Climbing the Language Barrier

April 15, 2019:

Peter helps Lar learn English.

Queens, NYC


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Peter Parker sits just outside of J Jonah Jameson's office with a folder in his hand patiently waiting his turn as currently there is a reporter in there being yelled at by the big man himself. Inside the folder he has some photos of Spider-Man he was going to sell to Triple J, and he also wanted to give some of the pictures he had of Frosty (Lena) looked into by some reporter friends of his. It was better then going to the cops who would ask questions to his reporter friends that would only ask questions if it happened in NYC, or was big enough for the paper.

It was later in the day, and the sun as starting to go down again in New York though in this city no-one seemed to sleep. The streets are busy like they always are with life, and movement all over it. The Daily Bugle was easy to find with the name in big bold letters at the top of the building that might of matched the newspaper Lar had earlier. It was where Peter had suggested going to meet said Peter Parker. From the ground floor it would be a simple elevator ride up, or from the roof it was walking through Triple J's office.


Who needs elevators when you can fly faster than sound? That is something Lar has recently discovered he is capable of, and as such he has been zooming around the skies of New York.

He does recognize the big symbol on top of the building as the one he'd seen on the newspaper from yesterday, and as he is investigating it, he spots someone familiar inside. Oh, isn't that Spiderman? The fact that the suit he was wearing yesterday was supposed to conceal his identity doesn't really occur to the Daxamite, since with his enhanced vision constantly blinking in and out, he definitely saw through it multiple times.

He floats down toward the window nearest to Peter, and tries to knock on it but ends up shattering the glass instead. Welp. Okay he might've overdone that just a little bit…


Peter is going over what he has to do before getting out fighting crime tonight. Pick up groceries for his Aunt, pick up that new gear for her bicycle so she can get back to her trail blazing. He never understood why she… and all thoughs stop as he sees Lar float down to the window. "No.. No… No.." as the window shatters he sighs, and lowers his head face to palm. Dang it Lar not like this he thinks quickly looking around. He needed something so without thinking too much about it he seems to weave and wobble. "Oh no I am being pulled in!" and leaps backwards making it seem he was yanked, though Lar would know it is easy with his acrobatics, and lands wraping his arms around Lar's neck. "Oh no he has got me!" there is a yell from inside "Peter!" though Peter whispers "go… go.. go." to him. He couldn't have this guy around his job or questions would be asked so he needed to get them both out of here quickly.

If Lar doesn't take the hint Peter would give him a 'look' and say almost too slowly. "Oh… No.. Don't take me.. Over There!" and points away from the building towards what looks like homes. He was pointing to over where he lived and just hoped Lar got it at some point as people were taking pictures and he would already never live this down.


Lar stares at Peter as he seems to jump at him and then jump into his arms? Was this some sort of Terran greeting? How…strange. He seemed distressed about something, though. "Sorry!" he exclaims, thinking it must be because of the broken glass.

Yep, a bunch of Bugle employees and visitors were now crowding around, taking pictures of them. Lar just looks completely confused, but when Peter points over at an apartment complex he finally does get that he must want to go there and zooms off in the requested direction.


As they get closer Peter learns quickly and waves at Lar when he flies straight Peter holds his hand even "It is alright big guy I know your just trying to figure this out." he says in a honest tone. He had thought about it, and tone was more important then words as communication well that and hand gestures. He points up, and when you go up he bends his hand up, nodding hoping you get it so all ya have to do is look at his hand to be directed towards where you are going in a three dimensional space. He quickly directs you to a specific house, and has you land quickly infront of his house only giving the up signal a little bit to slow him down before landing. Peter hoped maybe with this help he could land without making a crater, but either way would rush to the door pulling out some keys with Avenger memorabilia on them and unlock the door.

He waves ya out from the street where ya landed inside the house where you would see from the street a small home that is currently empty of people. There is some nice but old furnature inside though it looks well kept, and you can see the smaller kitchen, stairs, and upstairs all empty of people though all set up as two people live here. He looks around and waves ya in again.. "Lar.. Comon buddy we need to get ya off the street"


Lar follows Peter inside the house, which he find is more modest than Lena's residence, although not necessarily less comfy or appealing. This time, he seems to be dressed in more 'normal' clothing, but Spiderman may have noticed that he looks a little bit under the weather in comparison to the last time you saw him.


Peter leads him up stairs expressing through his actions on how carfully he steps on the steps, and how he keeps his hand flat on his chest so he doesn't touch anything. He knows how it is to be crazy strong and not able to control it well as he had broken many a door knob accidently before he got the hand of it. "We are almost there Lar I have been working on it all night." he adds before he leads him past what looks like an older ladies room into what looks like a normal Teen's room.

Peter a bit embarassed throws some dirty clothes into the hamper to get them out of Lars way, and points to a desk with large monitor, desktop computer, speakers, and finally a small microphone. Infront of it is a small chair for him to sit in. Peter stands next to him hitting a button.. "You okay buddy?" he puts a hand on the top of his head then points to you as he asks he pushes a button. "Speak.." he looks at the computer and pushes a few buttons, and it returns.. "Speak" though it comes out in several different languages over, and over. He pushes the button. "Speak!" he tells Lar, but moves to leave the room. If Lar looks to stand he gives him the wait there sign and repeats "Speak."


Lar follows Peter upstairs. He needn't have reminded the alien not to touch anything as he remembers well enough what happens when he accidentally 'touches' something too hard. He scans the area curiously, noticing another room up there that must be someone else who lives here too.

He sits down in the chair when asked, peering at the computer that probably looks pretty ancient to him. Oh, this must be a sort of makeshift version of what that person with the lightning earlier had used. So he does start to say some basic phrases like "Hello", "How are you", "My name is Lar", things like that, just to see how advanced it is.


As Lar speaks the program that seems to translate it seems actually more advanced then he would of thought. Given it is more advanced for current year not his time it takes a while to break things down, and is going to need a sample size not do it automaticly, though it is advanced to already be matching words that are said multiple times coming up with a list of words that it could mean. Sometimes the word is on the list, but others it needs more imput then just a few lines.

In the hallway Peter moves to what looks to be a bathroom, and pulls a first aid kit out with a few other things before heading back towards the room assuming Lar is continuing his talking to it Peter would look over the results, "Good.. Good Keep it up." and you might hear an attempt that sounds like "Good.. Good.. The robot is lose."


If Peter's program has access to any kind of alien language database, it might have recorded the fact that this language seems to share quite a few similarities with Kryptonian.

With the assistance of this software that is presumably of Peter's own creation, Lar actually seems to start picking up on the local tongue more quickly. And as a matter of fact, after he's gotten a bit more familiar with it, he begins adding to it himself to make it even more flexible and efficient at learning new languages.


Peter looks at him "Hey look.." still keeping it simple for now he holds up a themomiter and mimics putting it in his mouth. "Do you know what is wrong with you?" he says slowly looking at you with a worried look hoping it wasn't as bad as it could be. Peter knew about some of the nastier things out there, and this could be one of two bad things, either something Earth side he didn't have an immunity to, or something Space side that we didn't." so Peter pulls out a mask from the kit putting it on.

Okay sure Peter might be over reacting, but he was also a scientist so that ment being extra careful. Sure his bedroom wasn't much of an isolation but at least it wasn't out there, and his Aunt wouldn't be home for a while now. He looked over some of your changes, and nods "Wow.. Good stuff too. Though.." while he doesn't correct you he points out how statisticly one of the results you reached pointed to another word better. "I think I should step back and let you take care of this one." he mentions quickly though as it seems you know well what your doing.


Lar peers at Peter as he puts some device in his mouth. It looks like something meant to measure temperature or heat energy. What that has to do with not feeling well, he's not sure. Turning back toward the screen, he scrolls through a list of English vocabulary then turns back to Spiderman. "I'm not sure."

Then back to the screen as Peter points out how some of the new code could've been better. Heh, he definitely likes how this guy thinks. "You made it." he says, indicating the language program.


Peter nods, "I was watching Stark talk about the code of languages, and it gave me the idea. Why start from scratch when ya don't have to." he almost starts to get into a more indepth explination when he stops. The computer says something, and Peter has no idea if it is right or not, but is taking a breath to give it the time to translate hoping maybe itis closer. He eyes Lar, and takes out the 'device' to check it sure they did not need some super virus lose in the city.

Peter continues to see if it gets better, "Lar where are you from, why are you here?" he asked careful to keep it rather simple, but open questions. He first needed to make sure this wasn't someone who was going to hurt people as that would be bad. Spider-Man had no doubt that he was in trouble if the next words he heard was an evil laugh or something.


The thermometer would not register any abormal temperature either way. Lar arches a brow at Peter curiously at that, even interrupting the computer to say, "Who or what is a 'Stark'?" Well it looks like the program had actually sped up the learning process on top of actually translating.

"I am from Daxam, sector 1760." he answers the first question. But as for why he's here, he just shrugs. "I do not remember."


Peter looks surprise at the normal temp, and sighs to himself, he had no idea what Daxam is of course he was just a teenager swinging through the streets of New York. Peter looks at him and leans against the wall.. "Sector 1760 huh.. Yea they would sector it off wouldn't they.. I wonder if they did it by galaxy, or system." he thinks though pulls himself back to here, and now. "Okay second thing, what is wrong with you. You look ill are you?" he looks at the first aid, then stops.. "Wait.. That does sound familer.. No no.. that was Kryptonian nevermind sorry!"

He moves over to turn off the computer, and leans back against the wall. "Do you remember when you are from?" he asks this question smoothly, though he only knows to ask from over hearing Zoom mention something about Chronosomething. Peter knew his latin as well so was just curious not sure if it would lead to anywhere.


Lar watches Peter sort of talking to himself, not sure of everything the other teen is saying. But he again shrugs at the question of what was ailing him, and also at when he is from. "I…don't know." he says hesitantly. "I can't remember." Well at least he knew -where- he was from, right?


Peter nods, and thinks about it that issue would be way more complicated then something he could whip together here in his room. "Okay… So what you need seem to be answers not questions. No response to Kryptonian as well so let me see." he thinks about who could help him out. "Well you have a few choices you landed on a good planet to lose your memory in." and chuckles a bit as he pulls out a map.

"Somewhere out there is some people who can read minds, and maybe they can spring something lose if it isn't gone." he points over at where the Titan Tower is "They would know about aliens maybe set up with a ride home who knows." He thinks for a bit, and points at another place. "Avengers Tower, no aliens but you are really strong they might have a place for you if nothing else works out." then with a shrug, "If it helps you are here." and points to your current location. "In my Aunts house… Where everyone is super fragile." he notes.


Lar follows Peter's hand as he points at various places on the map he got out, nodding as he lists out some good options for where to get help. But he shakes his head at the mention of going home, back to Daxam. "Home is gone." he states simply.

He watches intently as Peter describes the current location. "Aunt?" He doesn't seem to know that word. The alien starts to slump against the chair a bit. "Spiderman…" A cold sweat falls from his brow, and he seems to be in a lot of pain all of a sudden.


Peter rubs his hand what could he mean gone I mean it was a planet right? He doesn't touch the topic further as he was going to explain aunt when he rushes forward catching Lar. "Oh great don't die on me now.." he glances around again as there wasn't much he could do in the medical field. He was smart, but never went that way in his studies so sighs to himself. Proping him against the wall he speaks, "First, Don't call me Spider-Man when I am out of costume.. I am not sure how you know that but you shouldn't!" he wags a finger at him.

Removing his outerware he is wearing the disquise under it he reaches under the desk, and pulls out a mask. "We need to get you some help budy." he adds, thankfully it was dark out so carrying him out wouldn't be that hard. "Be calm okay.." as he picks him up, and helps him out the window. Sure by the time Spider-Man is out he is hanging by one hand holding Lar with the other he webs his way out to the Titan tower to bring Lar to someone who can help, and maybe help him remember.

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