Coffee and shop talk pt.1

April 13, 2019:

Caitlin Fairchild seeks out Amaterasu, having heard of the young Goddess, to make her an offer.

New York Cafe



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Fade In…

Caitlin Fairchild's been out looking for the Sun Goddess for a few days now.

It's tricky just finding a metahuman out of the population of the city. Most of them stick to low cover and have secret identities. Anyone in the game for more than a day knows how easy it is for traps to get set or sprung.

So after asking a few questions in the right areas and priming the conversation, she's resigned herself to about the best possible option: sitting and waiting. Which means a four-hour lunch in Ami's 'neighborhood', listening to music and working from her laptop and just generally being a giant and distinct looking redhead who's probably been sniffing around trying to get facetime with the strange Japanese transplant.


In a way Ami had an identity of her own, but she wasn't quite the sort of person who left a paper trail or had a license. One only had faces and an MO to go by, but eventually Caitlin would narrow it down. Down through the streets the young woman walked, wrapped in a simple skirt and midriff-baring skirt. She'd learned enough about what was considered normal for humans to be dressed as. The kimonos she used to wear? Not so much a current tend.

Being down on the mortal world had come with quite a few perks, and one of those was something she headed towards with every step: baked goods! Towards the cafe she was headed!


It's hard to miss Caitlin sitting at the cafe. It's a popular little hangout and a place central to Ami's little area of operation. She's dressed relatively conseratively— calf-length jeans with a narrowly upturned cuff, low teal Keds, and a comfy, well-worn zippered hoodie that doesn't do much to hide her visibly developed physique. She glances up when Ami walks past. Eyes flicker from the woman to a picture of the Sun Goddess— a little hazy and blurred— and back at Ami. Recognition kindles in her green eyes and she tries to make eye contact with her.


Spotted! Ami's eyes fall on Caitlin and she seems to consider for a moment before she turns towards the far taller figure. Ami herself looked like some Japanese model, but not quite the goddess that had carved her way through demons or dealing with whatever else. She moves forwards, taking the seat in front of her and then seeming to just…stare for a moment.

Amaterasu wasn't great at this secret identity thing really.


Caitlin remains seated while Ami is settling in across from her. She removes her earbuds, pauses the music, and turns her electronics to 'mute'. Once that's all done, she smiles politely at the woman. "I'm sorry for stalking you," she says, without preamble. "I know it's creepy, but I promise— I'm one of the good guys." She digs in her wallet for a little pink billfold, produces an ID card, and hands it to Ami. 'Caitlin Fairchild — Justice League'. Cait's grinning in the photograph, fit to burst.

"Is this a bad time to talk shop? We can go somewhere else if you'd be more comfortable. Your choice," she offers, considerately.

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