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April 07, 2019:

Caitlin Fairchild arranges a meet and greet for young heroes in the first-ever 'Titans Outreach Day.

//Habitation Level - Titans Tower - New York City //

The topmost level of Titans Tower is where the living and recreation facilities are found, giving the Titans someplace to stay and relax while they're at the base.

Much of the level is taken up by the large common room area, which takes advantage of the large windows giving excellent views of the river and the city beyond, and the balconies outside are a popular spot when the weather is nice. The common room has plenty of seating available, with couches and chairs arranged in groups for better socialization; a large section of sofa makes for a sunken area in front of a very large flat screen television, which has an excellent sound system and pretty much all the home theater touches anyone might want. Of course, it can also be overridden as a communication screen in an emergency.

The common area also has a substantial, well-stocked kitchen and dining room, available at all hours. Since the Tower doesn't have any civilian support staff, though, it falls to the Titans themselves to prepare meals if they're so inclined, and to clean up after themselves. Steps to either side of the common room lead the short distance up to the residential wings, in the arms of the tower's T-shape. These wings have a number of rooms available for the Titans, each one a small suite about the size of a college dormitory room: Essentially, a glorified bedroom with an attached bathroom. Each Titan's room is decorated according to their taste and discretion, and some seem definitely more 'lived in' than others.


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The first-ever 'Titans Outreach Day' is off to a good start.

Inasmuch as the weird event *could*, anyway. The Titans largely went inactive after the catastrophic invasion of New York, with individuals returning to homes or other teams to help rebuild. In short order, Caitlin Fairchild was one of the last members still on the roster as 'active'.

Figuring out master access codes was an exercise in effort, admittedly, as she promoted herself to de facto leader.

An inspired idea, though, was inviting other heroes to a pizza party at the tower. People in costume, vigilantes, ones who were largely helpful but not overly dangerous. Friends of Caitlin's, too, were invited, and Caitlin laid out quite a spread in the dining area of pizza and enough baked goods to feed a small army. After a brief tour of the Tower, everyone had returned to the common area adjacent to the galley for food and drinks and casual socializing.

Caitlin looks a little goofy in her heroic attire. Green calf-length leggings, sturdy low shoes, and a long-sleeved green crop top. All under an apron with 'Critical Success' embroidered over a d20 baked in a pie.

She glances at the people congregating in the common area and looks to Nadia, who'd been bullied into helping her with things like hors d'overes and entertaining. "Are you sure I have enough cookies baked?" she frets, looking from the ones in the oven to the four dozen or so currently cooling on racks near the buffet tables.

A costume? A COSTUME!? Katsumi has no costume! She also has other issues! The message she received was responded with a very quick a simple test: I have news. ;_;

Katsumi didn't get a response at the time, no doubt due to hectic preparations. She figured that'd be the case. And though she doesn't possess a costume, she picked out an ensemble she thought was pretty head-turning - fishnet top, short shorts, her favorite feline-themed belt, boots. She's a punky lil' thing this afternoon.

And yet, when she arrived, she feels somehow out of place. Starstruck, to be sure, and absolutely agog at the sights and colorfully-dressed people! It's almost enough to distract her from what's on her mind. Almost. But she's been careful to give Caitlin her space, easily recognizing stress from a distance. She can talk to her later, maybe.

So for now, Katsumi, the Punk Princess of the NWF, is being a bit of a wallflower with her arms hugged around her midsection and staring at the buffet.

While Nadia Van Dyne counts many things among her fields of expertise cooking is not one of them. Unless you count the Red Room course on mixing poisons into food undetected as a cooking class. But even so it'd be rude to turn down a friend in need. And even she can handle moving trays around and serving people drinks. "If we run out I have been working on some very promising food pills," she offers helpfully with the faint hint of a Russian accent. "They still have a few side effects though. Like making everything tastle of bubblegum for a week… Still they are no longer toxic!"

With the perfect poise of a ballerina Nadia scoops up one of the trays of food ready to go out. "Besides everyone will be happy to just spend an afternoon without any supervillains turning up unexpectedly."

From Nathaniel Richards' point of view the Avengers are several steps over the Titans in the super-heroic pole. So he might be slumming. Is that a thing among super-heroes? No, probably not. He just needs to behave as befits an Avenger. He has been an Avenger since he was nineteen.

Truth is he responded Fairchild invitation because he was bored. There are no important projects to pursue. Tony Stark handles most of those. And maybe he misses the camaraderie he had when the Outsiders were a team.

And he is not sorry. Because he can meet Spider-Man! Who is going to be a -very- important person in the near future. Maybe. Maybe the timeline has diverged so much he won't. His armor historical databanks are getting more and more irrelevant, and that is probably a good thing.

So he is here in full armor, but takes off the helmet at joining the gathered young heroes. Coincidentally when Nadia mentions no super-villain has turned up unexpectedly. Because irony is a thing. And anyway, he was invited. "Good afternoon, Ms. Van Dyne," he greets the young woman. "Or do you prefer Wasp when in uniform?"

Spider-Man is also one of those people out of place though for a different reason then Katsumi. He looks around and is kind of shy so doesn't really know how to approach people as he just sticks to the side of the tower as that is where he is the most comfortable. He is there for a little bit before he sees this Punk Princess, and hops out and over though not using webs just a little agility to land on the other side of the people on his feet to just walk it off heading towards the one person he knows. Strangely there seems to be a bag of sugar webbed to his back that could be seen when he jumps over.

"Hey almost didn't reconize ya in 'civilian' clothing!" he jokes obviously talking about her wrestling garb. He glances around and see's some of the people, and looks at his hand stitched outfit.. "Was beginning to feel a bit under-dressed" he adds with a smile. Of course he doesn't know Nadia, but seeing someone cook he definitely isn't sure what to do now with this sugar he brought. He kinda thought it was supposed to be a gesture, but what if in these meetings it was like… something needed. So he glances at Kat, and then the people cooking… Thinking for a moment.

"It's a rule about heroine costumes," Caitlin tells Peter in passing as she hustles past with the last of the cooked goods. "It all has to be skintight *and* we have to show off more skin. Our union suuuucks," she whispers conspiratorially, and rolls her eyes at the duo. All to break the ice a little while she sets up the last of the food and drink with Nadia's help. "Nadia, I think I can get it from here if you want," she tells the Wasp. "Go say hi to people." Such as the many NPCs milling around, some of whom are in hand-sewn costumes and punky looking skater gear.

"Iron Guard, are you getting enough to eat?" she inquires of the armored fellow. "There's a bunch to go around, dig in if you're hungry!

"Nadia is fine," She offers in response to Nathaniel's question. Her own costume obviously breaking union rules as it shows very little skin at all and is largely only as clingy as it needs to be to allow freedom of movement. "I do not really need to keep my identity a secret. After all everyone who might wish me harm already knows who I am… And well.. I am not afraid of them."

She shrugs, then shrinks in size and flits around the room holding the still unshrunk tray of baked goods. Making it seem a lot like the tray is flying, at least until Nadia calls out "I do not know why you have brought all of that sugar Mister…?" She pauses long enough to indicate a question then adds "But if you are worried about getting hungry we have food. You did not need to bring your own. Although I am sure the sentiment is appreciated!"

Katsumi Oshiro quickly looks to Caitlin as she moves nearby. "You've gotta own that s@#&, girl~!," she calls after her, apparently not thinking twice about her casual profanity even in this setting. Old habits die very, very hard. She then clears her throat and tucks her chin, suddenly very aware of how she doesn't 'fit' with these people. "A-anyway, hey, you're like the first person to recognize me not in gear. Kudos. 'Course it'd be a dude, though." The last part is intended as a joke, attested by the uptick at the corner of her lips. "Funny running into you again, though! You're the guy they called Menace. Are you like.. like a Spider-Boy?," she asks. "And why are you papoose-ing sugar?"

"I am good, Fairchild, thank you," replies Nathaniel with a polite not to the very tall redhead. If he was going to try the baked goods, Nadia just put them out of his reach anyway. "Was it something I said?" He mutters with a shrug. "Interesting crowd you brought here, too. Er… where are the rest of the old group? I heard some of them were injured at the end of the invasion, but they should be find by now, right?"

Spider-man reaches behind himself and breaks the web to toss it in the air looking at Katsumi with what might be a grin. "Oh! Well you weren't wearing a mask so I mean first rule in secret identity!" and grins though he leans in a bit to whisper. "Spider-Man.. It is Spider-Man." leaning back so not to whisper anymore. "The city calls me a menace cause of Jonah. Think it is funny at this point I think." and just chuckles again.

"But I don't think that answered your question. Look over there!" he points to the city, and smiles. "That is my home, and hey if you keep fighting there maybe yours too.. But this here is their home, and I have never really.." he clears his throat. "Gotten out so I figure bring sugar to match my sweet personality." and grins.

He does take a treat offered putting the bag of sugar on the tray when he does. Of course he is there to catch it if it is too much for the small flying lady as he didn't want to hurt anyone just give the sugar to the right person. He had webbed it there on his way over, and forgot it… But it did what he was supposed to do.

"It's my fault," Caitlin reassures Iron Guard. "I've got her working so hard for this. I'll tell you about the others," she promises. "C'mon! I guess I should talk to everyone."

She beckons him over, and raises her hands to address the whole group. "Excuse me, everyone can I have your—" Caitlin looks down, realizing she's still in her apron, and hastily tosses it aside. As least she doesn't need to stand on a phone book or anything. "Can I have your attention?"

She waits until the crowd is congregating, and beams a happily enthusiastic smile at the group. Hands clasp over her sternum and she bounces once on her toes. "I'm so happy to see so many ambitious young heroes here," she says, a bit nervously. "I'm Caitlin Fairchild, and I'm currently the de facto leader of the team. The Titans were dissolved after the invasion of last year." Her face grows solemn. "Some were injured, some were needed elsewhere. Even I went on vacation afterwards," she says, with a dimple-cheeked smile.

"But the Titans do still exist, and I'm hoping with the tour we did earlier today, some of you are thinking about what a team would mean for your careers. Being a Titan helped make me into the person I am today, and I'd love to see the next generation of Titans make us even *better*."

"I'm not a luchadora or anything," Katsumi mentions. No, she doesn't wrestle with a mask on! When he leans in to correct the name she'd given him, she gives a broader teasing smile and half-lids her gaze. "Of course you are, sweetie."

Her head tilts to regard the city in the direction offered, then back to the masked fellow. Her gaze shifts to the flying tray of food, however, distracted and confused. Her knees bend and her head tilts, when suddenly- "Ah! There's a person there! What the crap!"

Eyes widened, she looks quickly back to Spider-Man. "Uh, oh! Okay. Uh, that's cool. I'm pretty sure I'm definitely an outsider, though!" She eyeshifts. "Especially here."

She redirects her attention onto Caitlin as she raises her voice, thankful for the distraction. But something about what she says brings a troubled look to her face.
While the extra weight of the bag of sugar doesn't seem to move Nadia or the tray in the slightest there is a slight increase to the humming noise coming from her insect-styled wings. "I'll just go put this in the kitchen," she calls out as she flits back the way she came. Pausing by Nathaniel so he gets chance to grab anything he fancies off the tray she's holding. Whispering so as not to speak over the speech taking place she says "I was not trying to be rude, just mingling. Which is strange without anyone telling me what information I must steal or.. anything like that."

After a bit of a surprise laugh at the Luchador thing though before Caitlin starts he whispers, "Though you learned that last time.. No-one is stranger then New Yorker's" and chuckle before he actually does something he doesn't usually do, and falls silent. He listens to her, and thinks about it.. he really came her to say hello, and see if he could lend a hand now and then. He wasn't really good with meetings, and other stuff he already went to school full time, and had a job. He noms on the food pushing them under the mask and eating them as she watched a small flying lady talk to an armored man just out of NYC and just shakes his head at it all.

He guesses he will just do what they ask to show he is worth their time not knowing some may already know what he could do. Put a good foot forward with the others, and get back to patrol tonight. or at least for now that was his plan. So he returned to paying attention to Caitlin just organizing what she said, and proper questions for later if they reached a Q&A.

"That is an easy one," whisper-stages Nathaniel. "You always steal ALL the information," he remarks, taking one of Caitlin the baked goods. A boy got to love all the deliciously unhealthy food they eat in the Twenty First Century.

He munches carefully while Caitlin delivers her speech. So the previous team basically retired, it seems. Maybe the so-called demons rattled them too hard. In truth a number of the New York heroes seem to be missing. Maybe they died or also decided they needed a break.

Nathaniel does not jump to the chance to join the Titans, though. But he seems thoughtful. "Are you part of her projected new group, Nadia?" He asks, turning to the insect-sized young woman.

"Being on a team is a real important support network," Caitlin continues. "You've got people in your corner. Sometimes you need stand-ins, a place to crash, a good alibi, or just some like-minded people."

Her face goes a little more serious. "The Titans charter is one of sacrifice and honor," she explains. "If you're not sure about the hero thing— if you're in it for money or fame, or the celebrity, you'll have to look somewhere else. And it's OK if the heroing thing isn't something you want to do. I've wanted to be a hero all my life," she says, with a flickering, shy smile. "So this is what I want to do most of all."

"Are there any questions, then?" she prompts the crowd.

Katsumi Oshiro's uncomfortability only grows the more Caitlin talks. She has such a strong purpose behind her words, such conviction. Finally, she can't take it anymore. She has to come clean.

Katsumi's hand raises, defeated look on her face. "What if we don't have powers?"

That may not mean much to anyone else. Hell, it might seem like a valid question. But Katsumi hopes Caitlin understands the significance of what she's saying, weighed against the text she sent her earlier. If she even had a chance to read it.
"I don't think it's really polite to spy on new friends," Nadia points out with a shrug that's almost impossible to see from under the tray. "Besides it is not the sort of information I need right now… Except…" She hmmms and then pipes up with "What are the labs like here?" in response to Caitlins question. Then she turns back to Nathaniel and whispers "I had not really thought about it much. We've been working on a project to remotely transfer energy and that has been taking up most of my time. Lots of micro-scale engineering and complex theory work. It's been very fun."

Spider-Man holds up a hand, "Also, What if they are too busy doing their hero thing to join you here? If they saw something happening in New York would they still be willing to share that information?" then stops looking around at any of the other looking his way. He of course speaks after Katsumi, but kinda leans over.. "Is it just me or they looking at me.." and chuckles lightly to ease up the stress a little bit. He was interested in her question as well as he wanted to see how they treated people without powers."

Of course he was the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man so couldn't work with any groups that would be mean to anyone trying to be a hero though it was doubtful they would be mean to anyone or he wouldn't of been here to start with. He does hear the science talk, but is too polite to eavesdrop though he did note to remember to bring up micro-scale technology at some point with the flying lady.
"Information gathering is not spying on friends," protests Nathaniel. "Look, I always ask myself 'what would Tony Stark do?' as a starting point." Which is likely not the bestest role model, but he calls himself Iron Guard for a reason.

On the other hand Nathaniel's own ethical and moral codes didn't start well either. Maybe Tony Stark is a good role model. For him.

"What kinds of energy?" He idly ask when Nadia hints about her latest lab project. "Have you ever worked with psionics, Nadia? Right I am trying to decrypt a message coming apparently for roughly 20 centuries in the future and I cannot made heads or tails of it. I need an array of telepathic plugs I cannot build without vibranium."

"There've been plenty of Titans who didn't have conventional powers," Caitlin assures Katsumi. She smiles at the girl as reassuringly as possible. "And they pull their weight just fine. You just need grit, determination and a cool suit." Some snickers. "Not everyone needs to pull the same weight. I'll outclass most everyone in the League for raw strength," she says, with no insincere modesty. "But I can't fly. So I have to rely on people for mobility and stuff."

"Anywway, go mingle! Talk to each other. And I'll be over here if anyone has any questions about joining up," she tells the party. The heroes break up into little talking circles and Caitlin approaches the one with Nadia, Nathaniel, Spider-Man, and Katsumi. Kat is given a quick and reassuring hug around one shoulder, and Caitlin looks to the two boys. "Thanks for listening to my boring speech, guys," she tells them.

"What would Tony Stark do?" Nadia considers this hypothesis. "Probably get very drunk? I don't think we have any alcoholic beverages, many of the Titans are not old enough to drink legally in this country." She puts the tray down on the side, then reverts to regular size. "Electrical mainly. To allow devices to charge without needing wires or batteries. But we are aiming for very little loss during transmission which I think is the biggest hurdle."

She leans on the side of the counter and helps herself to a cookie now she's physically big enough to eat it. "I've never worked with any mental powers before. A little X-gene testing but that's not really the same." She frowns. "I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of /seeing/ vibranium. Let alone working with it."
Katsumi Oshiro looks very unsatisfied with that answer and her gaze falls. Swing and a miss. She lets her gaze shift aside to Spider-Man, but she has no answer for him. At best, she offers a weak smile before turning to lean back against the wall behind her more fully.

When Caitlin joins the general group, the weak smile is directed to her. She frees a hand from her waist to raise in a modest wave. "Hey," she says flatly. "I think I was too subtle. I don't have powers anymore."

After a beat, she glances again to Spider-Man. "Oh, uh, yeah. I had powers."

Spider-Man smiles as Caitlin comes over, and introduces herself.. "Hi.. I am Spider-Man, I am the local hero from across the water over there" he points back to New York. "Oh.. sorry yea." he holds out a hand for a shake, "I hope if ya ever need me we can something up with this network of yours. Though to be honest I am just glad not to be the strongest one here.. Maybe someone else who might understand how breakable everything is?" and chuckles a bit. He was strong himself, but had in time learned to control it, but if she was way stronger then he could only imagine how tough that was.

He looks like he is about to say something else, and see's the lady return to size infront of his eyes. He see's the suit.. "Whoooaaa" is all he says as he darts around her in short hops.. "Ooohing and Ahhing." the tech before speaking again, "Ya know if ya offered suits like this I might be in!" and chuckles a bit only joking about it before finally returning back to where he was. He nods, to Kat, "Oh I am sorry I didn't notice them last time we met? But you also said had, did you lose them or something?" not sure what she could mean.
"There is an idea," replies Nathaniel thoughtful. "Maybe I do need a living telepath. They seem more common than vibranium nowadays."

Caitlin coming to join with them brings a brief smile to his lips. "It was a good speech, Fairchild. I am tempted to join your group myself, but right now I need to go. I need to meet someone in Metropolis in twenty eight minutes." So he puts the helmet back in place. "I have no 'powers' either," he offers in passing.

It is technically correct.

"Robin and I set the lab here up with Cyborg's help," Caitlin tells Nadia. "So we've got a full on site bio-research facility and an engineering center. My project plane's parked here while I'm rebuilding the engine," she explains, wiggling a thumb at the garage near the hanger. "Landing it on the island was… entertaining."

Caitlin takes Spidey's hand and shakes it very gently, barely clasping. It's hard to get a sense from the touch if she really *is* that strong, though there's zero give to her hands. And she's got the biceps for it, for sure.

"I'm pretty sure the Wasp only has the one suit, and she doesn't loan it out," Caitlin tells Peter, flashing a dimpled grin. She glances back at Katsumi, and reaches over to give the wrestler's hand a quickly reassuring squeeze. She did hear, and her look promises they'll talk about it later.

"Be safe out there, Iron Guy," she tells Nathaniel, smiling at him. "Anytime you want to come down here and nerd out in the workshop with me, you're welcome to."

"There isn't all that much technology in my suit," Nadia explains to Spider-Man as he starts leaping about. Her wings have already retracted into a small backpack now she's at regular size. "Not as much as in his suit anyway." She gestures to Nathaniel as he leaves. "I /do/ have wrist mounted lasers though." She offers Katsumi an encouraging smile. "If you do need someone to run tests to see what might have given you temporary superpowers I have a very well equipped genetics lab. I'd just need some samples. Probably nothing invasive unless the initial tests show anything that needs further investigation… I can't really help if it's magic related though. But if you are secretly an alien, metahuman or robot that is /much/ easier to confirm."

Katsumi Oshiro glances from Caitlin to Spider-Bro. "Right. I mean, I /thought/ I did then. I was trying to test myself, to learn some better self-control in the ring." She winces and glances aside to Caitlin. "Long story." Back to Spider-Mensch. "Seems I don't have'em anymore. Otherwise, I would'a been more help. I just-.. it.." She's not taking it well, and the confusion has been wearing on her. Her eyes lift to Caitlin again with a meek nod. They can talk about it when things are less crazy.

However, the tiny-woman-gone-large snatches her attention, and Katsumi metaphorically pounces the opportunity. "Wait, for real? You can test me for that? Yeah! Let's do that! Whenever you can! Seriously, now, tonight, whenever! A- um, can you, uh.. check me for mutant, too?"

Spider-man nods, and looks around… "I always figured it would be like this" he says looking at the Tower, "Bunch of good guys all living together fighting crime. How do you even find the time for it, between work, and… I mean" he clears his throat again to add a little base to it. "I mean if ya had other responsibilities.. how would you find the time?" he grins a bit with a shrug good cover Pete you got this! He does notice Katsumi asking about mutant stuff. "Umm.. Be careful with that I have a lot of people who came after me for being a mutant till they figured out I wasn't. If you get tested keep the results secret… all I am saying" and holds his hands up to this topic. It wasn't that he distrusted the Teen Titans, but had seen the mutant hate up close, and did not want that for a friend.

Finally he turns to look at where Nadia is pointing.. "Wait who does? That guy?" he points kinda where she is pointing to some guy in a make shift uniform with a waffle iron on the back (There is always one). "I don't think he compares.." of course he didn't see him disappear as he turned to look too late. "So how small can you go? Have you come across any alternative dimensions? Is string theory provable now?" there are a few dozen more questions that some books he read about hinted at, but more technology was needed at the time to prove.

Nadia Van Dyne digs into her pocket and pulls out a fully sized medical testing kit. One that shouldn't under any circumstance have fit inside the pocket it just came from. "Lets see," she muses. "I don't want to spoil the atmosphere of the party, but when it is complete I can collect just about any samples you might be willing to provide. And yes that would include a full D.N.A breakdown." She glances at Spider-Man and then adds "All the results would be strictly confidential."

Her brow furrows and then she reels off "Safely? Microscopic. Theoretically? Subatomic. I went to an alternate dimension via a rift recently… I still have the body of a creature that was killed during a rescue operation in my lab." She grins. "And bits of it can be yes, but I'm not convinced it is the right model."

Spidey gives a card to Caitlin.. "I am working on a new radio system of my own, if you try to contact me on this frequency you should be able to boost it with what you have here to reach me!" he looks over at the water, and smiles before looking back at Nadia, "Yea.. I am not sure if I am okay with just testing people yet.. It is one of those things that got us here in the first place." he shrugs, and looks at Katsumi and gives a warning glance but shrugs, "If things go wrong Miss, don't be afraid to pop up in New York okay?" he starts heading back towards the boat that brought them.

He waves a hand as he walked away from the group, "Be good out here and just remember New York always has hits Spider-Man!" and shoots out a web using it to pull him forward with a hop he launches away. There isn't much else to latch onto but with a good launch he could hop almost to the boat from here. He has night school here soon, and if he didn't hurry the jocks could pop up again to give him a hard time.

Katsumi Oshiro nods quickly to Nadia. "So there's a cup I need to-" Pause. Wait. Finally, her surroundings seems to be curbing her lax tongue. Maybe she shouldn't talk about this kind of thing in public and take Nadia's lead. Deal with this outside of a party scenario! But the bright smile she offers the other female is one of unabashed appreciation and hope. She has no idea what she might find, but answers are something she desperately craves.

Nadia Van Dyne waves at people as they leave. "Those webs seem very /messy/," she muses mostly to herself. "And… yes we'll let the party finish first. Although we shouldn't leave it too long as some drugs can degrade in the body. Anyway everyone seems to be low on drinks. I'll go get us all another round…"

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