April 20, 2019:

Katsumi finds the girl she'd formerly described as a psycho. Now, with everything that's happened, she decides to give her another chance. (WARNING: Dirty, dirty, dirty language.)


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Fade In…

It's The Bronx. There's tons of people coming this way or that to ssee the Stadium and participate in some sports game or another. Cassie could care less, despite her baseball bat proficiency she's never much paid attention to sports or the places they are held. And so there she is, hanging out by the trash of a food booth, waiting for them to dump a whole bunch of left over churros and garlic fries that were made but never sold.

Waiting a few minutes, she's lifting up the lid and bending over, "Give me a second Dario, I'll get this out of here and we'll have sugars and starches. Two of the major food groups." She's talking half-inside of one of those larger plastic bins with a black lid that's sort of balanced on her back. At least she's got on a jacket to prevent the trash lid from touching her back.


Katsumi Oshiro had just finished meeting an alien, and her mind was anywhere but where it was supposed to be. Aliens are a thing. That's real. Though she was aware of Superman's existence, she never really thought about where he was from. But she just met someone who may as well have been his neighbor on some alien planet. It's a huge pill to swallow, and not one she's quite choked down yet. So as she makes her way along the sidewalk, her head is canted down and her eyes on the toes of her boots, pensive. Fortunately, the fishnet-and-bikini top and short-shorts attire of the evening is drawing enough attention from onlookers to keep them from running into her by accident.

Shortly behind her, a ridiculously woolly calico cat weaves an darts between legs to keep pace.

Her wandering is aimless, but she knows she's supposed to get somewhere less crowded. So when she gets the opportunity, she simply diverts her path - halfhearted, and a bit uncaring where it leads. But finally, the change in track underfoot gets her to glance upwards again. She's near a stadium. Her movement halts abruptly and her heart sinks.

The feline moves up beside her, head cocking back to give her an inquisitive, yet impatient look.

Katsumi sets a hand against the side of her neck, gaze pulling away from the large building and, ultimately, the painful reminder of what she had. And her eyes wind up on a girl leaning half-into some garbage. Her mind immediately runs back to her second night in the city; about the girl she'd described later as a psycho, and what she'd told her about her scavenging. Could it be? Really? She nips onto her bottom lip as the wheels all but visibly turn in her mind.

The feline places a paw on her leg, as if admonishing.

Katsumi completely ignores it and steps forward. "H-hey!," she calls as she nears.


*THUD* Cassie is quickly and abruptly lifting up out of the trash when someone seems to be talking to her rear. Pushing the lid up with her head at this point, Cassie is turning with hands full of Churros and a thing of garlic frieds, "Good evening Officer… wait, you aren't a cop." Cassie sighs and settles some fries on the ground, breaking off a few Churro pieces for her fat cat Dario.

"It's you. Great, come back to tell me I gotta get outta town or else I'm going to be cuffed and doing some 10 years to life of muffin diving just the pay the cell rent?" A sigh as she shakes her head, offering a shrug, "Well, jokes on you, cause I'm a dyke. Well… sort of, kind of inbetween some days. Though usually I'm only into previous dead guys. Does that make me a necrophiliac? Shit, I thought I had all my fetishes fucking worked out." Rolling her eyes she looks down to Dario who is now starting to grab and pull french fries backwards, sliding the entire container back a bit, heckles a bit up when the mangy orange tabby sees the Calico.


It IS her. There's no doubt about it now. And the attitude Katsumi gets from her isn't exactly unexpected. The girl breathes a soft sigh, and she takes another step forward - only to pause again the more she talks.

"Hang on-"

"Whoa, wait-"

"Holy shit, stop talking!"

It seems more out of desperation than anything. It's bad enough the girl was caught digging through the garbage! But talk about oversharing! And what's this about dead people and necrophilia!? It's a bit too much to take in all at once!

Katsumi's hands raise, palms turned out towards her in the classic motion one might use to calm a rhino. Results may vary. "Can you just be cool for a second? I'm not here to screw with you. I just saw you. That's all!"


"Stop… talking?" Cassie seems confused by Neko's comment and she holds out a Churro, "Want a churro? I won't even charge you. Totally good, was all wrapped up in wax paper." She mentions as Dario is chowing down on the fries while he is on the ground. Taking a look down, Cassie shakes her head, "Dario, for fuck's sake cat. You are going to get fat, get diabetes and how the fuck am I supposed to take care of you then? Steal insulin from old ladies?" And there's a pause, as Cassie goes to think about it before shaking her head, "Do -not- make me into a god damn thief cat, else I swear I will take you to Hell with me."

Then turning back to Neko finally giving the woman all of her attention, at least all that she has minus the thinking power it takes to bite a chunk of Churro and start chewing on it. "I'm cool. I'm not sure why your freakin' out? Is it the dumpster dining?"


Katsumi Oshiro looks at the foodstuff with obvious apprehension, and shakes her head. "No, you.. you dig in." She continues a step closer. "And it's the oversharing! Girl, you've gotta know when to say when! It's the reason you freaked me out that night!"

The large, woolly calico seems intrigued by all of this and proceeds closer still. But he comes to a stop beside Katsumi's boots.

"And I wanted to try that again. Because.. Hell, you might be a psychopath, I don't know. But I'm not-" She pauses to swallow. The cat peers up at her. "I'm not gonna panic about it even if you are. So I wanna hear what you have to say."

She pauses.

"Not about your sex-life. God, no, NEVER about your sex life. Damn. I don't want to think about you getting it on in a cemetery. You fucking ghoul."


"Uh…" Cassie looks at Neko a moment, "I'm not a ghoul. And there's not much to tell, I mean, it's mostly leftie and rightie." She holds up her hands, one holding a Churro, and she then shrugs, "Ain't got a lot of time to scrub the lawn, or bristle the carpet you know? What with my job an' all."

It's like the words just flood out of her mouth, and she doesn't seem to see anything wrong with it even as you are talking about these things specifically. "So, are you trying to figure out what it was I was talking about before? Like, the Slashers I kill. And your wondering what… Is Cassie some kind of strange weirdo crazy lady? No, I only have 1 cat." And she rolls her eyes before just taking a seat on the ground in the alley, "Well, pull up a trash can an sit that ass down, and then ask away, whatever weird question you got. I'm an open book, but my churro break is only gonna be so long before I gotta get back at it."


Why did that sound like such a euphemism? Why did it have to sound so dirty? Is Katsumi imagining things? The poor girl can't be sure, but the look on her face should say it all: she's cautiously grossed out. Cautiously, because she might be mistaken.

Katsumi moves forward, but the calico springs ahead of her. Its jade eyes are focused, assessing. And though the sudden jaunt forward gave Katsumi pause, she soon just sidesteps the woolly boy and leans her back against a wall. No, she won't be sitting on any trash. Nasty.

"That's what I thought. You said you kill people. You have a weapon on you. Or had?" Her head tilts, looking for the nailbat. But soon, those bright, inhumanly magenta eyes are back on Cassie. "You get it, right? How something like that would make a person think you're loopy? But I wanna hear it. Tell me what you're calling a 'slasher'."


Yep, it's the conversation Cassie's had a million times. To police, local officials, people she once called friends, people who once called her friends. "Loopy?" Cassie sighs and leans back against the trash bin she pulled food from, stretching out her legs, "If only. If you wanna know, you'll have to … keep an open mind, like a whore really need some bus money open. Okay?"

Waiting only a moment for affirmation, Cassie hrms and thinks, "Where to start really? You ever see those horror movies? Like Halloween, Freddy, Jason, those folks? Basically any of those typical movies with the bad guys who just don't seem to die, are killers, pick on random folks without genuine targets, you know? Real asshats?"


Katsumi Oshiro crinkles her button nose at Cassie's, once again, dirty analogy. But she doesn't remark on it this time. Hopefully the look will convey it enough. But thankfully, Cassie continues.

Katsumi nods along with the explanation so far. "Are you about to tell me you kill Jasons? Unstoppable juggernauts'n stuff? Like, mystical powerhouse murderers? Or just really tough, scummy murderers?"


There's a little smirk, and Cassie opens her eyes, "Well, you said it. I kill, basically psychotic serial killers that have already died, and from their rage have come back to life to keep on killing. This time, they are stronger, tougher, and more inclined… just to kill. No family life, no pretend relationships to slow them down. Just, hack and slash, like a lawn mower through grass."

Looking up a bit she shrugs, "I dunno if you read the news in New York a few months back, but there was a Toaster Man killer. Probably like second to last page, was going around and cooking people and leaving lines on them like they were being put in a toaster. They were, and I killed him in Central Park. And then again in the Subway a few weeks later. And I know, fuckers gonna come back -again-, and probably stab me more times."


Katsumi Oshiro purses her lips as she listens to the explanation, not thrilled at it, but somehow more accepting of what she's being told now. But her eyes turn, perhaps oddly, to the woolly cat near her feet. "What do you think?"

"It sounds like a revenant," replies the calico as he sits upright. His voice belies his size, in that it's deep, clear, resonant - the voice of a natural orator. And though he's speaking English, it's heavily accented with a British dialect. In the end, it's not at all unlike James Earl Jones reprising Darth Vader. "I knew I smelled death on her."

"So she's not crazy."


Katsumi turns her gaze back to Cassie with a small frown. "Stop getting stabbed."


The cat talking might freak out someone else, or even surprise them, but this isn't Cassie's first talking animal. She looks over to the cat, "Nice'ta meet'cha. Alien, demon or magical familiar?" Cassie questions with a small offer of churro in the direction of the cat. Though she looks up at Katsumi and mentions, "Stop getting stabbed? That's definitely a euphemism, and I swear, I wish that were my problem."

A sigh as she leans back, thoughs till holding out the churro till the calico cat wants it or not. "Yeah yeah yeah. Smell death on me every fucking day and night. Vampires, slashers, zombie guts probably still on my boots. Alien tentacled beasts trying to impregnate me to death… or just kill me now that I'm not a virgin. Score 1 for Cassie…" She doesn't sound amused. Asking, now, "So, you get a talking cat, and now you believe me?" Cassie herself might not just smell like death, but also something like one of those Revenants. In fact, a lot like one of them, if they have some kind of distinct 'scent'. Though she's never died, at least not in a classical sense, since the god of death itself brought her back the last time she kicked the bucket. She's held the necronomicon and cast spells from within its fleshed pages, the taint of magic, death, undeath, and many more stranger things lingers on her soul.


Alas, in the end, she might not be terribly impressed with the feline's range of magical prowess. He cannot smell divinity, nor magic. But he can certainly smell that tang of death, and it tends to cling to clothing and hair. Especially when someone wades through it on a near-habitual basis. Still, Cassie's question merits an answer. "Kami."

"Do you know what that is?," asks Katsumi. "You don't look like a weeb', so it's fine if you don't know. He's none of those things, though. I think." She shoots the calico a suspicious look.

The feline in question lifts a paw to touch the thick wool of his chestfur. "I am Herukage, Emissary to the Maika-no-Yomorinushi, Lord Protector of the Night, God of Monsters, shepherd of animalkind and father of yokai," he recites.

"You figured out why this talk doesn't weird me out so much yet?," asks Katsumi dryly.


"Mmmmmmm, Kami?" Asks Cassie as she reaches up and scratches at her head, "I think I killed some kind of Buddhist? Or, something, mummy type thing once. And he had some kind of Kami. It was like a magic spirit animal or some shit." A little bit of a shrug, "A weeb? What in my grandma's panties is a weeb?"

There's a bit of a look at the cat who starts to talk too much, and Cassie just shoves the churro straight into his cute little mouth as it talks, "Okay, rule one Ka-gehy. The last fucker who started spouting out titles to me, was a crazy prudish schoolgirl who was trying to pin me up on a cross all crucifix like. Even after she learned voodoo, I burnt her to ash and pissed on her flaky remains." Her hand comes up to show index finger and thumb, shrinking it together, "Keep it fuckin' brief."

And then she pulls the churro back and grumbles, "Well, whatever the fuck you want. I tried to explain it to you before. For all I know, it's killers, revenants, like this furball is saying, and they die, come back, I kill'em again. They stay dead longer the more I brutally fuck them in their skull with my bat. Or really anything. Elevators, guns, kitchen sinks, you know… shit meets brains, brains go all over the place, stay dead longer. Just sucks for the whole… laundry bill."


"Kami is like a spirit, but divine," Katsumi explains.

The introduction is cut short by a churro, and the cat recoils! He takes a swipe at the offending hand with a claw, absolutely not appreciating the disrespect! Whether or not he tags her, he does stop the explanation. "I tolerate the others. This one, I do not like."

Katsumi eyeshifts to the calico, then back to Cassie. She doesn't comment on the feline's approval. Instead, she exhales a sigh. "Alright, shit, if I'm bugging into your dumpster-diving time, sorry." She leans off the wall and dusts off the back of her shorts. "I was curious. I got my answer, I guess. I can get outt'a your hair."


A bit of a shrug comes from Cassie, "Look. If you were trying to become my friend. Don't. They all die. And usually in really really horrible fucked up ways. Everyone but Dario here, cause he's got the sense to just abuse my motherly instincts. He isn't really becoming my friend, you know?"

And with that, Cassie pushes up from the ground and looks over at Katsumi. "You can do whatever you want, hang around, attack slashers, get a long-winded cat to run around with you. It's all gonna end up the same. The closer you are to me when the shit hits the fan, the more likely your gonna get dead. Just how the cookie crumbles. If you want to know more about them, or their powers, let me know. I've got a … co-worker, Cat, part of Cat and Dog investigations. She's got… some kind of digital copy of our files. Lots of murder, death, and details. But you'd be best just to leave it in the hands of people like me."


"Yes," says the feline. "This is beneath you."

Katsumi sighs and shoots him another look. "Could you be nice? For like a minute?" Her gaze returns to Cassie and she shakes her head. "I'm not treadin' where I'm not wanted, so don't worry about it. No big deal. I have plenty to keep me occupied, anyway. I just thought maybe our deals had some crossover or something-"

"They do not."

"God, alright!," Katsumi fusses, exasperated. Attention redirecting again to Cassie, she lifts her hands in a mild shrug. "You do you, I guess." She takes a step back, ready to take her leave. The calico has already turned to begin padding back the way they came.


Exasperated and frustrated is one way to keep people safe. And Cassie just kinds of watches. Looking over as the Calico walks away she waits, staring at Katsumi. "Yeah, beneath you and everything else the furry Kami said." And she shrugs, "I doubt we have any crossover. I kill crazy undead serial killers. You… follow a talking cat." She won't stop the other woman though from leaving, but Cassie can never keep her mouth shut if there's something she wants to say. "Dario, you best not be licking your ass. Later you are going to have garlic and ass breath. It's disgusting enough as it is…"


Katsumi Oshiro lingers, lips twisting. She follows a talking cat? The talking cat mostly follows her. And she mostly frustrates the feline. But her trying to explain what she's about might get a garbage-churro shoved in HER face, and she's not interested in that. And in the end, she isn't even sure what her deal is. "Yeah, sure-," she starts to respond. Only then, she's talking to Dario. And talking about garlic ass breath. Katsumi blanches and shakes her head. She turns on heel to hurry after the feline, disgusted all over again.

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