Everybody Got Speeches

April 17, 2019:

Katsumi gets mugged during a jog and is saved by Spider-Man! And then everybody gets to make speeches. Even the cat.

Queens - New York City


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The sky above is a haze of black, thanks to the streetlights currently blaring. Cities are the absolute worst for stargazing, and the Queens borough of New York City is no exception. But for skylines and twinkling urban lights, you could do a lot worse. The city that never sleeps is still wide awake with vehicles rolling through the streets either coming from or going to work, interspersed with those who are looking for nightly entertainment. Then there are those going about illicit activity…

Katsumi is neither of those things! Dressed in her hot pink sportsbra, white yoga shorts, and crosstrainers, the girl is trotting fearlessly down the sidewalk in a jog, her sporty ponytail a-bounce. It may be difficult to tell how long she's been at this, given she shows no signs of flagging and still looks fresh as the morning dew. But a few paces behind her, the world's woolliest calico cat is scuttling in pursuit.

"This is NOT stupid," she offers over her shoulder to the cat, seemingly appropos of nothing. "It's important to know my limits! And I wanted fresh air. And that could probably do YOU some good, too!" She looks ahead and uptilts her chin. "Captain Grumpers over there, gawd."

The cat offers no refute.

A pair of hands suddenly lash out from an alleyway as she passes, hooking at her chest and yanking her into its recesses! The girl lets out a startled shriek before a meaty hand clamps over her mouth. The individual is clearly a thug - nearly twice her size, and easily rivaling a refrigerator's width in girth. He's flanked by two others of similar ill-repute, sneering.

The cat simply diverts direction to pad into the alley after them.


Spider-Man is just a swinging through the city as night was the busiest time of his day. Who knows maybe Kat would see a dark form against the moon as Spider-Man whips from building to building just doing his normal rounds. After disapearing into the distance as quickly as he had entered he swings up and lands on a building rooftop in a crouch he looks back though she had already turned into the alley. "Wait.. Was that." he says to himself.

Webbing back that way he looks for her again only catching the briefiest of glances before so was really more looking to see if it even was her. Swinging over the roof-tops again he keeps his distance as if it wasn't her then he really didn't want to be seen though he had to be close enough to see himself. Finally spotting the alley he see's it just intime to see what is going on, "That doesn't look like a offical match." he says to himself quietly as he peers of the building roof he landed on to assess the situation. Though he did remember seeing her at that get together so other then just jump down he decides to stealth crawl so as to not interupt what she is doing.


And what is the international sort-of-star doing?

"Don't squirm too much, doll. Gotta search ya for valuables. Oh wait. DO squirm."

Apparently it's getting mugged.

Katsumi is frozen, eyes widened into saucers. Perhaps it's simply the idea of being unable to speak, or some implied threat, that keeps her from trying to say anything. The thug begins patting her down, despite her obvious lack of pockets of jewelry. Katsumi's eyes lock onto the cat, her heart racing.

The cat? Why, he just begins to lick his paw, aloof to the whole situation.


Spider-Man hops off the wall, and actually without a sound lands behind the person currently mugging Kat. He looks at her with a questionable look as he isn't sure why she is being mugged right now. Of course the one mugging her hasn't seen anything as Spidey is fully behind him. He looks at her, maybe this is just her way of luring them in or something he though to himself. Though he needed to interupt before the man got too hansy as the poor lady didn't deserve to get mugged because Spider-Man thought she was fighting crime.

Making a descision Spider-Man walks up putting an a hand on the guys shoulder with a grip that would convince anyone to stop what they are doing. His goal is to whip him up and around then letting him go in the air while he webs them to a post. The momentum would swing him around it hanging the man by his feet it was just a move he did though not too often as it was pretty jarring. Though this lady was a friend of his so he planned on making the throw a little extra jarring.


To be fair, Katsumi looks to be quite frozen. And with the mugger holding her from behind, the only view she's treated to is the disinterested cat. The mugger, meanwhile, is having a great time taking advantage of the situation.

"You smell ni- hu'wha!" Suddenly, the mugger is tossed into the air and sent into a confusing dangle-spin. The traffic on the street slows down a little as the rubbernecking begins.

"Get'em!" The other two muggers are in motion, one stepping forward just a bit faster than the other. He goes for a wide haymaker, hoping to catch the costumed crusader by surprise! The other waits for an opening.

Katsumi quickly moves forward and spins around, her back pressing against the bricks of the building. Her frame is rigid, eyes still overwhelming the greater real-estate of her face, and her breathing tight; near-panicked.


Spider-Man was smiling, and waves, "So… umm whatcha doing?" he asks in a slow tone as he isn't sure what is going on ignoring the other two muggers for a moment. The haymaker hits him squarely in the back of the head though Spidey doesn't move. The man starts yelling holding his hand realizing why people use weapons against him as Spidey turns to face Kat though he shoots a web at the man who hits his feet, and yanks pulling him down just to web him on the ground so he is secure.

Her reaction is wierd to him as he looks at her, "Hey its me.. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man remember?" and he takes one step forward. The third thug would have to run pretty far, or do something else before he would be conisdered a threat so Spidey focuses on Kat for a minute. He does give the last thug the.. 'one moment' finger as he does. As Spidey takes another step forward he continues, "Remember Titans Tower?" he tries again hoping to kind of break through that fear with some reason.


Katsumi Oshiro continues to stare at him, and a quick nod soon follows. "Of course I remember!," she rushes out. She, however, remains squarely plastered against that wall, as if she might meld through it. "You might wanna, um! Um! Hit that guy!"

The neglected thug is not going to just wait a moment! The nerve of some capes! He flicks out a switchblade and rushes in, aiming to gank Spider-Man in the back!


Spider-Man just looks at her, "Whats wrong then it is..ooop!" he adds that last part as he spins around the guy trying to lunge at him from behind. The man takes a couple steps past him, and may have the moment to realize the mistake before he is webbed it the back and yanked. Up into the air he goes as Spider-Man looks at Kat.. "So rude right? Just trying to have a normal conversation." he turns, and webs again sticking the man against a wall before he can hit the ground again, and actually hurt himself.

Spider-Man hasn't kicked, or punched, or really hurt any of the muggers but they are all now hanging in various positions or attached to the ground. Spider-Man hated hurting people so usually just used his webs to pacify them before he had to. He holds up his hands and walks towards he slowly. "It is alright, they are taken care of I know I might seem a bit new at this, but these guys are just thugs." he points at the ones stuck around, and offers a hand to her.

"Lets get out of here, I think we need to have a little chat on what your doing." he chuckles, "This isn't a kidnapping of course you have a choice to stay, and.. I guess I will take the cat too." he glances down at the cat though he doesn't approach it. In his head he flashes to a tiny Peter.. "Aww a cat.. MEROW!" and him being scratched, and then older Peter.. "H..Hello K..K. Kitty" and him reaching out only to get a "MEOW" and scratched up. This continues till last week, so he just eyes the cat cautiously for now.


Katsumi Oshiro finally releases a breath that she seemed to be holding during the action. Her head dips, then shakes firmly in refusal. "I don't need to be whisked off anywhere, Tuxedo Mask," she mutters. Her voice is still a little tight.

The cat is staring right back at the 'eyes' of Spider-Man's mask. The expression on his fluffy face is somehow disapproving and judgmental. Then again, he's a cat. That's kind of the default.

"Nothing was wrong, I was just-"

<Frightened,> concludes the calico in Japanese. His voice is deep with gravitas, the rich timbre of a natural orator or storyteller in Japanese tradition.

<I was not frightened!,> snaps Katsumi at the cat.

<It was clear to everyone, even the gods themselves. Your female frailty is a chore. What good are you if you must rely on other demons to do your fighting?,> continues the calico.

<Oh, Hell no! Miss me with that sexist bull#&*@! And that's not a demon, that's Spider-Man!,> counters Katsumi.

At that point, the argument comes to an abrupt halt, and both parties turn their heads to regard the fellow in question.


Spiderman tilted his head.. "Tuxedo… mask..?" and thinks about it putting his hand back to his side. Though she does something many have not done leaving Spidey speechless for a moment as they converse as he had never seen a talking cat before. Given he has never seen an alien before yesterday so he is begining to guess this was par for the course though it did still shock him though he isn't off by much clearing his throat putting on his serious Spider-Man voice. "I saw you turn down this alley.. I think you came down here to fight."

He takes a step forward, "You are not ready.. I saw the look in your eyes when you were face to face with that guy." he shakes his head, "What would you of done if I hadn't shown up? Kat.. I know it may look like I am relaxed, but this isn't a game you could really get hurt out here." his tone getting a bit softer. "Look it took me some time to get there myself, and only got lucky at the start. It takes time, and experience."


Katsumi Oshiro blinks a couple times through the lecture. And while the feline goes back to sitting, pretty as you please, the girl seems to be growing irritated. She leans off the wall and angles forward, eyes narrowing and finger lifting towards his masked face.

"Listen, jerk! I didn't come out here looking for a fight! I got GRABBED! Get your damn spider-eyes fixed! And maybe while you're at it, f#&*ing look at me! I'm dressed to jog! That's what I was doing! Not trolling for these dingleberries! So get off your high web and stop telling me not to do s#&* I wasn't even TRYING to do!"

<Such a waste. Coarse as a drunken sailor in calm, wilting lily in trouble,> critiques the cat.

"You be quiet!," she snaps, the finger redirecting to the calico. "I didn't ask for this, and you're not helping!"


Spiderman tilts his head, "Really… Your really out here just for a jog." he sighs, and glances at the cat then back at her. "If that is true then nevermind.. I saw ya out here with your talking cat." he sighs again with a shrug, "Fine.. just yell at the Spidey.." and turns looking at the others. "And there is no reason to take it out on the Cat." he adds with a small smile.

He turns, and looks at her. "Look I am just trying to help here, I know I am horrible at it okay… Jesh" he crouches infront of the cat though doesn't reach forward, "What do you say little guy.. You see where I am coming from right?" and chuckles a little bit then snaps his fingers.. "Sailor Moon I get it now.. though I am not really a big fan." he honestly adds turning to wave a web infront of the cat as a toy.


The cat stares at the dangling web, and his jade eyes lower to half-lids. <Is he serious?,> he asks dryly aside to Katsumi.

"I don't know, you two are like boyfriends now or some s#&*," is her irritable response. Her arms fold over her chest, tilting aside to prop her shoulder against the wall.

The cat looks past the web up at Spider-Man's mask. "I am not a normal cat," is the utterly unnecessary thing the feline says, in English. It's English with a distinct British accent, and thanks to the timbre of his voice, makes him sound a bit like James Earl Jones reprising Darth Vader. "I am the emissary of the Lord Protector of the Night. The guide of he who bears the Yokai Soul." Jade eyes shift aside to Katsumi. "Or 'she', apparently." Then back up to Spider-Man. "I am Herukage. I do not play with string."


Spider-Man looks up at her, then back at the cat.. "Does she usually swear this much? Maybe you should get a swear jar." and chuckles a bit falling silent when he listens to the cat talk to him. He sighs, and pulls the sting back, "Well I am out of catnip so it is all I got." maybe not getting the not normal cat out of something that looks like a cat. He sighs, "So you have this Yokai Soul, and a talking cat.. Supposed to guard the night, but you are a normal person this responsibility was hoisted on do I have that about right?" looking at her then back at the cat.

He smiles "Kinda sounds like me.. One day a normal kid, and there I was a high-school student with powers I didn't even understand.. It is rough." he nods to himself, "Or it was for me at least, but I learned something." he stops, and looks at her. "If you listen to nothing else listen to this please.." he implores before continuing. "With great power comes great responsibility." he pauses to let it sink in. "I for example have a responsibility to protect New York, it is what I choose to do with the power I was given. What is your responsibility, and what are you going to choose.. that is the hard question." and shakes his head, "I think I moved back to speeches again haven't I.. sorry!"


"Constantly," sighs Herukage to the initial question.

Katsumi rolls her eyes. "Sort ot. That's kind of the gist," she says. And it already cost me my career."

"He is correct," nods the feline. "And your responsibility is to be Maika-no-Yomorinushi's vengeance against humanity. To avenge beasts and monsters. You are the vessel of his wrath."

"I know, I know," groans Katsumi, her palms finding her face.


Spider-man nods, and is quiet as she talks about her past, and glances at the cat. "Vengence beast, and monsters… I don't know if I like the sound of that one." he glances at Katsumi, "Does he mean revenge against us? I mean look I am with ya fighting thugs, or stopping crime but that doesn't sound like a good path." he glances at the cat "No offince I am sure your beasts, and monsters got the short end of the stick, but still you can't hurt people who have done nothing wrong." Since it was more the cat talking about revenge then she was.

He looks at Kat, "Look.. I know I am just some kid. I will be honest with ya I just got out of high-school I don't know much about the world in whole, but I have heard villians saying that before is all I mean." he looks at the cat with caution, but talks to Kat. "I figured this all out on my own, I wanted to help you so you wouldn't face that, but maybe.. just maybe there are things we need to learn on our own. Ignore the power, use the power, or let the power use you." He takes a step back, and looks at Kat. "Choose.. But Choose wisely." imitating the Indiana Jones scene with a small grin.


"I don't know, dude," sighs Katsumi at the question. Does he mean all humanity? Specific ones? The cat has been terribly vague about it.

Herukage, meanwhile, lifts a paw to begin licking it again. Between laps of his rough tongue, he notes, "Humans.. are cruel.. vile things." He puts his paw back down. "And our Lord has reached the end of his tolerance."

"Wait," says Katsumi, removing her hands from her face as she squints at the masked face now a short distance away. "How the Hell old ARE you?" Highschool? He's just some 'kid'? The thought never even crossed her mind that she could be dealing with a youngster like Nadia!

"Is that really relevant? He just realized your purpose," interjects Herukage.

Katsumi's eyes flit to the cat, then back to Spider-Man. "I'm NOT a monster."


Spiderman nods as it seems she doesn't know about as much as he doesn't though he does answer the cat first, "Some are.. you are right. I wish I could say everyone was nice, but it isn't true. That doesn't mean you can hurt everyone just for being human." he takes a step towards the cat. "it also mean if you try you will not be stopped." his tone taking a clipped tone as he eyes the cat. Then Kat says wait, and he does breaking his eye contact with a talking cat, "Umm.. I am eighteen of course.. How old did you think I was." with a small grin.

Spider-Man turns back to the cat though doesn't speak up right away he starts slowly looking at him. "Look your supposed to protect her since she is the choosen one right? Keep in mind if she breaks the code of hero's you are going to be putting her into danger. You won't be able to do any revenge from inside of a small cell right?" he glances at Kat, "That is if she even accepts your mission, as from her own words it doesn't seem like you are seeing eye to eye here."


"Ohsh&*!," squeaks Katsumi. Her hands quickly move to her mouth, startled. "Crap! Sorry! I meant crap." The self-censorship begins immediately, it seems. "I don't know how old you were! Dude, you're wearing a mask!" Which means she also can't see any number of grins or facial expressions he makes! Well, save for any that follow intonation and intuition.

Herukage stares up at said mask with that same passive level of contempt. But again, to be fair? He's a cat. That's his default expression. "I am not here to protect her, and your threats are wasted. I answer to a higher power, pretender. She is what she is. I am what I am; as Maika-no-Yomorinushi willed it centuries ago."

"Okay, so, look. Some people did some really rotten things to animals way back when," Katsumi quickly attempts to explain, "And it's gotten this, uh.. monster god.. all mad. I accidentally," she pauses to peer at Herukage, "ACCIDENTALLY," then back to Spider-Man, "did a ritual and became this.. whatever it is."

"His wrath," Herukage supplements.

"And it came with a talking cat to nag me. That's what I know. I'm not gonna be running around piledriving rando's," Katsumi concludes. "That was never on the table."


Though it may cover his face, the mask moves with his expressions so that is why others can often tell what his experssions are at different times. He tilts his head though not realizing getting so used to the mask, "I have been doing this for years now my age isn't important." he then walks over to the cat and looks down at him. He doesn't speak in response he just looks down at the cat as he is being talked to about the wrath of this supernatural power.

With no warning he swoops up, and picking up said cat by the scruff of the neck so not to hurt him holding it out infront of him far enough so he couldn't scratch him. "Listen you.. that is quite enough doom and gloom out of you." he eyes him holding him up. "You can't go around hurting people that haven't done anything because of an old grudge.. You can't destroy anyone, and if you do I will not be threatening you." he sighs to himself, "Talking down to a cat.. have we really come to this." he looks over at Kat then back at the cat.

"Why don't you let her control it? If you gave her the pick of revenge then maybe she would accept you? Then you can start to get this job of yours done, and this beast diety or whatever it is can get back to sleep." he looks over at Kat, "I mean would that settle what you are looking for? Not to be controled by some wierd power?" he asks trying to find some common ground between the two without it ending up in destroying all humans.


The cat is quite easily picked up. It's a cat. No supernatural agility or reflexes, just standard, healthy cat. He hardly seems bothered by being raised, at that - but it certainly doesn't earn anything more than that default-annoyed stare. "I can't destroy anyone, because that is not my purpose. I am not the god of monsters and beasts. I am not the Lord Protector of the Night. Take up your grievances with him."

Katsumi blinks at the sight of Spider-Man holding her(?) cat in such a way. Her arms fold over her bust, and she foregoes explaining why his age changes anything. No one likes being told that the purity of their youth should be protected! Granted, she's never actually told anyone that. But she's pretty sure it wouldn't be well-received. "I don't think fluffy there has any actual control over it. He's just a nag."

"Makai-no-Yomorinushi does not sleep. He watches. He listens. He remembers," counters the feline. "And now that his avatar has been chosen, he will expect bargains be fulfilled."

"You see what I'm working with?," asks Katsumi, motioning towards the cat. "Anyway, I don't know if I'm really looking for anything. I'm just trying to figure this out. No one's controlling me."


He glances at the cat, and watches him as he listens to the others talk about where things are currently. "So where is this lord of beasts at? Maybe if you are unable to do anything about it, why don't I talk with him? I mean maybe we can talk some sense into him." he shrugs a bit still holding the cat up by the scruff of his neck. He glances over at Kat, "Well it is good you aren't being controlled, but it seems your not the issue though this contract might of been, what exactly did you agree to?" he asks glancing at the cat he looks at him serious, "Look I am usually nice to animals, even if they hate me, but it sounds like your a Bad Kitty!" he adds as if he was just scoliding it for pooping on the carpet.

He puts the cat down back where it was gently, "Then again.." he glances at Kat. "She is right, this isn't my buisness." he takes a step back thinking about it, "I wouldn't want someone else telling me not to be Spidey, and she is smart enough to make her own choices." he says to himself putting a hand to his chin falling to silence in which to think.


"Tengoku," replies the feline.

"That's, uh.. that's Japanese Heaven," Katsumi translates, expression flat. "I don't know if he's being a butt, or if he's being serious. Just the other day, I didn't even know for sure gods were a thing. You hear about it, you do the shrine thing, pay respects'n all that, but…" She motions to the cat as he's put down. "…what do you do with something like that?"

"Anyway," she shakes her head, "I didn't agree to anything! It was a complete accident. I saved a cat from a couple douchebags, the cat scratched me, and I think some of the blood got on the creepy-ass shrine." Her eyes widen, and she quickly pivots, "Creepy shrine! That's what I said. Sorry."

"You may petition the Lord Protector of the Night. But you are neither beast nor monster. He would require a shrine from you; made with diligence. Fall short or profane his glory, and you provoke his wrath," explains Herukage.


"Ah- actually.." The feline looks up at Katsumi, considering her. "This wrath may be more heavenly than earthly. So no. Not you. Probably."


when he hears Tengoku he stops and grins at Katsumi, "I am glad you say that I thought maybe it was a Dragon Ball thing." and shakes his head obviously kidding as he had no idea what it ment. He shakes his head, "It is prob some representation of heaven like a holy place some where I am guessing in Japan as lets be honest there aren't gods just powerful beings that think they are." he glances at the cat and has seen some people would easly of called gods, but none of them had been so his scientific mind explains them as unknown powers not gods.

While he nods to Kat as no written deal was a good sign it ment that there was nothing specificly agreed to already so it didn't lock her into having to do something for this beast guy. He then quietly asks the cat, "So… if we were to make one of these shrines.. what might it take?" a bit curious actually by this as communication through a shrine he had never seen before. He knew magic existed, and guessed it was something on those lines, "And if he doesn't like what I have to say to him.. I will just bop him on the nose." hitting his open palm with his fist lightly as an example. "I am sure we can talk him out of this whole revenge thing." he turns to Katsumi, "Though it might be better to know what you are asking for first.. I mean while mainly I just want to make sure he isn't going to go around hurting innocint people, you prob have a few questions about what all this entails for you too don't you?"


The feline's ears fold down, and this time, the expression on his face is decisively annoyed; beyond the default. "Piety," he replies. "It requires piety. A shrine is not a machine. It is a symbol of reverence, respect to authority, recognizing yourself as beneath the gods. It requires humility. None of which you," he pokes a fluffy paw towards Spider-Man, "possess. Even attempting it would earn his ire. It would be a mockery of his divinity."

Katsumi scratches her nose. "I do, but… come on. Look at me." She points her fingers towards her eyes. "My eyes changed color in like two days. And now they're this way permanently." Her shoulders hunch inwards as she continues, "And it scares the Hell out of me, but I'm pretty sure I saw it.. him.. when I fainted at the shrine. He talked to me, I think. I don't know anything for total certain, but I'm starting to believe the hype." She glances back towards the opening of the alley, then back to Spider-Man. "But if what Admiral Flufferson is saying is true, I might have an angry.. god? Not-god? Whatever, on my tail. I can't go around hurting people for something someone did centuries ago."

"I cannot stop you, but heed my warning." Herukage rotates on his little plot of concrete to face Katsumi. "Defying the will of a god is a dangerous thing to do. It is rare that a mortal survives it. Rarer still that they wish they had."


The kid looks at the cat. "This is why you will always be a talking cat… You don't understand those" he makes hand quotes "Magical diety things he can do also has rules, and are not beyond understanding even though you may of convinced yourself otherwise cat." he looks around a bit, "It isn't that I don't respect him for that knowledge it is just that he is choosing to wield it irresponsibly which if he was a god he would also know." he nods to the cat on that one. He walks over to Katsumi, and puts a hand on her shoulder. "If he is right, then you deal with it with standing up to it, and relying on your friends for help… I know one particular Spider-Man that would be more then willing fight off some beast god for a while." and chuckles a bit removing his hand again.

"Besides, maybe that isn't the best way of handling it. I mean if this beast guy is reachable why don't we try to contact him and negotiate some kind of agreement so you can work together?" he looks at the Cat then back to Katsumi, "I mean she doesn't want a god after her, and this beast guy just wants to bring some justice to people who are mean to animals." he shrugs, "I mean there are peaceful ways out of this right?" he had no idea if this Beast god thing would even listen, but I mean from everything he had heard it is possible.


Katsumi Oshiro tenses at the hand coming to her shoulder, looking extremely uncertain about all of this.

"His arrogance is going to get you killed," states Herukage plainly. "He pretends at knowledge, but clearly knows nothing." He pads around Spider-Man's feet to interpose himself between him and Katsumi. "You refer to Makai-no-Yomorinushi as though he were little more than an animal. He willed me into existence. What can you do?," he asks, pointing a paw up at him. The jade eyes narrow. "He is father to yokai. Shepherd to animalkind. Who are you to insult a god? You would defy one who breathes and shapes life, without a finger's grasp of his power or majesty. Your disrespect only further proves his point."

Herukage turns aside. "Commit suicide on your own, boy. But leave his divine avatar alone."

Katsumi leans down to pick up the cat, her arms wrapped around his woolly torso, and hugs him to her chest. "That's enough out've you." She turns her bright magenta gaze onto Spider-Man. "Look, dude. I know I'm new to all this stuff. But with everything as weird as it is, and, hello! Talking cat!," she holds him out, and the cat regards Spider-Man with a flat stare. "You might wanna cool it with all the smacktalk. I'm trying to figure this out, but if he's right, and this deity is fine with wreaking havoc on mankind, flipping him the verbal bird ain't the right play."


Spider-man is quiet as the cat comes listening to him he sighs and shakes his head at him but doesn't even respond to him yet, and listens to Katsumi as well. He is quiet for a long moment before hoping up and landing on one of the far walls. "Look.. I think you both got the wrong idea here. Cat.. I am not insulting your god or whatever he is I am saying that maybe if he would be willing to listen one might be able to find a way to reach his goals at the same time as letting Kat live a semi-normal life here." he looks at Kat, "Look.. I am just trying to help ya here with the limited information I have here you have some talking cat that says to destroy humanity, and if it only takes a couple of light barbs to send them to violence then yes I would like to know by making myself a target."

He hangs his head, and sighs. "Kat you have a lot you must decide on, and cat.. Your lets call him leader is a bit disconnected" he holds up a hand. "I am not calling him weak, just not up to date is all." he adds quickly so not to seem as smacktalk again. "Cat, at some point will you realize that I am not asking you to talk to him out of anger or wanting to stop them, I am doing it because I am trying to help them these are new days humanity is different."

Spiderman shoots a web to the top of the building, "But hey work together.. don't listen to Spider-Man he is a menace" and chuckles to himself. Was working together between higher power and us mortals really that difficult Peter thought to himself as he watched the two testing the line as he will soon use it to swing away.


The two 'cat's exchange a glance. It's Katsumi who looks up at Spider-Man. "You can't call us both cat!," she calls after him haplessly. That gets so confusing! But thanks to context, they think they've got it straight.

"Leader. He is a god," says an annoyed Herukage. "Barbarians."

Katsumi just breezes right past that. "Just don't do something really crazy? Hell of a thing to say, I know, but really!" She lifts Herukage again. "Talking cat! That's not normal, right?!" He's lowered again into that awkward hug. If nothing else, Herukage is loathingly cuddly thanks to all that woolly fur. "And thanks! I mean, for these idiots." She glances about to indicate the three dangling stooges.


Spider-Man laughs a bit at the cat-Kat thing though he does shake his head thinking how he would do it to tell the difference. "Don't worry bout me I am a lot stronger then I look, I will be just fine." and gives her a thumbs-up. "Also don't worry all of this stuff will be a new natrual for you sooner or later. I mean you are in New York, talking cat is like the third wierdest thing I have seen today." and chuckles to himself. "If he is telling at least most of the truth, and you ever get ahold of this god.. Let them know Spidey would like a word!" pulling on the web he launches himself back up into the air and away, as he waves down after being thanked, though there is a muffled noise.. "You know I glad you can work on your issues it is hard to breath in here" from the one webbed to the ground.

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