Plan 9

April 13, 2019:

A ship crashes along interstate 95; the interest in the vessel is scattered.

Interstate 95


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Various news outlets have been buzzing with reports of what is believed to be an alien wreck along I-95 between NYC and Gotham somewhere. The authorities have cordoned it off and are patrolling it day and night, but those heroes (or even villains) who are on good terms with the government could probably easily get permission to investigate.

On the other hand, those who -aren't- on good terms…well, sneaking or otherwise getting past the police probably isn't too hard. The ship itself is fairly large, but not cruiser-sized for those familiar with spacecraft, anyway.

At any rate, night has fallen, and the late shift security patrols are out with their headlamps and temporary overhead fixtures that had been set up to light their way.


The streak of fire in the sky had drawn the elf's attention a few nights ago. Something else had caught his attention, and so he'd put it out of mind, but something made him ponder it as he slinked from shadow to shadow, chasing the feel and taste of fae magic in the air. It was a faint trail in the dense humanity o fNew York. When the thought to investigate struck him, he shadow stepped from alley to rooftop so he could get a better view of where he was gonig.

It was more than easy to spot, on the outskirts of the city, with all of that dreaded light filling the area. But as hated as the light was, Light meant Shadow, and so reaching up to settle the custom made plastic snowboarder's goggles over his eyes, making the dark of night even darkeer as the near black glass covered his silver eyes, Darkedge stepped backward into a shadow, his teleportation 'aimed' for one of the shadows he could just sense on the edge the circle of light.


Spider-Man is doing what he spider can this night as he is swinging around the town looking for crime to stop. It didn't take long to spot the… person… poofing from building to building using what looks to be shadows. It took a lot to catch him, and when he finally did he got a good look at the elf. "Whoa.. it's a vulcan!" he exclaims shooting out a web to catch him before he disapeared again into the shadows not expecting what came next.

One moment he is ontop of a building, and the next some where… else… He wasn't sure what it was never seeing anything like it before though it was so short before he was back out in the air flying out back into reality. While the elf might of been super stealthy Spider-Man was not as he came flying out.. "Aghhh!" fliping, and contorting in the air to just bearly land on all fours right in the middle of the circle of light looking a bit startled!


The text had been received five minutes ago. The receiver had replied. 'You have five minutes'.

That was Eobard Thawne telling Lena that she had five minutes to get her gear together. Meanwhile, he was scouting the crash from a distance. Red lightning was barely visible miles away as Professor Zoom used a set of electronic binoculars to get a good look at everything around the wreck. Going in himself would immediately have set off alarms and sensors, and this might be a simple hit and run.

By the time Lena has gathered her gear, five minutes on the dot, Lena is whisked away in a familiar visual chaos… and within seconds, she's standing on top of a hill a few miles away from the wreck. Next to her is the man in the Yellow Suit, the Reverse-Flash. Red electricity arcs over his suit, byproducts of his Speed Force use.

"There are a number of patrols around, and a few holes in the ship itself. My scanner says there's probably a life form inside." He points in the direction of the site, "I'm going to go over and kill everyone around it. Are you good enough with technology to attempt interfacing with the ship itself?" Zoom asks of Lena.


As she was warned/told, she took that five minutes to gear up in her new threads. Guns at the ready, a sleek new design of coverage, but the thing that was still her was the fluffy edge of her parka's hood and the slender, silver specs setting across her eyes. Plucked up and sat down, she shudders and exhales, a puff of white catching her chilled breath. "Oh sure, you don't go out for a drink with a girl but mention alien tech and bam, there he is." She muses, her dark lips twisting into a smirk.

She listens, she considers, eyeing the site from their distance and rolling her shoulders. Holding a somewhat older styled gun in her gloved grip, she eyes Thawne. "Killing is messy. Draws a lot of heat and you know how I feel about that. I'd suggest a knock-out as opposed to murder but, hey, you do you, sweetheart." At the question of tech, she nods. "I can try. Not a great deal of study aids for space ships in then Central slums, but I've never met a door I couldn't open."


Just as the shadows began to pull him, Darkedge was hit by Spider-Man. The elf had not expected, not braced, not prepared himself to carry someone with him from one shadow to the next. A tiny grunt escaped his throat upon his landing. It was rougher than he expected, and Darkedge dropped into a low crouch as much to get his bearings as to prepare himself to fight whatever it was that 'attacked' him. Silver hair framed his face, the dark of his goggles keeping the too bright lights from hurting him. He glares at this garishly clad individual as he mentally scans the area for magic, just in case this thing from the sky holds a trace of the fae. No doubt, with all of these humans about, any fae caught in there would need a 'rescue'.


The ship itself is about the size of a small Terran house, and the security patrols are spread out around the perimter. As Thawne's scans would have indicated, there are holes in the hull that lead inside. Darkedge goes undetected by the patrols as he teleports from shadow to shadow, but when Spiderman jumps out into the light, a nearby patrol spots him. Good thing he has a good rap with them. They appear a little startled, raising their weapons, but when they see that it's Spiderman they relax.

"Oh, hey Spidey. What're you doing out here?" But they tense up again when there is a grunt and a shadowy figure with silver hair skulking around. "Damn…well I guess that answers that…" one of the mutters, while the other calls out. "Halt, show yourself!" He orders toward the mysterious figure. Lena and Zoom also go unnoticed for the time being, as they are still a distance off.


Spider-Man looks around, and shakes his head looking around. "Oh…" seeing the people around that look like goverment keeps turning "Oh…" when he see's the elf, and finally an.. "Ooooohhh" as it started to make sense what happened here. Spider-Man has to act fast here, and so he makes that decision right now and stick with it so he waves to the people guarding the wreck "Hey guys thought you could use some help out here! Oh ignore him he likes to sulk, and brood ya know the type right?" and laughs it off moving away from him like it was normal he be there. He hadn't webbed this person as part of a crime so he had no reason to put him in this spot, and so tried to fix it the best he could quickly.

Trying to change the subject he looked at the Spaceship approaching, "Wooow.. So where are the men in black with the flashy things?" and grins at them. He had quite a few other questions, but for now he kept it light so hopefully people won't ask about his horrible entrance, or the mysterious silver elf dude that he thinks is looking right at him though he is facing the wrong way to tell.


"Running into a heavily cordoned off high security area is going to draw heat regardless." Zoom counters, "Alien technology is something these idiots like to put away in some warehouse where only the Justice Fools and and their will likely be able to use it. Taking out security is the easiest path."

He turns to look at the crash site, "I can be in and out in seconds, it'll be fine." Zoom continues.

Off he went, Lena in tow. It took him a second to get from the hill to the top of the ship itself.. and at the very top, Lena is placed. Then, Zoom goes to work.

Red lightning can barely be seen as Professor Zoom starts to run towards each individual patrol. The sickening sounds of neck snaps and guns being disassembled on the spot can be heard as Zoom starts to clean house, red lightning trailing around a group as he works on systematically killing everyone in the perimeter, one by one.

He's had a lot of practice doing this back home with the Kree… and he's very good at it. He even slows down on occasion to practice some martial arts against some of the more talented mere mortals. Professor Zoom is /very/ fast, so he's obviously toying with the patrols.


Lena parts her lips to protest, but he had a point about heat. Regardless of what 'why' it would be on them simply by being there. Nodding, she rests her gun against herself, fingers digging at his yellow suit to form an achor once he rushes her off. She'd never get use to the world simply flying pass her, but this travel was over before it even began. Boots down, she takes a knee, gun up and leveled as she tries to track the swift streaks of red that blur and dance about. She eyes the Spider, smirking to herself, and that wisp of silver fading into the darkness catches her attention as well.

Eyes down, reading the life-signs in the ship, she nods and rests her gun down, close by, but down, needing both hands to start feeling about for some type of lock or system that would allow her entry.


The officers chuckle at Spiderman's bewilderment a little, thinking he's actually kind of adorable like that. They nod at his excuse. "I guess you're right." Of course, they have no idea what's coming.

When those trying to get Darkedge to come out don't get a response and nothing seems to happen, they shrug. "I think it's gone, whatever that was. One of them squints back at the shadows, but sure enough he really seems to have poofed. "Nope, nothing there."

And then the carnage starts.

Before anyone can sound an alarm, or really do anything, a streak of red lightning is upon each patrol, snapping them like twigs and even toying with them a bit before taking them out! The mere humans are no match for Thawne. Some of them start firing randomly when they hear of distress on the radio, but they can hit Reverse Flash just about as well as they could the Flash—which is not at all.

Lena's attempts to get inside aren't hindered. The hull is quite damaged, and if any of the airlocks had been sealed or locked before, they aren't any more. There are plenty of ways she could waltz in easily. If she comes down through a hole in the top though, she'll find herself dropping down onto the bridge, though it is heavily damaged, with sparking cables lying about and shattered viewscreens dangling from walls. If she has any technology capable of reading lifesigns though, she'd be getting a signal from the corridor just beyond a cracked door on the far side of the room.


As Spidey is waving he does see the flash in the background, and though he can't follow him it doesn't take long to figure out what is going on. "Everyone Move!" is yelled as he is already shooting at webs to try to yank people out of the way. Of course a few are already gone before he moves, and more for the webs to get out there, but as he yanks the ones he can there might be one that is close. Wasting as little time as he can he jumps back to try to focus on the ones that are closest.

He isn't looking at her, but stomps hard enough to dent most metal hopefully to shake the ship to make it harder for her, "Tell your friend to stop I won't let you two take this… whatever this is." though he does seem rather busy at the moment. He is lucky he cought movement out of the corner of his eye, but wasn't sure what to do here. Outnumbered, and civilians he had to defend guarding something he didn't even know what it was. "I knew I should of taken today off." and sighs to himself still trying to save who he can before he can even figure out what he is going to do about Lena.


As Spider-Man yanks people from Zooms grasp, Zoom simply goes for others, less fortunate. He doesn't appear to care about chasing after those webbed, but rather simply clearing up the area.

Eventually, the patrols are either yanked by Spidey, or dealt with in some manner by Zoom… and once that's done with, the man in yellow comes up to within a few feet of Spider-Man.

He's a blur, with red glowing eyes, but the red lightning is immediately visible. Any sort of prior research on Zoom would make it clear who this is… and what he can do. He once held Metropolis hostage for over an hour, by himself. It's safe to say he's a powerful maniac, "You're cute. You think I need your permission to do anything, fool?" His voice is distorted, monstrous.

Well, he's being a very overt distraction for Lena, at least.


Lena growls as she digs her fingers against the side of the hatch. The kick from Spidey making the vessel rock, and her without her proper footing, too. She laughs, though, a quick 'ha' in realization of what he demanded of her. "Oh, cupcake, no one tells Zoom how to do anything." Yanking the hatch open, she pauses for only a moment, drawing a glass like orb from her belt and pressing a topper button before tossing it out. "Cool off, Spider. Zoom! Watch your feet!" After the ball goes flying, she slips down and out of sight, now in the belly of the ship.

Landing and leveling her gun up, Cold starts to sweep the interior of the craft. Exhaling out, evenly, she mutters something about Xenomorphs and keeps moving on her way. Closer and closer still to the life force flicker across her silver visor. She gives a whistle once she reaches the door, barrel of the gun pointing before her. "Ready or not…" She warns before heading.


Spiderman would manage to web and pull several of the guards to safety, and they are very grateful to him for that, since it seems that this fiend, whoever and whatever he was, doesn't continue to try hunting them down but instead stops and taunts Peter. Those who are still alive look visibly relieved, and cower behind the hero.

Lena will be able to push past the broken door easily, and will find what appears to be a young man lying onconscious in a pile of rubble in the hallway leading out of the bridge. He is dark-haired, and looks to be late teens to early 20s age.


Spider-Man does the best he can webbing the people moving them away, and this continues until Zoom decides to run straight at him. As Zoom talk Spider-Man stares at him wide eyed, "Listen I am glad you like my style, but hurting others is no good!" and on good is when everything happends. It would be obvious that Spider-Man doesn't see what is thrown, but reacts to it shooting a web back to catch it as he thought it was just some thrown weapon at the same time shooting one web forward widening it out so it would a bit more difficult to move around to hopefully push Zoom back. Of course this goes all wrong as the Web hitting the gernade triggers it shooting ice just out like a shotgun effect as Spider-Man contorts he dodges most of it, but some do hit scraping him as they tear through the suit. Of course this quick of a temp change some of that ice is already snow which helps, but the rest just turns the whole area where Spidey, and Zoom are standing into one mass of Fog. Inside Spidey crouches holding on to his end of the web incase it catches, and adds a quick, "Wow after that much gas can we at least get a exscuse me Miss!"


When the grenade bursts into the air, Professor Zoom begins to whirl in place… soon, there's a small scale tornado localized on his position that sends the icey vapors everywhere but where he is. Zoom is actively spreading the ice around, it seems… though he's mainly throwing it in Spider-Mans direction… and the winds picking up around him are easily starting to pick up to hurricane level.

Zoom is not screwing around.


Lena is dumb to the chaos outside, her eyes settling on the man left behind in the ship. Her head cants from one side, to the other, before glancing around and deciding to step closer. The machine itself may be useful, advanced tech from another world, but what it housed, however, seems of more interest to her. Someone was still in this ship and there he lays. Closer, and closer, she takes a knee and rests her gun atop her shoulder. Fingers down, she tries to feel for a pulse, a breath.

"Hey," she speaks out to the young man. "Hey, still with us, starboy? Ground control to Major Tom…"


When Zoom starts running around and spreading icy fog everywhere, the guards that Spiderman rescued start firing their weapons randomly into that cyclone…thing. Not that it's likely to be effective at all, but hey they've got to do -something- to help friendly neighborhood Spiderman! One of them also tries to throw pieces of broken ship at it.

When Lena checks for a pulse, she does find that this individual is indeed still alive, and despite being unconscious, doesn't appear to actually be injured or anything. His clothing is certainly…odd. Doesn't seem to fit anything typical from around here. 'Here' as in on planet Earth.

He does stir when she starts trying to wake him up, sitting up a bit and looking rather dazed and disoriented. A stare is fixed on her. "…"


As the cloud spreads around him Spider-Man coughs as he crouches as he was before trying to assess the situation. That is when he started to feel the wind blowing, and the danger sense hits as he throws himself ofer the lip back towards the entrance to get out of the worst of it. He glances around, and sighs it was too big to move, and it would be worse for him inside the thing so he took advantage of Zoom being busy to change what he could in this situation. "Everyone run!" he yells loudly to the others so maybe they can get away from this nonsense as he tries to grab the top of the entrance. With a grunt he tries to bend the metal of the entrance to close it by force so at least this exit might be unusable as a way out.

As the wind starts to pick up even more strangely it doesn't seem to lift Spider-Man as his grip right now is way stronger then the wind and would have to lift the ship itself to lift him as it wasn't going to break his grip. Spider-Man yells into the wind.. "Hey I knew you were full of hot air, but isn't this going a bit too far?"


The rounds fired at him do nothing to Zoom. In fact, the wall of wind actively starts to ricohet bullets around, with a few close calls being 'shot' back at the guards.

Seems like firing into the vortex is a bad idea in general… but using the ship itself as a buffer against those winds does gain Spider-Man a bit of relief from the hurricane around the ship.

Seems like he's staying in place for now, content to keep up the stalemate as the guards run.


Cold wasn't one to talk when regarding fashion, her own making her look like some Saturday Morning villian truth be told. As he moves, stares, she sits back on her heel and moves her hand up, palm out. "Easy, big boy. Easy." She coos soothingly before reaching up to her visor and sweeping it back within her dark hair, exposing her pale eyes. "Easy. This your ship?" She asks, motioning to the space around them casually. "Looks like you had a rough landing. You don't seem hurt, but your ship, well…I'm sure she's seen much better days." Hand out now, open, palm up in an offering of greeting, she smiles now, the expression soft and steady. "I'm Lena," she begins. "I'm here to help." Her head turns only as she hears guns going off, brows furrowing as she looks back into the man's face. "We need to get out of here, ok? It's not safe."


Seeing that none of what they are doing is helping at all, as a matter of fact, some of them nearly get hit by the randomly richocheting rounds, the remaining officers don't protest when Spiderman tells them to run, alerting their superiors of the situation and those involved. It'll have to be up to the head honchos to decide if they'll send reinforcements with bigger guns, or let Spiderman handle the situation. These guys just don't want to die.

Peter's efforts to jam the door Lena used is successful, though it won't keep her inside forever, that's for sure. There are other ways out, but maybe it will delay her.

Inside the ship, the young man examines Lena, though she doesn't appear to be hostile or anything. But as she starts speaking to him, he just continues to stare blankly at her, getting to his feet uncertainly. He can hear the gunshots outside all too well, and pretty much every sound the fight out there is making. Peering at a wall, he frowns and says something that sounds like a question, but is in a langugae no one here knows. Not much about that wall though, it's just a dented and damaged wall. So is he -really- looking at that wall and asking a question, or is he actually looking -through- it at what's going on outside?


Once it becomes clear Spider-Man is just toughing out the storm and that the bullets are gone… the Reverse-Flash suddenly grits his teeth as he starts to channel a /massive/ amount of the Negative Speed Force. Professor Zoom visibly flares with red electricity as he focuses the energy, before the wind suddenly stops as he runs right at Spider-Man at near light speed. Zoom is on top of Spider-Man before he knows what's going on, and within a split second dozens of blows a second start to pummel Spidey at once. One of the Fastest Men Alive starts to run circles around Spidey as he gets into a melee fight with him.

Reverse-Flash hits /hard/ even without the superspeed, but he's not as strong as someone like Spider-Man himself. His power comes from the sheer number of blows he can inflict on his opponents, and his near limitless stamina allowing him to use the kinetic force of his superspeed to augment his blows.

To the humans watching the fight, a red lightning blurring is barely visible circling around Spider-Man.


Spider-man doesn't seem to look, but even Zoom could hear the slow motion "Oooooh nooooo" as he moves forward towards him. Finished with the door he jumps up in the air, and as Zoom attacks he uses his arms, and legs to block all the attacks he can. It seems almost like he knows where Zoom is attacking, and with the fast reaction speed is able to keep up for the first barage of attacks. Each of his blocks would be like hitting metal Though with a fwip noise it isn't long before one gets through throwing Spider-Man back he lands rolling on the ground before hoping up on his feet again he slides to a stop though he seems to be bending over a bit.

Looking up he doesn't even hesitate, with a yank of the Web it pulls the slack to try to yank Zoom off his feet and into the air. That followed with the over hand swing that would be waiting for him when he gets there. He swings with enough force to knock out a large animal, but not really enough to hurt someone seriously as he knew how to use his strength.


"I-I'm sorry, I don't-" Standing with him, hand down, she watches his movements and follows after the direction his gaze lead to. Squinting, brows knitting, she apparently wasn't seeing whatever he was looking for, or at. It was a question, she could work with a question. Maybe. Stepping around, she then points in the direction he was looking. "Outside?" She asks, listening at the sounds of gunfire has finally died down. Her own senses were deaf to the goings on beyond the place she stood at this very moment. That, and her attention was on the oddly dressed alien.

"Danger." She tries again. "Bad." She attempts before looking around the room and making a 'tsk' sound, sucking at the back of her teeth. A finger up, requesting a moment, she walks to a wall and aims her wrist in its direction. A brilliant light fires out, spreading a layer of frost across the space and chilling the area around them briefly. Once set, the girl starts drawing with the tip of her finger.

There's a ship, she points, indicating that the ship was his own. There's a cirle for Earth, and the smooth lines to indicate that his ship went down. Then crashed. Jaw tight, she considers her next illustrations. Were symbols universal after all? A lightning strike is drawn, under it a smiling face. Then a Spider and a frowning face. She then points to herself and smiles. "Good." She says. "I'll keep you safe. We have to go." She tries again, offering him her hand to take. "Follow me? Please."


The webbing is only a split second surprise for Zoom. He'd read about the more publicly known superhumans on the planet over the months… and Spider-Man was well known to have 'web'. This is his first time seeing it though.

"Interesting." Zoom muses to himself as he's yanked off his feet for a few seconds. One of his hands grabs for the webbing strand, and over a period of a split second, Zoom channels the Negative Speed Force through the hand to read the vibrational frequency of it. When it becomes clear the webbing is chemically insulated against electrical current, he vibrates his whole body at the frequency of the webbing… and he goes flying into the air as he 'breaks' free of it.

A red lightning trail can be see going through the air as Zoom is 'flung' to the other side of the ship for a few moments… then, he's rotating his arms to blast air on the opposite direction.

Soon, Professor Zoom is flying in a makeshift manner in an effort to rebalance himself.


The alien really doesn't seem to understand Lena at all as she tries to point in the direction he's looking and explain that Spiderman is dangerous. But then, she starts drawing in the frost she has just created. This appearts to intrigue him, and he pulls his attention away from outside to watch her symbols intently. When she finishes, he nods, smiling slightly when she smiles.

Pointing to himself, he says. "Lar." Then he holds a hand out at her expectantly, waiting for the introduction to be reciprocated.


As Spider-Man wiffs he rolls forward keeping a distance between himself and Zoom though lands in a crouching stance. He looks up at Zoom, and chuckles.. "So you give up yet?" standing up he glars at Zoom floating up there. "You didn't have to kill those people. I am going to take you in.. I am not sure how yet, but creepster your going to jail." He takes a stance and breaths he still had another one doing god knows what inside of the ship not to mention the one he hasn't been able to hit yet.

He stops.. wait no he did the web did attach so it was possible he smiles up at the flying guy.. "You are not as untouchable as you want us to believe.. come on back down here. Well unless you are scared I am right?" and he grins a bit. "I mean you are all yellow right?"


"Lena." She repeats from earlier, now pointing at herself so that he understands that the word is her title, her name. Free hand out once more, she points in the direction of the door with her cold gun. "Go?" She asks, taking one step away from him to suggest that leaving might be the best thing for them to do. A motion of her gloved fingers, she beckons for him to follow before reaching up and setting her visor back down, covering up her icy gaze. Another step back, she leaves her hand for him to claim should he wish to, meaning to guide him. "Come with me, Lar."


Instead of running right back at Spider-Man. Professor Zoom just stands where he is once he's back on the ship. Even with all that exertion, he isn't even breathing heavily, and he landed smoothly. He could go in for another round, now that he knows how to phase through the webbing… but he's more curious than anything now. Few metahumans can approach the reaction time required to try to do that… and while Zoom was sure he could win in a melee eventually, he wanted to conduct a bit of research.

Instead of running right back at Spider-Man, Reverse-Flash starts to run around the perimeter. Faster. FASTER. /FASTER/. It's impossible to tell where he is at this point, because the red lightning trail around the ship has no beginning or end… but the lightning bolts being thrown at Spider-Man do.

Red lightning starts to fill the air as Zoom begins to machine-gun powerful lightning bolts at the web-head…. and he has no care for collateral damage either.


"Lena," Lar repeats after she has introduced herself. Sure, it sounded nice. Then she's pointing toward the door, and wanting him to follow her. She doesn't appear to have any sinister plans in mind and also appears to be honestly trying to help.

When she holds out her hand, he assumes its meaning and takes it—and she will find that his grip is incredibly strong, and he almost crushes her bones but suddenly withdraws as if aware of what was happening, with an apologetic glance.


Spider-Man see's him remain calm and smiles, "Oh see now I know your scared which is fine. It is okay to be scared now and then it is a natrual as a human." he explains not really trying to cause fear of course. He stands looking like he isn't ready, but as the first lightning comes in he contorts his body leaning back as it passes right by him. "So really I think these are actually… Slower" he adds dodging another one just bearly.

Then he starts using his web-shooters to interupt the shots as they come faster still dodging around like a mad man. This wasn't getting him anywhere, though he wasn't getting tired either so this could go on for a while. That was the problem as he didn't have a while so he had to think while dodging. It wasn't perfect, but neither was his plan he knew that as he could smell the singed part of his outfit he was just thankfull the civilians were already gone.

"Hey.. I just thought… of.. it.. Yellow Streak.. That is your name right?" and chuckles to himself still seeming to be a bit relaxed. Though inside he was stressing in a situation he was kinda losing hold of as time passed though couldn't progress it was his way to make a little joke, as it made everyones day a bit brighter.


Lena gasps sharply, feeling her hand start to strain under the pressure of his grip. Her fingers straighten and arm trembles, but soon enough it's over. Panting, she shakes her hand, working her fingers to make sure they were still useful. A look his way she nods, even smiles. Her bet, even just a little, was paying off. "Gentle." She explains, her hand moving closer to his own, wrapping around and gripping with just the right amount of strength. "Gentle," she repeats before starting to lead him out of the room. Her hand was still throbbing.

Gun at the lead, she guides Lar toward the hatch that had, originally, allowed her in. A push with her gun later, she realizes that it was in ruins, and not opening how she wanted it to. It's now that she pulls her hand away from his own, kicking over a lump of debris and climbing up to push. And push. Super strong the girl was not. Struggling once more, she slips off the step and then looks back toward Lar. "Out." She pants and points up. "Stuck." Blinking behind her visor, she makes a fist (with her good hand) and punches it into the palm of her not so good hand (ouchie). Nodding his way, she does the punch again before pointing to the hatch. "Hard."


Lar frowns, watching worriedly as Lena rubs her hand in pain. As she checks her fingers, it seems she's fine, albeit bruised a fair bit. But it'll heal. He seems confused though—is he just ridiculously strong all of a sudden, or is she just fragile? Is everyone on this planet fragile?

Then it seems the airlock she is trying to use is jammed. He's not sure how jammed it is, but he supposes, he can give it a try. Now instead of climbing up on the pile of debris, he actually finds himself floating up toward it. And when he does try to dislodge it, he -way- overcompensates, not only opening it but sending it -flying- straight up, so far that…well, it kind of disappears into the dark night sky. Where it comes back down, or -if- it ever comes back down is left to the imagination.


This could continue for a while, indeed. Spider-Man likely has never met an opponent like Professor Zoom, who is far faster /and/ is just as intelligent as the web-slinger… and he just keeps going himself. He's switching up his angles though, starting to zoom out by a block, then back, then upwards along the ship itself, then along the hills nearby.

The lightning barrage keeps coming. It's slowly than his actual punches… but has the advantage of being able to be thrown from anywhere.

Of course, the collateral damage to the surrounding area is piling up. Fires are breaking out and electrical storms are frying everything in sight as they continue their fight.

Then Zoom decides to switch it up, and takes a few seconds to bring up an arm to send an air burst at the hatch that was up in the air, sending it immediately flying at Spidey at hurricane speeds in between lightning bolts.


Spider-Man is dodging, and thinking when the airlock goes flying away into the night sky… "Oh well that isn't good" he adds watching it fly up as the first wind blows him down to all fours though the metal he holds onto bends his grip doesn't let go. Rolling he avoids the lighning as he never seems to stop moving, and smiles.. "Oh you got sloppy Zoom." and dodges but under the large air lock that is now rushing at them. He only has a moment, but since he is behind something that would interupt the lightning bolds he uses that time to jump out and away.

He shoots his webs, but not at Zoom.. Instead he aims one for Lar, and one for Lena hopping they reach in time. What Zoom did not realize in his no worries attack is that when he through the hatch back at him he was standing right next to where they were standing below him. Spiderman does realize this as he does care for others, and is trying to web them to pull them out of the impact point before the object gets there.


Lar floats. He's strong. That door didn't know who it tried to step up on. The whole scene causes Lena's eyes to grow wide, her face practically beaming at the 'find' this ship brought about. The girl even gives a bounce before hugging around his leg and pulling away. Clearing her throat, she tries to turn herself more stoic, professional, in nature. "Sorry." Comes her apology, complete with expression.

Another point up, she starts trying to climb up and out only to be welcomed by the scene of utter chaos that had happened outside. Is that what Lar had seen? The smell of fried ozone was almost overwhelming as the crackling of fire smooths it over. Shaking her head, she settles her gun in both hands now, moving to find, track, someone. Something. Anything. Then she finds it - a Spider and a hunk of metal flying her way.

"Lar! Down!" She attempts to warn the Alien, her finger firing off the cold gun in a wide sweep of space. Blocking the way up and out of the ship, her legs set solid, the beam is brilliant - it's also amazing in its own way. It doesn't so much as freeze but instead slows things down. Said things, in this case, being projectiles. So slow, it stops 'freezing' things in space and time. Webbing, hatch door, it all lingers in the air, coating over with cold as the kinetic energy simply stops.


There's a sound of roaring as Zoom finally breaks off his encirclement of the ship… and as the cold gun starts to fire and presumably distract Spider-Man, Zoom is coming in full speed, and is attempting to shoulder check Spider-Man off the top of the ship.

The kinetic force behind the shove is /massive/ from the sheer speed he's going, and it'll likely bruise his shoulder, but he needs to get into that ship soon, and needs to get Spider-Man away from the hatch.


Lar seems….just as bewildered by this show of power as Lena is. He stares down at his hands, then back up where the door went, not paying attention the hug. He sort of drifts up through the opening that he just created, and straight into the battlefield between Spiderman and Zoom.

Now even if the door had hit him, it probably wouldn't have done much, but as it is Lena seems to place the objects in some kind of stasis field. He watches as Zoom rushes at Spiderman, unsure of why they are fighting. He does remember the drawing Lena made, but he hasn't seen enough of their behavior to make his own judgment just yet.


Zoom is sure he is distracted he isn't looking there is no-way he knew this attack was coming, but as soon as he charged Spider-Man was already moving himself. Of course he is slower so as Zoom gets closer, and closer he would see Spiderman moving as fast as he can to try to get out of the way. Infront of him a big mass ball of web, on the metal where he stood he had dented or it had been hit by a bolt so was all uneven with points though not sharp just unlevel. Though this wasn't enough he had one shot, and this was going to hurt as he bent back and over right as Zoom made contact. Of course this throws him, but other then out off the ship he flips around throwing a small tracer at the Speedsters back.

The amount of cordination to do all of this at once, and dodge the attack was beyond Spider-Man though as Zoom can feel the impact and see Spider-Man spinning off the top of ship actually landing hard in the ground behind him somehow. He is slow to get up, but he gets up and brushes some dirt off himself. That hurt, but he wouldn't let Zoom see it he had to keep going. "Hey Yellow Streak you should come down to the bronx.. We have elementry kids that hit harder then that" and gives a bit of a laugh. Zoom would note he isn't moving forward then, and he felt that impact so would know despite how Spidey is waving it off it did hit hard.


It worked. That beautiful bundle of tech that was ages old worked. Beautifully. There's a huff of air that escapes the girl's lips as that glimmer of wander is present behind her specs. It worked…it was glorious. The power is cut, causing strings of web and a hunk of metal to fall where they were. The crash from Zoom to Spider was on display, allowing her to eye Lar to make sure the man (?) was safe. Nodding his way, she watches after Zoom and motions toward the ship. "Found a man. Think I'll keep him. Hurry it up, won't you, sweetie? Busted junk but you can do a sweep faster than I can." She muses before sliding off the vessel and leveling her gun toward the Spider.

"Leave." She demands. "Heroes can't save everyone and now you're just living on borrowed time against someone like Zoom. Trust me, he's bad news. Leave, or I'm guessing the next hit you get won't be so easily walked off. Go home, lil Spider, this isn't your deal."


The tracer would have to be dealt with later. For now, Reverse-Flash has Spidey away from the ship… and all the guards were dealt with.

He didn't even hear Lena as he supersped to one of the holes in the hull, and red lightning disappearing into the ship as he began to search the ship from bottom to top.

Eobard Thawne was a genius centuries ahead of this time living on an Earth controlled by the Kree, and had gone through multiple universe to be stranded in this one. If anyone could understand this technology enough to know what was valuable… it was him.


Spider-Man takes a tentative step forward.. "Can't do that frosty.. If it were just the ship sure.." he moves forward a bit slowly, "But see that person.. is going to have it hard enough as is they don't need you to make life harder for them. Let them go, and I will walk away." he smiles a bit "Besides I am just getting warmed up…. Owww." and rubs his back a little with a grin. He stops walking if it looks like he has reached that line and smiles, "Besides, your friends greed has finally given me a breather.." he slowly reaches into his belt and pulls out a phone it has called out just recently.

"Looks like you have a choice.. Run, or fight until backup gets here." he glances at the ship, "Look I saw you before.. You were reasonable then. I want to take whoever this is to a safe place let me do that.." he actually sounds sincere though he speaks a bit lower so the Speedster might not hear him. "You steal tech that is fine I get that, but do you deal in people now too?"


For now, Lar watches events unfold, though he does a bit concerned with Lena starts to threaten Spiderman. As far as he has seen, this guy hasn't really done anything wrong. But neither has anyone else for that matter. So mostly, he's just confused as to exactly what's happening. Are they fighting over the technology? He tries to comprehend what they are saying, but can't make sense of it just yet. Whatever the case may be, he doesn't want anyone dying today. So if she attacks, he's prepared to intervene. Tag teaming 2 on 1 wouldn't be a fair fight now would it? Especially since the guy seemed to already have his hands full with….whoever that was.

Thawne would find that most of the tech is damaged beyond repair. Well, any repair that would be worth doing at any rate. But, given his experience, upon closer examination he can tell that it's not -all- alien to this planet. In fact, quite a bit of it does seem very Terran-like, but there is no possible way that this technology could exist right here, right now. It's -centuries- ahead of this time. Which leaves only one conclusion—this ship is from the distant future.


"It is just the ship. Found him inside, made sure he's doing fine. Got him out of a wrecked vehicle. Seems to be I'm doing a better job at being the goodie than you are tonight." Gun still up, she takes one step back. "It's not a kidnapping." She explains, lowering her gun. "I have a soft spot for strays and you don't know shit about me, so lets do this this way. Cops…don't scare me. Cops I can deal with. Now, do you really want to call 'backup' here just to watch Zoom go about his business again? You leave, we'll leave. I'm a girl of my word."


Time travel was something Eobard was very familiar with. He was a natural time traveler himself, so he doesn't typically need the technology to actually achieve it. The systems were damaged beyond repair… but the materials could still be useful. He picked up what might be usable into his utility pouches, including the data base, and left the same way he came in.

Zoom stops in front of the newcomer. A hand comes up, pulls out some kind of device which he slaps around his ear. Another section of the device wraps around the side of his neck. Red, glowing eyes study the newcomer, and a monstrous voice can be heard, "Speak, so the translator can work." Probably some kind of futuretech.

Spider-Man is ignored entirely, unless he attacks Zoom again.


When she says this isn't a kidnapping Spider-Man nods, "You aren't kidding you are though bringing the problem I don't know if that counts." he responds honestly to her. "Alright…" he waves Lar over to him. He looks to speak to him then stops, and grins. Channeling his days playing Charades with his aunt he pointed right at Lar, ran in place, then pointed away from the ship.. multiple times. He thought to himself if this would work then came Zoom and he was ignored.

Of course Spider-Man didn't like being ignored, but wasn't crazy enough to attack just yet so he waited to Lar to speak, and interupted in some other language to mix-up the translater. He moved a bit closer to the other person though kept his eye on Zoom, "So how do you get stuck with some murder happy guy like this Frosty? I mean sure I got you pegged as criminal maybe even a good one, but this guy… I bet he likes slam poetry does he?" and chuckles a bit.


All this time while the others are arguing and talking amongst themselves, Lar has been partly listening and partly observing the area. It's strange, but even though he doesn't remember ever visiting this planet, the language is oddly familiar. Still, he's spotted the dead bodies of the guards lying in various places and he finds that a bit disturbing because they look like someone killed them, not some accident.

Peter's charading just gets a shake of the head. He doesn't need to run away. But he at least extends the same courtesy to Parker as he did to Lena, pointing at himself. "Lar." Then he again waits expectantly for another introduction.

And then the lightning guy gets out a device that must be translator or some kind of emulator. Right then, that makes things a bit easier. He starts in his native tongue of Daxamite, "So I don't suppose you know who murdered all those people?" Meaning, the police officers.


Comments about Zoom are left alone from the Ice Princess. Gun in her hands, she keeps her eyes on the Spider, finger resting on the trigger guard and tapping, slowly. "You have issues, don't you? Not confident? Nervous talker?" She asks after Spiderman, her nose and lips snarling up with apparent frustration. "Shut your mouth or I'll freeze it shut, got it?" She mutters, glancing around the setting only now taking it in. "Zoom," she calls out then. "We need to go soon. Back up is coming thanks to the Spider here." A pause, she exhales in frustration. "I don't want to be here when they get here. Had enough homicide for one day, dear."


'Daxamite' is heard in his ear from the device as Zoom listens. His eyes narrow just so at hearing it… putting two and two together from his own universe, he has a few educated guesses as to the mans potential names. The historical archives of his world were still useful to an extent for other worlds, though context is often lost.

"You know what they are? Seems like you didn't come from far off from this era then, if you recognize this timelines uniforms." Zoom speaks… and his words are translated into Daxamite on the fly. He's speaking Lars native tongue fluently with an electronic distortion from his translator.

Zoom points to the ship, "You landed in 2019 of this Earths timestream. Your timeship is completely destroyed." Zoom continues. He's keeping an eye out for the backup for sure… but he seems less than concerned about it.
His concern seems to be Lar himself.


Spider-Man smiles, "Hey now you haven't done anything other then rescure this guy right? So why not talk." Though how he is moving he is starting to get that same spring in his step to the side looking at the person who landed as he had actually never met an alien before. Or at least he didn't think so as that girl was from Japan he thinks. He wasn't sure what to do here in this situation so he ignored Zoom, and walked right up to Lar. "Spider-Man" he said quickly. He had seen streak treat this person with caution when he ignored others, so perhaps.. Spiderman wraps an arm around Lar's back ushering him away from Zoom.. "Spiderman good, Yellow Streak bad" he whispers to him a couple times.

Okay given Spider-Man wasn't trained for contact with aliens, but at least if the guy who was kicking his butt before decided to stop he was going to take advantage of it. Spiderman was begining to think that for some reason if this guy turned on him it would be really bad. "Remember Yellow Streak.. Baaaad" and smiles a bit


There is a pause, as Peter starts to usher him away from Zoom. He peers at "Spiderman", though it isn't clear if he got the message or not. Then suddenly he zooms off, possibly even moving as fast as Zoom himself was moving earlier, and within seconds he has returned with the dead body of one of the guards.

"I know they aren't animals." Lar replies to Zoom's question. "And that is all I need to know about them." At least, that's what the English translation that Zoom is no doubt hearing sounds like. He then glances around at Lena and Peter, then actually says something in English, albeit sounding a bit broken. "Who…killed?" And he points at the dead officer.


Lena follows after and then stands before the Spider, and Lar if he so chooses to walk with the man pulling him away. The speed he travels only causes her to step back and out of the way, her bruised hand up and making sure her hood stays on her head. Once he returns, she glances toward Zoom and then back to Lar. Reaching down, she moves her glasses so that the fallen man from the stars (and time) can see her eyes. Frowning, she shakes her head, eyeing Spider-Man briefly before stepping back and slipping her shades back on. There was a hitch in her step, a twitch of her finger, but she's turning to leave. "Strike two, Spider." Is all she mutters.


"This is useless." A hand comes up to tap a control on the device, and he replaces it in his pouch. Now that he knows it's Daxamite, he can spend some time learning it to speak it natively. "I know this alien. He's a fool on my Earth." Zoom concludes, "I'm done here." He states as he superspeeds his way over to Lena, before he starts to run south, away from the crash site.

Eobard found everything valuable in the crash already. The rest was junk… his objectives were fulfilled.

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