War & Politics

April 17, 2019:

Billy meets Lena's space friend Lar.

Manhattan, NYC


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This is not how Billy planned on spending today, but hell days could certainly be spent worse…well as long as the apartment doesn't end up going up in flames or otherwise being destroyed. He doesn't need the bad press, he has been riding a wave of good press lately and nothing stops that like a slab of concrete falling from a penthouse onto a family of four.

He is dressed impeccably in a three piece suit with a three quarter length overcoat, every inch of him is sculpted to perfection. He certainly doesn't look like the hard charging marine that he once was. Finally he arrives at the door to the penthouse and raps on the door loudly before taking half a step back. Sure he owns the place, but it pays to be polite. And he really doesn't need to walk in on a Kryptonian in the shower that does not have perfect control of his powers yet.


Lar has been hanging around the penthouse most of the day, not really going out due to the fact that he has been feeling worse and worse as the days go by. He noticed Billy approaching the house a long time before the man got to the door, wondering if perhaps he was the friend Lena had been talking about before.

So he drags himself toward the door and opens it even before Billy could finish knocking as gently as possible, hoping not to break anything.

Russo would find a dark-haired kid wearing some of the more casual wear that could be found in the closets around here, who looks to be in his late teens. He also looks fairly exhausted.


"Billy Russo, good to finally meet you. I think Lena would have told you about me by now." He holds out his hand without hesitation, even if he knows exactly how thins have gone for Lena in that regard. "You look exhausted. Been getting enough sunlight and food? Or have you just not slept well?" Moving into the penthouse he takes off his coat and lays it across the counter.

"Lena also told me that you don't exactly understand English perfectly yet. Can you understand me alright now? Or is this about to get a lot more complex." He moves to one of the stools near the counter top and sits down with practised elegance.


Despite his condition, Lar does smile politely at the introduction. when Billy makes it. Oh, right—Lena -did- tell him about someone named Billy. He must be that friend she had been talking about earlier. He takes the offered hand very gingerly, knowing what happened to Lena last time he tried that. "Lar Gand."

He watches Billy put his coat down and sit down at the bar, then sinks tiredly onto the sofa. "Yes." he says, although it's not quite clear what part exactly he's saying 'yes' to.


"Alright." Billy seems like he is just going to roll with it and sort it out later. "I want you to know that no matter what you say to me, you are going to have a place to stay and clothes and food. I know what it is like to be wothout any of it, and I can only imagine it would be worse to be in a place so alien to yourself." He shrugs his shoulders before getting to his point, lounging back slightly on the hard countertop easily. "But I want to give you the opportunity to earn all of that for yourself. To give you the choice on wherever you want to live, whatever you want to eat. To have freedom and independence, as everyone should have."


Lar watches Billy intently as he talks about freedom, and wanting to help. He nods appreciatively. "Thank you…uh…for kindness?" he says tentatively. Was that right? Then he points at the broken balcony door with the blinds over it, although it is still obvious it's shattered. "Sorry—for um, that." It hadn't been intentional!


"It's fine." Billy waves it off with the brush of a hand "Honestly when I got that message from Lena I expected it to be a lot worse. And she explained the situation around it to me as well. Must be hard not fully understanding what you are capable of on this planet." He looks at the exhausted teen boy with an appraising look before continuing. "Tell me do you know how wars work on this planet? Different countries, governements, idealogies?"


Lar looks slightly relieved when Billy seems to brush off the damage like it was nothing.

Does he know how wars work? Yeah, in general. Given his position on Daxam before Krypton was destroyed, he was pretty involved in politics, and war and politics tend to go hand-in-hand at times. But particularly on Earth, maybe not. "Familiar with war…yes. Local territories, not." He arches a brow at Billy. "Why?"


"The local territories don't matter so much as understanding the fact that wars can be fought terrestrially and not just interplanetary, I am not familiar with your planet or how things were done there. Nor there place in the galactic scene." He takes a deep breath before continuing, trying to stay light while showing just how serious of an issue this is. "Well here on earth there are different countries ran by different people. Some of them have different outlooks on life, but largely thet function well enough. But there are some countries, or some organisations. I take it you understand that word? That are ran by bad people. Bad people who want to force others into their way of life or thinking. Or just wipe other people out to the last child." He does his best to keep the language as simple as possible.

He pauses for a few moments as he lets it sink in, waiting for any questions before continuing. "I have my own organisation. An organisation that sends warriors to fight these bad people and bring to justice." He stops considering his next words carefully before speaking, one of his hands coming up to idly run through his perfectly arranged hair. "I want to give you the opportunity to help. To be a true hero, one that makes a real difference to the world!"


Lar studies Billy carefully as he listens intently to the short sort of monologue. It takes him a few moments to get at least a general understanding of it. Yes, he knows that some planets have multiple governments that function indepedently, instead of being unified under one monarchy like his home was. Well, used to be, anyway. Not much left of it now. It seems Earth is one of those.

He nods slowly once Billy is finished talking. Oh, he knows a thing or two about people who like to trample on others or force them to think or live a certain way. "…uhm…yes I know. Family…did that. Like the bad organizations." he says, mimicking the language Billy just used. "But…" he rubs his head, trying to ease the pain a bit. "Need—uh—medicine."


Billy moves his head back slightly as Lar rubs at his head, concern and worry clearly displaying across his face before he pushes himself up from his position on his stool. "What medicine are you taking? I can't say that I know about how effective earth medicines are on people of your biology." He moves towards the bathroom and the fully stocked first aid and drug cabinet, advantages of holing up in a safehouse that he uses for high powered VIP clients. "I won't be able to give you anything except for medicine you take orally, nothing I have even has a remote chance of penetrating your skin."


"I-I don't know…don't remember…" Lar replies, sighing. He watches Billy move over to the first aid cabinet, but shakes his head. "I think—-" He searches for the right words. "Poison. Um, it's poison. Something here…" As in here on the planet. But he passes out mid-sentence, falling over sideways on the couch.


"What the fuck." Billy looks a little bit flabbergasted, I mean Lena has told him that this guy is basically a younger super man. Who the hell expects fucking Superman to get sick and collapse on their couch after half trashing their penthouse safehouse. As soon as he is over his shock his hand flies to his phone, fumbling with it for a moment before clicking quickly into his recent calls. "Curtis! I need you at the safehouse, the penthouse. Can't exactly explain it over the phone easily, but…just come prepared alright. You aren't going to believe this."

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