Lessons in Kryptonian

April 17, 2019:

Lena checks in on Lar and gives him a brief lesson on a famous alien already on planet.

Penthouse, NYC


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After flying around the city a bit and talking to Peter, Lar would have returned to Lena's penthouse, since she is the one who welcomed him into her home. Well, at least, what he thinks is her home anyway.

He slumps onto the bed in the room he'd been using, looking and feeling even worse today than he did yesterday.


Lena was busy. She was busy learning about the stranger in the home, where he was from, what it all meant, and how to help him. Eyes up, she glances at the door to her bedroom, hearing someone come in and flop down. Setting the items down on her beside table, she sets her feet onto the floor and walks out. Giving a knock, she enters and peeks in. "Lar?" She questions gently, offering the space boy a tender smile. "Hey…"


Lar was already looking toward the door when Lena came in, and smiles weakly back up at her. "Lena." he greets. He really looks exhausted, and definitely worse than yesterday. Whatever is ailing him is not letting up on its own, that much is certain. There's a bit of hesitation, then he finally says, "How are you?"


"Speaking English, are you?" She smiles, closing the door behind herself and crossing over to his bed. Looking him over, she frowns and reaches down, feeling his face and brow with her cooling touch. "Still sick?" She inquires, exhaling and taking a seat.


Lar nods. "Spiderman helped me." he says, looking happy about that part. He doesn't seem to have any kind of fever when she touches him.

"Yes…" he replies sadly to her second question. "Even more." Maybe there's something on this planet that is poisoning him, though he isn't sure how to articulate that fully just yet.


"So you understand me now? Everything I'm saying?" Brushing his face, she at least doesn't feel the fever. That's good…she thinks. "Good. That will help a great deal. Talked to a friend of mine about you. We want to make sure you have a home here, a job, too, where you can do some good for people." Standing, she walks into the bathroom attached to his room. With a damp cloth she moves back out, resting it atop his head for comfort if nothing else. "Have you been getting enough sun light?"


"Um…." Lar shrugs at the first question. "I don't know?" He knows the basics, anyway. "What friend?" he asks when she mentions having talked to someone about him. He watches her get a damp cloth from the bathroom, allowing her to do whatever she thinks might help. "Sun light?" he asks, arching a brow at her.


"Billy. He owns this place." She smirks, motioning around the penthouse. It wasn't hers, but even so, he was still allowed here. "He wants to let you stay here, so you have a home and food and anything you need. He was offering tutors, too, to help you with your English if you'd like. He runs security for people. Protection. We…well, wanted to give you a chance to do good by people. Make a difference. If you're staying on planet, that is." Brushing down his face, she eventually leaves it on his brow to help relax him.

"Mmm, sun light. I've been studying Kryptonians and apparently they get strength and health from the sun. That yellow liquid we found? It's not good for you. It could poison you. Maybe some got into your system already?"


Lar pauses, tilting his head slightly as Lena talks, taking a moment to make sense of what she's saying. Then he nods. "Thank you, that is very kind." He sighs when she mentions staying on Earth. "Nowhere else to go. Home…is gone."

But he frowns at the mention of Kryptonians, much like before. "Not Kryptonian." he points out, sounding almost a little indignant. "Kryptonians destroy themselves."


The mention of a yellow liquid seems to catch his interest. "What liquid?" Could she possibly mean the ones he found yesterday?


Lena nibbles her lower lip. "Sorry. That's…one of the only races I know of. You're like, well what you can do, is like a famous Kryptonian here on earth. Where are you from?" She asks, still sitting by his side and speaking softly. "Yes, yellow liquid. You found it the other night, with a ring that has a 'L' on it, I think?


"Daxam, Rao system, sector 1760." Lar replies to the question. "Kryptonians, here?" he asks, looking somewhat surprised. He thought they were all dead. Guess he was wrong.

He nods, remembering the vials and the ring he found. "Do…you know what it is?" Because he definitely doesn't remember.


"Daxam. Rao system…I wish that meant something to me. Daxam?" She repeats to herself, making a mental note to study that later, if possible. She nods at his second question. "Yes, at least one that I know of. Superman." She explains, pulling out her phone and finding a picture of the man with the red cape and 'hope' across his chest.

"I had a friend look into it. A lot of it is composed by elements you can find here on earth, but another was Kryptonite. Maybe that makes you sick, too?"


"Uhmm…." Lar wants to explain to her that Daxam is a Kryptonian colony world. But he's not sure how to say that yet. He stares at the picture of Superman on her phone. "Superman. That does not sound Kryptonian." Ugh, why does he look -so- familiar, yet he can't seem to place it? "I-I…know him."

He frowns, thinking, when she says the liquid was mostly made from things found on this planet. "I have been here before. But not remember when…." The Daxamite sighs, rubbing his head. "Kryptonite is krypton poison. Not Daxam."


Lena frowns again, she looks at the phone and then zooms onto the 'S'. "Your ring…it's like this. Kinda. Just a different symbol. What does it mean?" She asks, flipping through the pictures and then showing him one of his ring. "You know him? Superman? Uh, that's an American name, I can assure you of that." She smirks. Then it comes to kryptonite. "I'm sorry, I really am. I don't know much about aliens. Tech and thieving? You bet. What poisons men from space? No clue…"


Lar studies the symbol, but he just can't remember where he has seen it before. "I do not know…" he says, shaking his head. Oh, so then Superman isn't his actual name. Certainly, if he was actually Kryptonian, then that couldn't have been his real name. "Yes, that Kryptonian…I know him. But not remember how. Not remember when or where." He sighs, leaning back and shutting his eyes for a few moments. Then he looks back up at her. "…is..the liquid…" he struggles with the words. "Writing. Is there writing?"

(Set before War and Politics)

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