Who's Ready?

April 06, 2019:

Katsumi is asked to perform for a wrestling show! How could she pass it up? It's also a good way to train controlling her power. What could go wrong?

Lower Manhattan


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It is the Lower part of Manhattan, but today you wouldn't be able to tell. In this small area between Chinatown, and the Financial District outside is a large ring surrounded by people! In the middle is an announcer talking, "Are you ready for the match you all have been waiting for!" he shouts into the mic, "In one corner.. standing at 5'7… A local to all of you, but a star to the community…. Girl-Saw!" and when he says that a large blonde woman with short-cut hair comes out of the nearby building as her music plays. Behind her is the older, but still large Bone Saw as her manager as her music plays! After seeing what happened last time he wanted to be the one in the ring so looks like he is chomping at the bit to hop in there."

Katsumi would know this while not an official match is part of the companies way of finding where her mind is at. The person is trained, and a pro but she is one of those locals who is never quite good enough to 'make it'. The announcer moves to start introducing the next Wrestler who is should be clear, though it looks like the lady is arguing with Bone Saw so isn't paying attention to your entrace.. Something about how she is Woman Saw.


It's an act of defiance, in a way. Katsumi isn't willing to give up her personal identity, nor make the sacrifices she's made in her life meaningless over these new developments she's uncovered. Her home federation has already pulled up stakes and flown back to Japan. And though logically she should be keeping a low profile, some people caught wind that she's still lingering in the States. They gave her an opportunity. She's absolutely taking it.

She's telling herself that she's doing it for the greater good. She needs to get a handle on this new strength, new speed, new reflexes. She needs to learn to control it to not seriously hurt anyone. That's the most basic fundamental of professional wrestling - Hell, ANY martial art. So if Caitlin or anyone else looks at her sideways over this, that's what she'll tell them. But if she's being honest with herself, she's doing it because this is who she is. No matter the scale, no matter the venue.

An upbeat synth tune begins pumping (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=speCG0a02TE) as the announcer speaks. "And her opponent! At 5'5"! Still on loan from Japan, by way of Osaka! The Punk Princess! Katsumi! Oooshirooo!"

As her name is called, the girl steps out into the open with arms raised wide to either side and smirk playing on her face. Upon seeing Girl-Saw arguing with her elder and paying zero attention, Katsumi perks a slender eyebrow. She motions out to them as she glances to the audience at either side in the universal 'Can you believe this crap?' motion. She concludes her pantomimed incredulity with a roll of her inhumanly-colored almond eyes and shrugs! Then she's off at a girlish skip to the ring, perky smile on her face that somehow reads predatory.

Upon reaching the ring, she hops up onto the apron and spins around to face the audience. She shoots them a wink, then arches back to roll over the top rope and move into her corner. Training in self-control or not, Katsumi feeds on the crowd and is absolutely a showman.


The woman on the other side is definetly not a showman as she charges as son as Katsumi faces the crowd! This is a cheap attack for sure, but the bell rings as soon as she tries to grab you making it a bit more legit just a little bit. She attempts to grab the woman from behind, and lift her yelling in exhertion before tossing her to the side to flex for the crowd. This is her plan at least, and while she does have the advantage of surprise you this might not be the first time someone tried to attack before the bell. Not to mention all the things she could do as it is difficult to lift another person even a thinner person not to mention hold on long enough to dump with style. It is nice though as it seems there are fireworks in the background!

Bone Saw is barking out things the one with more experience then most likely both ladies in this he yells things she should be doing as he smack the mat and points. The ref though verbaly warning Bone Girl doesn't get in the way of what is coming next, and finally the crowd is going nuts. Between her entrance, and the 'villian' attacking from behind mixes a few 'hisses' and jeers in with they yelling as they don't seem to like her, but it would be easy to tell she isn't ment to be liked.


Alas, Katsumi doesn't get to give her somewhat fanservice-y arch and backroll! Instead, she realizes she's been put in a match with someone else who draws heat. Those are rare! But there's no time to muse over the dynamic. She's found herself hoisted in surprise, then slammed down to the mat. The girl lands with a bounce and twists over onto her side. Instantly, she's surprised by how uncomfortable a landing that was.

Katsumi rolls over onto hands and knees, her ring attire practically glittering under the midday sun. Her head lifts to glare up at the larger female, and she's suddenly in motion! 'Gentle-gentle-gentle-gentle!,' she thinks to herself as she makes her move. Arms attempt to lash around Bone Girl's midsection, then very gently arch with her to bring her up and drop backwards in a German suplex.

However, that excessively gentle approach isn't doing her any favors. While the result may have been different if she were working with her powers awake, she's fighting with the strength of her regular self. And though she's a finely-tuned athlete, her holding back this much is likely to land her zero success in hefting her opponent.


Skill, and speed wise she does have the edge as the lady is just turning as Katsumi latches around her, and hefts. The person she is fighting seems to lower her weight as soon as she is grabed as it looks like Katsumis stumbled into one of the few things she had to work on a lot training with Bone Saw. While holding back, and her spreading the weight she is right as she only manages to lift her slightly still on her feet while she takes her arms that were not grabbed, and combes down with a couple of what she hopped effective axe chops towards Katsumi's shoulders.

If this was effective she would try again as she is trying to break her grip around her as it wasn't a good spot to be in as she could already feel her breath getting shorter. The whole time this is happening everyone is yelling all around her and no-one notices what she does looking up into the air behind the person she is fighting against. Far in the back ground there is a tiny red speck, just in the air looking like he is swinging. From this distance it would be hard to see from what, but he seems to be moving quickly and it doesn't take long to see what from as a small explosion goes off in the air behind him. He seems to be running away from whatevr it is. This is all going on in the background, and is approaching quickly as another black dot flying behind the spider appears and seems to be chasing this way as well.


Fireworks during a match sure is an odd thing, Katsumi considers. But she's too fixated on what's happening inside the ring, including the fact that she couldn't lift the other woman. Her mind is racing, a degree of panic rising in her chest. She's utterly prepared for the struggling chops, and after just a couple, her arms go slack. "Nng.." Why is that aching!? When her powers first came out, she was tanking everything like a champ! Selling it like everything hurt and was devastating, sure, but in the ring, things DO inflict damage. But that night? Nothing. She felt exquisite. Today? A few chops from a meaty opponent, and she's failing to keep purchase! It's almost like she had no powers at all.

However, the woman appears to be distracted! What she's looking at, she has no idea. But she needs to put a growing suspicion to test, and this seems like the right opportunity. She lashes out with her left arm, attempting to capture Bone Girl's head beneath it. Her free hand moves to the girl's hip, and with a flex and pull, she attempts to whip the girl into the air and drop back with her, looking to slam her back down against the mat in a snap suplex. Unlike her previous attempt, she's not holding back. She's playing it normal.


The woman was about to break out of the hold, she knew she was making progress she felt the grip lostening. That was until she saw what she did, and like a flash the background is moving around her as she is slaming down to the mat in a suplex. She takes it hard though knows how to fall like everyone so tucks in anything that would be injured if she landed on it, head, fingers, stuff like that. Her attention is fully pulled back as she tries to get her arms between the two to shove her off of her up into the air. Her arms are really strong, and ment to be used like this so can put a lot of force to lift, and turn so she is not counted out.

Behind Katsumi however is a much louded.. "Booom!" followed by silence, and then the mat seems to bounce as a man dressed in blue & red lands on it with an "Uuuumph" landing in a pile, and rolling a bit to end up behind her if she had not turned. He lays there for a minute before lifting a hand.. "I am okay!" he says with a groan pushing himself back up onto all fours crouching like he is about to dodge again.

He looks young, and a bit scrony though with the suit it can be seen it is all lean muscle though as he must be working out over a good amount oftime to get there. He rubs his head, and looks up a bit at the flying device getting closer. He holds out a hand, and makes a rock on like motion with it, but nothing happends. Spidey gives a sigh, "Oh not now…" and tries again looking up as it seems to be aiming something.

The people around start to notice who he is though, and not the threat as Bone Saw has already gotten in the ring on the other side looking at intent at Spider-Man, and the lady fighting against Katsumi seemed to stop fighting looking up. The chant of "Meeenace Meeenace Meeenace" starts in the crowd as Spider-Man shakes his head adding "Guess they are wrestling with my concept?" with a small chuckle.


Katsumi Oshiro isn't hard to push off, given the match had only just started and she wasn't looking for an immediate pin! But it does help boost the spry girl back to her feet, pivoting to take advantage of the situation.

WHAM. "Yeek!"

Katsumi's boots pop off the mat from the heavy impact of intruder-hitting-ring, and her arm hooks over the nearby top rope to keep from losing her balance. That strikes her mind as well, if briefly. Even her balance is less than it was that night. Really, it's like it never happened!

Katsumi recollects herself quickly and stares down at the heap of blue and red. Her mouth opens, but no words come out at first. She glances back to the audience, confused, then the referee, who shrugs, and finally back down to the guy as the chant starts.

"Hey! What's the deal?! Am I kicking your @^&, too!?," she demands, pointing a well-manicured finger down at him, her other fist propped against her hip as it cocks to the side. Ol' Bone Saw hasn't drawn her attention just yet.

All she knows is this is the most bizarre event she's been involved in.


Spider-man is looking up at the thing coming after him, but stops and turns to look at her. He gives a small shrug, "I didn't think you were, but hey day is still young!" and without any warning he is on his feet running right at her. It may look like he is charging her, but with an agility of his own he dips mid-step into a low crouch to get his shoulder under her so he can pick her up when he is hopping away. When he ducks Katsumi can see the beam coming from the flying device behind him. The shot would leave a large hole in the mat where they stood which would start to collapse the ring turning the shouts of excitement to fear around. Bone Saw, Girl Saw, the Ref, everyone else would start falling into the collapsing Mat.

If Spidey succeded picking her up he would jus hold on her as he lands on the corner buckle not seeming to mind her on his shoulder while they stand at an odd angle. He would whisper, "Reach into my belt.. Grab the square red box" to her as he gets ready to move again watching the machine as it is starting to aim up again on them. If he did not get her he would of course just do it himself, but the ring would still be falling in so much may of changed. It seems this event has just gotten more bizarre, and dangerous as Spidey tries to protect the people here, and now his one full web-slinger is being used to hold this lady to make sure she doesn't get hit.

Spidey is fast, agile, and strong so his grip while not painful would be hard to break out of strength alone, and though one could wiggle out of it with the ring in the state is is it looks like he is already looking for a place to put her down. There are no more shots yet as it is aiming again, but the explosion must of been from something else as the ring didn't seem to explode just break.


Katsumi Oshiro can only play it by ear. And when the invader seems to agree, sort of, she goes with her default instinct: violence. The newcomer is charging her. Katsumi is charging him. She means to meet him head-on and let training take over.

That isn't what happens, though. She attempts to grab him, but her arms swing wide as he ducks low. His shoulder pushes into her, and she catches glimpse of the beam firing off. She only manages a sharp inhale before she's being leapt away with! Hanging off of his shoulder in stunned silence, Katsumi watches the ring collapse. "A-aahh..," she stammers, trying to process what's happening. The instruction is given, and she mechanically obeys, pawing about at his belt. It takes some doing, but she finds the thing indicated. She flails her arm blindly behind her in an effort to offer it to him.

"Take it! Take-it-take-it-take-it-take-it!"


Spider-Man takes the box, and puts it in what seems to be his wrist while just holding her over his shoulder. "Thats your a total life saver!" he adds wih his other arm he tosses her up in the air, jumping to flip over another beam as it just hits and sinks into the ground this time. Landing again he holds out his arms to catch her again and smiles as he sets her down on solid ground, "I saw your match while I was falling! You totally had it that supplex was awesome!" he does sound muffled, but the excitement is there as Spidey is totally a wrestling fan! On Katsumi's glove she would see a bit of red though as he is backing away from her. That fall did hurt him though he was tough he wasn't invincble by any means. For now at least it doesn't look like it has slowed him down, but he was again leading the large Drone away to put it between you two so that it won't shoot at her.

To make sure it follows him he is waving his hands in the air, not an easy feat with an injury, and yells at it. "Hey Drone face… You missed!" giving a rasberry sound before turning to face away like it isn't a theat. It doesn't even give Katsumi a second look turning it's back to her.

The ring is next to her broken, the drone infront of her the crowd running around in random directions, and on the other side of the drone is Spider-man doing his best to keep the drones attantion. There is an eerie silence as it aims, and Spider-man gets ready coiling up muscles like a snake about to pounce. This is all happening now right infront of her.


Katsumi Oshiro lets out a panicked shriek as she finds herself tossed into the air! Arms pinwheel wildly in a flail, legs kick to no avail, and- she's caught again. Katsumi is staring wide-eyed at the masked face, jaw slack. She's definitely not used to feeling so utterly helpless. And since that night in Brooklyn, the shock is just magnified. She's set back onto her boots, and her legs give a wobble before she finds her balance again. A look of disbelief is shot to the ring, the crowd dispersing in a panic…

And what the guy says snaps her bright magenta gaze back over to him. "O-oh! Yeah? C-, um, cool." It's all she can manage in this duress. And just as quickly, things have picked up again.

Katsumi's gaze falls to her feet, unsure what to do with herself. Part of her is saying she should try to do heroic things, since she has powers. At the same time, she seems to NOT have powers. She should be running. But her legs aren't cooperating with that.

Her attention lifts to the drone again. It's ambling around, not very far away. This guy, whoever - or whatever - he is, is doing what he can. He might have it under control. Or he might not. How would one even help a situation like this?

Suddenly, a folding chair is sailing en route to the drone. Katsumi doesn't possess her super strength, but her natural, human athleticism is nothing to scoff at. Whether it reaches close enough to whing it or not is up to fate. Long-distance folding chair chucking didn't really come with her training's territory. But it's an effort!

"You broke my ring, @&*hole!," she shouts up at the drone.


Being new here she might be surprised about what happends next, as after she throws the chair it of course bounces off, and the drone turns to look at her. Spider-man looks like is is about to approach when another metal object a ring pole flies by. "Bone Saw is REaDY to stomp some drones!", and then others from the crowd stop running around. They seem to start getting actually mad at the drone, and throwing rocks bricks just about anything at it forcing it to back up. While she may not have super powers seeing her stand up to it seemed to turn the crowd against it, and in their refusal to deal with punks like this in their neighborhood they stand with her against the drone though it does look like it might not be enough to stop it.

Before it can shoot again a web flings out grabing the gun it was aiming at Katsumi, and with a yank shifts it totaly in the air, she might note on the masked face a nod of respect for what she did though he is serious again as he jumps through the air, and lands on it smashing the rest under-foot. He dusts off his hands steping off the broken thing he walks up to Katsumi, he reaches for her arm.. slowly to not spook her, and if she lets him take it he holds it up waving his other hand her way.. "The Winner!"


Katsumi Oshiro glowers up at the drone as it turns to face her, jaw firm and lips pursed in defiance. And then she realizes it's aiming at her. Her eyes widen and her expression shifts to a panicked frown. "Ah-!" She takes a step back, arms raising defensively.

And then there's a rain of debris sailing past her. Her head whips one way, then the other, scattering her jet black hair in the process as she takes it in. Holy crap, did she start this? Or was she just the quickest on the draw? She refocuses up above in time to catch the nod, and she gives a grim nod back.

In what feels like an instant, the drone is demolished.

Katsumi's frame is still rising and falling rapidly from the residual panic and stress of the moment, and she leans forward to prop her gloved hands on her knees. When her head lifts again, she realizes the dude is approaching, and she sharply straightens her posture. He takes her arm. He raises it. He declares her the winner.

She is so perplexed right now, so lost. She's staring aside at the masked guy, even if the remaining audience is applauding. "I couldn't.. I mean, I didn't do anything," she protests meekly to him.


Spiderman smiles as the crowd cheers, and adds quietly. "You did what I only try to.. You inspired them." he releases her hand of course, and gives a nod. He walks past Bonesaw he stops and asks.. "Who is ready?", and almost as if playing to the crowd he Responds "Bone Saw is ready!" and Spider-man gives him a high-five. He raises an arm to the side, and looks back as webbing is being shot to the nearest building. "Remember.. With this influence comes responsibiity.. Treat it well, and it will you." he grabs on the line with that hand, and scratches his head with the other.. "I think it was like that?" and waves as he yanks on the line jumping away to return to his patrol.

You hear the crowd changing. "Meeenace Meeenace" as he is leaving again though they sound happy. The match seems over for today as the Ref is just now climbing out from under the ring, and the Saws look happy to leave it be for now moving on to the next match. There are sirens in the background coming this way, but that was prob to pick up the metal crushed drone that is laying inside a creater in the ground infront of her.


Katsumi Oshiro stares at him blankly. Influence.. what? She's used to working crowds. Why, it's a big part of her job. But this is a bit different. "Wait, what's-," he's off! Katsumi wheels around to continue staring at him. "Was that freaking webs?" She looks back out at the crowd, then shakes her head. Her adrenaline is pumping, but with the ring in its current state, odds are there won't be too much to follow for now. Which sucks. And likely means she won't be getting paid. Maybe partial pay. Partial pay is okay.

After taking a few steps, she remembers that she was treating this like a test of sorts, or personal training. If nothing else, she just learned something very important about herself: she no longer has powers. Katsumi moves through the crowd with a weak smile, slapping some high-fives on her way to find a place to change out, but her mind is completely elsewhere. What a way to spend an afternoon.

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