Blood Diamonds

March 31, 2019:

Lena meets Darkedge in the dark of night near Central Park.

Central Park


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Things were lining up. It was getting closer and closer to 'go' time. For once in her life, Lena was becoming nervous about a job. It wasn't natural, not how she usually felt or thought about things. She also knew that the weather was not her friend lately. The seasons were changing and that choking heat of a city summer was on the horizon. She hated the heat, well, heat she couldn't control. So many thoughts, many that didn't matter.

Walking along a darker stretch of road, she pulls off and heads toward Central Park. The fact that lights skip the path doesn't bother her in the least. Shadows weren't scary to her, after all.

Lena may not be afraid of the dark, but very many other people were. People like one middle aged looking man, who comes bolting from the darker parts of the park, trying for the brighter street lights. One hand clutches a shoulder, blood seeping into the fabric of his nondescript khaki trenchcoat. Between his fingers, the glitter of gemstone is telling. He twists to look behind him, harried by something unseen giving chase, something perhap only in his mind as there is not movement nor sound in the still of the shadows. Sadly, by looking behind, he neglects to look ahead and see the humna woman walking his direction.

NYC was suppose to be a harsh town, so she thought. Seeing someone bolting down a path doesn't seem to startle her very much. At least it wasn't Gotham. She pauses, however, noticing the shimmer of gem and blood alike. With a lift of one fine brow, she glances behind herself and then forward. Smirking, she slips up and hooks her boot against the fleeing man's own, halting that fast track and sending him crashing down to the ground. "Hold on, friend…where's the fire?"

Down the panicked man goes, crying out and turning over to try to scramble to his feet. He manages to get himself up to all fours when he's suddenly lifted by the darkness of his own shadow. Darkedge solidifies from the darkness, one arm wrapping about the man's shoulders in what might look like a hug. The man's gasp turns into a gurgle in Darkedge's lethal embrace, a sliver of gemstone sliding between his ribs and into his heart.

Darkedge slides his gaze up to the human that slowed the man down just long enough before he pushes up to his feet, letting the now lifeless body fall to the cement sidewalk at his feet. The gemstones withdraw as teh corpse falls away, oozes like tendrils along Darkedge's leg and toward a pouch on his hip.

"There was no fire," he entones coldly, blood darkening the front of his black leather armor.

"Ah, you again." She tsks, noticing now that the gems she saw in the faint light of the park lights were weapons, not something worth pinching. Tsking, she nibbles at her lower lip and then steps back a pace, hands down and into her pockets. "It's a phrase, not really talking about an actual fire, elfboy."

Weapons that somehow the elf turned into actual several karat large gemstones and put into a pocket that looked like it contained several more just like it. Definitely worth pinching.

"Yes. Me, again," he says, reaching up to brush back the hood. Mild confusion replaces the cool demeanor of his face as Darkedge finds it incomprehensible as to why the human would bring up fire if not talking about an acutal fire. Frowning, he glances down at the body once more before looking back up at Lena.

"Have I …once again… disrupted your evening?"

"Oh, no. You're…working?" She assumes, glancing at the body without a hint of judgement on her pale features. She glances at his pockets before finding his face once more. "You're not disrupting me. I'm just taking a walk. Saw something pretty and thought I'd give it a go…turns out, it's your killing machines." She muses, smirking, pressing a dimple into her cheek thanks to her dark lips. "You make those?"
"Yes," is all he says in reply, confirming that it is indeed his job to kill apparently terrified and otherwise defenseless middle aged men who stood no chance against him. That she glanced had teh elf following her gaze and missing how she eyed his gem pouch.

"Machines?" he asks, repeating the word as if that was all he needed to do to prompt an explanation of the word. His eyes return to her face, noting the dimple with the lifting of a single silvery brow.

"Make… machines? No. I do not," he replies, clearly not having understood her fully.

Lena sighs and her expression falls. "I forgot how stupid talking to you could be sometimes. You'd think with all your time and knowledge, you'd learn how this society works. At least use the internet, christ…" Walking closer, she reaches out and slips her fingers around his wrist, should he allow her, those fingers pull him away before slipping into his pockets. "The gems. Your weapons. Is that easier to understand? You make them yourself?"

As she draws near and into his space, the elf tenses. Sharp eyes watch her every movement, body poised and ready to attack. But, he doesn't. He holds himself in check as she grabs his wrist.

Beneath the leather of his sleeve, a coil of unyielding something can be felt. His eyes drift down to her dipping into the pocket at his belt, where a dozen or more various cabachones of all different gemstone types can be found. Each smooth and round and flawless.

"Yes. Easier. The gems no. I do not make them. But I purify them, remove the impurities that make them slow to respond because yes. I do make my weapons from them myself," he says.

Taking out a sample or two, she looks over the gems and gives a low whistle. "These are gorgeous." Moving one up to catch some light, she looks through it and smiles, her icy eyes lingering, mezmerized. "You…realize these are precious here, don't you?" Finally giving him some space, she offers it back his way. "These gems, you know they're worth a huge amount of money."

With his wrist let go and Lena back outside of his personal space, Darkedge watches her regard the gemstones. They are reasonably unimportant to him, only having value because he's had these for a while and they move to his will with ease. He'd rather not have to replace them, and yet with so much of his magic having been used on them, they make wonderful tracker beacons for him. He reaches out to take them back when they are offered.

"I do not consider the worth humans find in them, no. Nor do I understand this…money. Is it… something important?" he asks, putting all but one icy diamond away.

"Of course it is. Money is how the world goes 'round, they say. It's how we have places to stay, food to eat, medicine when we're ill. You can't have anything without exchanging it for money." She explains, blinking and looking at the gems being put away. Her lips thin before filling back out to their natural shape. "If you don't understand this place so much, why are you here, Elf?"

"I am here at my Queen's command," is the simple reply. His head tilts a moment before he holds out the gem in his palm.

"Teach me this money. Show me how this bit of nothing can be worth so much to you humans, and what shape it must take to be exchanged for so much," he requests without a coy hint of double meaning or double cross in his voice.
"Well ah…gems are worth a great deal here because they're rare. We can't just make them out of nothing. They have to be found, cut, cleaned, mined…" Eyeing the diamond, then his face, she reaches out and snatches it quickly. Eyeing it again, she scoffs and shakes her head. "You can, um…take them to a jeweler and sale them, then you get money. Cash is what you need. You exchange cash for goods. Me, though…I have to fence this bad boy."

"Fence?" Another word he's never heard before. Found? He can find them. There's a cave outside the city that has enough in there to replace the pieces he loses or breaks or gifts away. Cut? Cleaned? Well, he can do all of that too.

"I do not know a jewler, and if I did, I doubt I would be able to negotiate a trade with one. Would you serve as an intermediary for me, Human? Take a portion of the trade for yourself, an amount you feel is proper for such an activity, and tell me about this… internet," Darkedge requests.

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