Snatching the Sun

April 03, 2019:

Amaterasu hunts after human traffickers by laying a trap, Darkedge seeks her out and joins the battle.


A dark and hidden den of crime


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Fade In…

The night, as always, is when a silver haired elf is about and active. Tonight, he's searching for one signature in particular, the warm feel of something he's never felt except in the presence of one Ami. Darkedge, unable to see the light of day, seeks the Sun personified. Perhaps loneliness has chiled him. Perhaps so much darkness and night has him seeking warmer company. Perhaps he is merely checking in as he does with others who intrigue him and capture his attention.

Tonight, the Sun herself was seeking, but it wasn't friendly company that had drawn her out. Human trafficking was an ugly business and even today there were immigants of the lands she'd once watched over caught up in it. Young women abducted, shipped into an unspeakable existance, but pure chance had led one to hold an older faith than one might expect today. A prayer that had reached the ears of the Amatsu-Kami.

Now she walked, looking not like a goddess but just another young woman. A pleated skirt, a shirt that bared her midriff, she looked almost the typical 'model' found in Japan these days, but she was something more.

She was bait.

Bait that would catch fish soon enough it seemed, already she could feel the eyes of those who lurked in the dark alleyway she passed by upon her.

Ah. There she is! The Sun, the Warmth, the men following her.

Darkedge frowns, falling into the shadows along with those that also seek his Light.

You are being followed, Amatsu. he sends toward the mind he is familiar with. His words drag the hot feel of unease and bloodthrist with them, the acrid sensation of a need to protect a thing he feels bound to him some way, even if it is only in a small way.

A blink, a frown. She heard the voice in her mind right now, but she could not speak openly. Only a slight nod, a barest indication that she'd heard him before she takes a turn, right into the dark of the alleyway. A prize too tempting, a location too great and devoid of apparent witness. It was perfect…

Or so they thought…

As the men round the corner, one of them produces a small stungun from his pocket and begins to swiftly move forwards. The other two fan out and the first? He surges forwards, one gloved hand seizing over the apparent victim's mouth before the other jams the tazer against her back. There's a moment of pause and then the girl tenses, Ami seemingly twitching before falling 'limp' in her captor's arms.

Darkedge saw the nod, barely perceptible. She knows she is being followed. She wants to be followed? Rolling this over in his mind, the elf watches the men round the corner, surround his Sun, and then subdue her. He tenses, uncertain of what to do. If she knew she was being followed, and continued on anyway, then she meant for them to do this. And she is not entirely helpless.

Cursing himself silently, the assassin plies his trade, slipping in to the shadows near the humans who have her, listening and waiting and watching.

That you could reply in Send, my friend. I will be following. Should these humans do something untoward, I will not hesitate in painting hte ground with their soft insides.

Of course, she wasn't truely unconcious, merely playing the part. Fortunately the men themselves weren't expecting someone who could shrug off a tazer, so they were more than happy to see things as they appeared. No reponse in thought, no telepathic return to the elf, he would simply have to trust in her intention as the 'unconcious' girl was loaded into the van and driven away.

She'd endure the lustful looks and manhandling a little longer. Just long enough for her to find out where the others were being kept.

Soon enough, the vehicle would pull up at the warehouse and the men, chattering away, lift the petite frame of the girl over one shoulder and begin to carry her indoors. Seems this was the place.

A sneer graces the elf's face as the human men load Ami into their vehicle. He follows and drops himself onto the vehicles roof soundlessly the moment a shadow drifts over it. Lowering himself, Darkedge waits, riding the carriage to their destination. He slips along after the men, after his friend.

What have you found here, hmm, dear one? the elf muses on a half thought toward Amatsu.

It was a few moments more of enduring, of talk from the scum about what they'd do to her, what they liked about their victims and what else was on their evil minds. Then they took her down to the basement, to the dark and to the cages where other women lay chained. Seems she'd found her own prize.

"I need one alive." She speaks aloud, her voice startling to the men who thought her unconcious, then the man carrying her screams. It's a harsh noise, one cut short immediately as he's simply burned out of existance into dust. In his place? The still-glowing and flame-wreathed goddess touches down, hair flickering in the self-created wash of heat. Clearly she didn't want -that- one alive.

"Do you?" replies a darker heavier shadow in the corner of this basement. The glitter of inhuman eyes herald the twin daggers of jagged and razor sharp gemstones. His voice, raspy and horse from disuse, hisse through the lightless room, like a snake slithers through the grass.

"As you Wish, then," comes the reply a heartbeat later, just as Darkedge springs into action. The room is dark, shadows created and made heavier and stronger by the flare of light which consumed the one who had carried her. It's a weight the elf uses, dancing among the gathered vile scum. Here a blade sinks between ribs. There, a liver is sliced. Over there, a man drops as he hobbled by twin spikes of ruby impaled side to side just behind the human's kneecaps. WIth a touch, Darkedge reshapes the slivers into wickedly barbed spikey things, impossible to remove.

One. Left alive. As requested, my Light. Darkedge sends, thoughts cold and murderous and controlled. A job well done, he hopes. A faint drift of wishing for such praise slipping past his guard.

Unfortunately, human clothing fared little better than human victims when it came to her flames, yet the goddess is only a flash of skin and silhouette herself for a moment before the flames themselves seem to wrap around her and take physical form until she was wrapped in a shorter and more 'combative' built kimono. A small golden hairpin even rests within her locks, completing the look.

There's no sword drawn, no more attacks, the remaining two men are simply cut down too quick for her to bother thanks to her shadowy ally. A quirk of her lips, she steps closer to the screaming hobbled man and places a hand over his mouth to silence him. "Listen and listen well," she speaks in accented tones, "these women are under my protection now. Those who harm them will meet hell itself. You will tell me where the others are, then you will go to the mortal police and turn yourself in. You face their judgement or you face mine…"

With that? She removes her hand and looks to the elf with a bow of her head. "If you would do me one more favor," she asks of him, "free the women and take them outside while this man speaks. He will answer me honestly or…" she deliberately gestures to the gutted man. "Or I will have you ask him."

With elegant grace, Darkedge bows deeply to the goddess.

"As you Will," he entones softly, an almost pleasant smile alighting upon his lips. With that, the elf turns, shadow stepping into the cage and collecting each girl in turn and ferrying them up and out onto the street outside. Sure, his manner of egress is a shock of bitter cold, but it serves to remind each of them that they are alive and now, they are free.

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