothes, "Yeah, yeah, sorry, sometimes yanno a man jus thas to do what a man has to do." Climbing out of the truck with the crate he mumbles in to the headset again, "This is why I don't come out before 11."

Archibald looks to Isley as the second porter walks past, "I am sure you did." Some snark fired back, "Why do you torment me?" He closes the distance between the two of them, griping the backing of that chair she was holding on to. "You know I appreciate you for your genius, your gift not your… " He motions towards her figure. Obvious lingering there. A rueful sigh at himself and her and he hands her over a crowbar.
"Such a waste."


"I'm sure it is." Oracle smothers a laugh. "I daren't ask where you hid it, if you're getting those sorts of questions." The redhead shakes her head. Whilst she's got the image of the capsule, Oracle suspects she'll need the real thing for analysis… who knows what lethal concoction is inside. Still… searches on the actual image are started, maybe just maybe there's a description in a case file somewhere.


"Archibald.." Ivy looks a little nonplussed, her eyes rolling and head shaking as she steps away from the crate, but not far enough that it was out of arms reach. The crowbar was smacked into her hand because, why waste a good manicure? She's torture Wei Lei down the street from her just to get it right and offered up flowers and a promise of a beautiful garden as payment just to get her nails just right.

Ivy makes her tortures worth it.

The crowbar was jammed into the crate box and peeled up, delicate even though motions were harsh. The vials were touched with gloves, Monev's response from Ivy drawing in as an after thought. "I know you appreciate me, Monev. But we are simply toxic together. Case in point." A vial was soon plucked from its place, there was a need to open and sniff, but soon.. they would have to contact Baroness of it's safe delivery.


"A safe location. We'll leave it at that." Lefty informs Barbara. "I have a sample Oracle you can send your freelancer in now. We want this shipment stopped and with him not being directly connected to us yet hopefully it allows us more leeway in our activities." Automatic assumptions are often a thing in Gotham. Bats and birds all fly together. Not a Fox.
The heavy crate is dropped near the others and the big man pauses to put his hands on his knees and catch his breath, also to eavesdrop.

Archibald Monev continues to frown at Ivy. "Toxic is what drew us together, toxins are where our magic lies together… I must insist Pamela, you and are, we are meant to be… " Yeah, he's apeshit enough about her to think they're actually soul mates. It's quite an interesting dynamic. "Two more trucks and we're ready to call our esteemed colleague." A silence falls on Doctor Venom, "What of Mr. Hugo Strange… have you had relations with him? Or is he also too toxic? Perhaps you simply don't care for men of intelligence and regal bearing, perhaps you enjoy the simians… " A motion with his finger towards the heavy breathing porter. "For God sake man, work out more. You sound horrendous. What kind of help are we working with here? These SRD are nothing in the face of Cobra."

The location is an out of the way storage and shipment facility just off Robinson Park central. Lots of garden and forested landscape due to proximity which means plenty of camouflage. Great for the clandestine. Three moving trucks each with two men are present unloading special unmarked crates for interested parties.


Kane Reynard ordinarily deals with the supernatural, the strange or the odd. And there's plenty of it in Gotham if you know where to look. However since his last encounter with the infamous Poison Ivy Gotham's neo druid has been doing his best to keep tabs on her (it's not easy) and it's the rumor of her presence in this general area that brings him here tonight. The park was a pure guess. Woman likes plants, look for where the plants are.

Masked and leathered, the druid creeps through the brush with his crossbow in his hands and a blade over his back, listening as best he can. Thank goodness for the beast-keen senses he can call up. Seeing anything in this overgrown wreck of a park is impossible. Scent and hearing are telling him so much more right now.


The Foxs involvement has already allowed Oracle some leeway and she taps her comms unit "Fox, Oracle. We need your help. Robinson Park Central, three moving trucks with a shipment that we need stopped." The redhead sits back and watches. Another tap of her communicator "Conferencing comms now." Both Fox and 'Elijah' will hear all updates.


"Aaahhh…" She was getting upset. His constant ramblings of their lives together was making her absolutely batshit. Get it? Batshit! She tries to focus, to concentrate, to inspect and examine the vial as it was plucked from it's comfortable spot in the case, held aloft at eye level, which is soon suffered a twitch. Her hand snatches out in Monev's direction, quick but not reaching, a tiny row of vines drawing from the sleeve of her coat to lash and snare at the air, at least to scare him into shutting up.

"How dare you question my relations with Strange." She turns towards him now, vial still held.

How dare you." Teeth soon grind against each other, the need to take a step forward is quelled with a slight sigh. Elijah was soon glanced at, a deep frown curling her lips, her hand outstretched towards Monev soon snapping in his direction. "On the up and up. You're almost done manservant. Keep moving."

"Monev. If you ever wish to seek my presence in close quarters you have to learn to treat your underlings with a smidgen of respect. A smidgen."


"Security is lax. Poison Ivy and Doctor Venom are inside the warehouse. You have two vehicles outside you can target, appraisal of the contents is non-explosive. Feel free to destroy the trucks and their contents. No killing." Batman's voice is a hushed response as he's headed back out front, an over-exaggerated nod given to those calling him manservant.
"Yes, right away…"

Monev goes quiet but manages a smug smile, he touched a soft spot. He'll have to remember that later when he wants to take more barbs at her. "Respect is earned. Not given. These goons are unprofessional and lazy, they're obviously of Gotham. Wretched stain on the planet that it is and everyone in it. Hrm, the weight is slightly off on this last box." A small device held up and aimed at the object in question.


"So long as one of them doesn't sprout a demon, no need." The Fox doesn't intend for that to carry over the comms, but it probably does. He's used to working alone, and that means, mostly, talking to himself. This'll be a job for the crossbow, mostly. Taking a moment to situate himself behind a tree about sixty yards distant, the druid loads a handful of crystal tipped concussive bolts into the well of his repeater. They look like bulb tipped fowlers bolts, but these charged quarrels carry a bit more of a punch. Literally. "Drivers first. Let's see how they like this…"

Thwip. One bolt flies, detonating with a heatless blast that cracks like a small peal of thunder on impact of the crate one of the porters is carrying.

Ka-chak. Kane works the slide on his bow and racks another bolt in. The next one flies toward the ground inbetween Venom and Ivy.


Finally, Monev was speaking her language. With her vines drawing back up her sleeve she twiddles with the vial in between fingers, making a fluorescent show by her hand. "Gotham is." She admits. "Mayhaps I'll keep you around when I lay waste to the proud few that still live in this horrid t.." She pauses as he makes mention of one of the boxes being off. "Mmh?" Open it. Fingers snap quick. "Now."

She glances towards the manservant, ready to call to put him to more work, if he wanted a fun night with Ivy being a test subject, then he had to prove it to her that it was deserved. By now, he was leaning towards being Monev's bitch and she was sure his screams and cries would please Doctor Venom greatly. Enough to get Ivy off his mind.

The first pocket of boom catches her attention as her eyes lift towards the sky, catching something thin flying into their direction which sends her to react almost immediately. Vial tossed, and a leap is taken to get Doctor Venom to the ground and out of the way of a possible concussive blast.


"Unlikely." The Batman's response before a crate in his disguised hands is caught with that first bolt. The blast erupting outwards and causing the package to become nothing more than a spray of debris and gunk. 'Lefty' tumbles with the impact and vanishes in a roll towards the foliage just off the roadside. There is no way the Fox would have or should have known that porter was Batman incognito - more to the man's advantage with the lack of knowledge. Once out of line of sight and the actual scene Batman peels the fake nose and forehead off, a black cowl replacing it.

"Let us see how your operative does. Ivy should be the only major threat." A cautionary tug on his belt to make sure the capsule he acquired earlier is still in tact and he awaits response from Oracle while watching Reynard in action.

"Careful who you order around, dear." Doctor Venom bites back at her finger snap about to shout an order towards one of the porters as well when that initial thunder crack is followed by another, "Wha… " He manages before Poison Ivy and him are both rolling with her lunge and tackle. She saved him from any impact other than her body smashing in to him. Climbing to his knees he looks around, "What was that? Who is attacking us!? GUARDS! GUARDS! Quickly defend us and start those trucks up! Pamela, are you alright?"


Thwip. BOOM. Another concussive blast goes off, this one toward the last visible porter, slightly too slow to get under cover. The Fox takes a moment to fish a charm of unworked iron out of the pouch at his side and murmur over it. He crushes it to glowing purple dust in his hand and tosses it into the air. Moments later a blue glow surrounds his blade and his hands. Ordinarily Kane's blessings and boons are one per customer, but the Fox has enough mastery of his own tricks to give himself a slightly added edge.

Hey, sometimes two is necessary.

In this case the Ironbite is mostly for the sword, which he now draws, keeping the crossbow to hand and leaving his cover at a sprint. His path takes him to the first truck where his blade bites into the tire, wheel and break disk leaving a chunk torn out of it before he vaults over the hood and repeats the process on the other side. "One truck down. One to go."


On a private channel to Batman, Oracle smiles grimly "The Fox will do just fine." She's seen Kane in action before. Switching to her conference channel "I have access to the building management systems, I'm activating the security system and should trap Ivy and Venom inside."

Commands entered into her console, Oracle watches as the Warehouse locks down and doors begin closing. If things go swimmingly, Venom and Ivy will be locked inside.


The roll was stopped with her upon her bottom and pushing herself upright as Monev does after the initial blast. She didn't bother asking, allowing Monev to do the screaming as her pea coat was shucked aside to reveal suede body suit with gloves to match. "I'm fine." She snarls towards Monev, her heels pounding the pavement as she reaches for the vial that she tossed back into the crate to shoot towards Monev in hopes that he would catch.

"Get the hell out of here. I'll take it from here." To say that Ivy was born for this was completely incorrect. She was just used to Batman's shit. If.. it even was Batman. Her green didn't give her all the details.

The loud clang of the metals upon metals causes her to leap in action, running in heels in the wet of winter, rain and slush was a tired act, but yet she does it with a lean back and slide upon the ground to try to make it through the door before it touches concrete. Here's hoping Monev got out safely.


Batman's numbers were close enough, besides Poison Ivy and Doctor Venom there is only a handful of SRD goons. Actual officers or not they are armed wearing Kevlar vests. Two are apparently down which brings the number to a manageable four.

Three circling around the secondary truck as the fourth tries to flank. That one won't make it beyond the nose of the vehicle as a batarang cracks off of his scalp, a sickening thump sound that has the body going limp. He is then dragged by the ankle in to the thick ferns and checked with two fingertips, alive, breathing steadily just unconscious and suffering a thin break to the cranial bone, a thin line, no major distortion or depression.
Ease up, Batman A reminder to self.

"We will see. He did well enough at the Parobeck." Bruce is not easily impressed and rarely ever hands out compliments. He runs a tight regime with a very focused family-unit. There is no room in his world for casual and half-assed.

"Just run and leave you?" Doctor Venom does look like he is about to run but he hasn't yet. He is on his feet again at least, standing there dumbstruck watching the woman. "I suppose you are not exactly just a human like myself are you Miss Isley." Words under his breath, not really ones meant for the villain to hear. "I will call for back up. Yes… back up. The Taskmaster or Baroness' pet machine dog thing… maybe Zayin… " He is mumbling, perhaps some form of shock but the man is making an exit though a staggered and clumsy one as he begins to crash through the thickets of the park side.


Ivy's running. She's made it under the door just in time. Oracle watches the woman run on too high heels, slightly impressed. It's hard not to be really. "Ivys running. I've visuals on her for now. She got out before the main door closed." Watching the security feeds of the area, the red head in the Clocktower tracks Ivy and then Venom's flight "Venom is fleeing, parkside."


Out the door is where Ivy went, a little snag of her hair caught upon the metal closing the ground causes her to reach back and tear it asunder. It was just a bit of hair. Surely the next poor shopkeep that she harasses will fix her up right as rain. She moves to her feet in an instant, vines creeping from the bulk of arm and sleeve, thickening at the edges by her own will whilst she stalks forward to the trucks parked and assulted by an unknown figure in the dark.

"I'm right here." She obviously caught the words on her way out, vines soon whipping in rapid circles as she bounces in tune with the spins. Hopefully she'll serve as a greater distraction than Venom's fleeing would.


The Fox is just in the middle of dealing with the last SRD goon. By which we mean running up the side of the truck, flipping over him as the man aims a roundhous kick at him and then taking his knee out with a cruch and a cry of pain. "Oh hi again!" Kane grins as he lands, moving after the well heeled woman (ba-dum-tish!) and stowing his blade as he does. This one calls for a constrictor bolt, he thinks.


Oh! It was him! The self proclaimed love of her life, though.. not really. It was just a few minutes she spent with the man and she was already smitten. To find him here was a surprise, she thought she'd run into the Bat. But this just reaffirms her thought that he was dead by the crush of a tree or possibly a fall off a cliff. Whatever!

"It's you!" She coos, hands clutching the end of her vines, brought up to her cheeks to wiggle happily. It wasn't as if she didn't see him take out her men with a sweet kick and awesome moves, but it was the fact that this? It cemented her ideas in dragging The Fox back to the Narrows kicking and screaming.

"No.. no I shouldn't be happy. I should be upset. You don't do as your told." She stalks forward now, arms drawing back behind her hips to send one arm forward, whip-vine lashing out to try to grasp at his ankle whilst the other cracks on high with a resounding snap towards the mask that he wears with the hopes of knocking it asunder.


The mask is, thankfully, secured with more than velcro and chicken wire. Or however it is they keep those raccoon masks on. Also he ducks. Not quite quick enough to not get a nasty cut across the cheek from the whipping vine. Those creeping vines around the ankles? Well that's a new trick. He avoids it temporarily, flipping back up onto the hood of the truck, and then taking it up to the cab. It might be a good idea if he got to someplace a little less green though. Yeah.

"Oracle I could use a good route out of the park."


"By a good route, I assume you mean by the least 'green' way…" Oracle has the maps to the park up on her screens and plots an appropriate path, which she relays to The Fox. "What's the status on that second truck, Fox" Batman has gone dark, she knows he's listening in though and assessing how The Fox conducts himself.


He got out of that easy. And who was that he was talking to? No, nevermind that. She wasn't going to let him run away and ruin her fun. "No no no no no!" She barks out at him, stalking forward, whips snapping against the ground as she makes moves for the truck..

..But in the distance? A slow groan of old constructs is heard, the snapping and cracking, orchestrated by the self proclaimed mother earth is heard. Perhaps their reacting upon her sheer will, or moving into offense by her design. The trees were starting to uproot with a slow, howl of anger, all the while Ivy stops her advance, knowing damn well she couldn't get up those truck with those damn /heels/.

"Get your ass down here. If I have to chase you, you will /not/ like what happens when I catch you!"


"It's not going anywhere without a winch and a good triple A plan." Kane says as he looks about. Plants are closing in everywhere, This is less than good. His hand dips into his pocket for another charm. He'll have to let the blessings of iron go for this but… fighting is t going to get him anything else.

"Why? Was I going to like it before? Because I'll be honest, I don't think that was your plan." The charm in his hand crumbles into dust as a ghostly elk charges out of nowhere right toward Kane. If it happens to run over Ivy as it appears… oops.


"Sounds like you have an admirer there, Fox." the Clocktower bound redhead quips through her concern. "Given the truck is disabled, it's time to get the hell out of there." As the glowing elk appears, visible through the Oracle comm video feed, the woman nods to herself as she leans forwards and rests her elbows on her console. "Don't waste your breath talking to her… Go now!"


There are moments when shadows creep in and overtake things, making it a nightmare even though you are wide awake. The flag outside the bedroom window cutting off light, creating the monsters outside, making them oh. so. real.

And they're breathing down your neck.

At the end of the road where vines lash up, roots ripping from the concrete to herald their upheaval the woman clad in black casts a long shadow along the road, and behind her a very small shadow stands triumphantly. Monev wavers back and forth from foot to foot, anticipatory of what is to come next as that elk bolts past them - a reflection of the spectre flickering across the eyeglass covered eyes of subarctic.

One gloved hand rises, joined by its other in a clap.



Devoiuring the small antsy shadow of Monev is that of a nother beast, the whirring and clicking bringing four legs to massacre the already splintered ground beneath, clawed paws gripping stone for purchase as the trees come free, that tail lashing up its side, like a claw hand in a machine the barbed ends spreading and then slamming together.

"Hunt. Kill."

The blood red Cobra emblazoned across the breathplate of Baroness' armor is the only color in this darkness, a fitting effigy as that beasts metal jaws clamp and RAVAGE charges after that elk projection towards Kane, around them agents begin to push from the windows, the reflections of scopes upon sniper rifles no longer hidden.


"Actually. I planned on being /nice/ to you. But now.." The whip cracks, just in time for the rushing elk to pass and nearly knock her as.. alright. It knocked her flat upon her ass and out of the way, for compared to that metal construct? That was the best option.

Aside from her landing all wrong in mud and slush, she staggers to a stand, vines dropped to the ground, limbs shivering and shaking due to the cold only to take up a lean against a disabled vehicle to just watch.


Cause Payless. Those heels were cute and super cheap. And she doesn't want to break them.

The growl of a machine roaring to life streets away is herald of the Batmobile awakening it's wheels spinning in place before it lurches forward with a snarl and rips across Turner Lane, over Dahlia Pass and through the north east end of Robinson Park. It's gleaming slitted headlights casting forth an infrared beam that makes them appear crimson.
Batman had taken cover and was back to a tipped slab of old Gotham street, vine covered and riddled in greenery it blended neatly with the park. A remnant of the '09 quake. The Dark Knight looks like nothing more than a large, straight backed muscular man in a black cowl with little pointed ears. Nothing additional of his costume but the utility belt - cargo pants, a tight to the skin shirt. Stuff he was wearing earlier underneath his 'Lefty' disguise. "Playtime is over, Ivy. You and your friends should pull out now." That stern Kevin Conroy sounding voice carrying. It's the Batman mean's business tone.
The Batmobile will not be in sight yet but it is incoming, give it a few more seconds and the machine will be visible.


Kane waves. "Well that's sweet I guess." The druid hops onto the elk bareback. "Sorry about the outfit, but I think we'll have to continue this later."

The Fox urges Stomper forward and the ghostly elk takes off away from both Batmobile and the er, Cobra thing coming toward him. He'll circle back toward the street soon as he can. Do not taunt the Ivy. Ivy is nuts. Do not taunt the Ivy.


Oracle watches as Kane rides away and the Batmobile avatar appears on her screens and sits back. "Heads up, you have incoming." In the darkness, the security camera feeds only show the silhouette and not much else.


The secret to longetivity? No men.

That's right. We're going there. No men. Ivy's going to stick with this mantra because three of them (we're including Monev) have pissed her off well and good this night. The lean against the car was soon cancelled out by the rounding of the truck, her fingers grasping the handles to tear off the latch that keeps it covered until the grated, raspy sounds of the Bat wrecks her ears.

It was like playing polka at a country music festival to her. Equal parts terrifying, made her want to blow her brains out.

"Oh fuck you." She mutters out towards him, not daring to say it to his face.. yet. "How about you learn to stay dead and I'll stop it with my play times."

Fingers jazz-hands as she quietly mocks Batman, snagging up a crate for her own taking to calmly, and wetly, mosey on over towards Baroness with an angry scowl and a jut of her finger. "You can stay if you want to. I'm not going back to Arkham. If you got your boys with you, have them grab the trucks." She's got hers, and she's totally out. Baroness could follow if she likes.


"Interesting ride." Batman says in regards to Fox and his elk over the comlink. It is far too early for the Caped Crusader. "This must be the Baroness - time for some research Oracle." The black clad man says nothing to Ivy as she withdraws normally he would pursue but this didn't seem like the right moment more can be had by patience. He highly doubts this is the last he will be seeing of the Poisonous femme fatal or her ebony armored companion.

The Batmobile makes it's arrival weaponry opening in hatches and swivels from across it, all of them key in on the duo and their mechanical attack dog (even if they are departing).

"Sir, does this mean you'll actually be home in time for a real dinner?"

"Possibly, Alfred." The voice transmitted over a channel Fox and Oracle are not on. "Have the lab ready for me when I get home."

"Most excellent, meatloaf will be awaiting you as well."

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