What comes up must come down

April 02, 2019:

A pre-match training session is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a mysterious mutant and an equally mysterious magic user.

Sound Stage A - Somewhere Out There

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Fade In…

Just yesterday, an international airliner touched down in New York City carrying a multitude of passengers from abroad. Among them, a small company of Japanese citizens - three of which being athletes - here on business. But their business is pleasure. No, wait, not that kind, settle down. Entertainment counts as pleasure! The male out of the trio of athletes thought the line was a good one when he played it on the customs agent. The cavity search that followed wasn't the punchline he was hoping for.

Regardless, those who pay attention to the wild world of professional wrestling are already well aware of the purpose of this visit. Tonight, in New York City, multiple countries will be represented in the ring for a worldwide competition to find who among them stands tallest! Proving the last part to be figurative is Katsumi Oshiro, at her modest 5'5", who visited the arena gates last night in Brooklyn. Some spoilers were dropped about the event tonight for those gathered in hopes of meeting the talent, but perhaps most importantly, the young dynamo seemed to be extremely weak and fatigued, and wound up being escorted back to the Roxy Hotel by a member of the Justice League - who turned out to be a huge fan. Who'd have thought?

One never would've guessed that happened, to see Katsumi today. Along with her two teammates and their individual trainers work side-by-side, Katsumi is on schedule this early afternoon. The group is in the back area of a gym, its central space dominated by a ring likely used for boxing training, and back to her perky, energetic self. Dressed in a hot pink sportsbra with white gym shorts and matching crosstrainers, her deep black hair tied back in a loose ponytail, the girl is currently running the ropes between the other grapplers. Rapid, light footfalls carry her from one end of the ring where she pivots on heel to stretch the cables against her back, then vaults into a sprint in the other direction repeatedly.

"<Faster! The flight has made you lethargic! Don't slow down!>," shouts one of the ringside trainers in Japanese.


Flight can indeed make you lethargic. Especially when you don't naturally fly and are really engaging in more of a controlled fall. It's hard to say what exactly threw Laura Kinney, sometimes known as X-23, through the air. But from the state of her as she comes crashing through one of the gyms many windows it probably wasn't very friendly.

There is an almighty crash as she hits the floor a little over from a stack of crash mats and another cut off (and probably very obscene) snarl as she bounces then comes to a halt. Her head turns just enough to see the stack of padding and lets out a small groan. "Typical."

Despite taking a fall that should probably have killed her she sits up, rolls her neck causing a multitude of stiff popping noises, and pulls a bit of glass out her leg. "Sorry about the intrusion," she offers sniffing the air. "And the mess. I will arrange repayment for the window."


Sometimes one could eliminate that flying thing altogether with the right tricks or tech. Having spent nearly a month aboard the Watchtower now, Alyse was simply at the verge of going crazy. Wounds stitched, burns cleaned, bruises cooled, the blonde doctor had been doing plenty, but finally the witch was back planetside.

Given her usual favored 'sorceress attire', the simple jeans and shirt she wore as she stepped into the gym was rather plain. Perhaps she'd been getting more lessons in blending in? Taking the time to pin her hair back in several quick movements, the woman sweeps her eyes over the training space with intent to work out a little, relax and play 'normal'.

Then an angry girl comes crashing through the window and she jumps pack in shot, hands already coming up as if she were expecting an attack. Seems normal had gone out the window quicker than usual!


There's a certain rhythm to this ring-awareness cardio routine. It's the sound of shoes hitting springy plank and mat, the brief pause before the ring of turnbuckles as ropes are engaged. And then the process repeats. Add in that some heavy breathing from those engaged, and you've got the background loop to Moby's next single.

All of that comes crashing to a halt when Laura redefines what it means to be a distraction. All three grapplers latch onto the ropes in quick succession to halt their momentum, and the trainers have all turned to the girl who came in like a wrecking ball, but with a better haircut.

Katsumi, along with the only male in the ring, quickly slip the ropes to make their way towards her. The three trainers are already closing in on her. For now, the blonde arrival is flying well below the radar.

"Are you okay?," asks one of the trainers, a tall, willowy male, with a thick Japanese accent.

"Are you hurt? Do you need hospital?," asks another trainer, a short, middle-aged woman.

"You made that wall your b&#*@!," lauds Katsumi, her English considerably better with only a lilt of a Japanese accent.


Laura Kinney wipes a hand across her face. It sort of helps move some of the blood and glass away… Well, at least it moves it around a bit. "I will be perfectly fine, all things considered." She glances at the trainers and in flawless offers an apology for her sudden and very rude arrival.

Her wounds already seem to be knitting themselves closed. Chunks of glass and splinters of wood popping out from her body. Paired wounds on each of her hands also seem to be sealing shut, although there's no sign of what caused them. She lets out another grunt of effort as she shifts her legs back into position.


What in the world? The doctor is already moving forwards, pushing herself in between the team members. "Lay still," she begins, the fae woman reaching a hand out as if she intended to try and keep Laura in place while she inspects the injury…but one didn't need her background or training to see those wounds closing over unnaturally.


Alyse looks up, blinking a little at Katsumi's comment before her gaze moves back towards Laura. There was still the urge to offer help from the League doctor, but now? There was both curiousity and a real doubt it was needed. "Tell me," she asks in her melodic tones. "How did you come to be flying through windows?"


The trainers don't look convinced. Per their profession, each is trained in first aid. But as they start to move in, they collectively note the wounds quickly sealing themselves back over. That - that's not natural. They recoil and share a disconcerted look before huddling to murmur amongst themselves. Though quietly hushed and in Japanese, the word 'mutant' comes up a couple times.

Katsumi isn't a part of the huddle. She stands by, watching the blonde get her chance to inspect the new arrival and ask her very valid question. However, very shortly, the trainers turn to address their wrestlers.

"<It's time to go. Go back to the hotel. Now.>"

Katsumi wheels around on them, perplexed, then looks back to the blonde and Laura. "#^&@, APPARENTLY that window you broke delivered a baby or something and it has'em all &*@#ed off." Despite her annoyance at the instruction to leave, she continues to linger with a fidget. "You sure you're good? That looked nasty, and you don't sound right. Are you sure you didn't injure yourself?"


Laura Kinney tilts her head. Which still makes an unhealthy popping noise as something re-aligns itself lower in her back, but doesn't seem to cause any immediate distress. "I was thrown out of a plane," she explains as if this is something which happens frequently enough it's routine. "It is a long story and not really very important. Although I should be clear I broke no laws," she pauses and looks up at the hole which used to be a window. "At least not intentionally."

"Yes, I am quite aware of what they are saying." An eyebrow raises as they begin to hustle the other wrestlers away. "Although I do not blame them for wishing to leave. It must be unnerving." Despite everything X-23 hauls herself to her feet and shakes off the last of the broken glass. If it weren't for the blood and clothing damage it'd be easy to assume she was just another young athlete here to train. "I can also assure you this is how I always talk. I sound as I always do."


"Thrown out of a plane?" Alyse repeats, blinking once more and looking out towards the shattered window. At least it limited the likelihood of a futher attack and violence. Off the Watchtower for 10 minutes and already in a fight? She'd never hear the end of it. Exhaling a breath, she turns back towards the healing mutant and Japanese bystander. "Seems nothing more was broken then the window. Perhaps a cup of tea then? Tends to be the best way to enjoy a 'long story'."


Katsumi Oshiro latched onto the same thing Alyse did. Thrown out of a plane? A PLANE!? The Japanese girl stares at her for several seconds, lips parted in the beginnings of a full-on gape. But just as she starts to speak, her frame freezes up in tension as a voice cuts in.


Her neck cranes to look back at the two lingering trainers. "<We need to go NOW! The police are bound to be coming and we don't need trouble!>"

It was something Katsumi hadn't even considered. Cops are a tricky situation, and any delay could cost her her appearance tonight. She lets out a conflicted, throaty noise, caught between caution and curiosity. But ultimately, the caution is winning. After all, if this chick really did get ejected from a plane and she's just fine, totally business-as-usual, that means she's not human. Right? And that could mean very, very dangerous. At the same time, what DOES it mean!? And why did she get tossed from an airplane!?

"Nh.. dammit.."

She takes a step back, still peering at Laura with the occasional flick to Alyse.


"COMING! God!"

With a metaphorical stormcloud over her head, Katsumi's shoulders hunch and she turns to leave the other ladies. The trainer is sure to walk close behind her, in case she gets the inclination to double back.


Laura Kinney offers a very elegant Japanese style bow as the trainers and other wrestlers leave. "It is perhaps for the best if I keep this particular story to myself for now," she rolls her shoulders and looks down at the puddle of blood. "Especially as I have a very long walk to get back to where I parked my vehicle." She holds out a business card for Katsumi, although it seems to just be for a PO Box at a law firm. "If you or your… managers?" She frowns for a moment, then shrugs again. "If they can direct any claims for damages to this address I will ensure they are promptly repaid."

Her attention flicks back to Alyse. "Thank you for offering medical assistance. While unrequired it was a very generous offer considering the situation."


Questions unanswered was just that…unsatisfying, already the blonde woman's gaze was etching Laura's face to her memory. She'd have to keep an eye out for the healing girl who reminded her of…someone from the Avenger days. She couldn't quite place it. "You are welcome," she offers and then turns her eye towards Katsumi. Pretty, exhuberant but as far as the Witch could tell? Merely a bystander. Best not to interupt her plans with the strangeness.

"Are you certain you are alright?" she questions as she begins to walk, letting the mutant start her walk first. It was only once everyone's back was turned that she made a lazy gesture with her hand and the glass shards scattered across the floor rose into the air like they were caught in some phantom breeze. Twisting and turning into shape, the shattered glass simply reforms, albeit with a slight smear of blood from the mutant they were impaled in.

Sometimes the little things were about all one could do, but she'd been trying to do the 'hero' thing for a while now.


Katsumi Oshiro can tell she's being addressed as she walks away, and the trainers are about to get extra annoyed with her. The very reason they're behind her is to prevent her from doubling back, but it happens to be exactly what she does. The Punk Princess turns and instantly jukes, dodging the trainers who make a noise both surprised and annoyed!


Katsumi tucks the card against the waistband of her gym shorts with a toothy grin before turning to resume her departure. If nothing else, she now has contact info for something really freaky. She probably won't have time to follow up on anything since they're meant to leave tomorrow morning, but who knows! Either way, as soon as she rejoins the trainers, they're walking much closer behind her to ensure she leaves with them.


"It is nothing. I have ruined more outfits this way than you would expect," Laura offers casually as she begins to move towards the way out. It probably would not take a great deal of investigation for someone with the right connections to find out about her. She had been involved with the X-men for field work on more than one occasion after all. If her enhanced senses pick up on the magic she gives no outward sign. "Anyway, it was nice to meet you both. I hope that you have enjoyable evenings, without any unexpected drop in guests."

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