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April 06, 2019:

A Witch and Ice Queen meet a Spider in NYC. Confusion strikes! (As does webbing.)



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It is a nice day out the sun is shining the birds are chirping.. well the pigeons at least. Far up in the sky there is a red, and blue blurr that declears "Whooooo!" as he flips in the air just releasing the last web to fling himself up and around to look below before shooting out another. Using the building for leverage the bends the web to fasten himself on a building with a soft thump. He was getting better at that considering the window wasn't even cracked this time. Thinking about where to go next he pulls out a red wallet, and fingers through it only having some spare change causes a sigh.

"Looks like I need more pictures" talking to himself now as there is no-one around he shoots another web but this time swings down towards ground level. He spotted a hot-dog vendor, and he was hungry having already been patrolling all day. He knew this vendor if he remembered it was Bill, and he didn't know why but Bill there made the best Dogs in the city so it was soon going to be lunch time for this Spider-Man.


Down from the Watchtower into the city, it was great to be back into NYC. Of course, she wasn't quite indulging in the habbits of her 'less-than-honest' days, but that didn't mean that the Witch wasn't taking part in a little luxury. For Alyse, that luxury wasn't a penthouse suite paid for with a little 'fairy gold' spell, but instead a rich hot-chocolate with no less than three marshmellows. It was a close enough second!

So far, things were peaceful enough for her to have the day uninterupted. She wasn't even getting -quite- as many odd looks either, having swapped her usual 'Witch' gown for her 'practical' alternative of a skirt, vest and blazer that made it look like she'd stepped out of some private academy. Still not the weirdest look in the city!


A hotdog was an amazing idea. Such an idea is shared by a pale skinned girl with icy eyes and dark (cool streaked) hair. Brushing said hair back, she walks toward the cart in her goth/grunge style, rolling her shoulders to adjust the fluffy lined parka hugging around her torso. A smooth smile of dark lips greet the vendor as she places her order. Waiting for it to finish, her eyes skip about her surroundings, taking in numbers and counting silently to herself. Paying, she gives an easy 'thanks', before stepping away and unwrapping its foiled glory.


Walking behind the parka one comes something that prob makes her look normal. It looks like a normal sized person dressed head to toe in some spider outfit. As soon as he walks up the man serving the hot-dogs yells out "Oh hey it's Bug Guy" followed by a sigh from the one standing behind her. From behind her she would hear in a muffled voice.. "Spiders are not bugs they are arachnids" like he has a hundred times before. It looks like he is just going to reach it before there are sirens in the background.

With a sigh Spidey looks around from the source to figure out where it is as buisness maybe calling though even before he it is easy to realize this is already a direction they are heading. He waves at the Goth girl if she looks in his direction his face giving the normal narrowed eye friendly expression. "I would like to say thats a new look, but this is New York right?" and chuckles before he leaps up, and back to land on a close building to get a better view. He isn't that far from the ground maybe a story up so can still be seen, or talked to.


Funny thing? Alyse probably wouldn't even know exactly what 'Goth' was. Fae were weird like that. She actually takes a moment to blink and look about before her eyes were drawn upwards towards the leotard-wearing wall-crawler. "So it would seem…" she speaks, but she hadn't stopped her walking. That might have been a mistake, when the Witch collides with the parka-wearing Ice Queen.

A gasp, her hand snaps up to cover her cup. She had to save the drink! Already she was opening her mouth to apologise before she closes it again, blinking at the other woman. Where had she seen that face before?


"Thanks, Spidey. You…doing ok up there or were you actually getting a dog?" She inquires, quirking a fine brow in his direction. She's out of the way, mostly, but not so much that a blonde bumps into her and sends her food crashing to the ground. There's pure sadness in her eyes at that moment, before they slit as she glares toward the girl in uniform. "Watch where you're going, Hogwarts!" She barks.


Spider-man is watching as this colision happends as he leans back so his feed are flat footed but with his bend knees his back is to the wall. The sirens are getting louder and Spidey looks at them.. "Ah random arguments.. I love New York" and chuckles as he really did like it here though this wasn't a rare event. It was pretty far, but they are going really fast down the street, and this is all it takes for Spidey to make up his mind looking at the two as it looks like they are going to start arguing here in the middle of it all so he acts maybe a bit too soon.

With a couple of web shots he tries to pull the two ladies away from the front back up towards the building where he would stick them. If this works he would launch off the building telling them to "Cool off a bit" as he would hop off the building towards the car chase. If not he wouldn't continue the attempt as to him the car coming was the bigger threat he was just trying to get two normal people out of the way before it gets here. Well that, and to give them a time out though if he did grab them he intended fully to release them after stoping the car. Keep in mind he has no idea who either of you are so would not be prepaired for any tricks to get out as he is now focusing on the car not the two people he attempted to seperate.


What did one do when they came across a criminal in public? The Witch was actually a little startled. After all, Lena wasn't holding up a bank or raiding another convoy…she was enjoying a hotdog. Or at least she had been. Hogwarts? Alyse is stall actually blinking a little and opens her mouth to apologise out of habbit. "I didn't me-" she begins, only to shriek as she's suddenly yanked out of nowhere by a webbing line and pulled off her feet towards the building. Her poor drink never stood a chance as it falls from her hand! What in the world?

There's a moment of racing thoughts for the Witch, her eyes sweeping left and right as she tries to spot the threat. Was this some enemy of the JLA? Logic was quick enough to catch up, the Spiderman shooting webbing makes sense after all. Seems her really -is- as much a menance as the papers say.

He'd stopped the arguement, but Alyse herself actually struggles a few moments against the webbing…then she explodes. A rush of gold lights and fluttering wings that spreads out only to reform into the rather annoyed looking blonde.


Whatever the Witch was going to say is lost on her. Both of their bodies slamming back against a wall, stuck there as her rage shifts its focus. She squirms briefly before growling and casting her frozen gaze toward the wall-crawler. A crackling spikes around her, turning the air white as the web fluid starts to spider with frost and ice. Splintering, weakening, the girl pulls from her binds as they tinkle across the sidewalk. With a flick of her wrists, she watches after the masked Parker.

"This is the last time you fuck with my day, Spider. I wasn't even doing anything this time!" Lena yells out, her arms up as a brilliant light shoots out and from her wrists. Kissing the air in a burst of snow, she aims those rays fed by a cryo-core right in the Spider's direction.


Spider-man has jumped into the spot they were, and is already shooting webbing as it looks like he is blocking off them shooting in this general direction already right where they would of been standing. It looks like he took this spot to stop them as he "Fwip Fwip" a couple of times at the car. Without warning he tilts his head, and as the car is coming he jumps into the air into a back-flip a cold burst going right behind him as he looks almost as surprised as the driver.

The ice hits the front of the car freezing it as Spidey comes down on the engine with a kick flipping the car up horizontaly. It looks like all the webs he shot earlier are keeping the drivers safe, but having to dodge the ice made him change his plan to a more direct approach. Catching the car as it continues its flip he grunts a little only holding it for a moment before lowering it back down. He turns and smiles at the wall putting a hand on the car, "Another day saved by… Wait how did you get out… Why are you two looking like that." he backs up a bit from the two ladies holding up his hand.. "Whoa… wait I was just trying to help." he backflips away a bit. "Comon… Friendly neigborhood?"


Half of everything is intention, but the other half? Perception. Spidey had been trying to stop a fight, but to the Witch it looked like he was attacking civillians! He was trying to avoid an attack, but it looked like he was putting cars full of humans in the path of danger. At the very least, Lena's Cold trick made her certain she was exactly who Alyse thought she was!

Lena was throwing ice, but the blonde woman? When she reforms nearby, her hands are crackling with blue arcs of voltage that gather into an impossible sphere in her palm before she hurls it his way. It -was- a stun spell, but that didn't mean it wouldn't hurt if it connected! "You have a funny way of helping!"


Lena chuckles, giving a low whistle as that part of herself (always on the cusp of everything) peeks through. "Using civies as a shield?" She tsks, "My, that's cold, Spider, even for me." Puns. She's got them. His hands were up at least, but her arms were out and leveling her weapons in his direction.

"I'm not one to give more than one chance, and this is your one. Why did you attack us?" The words out might, however, not be fast enough to answer should that bolt of energy reach him.


Spidey isn't really fighting back instead backing up. "Human shields?" he gets out before the spell actually zaps him as he was distracted. He yelps as the spells zaps him a bit, and while he is smoking a bit now he looks at her.. "Ouch! Stop that!" he exclaims though still doesn't fight back! He does point his hands forward, "Listen I don't know what your talking about didn't you see the car?" he waves a hand toward the now busted car. He rubs his neck.. "oooow.." shaking his head. "I got you out of danger not in it jesh." he just holds his hands in the air and wobbles away.

He may look like he is walking away, but he is watching as that zap really hurt! He knows if he was normal he might be stunned on the ground right now, but thankfully he was bearly able to stand. "I know it maybe shocking.." and laughs with a groan as that hurt though he continues. "It is kinda my thing to try to save people from crazy drivers there are a lot of them here!"


Well, he's tougher than he looks! Most people would be snoring on the pavement after a hit from that spell. Arcane energy still crackles in the air around the blonde woman, but he wasn't hitting back. "What car?" she demands. Yep, the heroine didn't see it. Obviously she was without spider-senses of her own and had been simply too caught up in recognition and the destruction of hotdogs. What a story it would have been, for the League's medic to end up in care after being hit by a runaway vehicle.

"It is not normally the 'good guy' that tries to pin random women to walls." Her gaze does flick toward Lena of course, she hadn't forgotten she needed to ask the woman a question or two, but the arachnid had pissed her off a little more.


One does not get between a fae and her sweets.


Lena eyes the partially frozen the car and then the back-stepping spider. Hmphing, she lowers her arms and pivots to head down another stretch of street. There was no thank you from the Ice Queen, but at least she's not firing off again. Hands in her pockets, she grumbles about the odd day, the car, the Spider, and her lost lunch.


Spider-Man sighs as he turns to look at her under the mask he smiles and he gives her a painful shrug, "It isn't about you liking me lady.. With powers like that I would hope you would get that." giving both her, and the other walking away as they both seemed to have powers. He lifts his hand, and shoots a web up, and away pulling himself away before the cops start ariving on scene with questions he didn't want to asnwer. His movements are smoth, yet quick using his strength to pull him away a little faster incase the angry lady tried to attack him again. "Well I guess I made a fan today.." he says lowly to himself.. followed by an unethusiastic.. "Goo Spider-Man!" and shakes it off moving out to help the next people that may need it.

He noted webbing people mid-argument maybe try to catch the food as they could be low on sugar or something so may help with some lunch. He stops for a moment to stick on a building.. "Dang it Lunch!" remembering why he went there in the first place with a sigh.

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