An Elf Sneaks In

April 03, 2019:

An Elf from Avalon sneaks into the Themysciran Embassy and is almost instantly caught.


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Fade In…

The night was dark and moonless. A heavy blanket of clouds blotted out the few stars that sometimes grace the Manhattan sky. Heavy with a promise of rain, the clouds absorb the light pollution that would normally turn the sky a dull sooty orange. It's the perfect night for a dark-loving fae creature to prowl the streets, searching as he often does, for traces of fae-magic in this otherwise banal world. The flicker of daylight bright light above the wall of the embassy catches his eye. For a heartbeat, the light seemed as if it would shoo him away, but the sense of something almost magic tugs at him, and the elf waits for an opening.

His chance comes in the form of a deep shadow made by a tree undert he passing globe of light. Darkedge steps into the shadow of the rooftop he's on and out of the shadow of the tree in the embassy's grounds. Hood up, the fair skinned elf continues forward, slipping from shadow to shadow until he is inside the quiet seemingly slumbering building. Gloved hands come up to lower his hood in the darkness, silver eyes finally relaxed open. He peers about.

Silent foot falls, the ghost whispers of soft leather soles on polished marble floors, take him toward one of the swords on the wall. The elf reaches a four-digit hand toward the hilt, head tilting curiously, as he studies the look of the blade, the pommel, the hilt.

There are a lot of relics in the Embassy here in Manhattan, some of them quite old indeed. Not quite as much of a treasure trove of such things as the Themysciran Consulate in Metropolis—but that is much larger building than this three story home in the bustling city of Manhattan.

The fae is well equipped for sneaking, able to get inside the locked down home and past its initial security systems with relative ease. But the interior of the home is monitored by motion tracking cameras that activate upon sight of anything moving, even in the dark.

Silent alarms are triggered, but not many are home tonight, usually at least a handful of people are residing in the Embassy at any given time, but tonight it is just Diana herself. She wasn't asleep yet either, she was in her quarters on her laptop and reading about appointments for the morning. She usually went to bed around 3 and woke up around 6. She didn't need a lot of sleep by her very nature.

the silent alarm triggers her phone and her laptop to bring up the camera feed. She spends a moment watching the intruder in the home, a floor beneath where she is now.

Modren human technology still a mystery to the elf, the silent alarms aren't even considered, aren't even thought about. Not once during his arrival into the house did he act in a manner suggesting that he was looking for a camera either to disable or to avoid detection. On her monitor, the elf pulls the blade down from the wall, looking it over.

He's given time to look at the sword on the wall, what he'll notice likely is that its been reforged. It was once damaged, it looks like the entire blade had to be replaced near to the pommel, the metal of the blade isn't as old or aged as the metal of the ornate handle its attached to.

But after he's able to inspect all of this, the light in the room he occupies suddenly comes only and in the doorway a voice speaks up, smokey and accented in a Greek-like flavor. "I have a lot of sentimental value invested in that one." Diana Prince says, standing there in a black sweater and black loose fitting pants, her hair is tied back into a ponytail. She stairs right at the Fae.

His study of the blade complete, Darkedge was about to reach up and return it when the lights flick on. He winces, eyes slamming shut. By sheer force of will he manages not to cry out. One hand leaves the blade, reaching up to replace the hood, all as he turns to the sound of the voice and manuveurs to put his back to a wall while trying to find a shadow.

As unsteeady as he suddenly looks, his grip on the blade remains as steadfast as his silence.

Diana doesn't seem to really notice that the light makes the Fae uncomfortable at this point, or she doesn't care? One of those two. Either way she steps into the room now, stepping toward its center while keeping her eyes trained on the hooded figure holding that blade, she has no visible weapons on her person.

"I was told that it was the sword that could kill a God." She says, her voice calm and even toned. "I believed it would kill a very, specific, God." She then shows a light smile on her red hued lips. "I was wrong. It… was just a sword, a well crafted one, but one crafted in haste to mislead a child who was eager to see a bedtime story come true."

Hood back in place and wall against his back, Darkedge pries his eyes open. In the shadow of his hood, they glitter softly as tears pulled from his eyes by the stinging light roll down his cheeks. He holds the sword out to be taken.

"Apologies," he says simply, voice horse as if he hadn't spoken in days…months even.

Diana is smart enough to pick up on the suffering that the man is going through from the light and when he offers the sword she steps over to a polished wooden end table in the room and she slides open a drawer on it. She pulls out a pair of men's sunglasses that had been left here a year ago by a guest who never came back for them.

She walks to Darkedge and she offers the sunglasses as she reaches for the sword. "It is fine." She says then. "Here. Try these." The sunglasses are offered to him, she's not sure if they'll work but its better than nothing, right? "Slip them on over your eyes." She tells the Fae as the sword is taken and returned to its place on the wall.

Sword given over, the elf declines the sunglasses in favoring of digging into his bag for what look like a plastic pair of snowboarding goggles that are almost as dark as the glass found in a welder's mask.

"My thanks. I have something. Your arrival was…unexpected," he states, voice deeper than his frame would suggest.

"As was yours." Diana says then as she folds the limbs on the sunglasses and sets them back where she found them, sliding the drawer shut closed again.

She then turns to face him once more and her hands come together in front of her lap as she stares at him. "Are you lost?" She asks. "I get the sense that you trespassing within other people's property's is a very unliked thing around here." She lets that sit for a moment before she adds. "It is a sure-fire way of getting yourself into a mess of trouble."

With the goggles in place, the elf sighs inaudibly, looking around the now dim world.

"Lost in that I do not know where I am? Not completely. Normally, when spotted, I leave. However, I was holding an item of yours," he replies, not arguing the fact that this sort of trespassing has indeed gotten him into a heap of trouble.

Diana remains standing where she is with her eyes on the man wearing the goggles now. "So you have had troubles already with this?" She asks, showing a very faint smirk. "Why do you keep doing it then?" She asks. "I… am guessing that the night is when you are most comfortable being awake, and… about, but I cannot imagine that you are entering other's homes simply out of pure, boredom?" She tilts her head to the side then.

Has Darkedge had troubles with this before? That question's answer depends a lot on one's definition of 'trouble'. He's response is to faintly roll a shoulder. As for the right of it, the elf inclines his chin, a little more than what he must to look the taller woman in the eyes.

"It is not," is the reply, skipping over any hint of confirmation that the night time is the right time for this breed of fae-elf.

Diana glances to her right and looks out into the hallway. "Well it is very late." Her gaze sweeps back over to the elf and she softly shakes her head. "If you have no business here, then I will have to ask you to leave." The process starts to walk to the door but first she pauses and looked back to the elf and with a curious to stare she's softly tilts her head. "What is your name and where you from?" She asks with a calm tone.

Asked to leave? The elf bows, right hand coming up to his heart. A step is taken toward a shadow, only for him to pause before reaching it as the Lady of the Manor turns back to him. Silver eyes hidden and protected by his darkened goggles slide to her face again.

"I am called Darkedge, and I am from Avalon."

Diana's head tilts straight once more after hearing the else response. "Avalon?" Diana asks, "Did you freely travel here? Why would an elf from Avalon wish to come here? Are you trapped?" She asks each of these questions with an even town of voice and with a peaceful look of curiosity. Her blue eyes look the elf up and down but she sees no signs of the elf being in trouble. " I am with the Justice League, and if you're in need of help I can certainly offer it to you."

Trapped? In need of help? Behind the goggles, silver brows pinch. Thin lips pull into a frown.

"I am ordered to the Human Realm by my Queen. I return at Her Wish and Her Whim or at my own desperate need, though that is an egress I do not plan to use," he replies, body turning to face Diana, his frame tense. In the face of her peaceful and concerned curiosity, he seems not to know how to really reply.

"Your Queen?" Diana asks, her eyes glance for the windows in the room. "Does your Queen know you sneak into people's homes at night?" She looks back to him and shows a slight smirk on her lips as her hands come together and her fingers interlace in front of her waist. She does not wait for a reply to that question. "So then, what is your current mission here that your Queen has sent you on?" She asked as she levels for gaze on him once more.

It is a good thing she doesn't wait for a response from the elf about his Queen for his posture makes it clear that he had no plans to elaborate on who She is. Asked about his mission, however, his eyes narrow and his body language grows even more 'closed off'.

"I have come to learn that humans dislike the idea of what I am sent to do," he says, tone cold.

This response from the elf gets reserved smile from the Princess. She shakes her head from left to right and then softly response. "Breaking breaking into people's homes is not a very good mission." She tells him. "Unless you mean you do at least two things that upset people." And she shows a small little smile toward him once again. "Please do let me know, you see my job is the safety of those in this city, and the world as a whole. One could say you have given me a little reason to believe you're up to any good, at least not that I've seen thus far."

Darkedge's head tilts at this, lips smoothing out into what can only be resignation.

"Then, i think perhaps, our jobs may on occassion be at odds," he says before straightening further, chin dipping faintly in a regal sort of respectful nod.

"I am Darkedge, the Queen's Blade. I am sent to track, collect, and return artifacts of Avalon left in Human Hands as well as to remove those fae and human alike whom the Queen as deeded… Removeable. All this in Service and Protection of Avalon as a whole and its faekin. I do, indeed, mean there are at least two things I do that cause many humans to grow wary and uncomfortable," he says, giving what sounds like a fuller introduction of himself and his purpose. His countance holds no shame for the theft and murder he must commit while simultaneously sounding somehow loyal, forthright, and honorable in this path he takes.

After hearing the elf's introduction, Diana glances once more toward the sword on the wall that he had been picking up when she entered the room. "I see." She says softly as she looks back to him. "I was not aware that Avalon had many missing artifacts in this realm. You see I have been heavily involved in antiques dealing for the better part of the last century here in this world. I have dealt with many stolen items of significant value but I do not recall anything that may have come from Avalon." She pauses then for a moment. "But… I will admit I'm not quite experienced in your people's cultural stylings."

"You need not -trouble- yourself over those small trinkets and trifles," Darkedge almost hisses, not sure what 'antiques dealings' is but sensing it's not something that bodes well if it means this human woman begins searching for HIS items.

This reaction causes Diana to laugh softly and shake her head once more at the elf. "Calm yourself." She quietly tells him. " I have no interest in seeking your people's things. If they have been stolen then they rightfully belong to you and should be returned to you or your Queen." Diana's right hand raises slowly, palm outward. "That being said there are proper ways to go about this and improper. One thing you should consider is that by going through the proper channels you will increase your chances of success and increase your odds of pleasing your Queen."

Her words give the elf a moment of pause. A brow quirks, visible in the way his head tilts ever so slightly.

"Proper..ways?" he repeats. The words not foreign on his tongue and yet the context makes the thought alien to him. What more proper way is there in dealing with Humans than to steal in while they slumber, take what does not belong to them, and if they attempt to prevent the rescue of the item then their life is stopped?

Diana may not be a mind reader but she can definitely see the confusion on the elf's face and with a smile on her face she motions with a hand for the front windows. "You entered my home without permission, without announcing yourself, and preceded to creep around in the dark and I have strange artifacts in this house, that much is true, I assure you that none of them are from your home, Avalon." So with that said Diana smiles softly yet still. " which means you are trespassing and subject to being arrested as you have no purpose here." The princess shakes her head softly from right to left. "I believe in your cause but the way you were achieving it is going to lead you to nothing but trouble."

Motioned toward a window, the elf hesitates a moment before stepping closer slowly. His frame tense, ready for an attack, ready for a double-cross.

"I have already assured myself that nothing here is what my Queen sent me to locate," he states coolly. It hints that he might have taken something if he had believed it from his home, or was ordered so by whomever the Fae Queen is. As for trouble, he stays silent on the matter, perhaps trusting fully in the belief that his Queen will recall him from this realm should he find himself over his head.

The princess lowers her chin an inch as she keeps her blue eyes trained on the elf. "I wish you luck in your search for the relics of your people. Should you find any I ask that you go easy on the ones who hold them as the people of earth may not truly understand what it is that they possess. Often do the people of this world simply own things to showcase them for their beauty and in that sense they may very well be complimenting your people and their craftsmanship. If you find something that belongs to you do not harm the person that possesses it. Instead, I ask that you seek me out to help you retrieve it safely. Return here and simply ask me for help."

This was not at all what he expected this 'human' to say to him regarding this. Well, the sentiment that he could be ginger with other humans was. It's something he's heard before. So, he merely inclines his chin in silent promise to attempt to play nice. At least for now. He's quiet for a long moment coming to stand just outside of arm's reach of Diana.

"And should you find yourself beseiged of demonspawn, as have plagued this realm on and off," he begins, eyes sliding toward Diana. "They are no friend of Avalon and I will gladly dispatch as many of them as you wish or need."

Diana watches the off approach she seems to remain as colin and collected as she has since she first appeared in the room and found him. With a single nod of her head to him she responds, "I will keep that in mind and I appreciate the offer." The princess turns toward the door that leads toward the main lobby of the embassy. She pauses though and looks back to him. "I can show you the way out." She says as she lingers in the doorway, a small smirk appears on her lips. "We humans tend to use our homes front doors, call us creatures of habit." She lightly jests with the elf from another realm.

Again, the elf quirks a brow, only this time his lips twitch on a smirk.

"I do try not to wake my 'hosts'," is the comment made as he steps into Diana's wake, following her toward this 'front door'. Front door. What a novel concept this! Not one he tends to make use of, not anymore. Perhaps, once upon a time he had, when he was young and a princeling in his own right. Now, an assassin, doors mean little.

The lobby of the Themysciran embassy is essentially just the front of an old New York home they used to be the home of the mayor of Manhattan long time ago. It is of course modernize and well kept there's only one small lamp on on top of the desk in the corner of the sitting room that provides a dim soft yellow lighting.

Diana steps across the hardwood floor to the two front doors and she reaches unlock them and crack one open. She looks back to him and shows offense smirk of her own. "I admire at least that much courtesy, Sir Darkedge." She says as she offers the open door for him. "Please do try and stay safe."

At the title, the elf sketches a formal looking bow.

"M'lady," is the reply before Darkedge straightens, smirks once, then steps toward the shadow created in the darkness at the threshold. The shadow embraces him, pulling him into its fold, and then he is gone, reappearing in the shadow of a tree not far from the doorstep. He steps out into the light of faint moon above, and removes the eye protection. Darkedge nods once more and when the globe of light tracing its patrol along the wall behind him rolls the tree's shadow over his body once more, he vanishes again and fails to reappear.

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