Cold in the Iceberg

March 26, 2019:

Lena goes to low places looking for Red Hood. Cole gives her some information and she decides to seek a person she shouldn't talk to. Typical.

The Iceberg Lounge


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Mentions: Red Hood, Punisher


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Fade In…

While in New York mercs and other thugs need to go to clandestine bars like the Hellhouse, in Gotham such subterfuges are not needed. There are high society clubs where common and uncommon criminals can hang out. There is the Egyptian, and of course there is the Iceberg Lounge.

It is a restaurant, it is also a casino (but Cole Cash is no longer allowed to play – for reasons) and it has some rooms for seedy business, including a bar for mercs. Where Cole is still somewhat welcomed. Because in Gotham mercs do good business, and Penguin wants to know. Also, they often spend big. And Grifter can drink several bottles of expensive liquor very quickly when he has money.

Today he has cheap whisky and a missing client. But he entertains himself trying to swindle the bartender. Always a very hard target, so it keeps the wit sharp. Or something.

All Lena wanted was intel. She wasn't working, her names were not on the lists, and if word got around, she was already known for A) Sending Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent up the river and B) Refusing to work with Gorilla Boss not once, but twice. She did few jobs in Gotham, and not in her gear, it was clear she wasn't here to do 'business'. The setting was both functional and punny enough for her tastes.

Dressed in blues and blacks, she sits at the bar and chats up a few that visit and pass by. Her inquiry for the evening - The whereabouts and howabouts of Red Hood. Conversations die out quick, and with a lull, she swirls her glass and takes a steady drink from its amber liquid.

The bartender rolls his eyes at Cole’s latest bullshit attempt. “No… Mr. Cobblept said you couldn’t have a tab. I am sorry, Mr. Cash,” he looks not very sorry. But he is one of the guys that made the mistake of playing poker with Cole a few times.

Cole cheats and although he has not gotten caught (yet) but they know he cheats.

“What about if…” starts the blonde mercenary, but he trails off when he realizes someone is making questions that have made the usually loud bar go quiet. “Uh. Red Hood, you said?” He asks all innocent-like, turning to look at the woman.

"Funny, thought it was Cobblepot." Lena shrugs at the name, eyeing the room if only to wink toward any type of security camera. Lena didn't want quiet, but if people were getting quiet, perhaps it meant it was still active. Eyeing Cole, she glares, muttering curses under her breath before finishing off her glass.

"Yes. Just making sure he's still active." She clarifies, ordering another drink in kind. "What of him?"

“Uh, he is not super popular here,” mentions Cole with a small smirk. Probably because Red went from being another crimelord trying to take over to violent vigilante and not many get why. “But he I heard he was involved in a shootout in the Narrows a few weeks ago. The D.E.O. creeps where all over it despite, y’know, being the narrows. Maybe there were aliens involved.”

"I'm not asking because he's popular or not. I'm asking because people talk about him here. That's all I wanted." She explains, accepting her drink with a smile and thanks to the tender. Sipping, she licks her dark lips and glances out toward the bar. "Shoot out in the narrows. He made it out alive I take it?" Talk of aliens seems to gloss over the girl. Her pale gaze shifts, settling on Cole directly.

“Aliens my ass,” comments the bartender, chuckling at Cole. “Hey, what else could draw the DEO to the Narrows,” replies Cole, sounding so perfectly reasonable that a few thugs are nodding from their tables. The D.E.O. does not like Gotham. This comes from the old times of the MRE and what happened with Hugo Strange, way back.

“Anyway,” he adds for Lena. “Since the Punisher was also around, I give Red a fifty-fifty.” The Punisher being mentioned makes a deadly silence fall on the bar, of course. Terror like not even Batman inspires. But only for about three seconds. Then people decide the smart thing is completely ignore Cole.

But this time he is telling the truth.

"Guess I'll have to find this Punisher and ask then." Not seeming to care about the silence, she continues nursing her glass before setting it down and paying off her bill. "He's still kicking around, that's all I need to know." Payment made, plus tip, the girl pushes back from the bar and offers a half-hearted salute Cole's way. "Thanks. For once."

“Wait,” says Cole, not moving from his seat. “You don’t go looking for that guy if you have a traffic ticket, Cold Girl. And you got more than one, I think.” He sips from his drink and smiles at Lena. “But if you can find out what happened in the Narrows, I know people that want to know too, and can pay well for the info.”

"I'm only looking for Hood. Well, not physically, just knowledge of his well-being. Big boys with big guns and Saturday Morning names don't worry me, either. Also, about that shootout? I don't care what happened and playing lip service isn't my deal. If you need a penny, well, guess it's something you could look into, hmm?" Winking, she pulls up her fluff-lined hood and turns to leave.

“That is not the Punisher…” but uh, kids never listen. “Good luck finding your boy,” he decides. The bartender stares at him. “Yeah, yeah, me and my big mouth,” he grumbles to the older man. Well, older-looking man. The blonde mercenary produces a fifty from his pocket. “Another bottle,” he orders. He will still wait another hour, after all.

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