An Ideal Date

January 15, 2015:

Batman is doing his playboy thing, on a dinner date with Wonder Woman and it turns into Wonder Womans ideal date….

Cobble Hill - Gotham City

The place to be in Gotham if you care anything about the entertainment business or Fashion is Cobble Hill. Some of the most ritzy businesses and houses can be found in and around Cobble Hill. Some of Gotham's best shopping neighborhoods can be found here and it's not just clothing, florists, small cafes, high priced jewellery stores, car dealerships, expensive mini-malls and at night, the gentleman's clubs all wind down one street that becomes an exclusive upper class Red-Light District (much more pricey than East End, the 'true' Red-Light District of Gotham). Though the ever ongoing fad in Cobble Hill is cash one can find the squalid as with anywhere in Gotham, usually these come in the form of cheap knock-offs and corner cutting to get the more expensive real deals.


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Fade In…

Snow coats Gotham right now in a frosted blanket. It still sits and refuses to remove itself in the twenty eight degree chill, clouds dot the dark sky. The Diamond District with all of it's lights looks like Las Vegas at it's brightest despite the smothering shadow and gloom of the Gothic metropolis. Floors above the cityscape is one of the most expensive restaurants this side of the East Coast. A simplistic monochromatic yet beautifully artistic piece with dishes that cost hundreds (not something that matches their portions of course).
"Mr. Wayne, your Darjeeling tea… a very stylish Orange Pekoe."
The blond 'Daper' hairstyled young waiter offers the pot and two cups. A gracious and trained smile given to the man's companion, the statuesque dark haired woman across from the fine suited billionaire playboy. "Anything for you, Mrs…" An intentional pause there. The employee of /The Dust/ knows exactly who she is - he probably just wants to hear her say it so he can confirm her identity for whatever blogger, news writer, paparazzi or media informant he has under the cuff.

Elsewhere, a middle-aged man rushes quickly through sludge, over ice and through snow covered Gotham streets with a laptop case and contents tucked firmly underneath his arm. His hurry has him flustered even with the cold. Not the pace of a man in a hurry to get to work, no, this is the movement of an individual racing to or from an emergency or quite possibly someone being pursued whilst still attempting to remain incognito. As far as that can be managed.


In the Clocktower, Oracle does what she does best… watches and observes. Her team on the ground are all busy, as usual, and she monitors their actions providing support as required. Her eyes flick to one of the security feeds of the city and she notes the man hurrying through the snow, the nature of his movements causing her eyes to narrow. Pulling the security feeds of the surrounding area to the main screen, the red head scans for any particular danger, whilst checking 'who' in her team is near the area.


Kane Reynard grew up poor and while he's not exactly impovrished these days, he's far from rich. So The Dust is not exactly a place you'd expect to find him except…

Except he's the go to person for well made, old world hand crafts in the city. Wood, leather, bone and metal. Few finer works can be found locally than come from Lost Arts. The Dust is a trendy kind of place but one that demands understated quality in all of its works. So here's Kane, delivering a few dozen polished cherry wood tea saucers and matching wrought iron cups and pots, painstakingly detailed and filigreed. Works of art, if he does say so himself.


"Diana." Lips untouched by a paint or rouge, part from her own flute of red wine, setting it down on the table as she offers the waiter a smile, one many call enchanting, but it is simply the honesty in its expression, one that touches those cerulean eyes and tilts the corners light enough to emphasise the ethnicity in her bearing.

Wonder Woman, Ambassador, Princess, and out with a friend. It is hard to miss the woman though in a deep red grecian dress bearin a gauzey draped fall over bare shoulders and down the length of her back, straddling exposed spanse of her spine. Upon each wrist are those vembraces, always in place with a meaning and depth.

"You may call me Diana."


"Diana… ah, you wouldn't happen to be… No, no way, the Prin…" A blush appears on the waiter's cheeks as Diana's attention drops to him.
"Darjeeling, I hadn't even ordered yet. I'm assuming my butler phoned ahead." Very few people know what Bruce Wayne's favorite tea is. "Orange Pekoe? Hrm, almost perfect. Almost." An intentional and subtle cut in to draw the man's focus away from his companion. Not out of jealousy but mild annoyance at the fishing. Expected, however, also their appearance not exactly unintentional, Bruce Wayne did just get back Tuscany and before that he was in Crete and in each location a different woman on his arm why not be seen with the Amazon. Aside from several obvious answers, fortunately Diana was a friend and wouldn't cause him bodily harm over trivial practices, practices that kept him appearing an eligible bachelor.
"Almost perfect?" The man stammers before stepping back and catching the toe of the man behind him, a tumble ensues, a tumble that sends him backpeddling towards Kane and his package. A package that no doubt exceeded the worth of the waiter's entire years salary.

Below and outdoors Doctor Blank pauses to catch his breath as several figures can now be seen cutting through the shadow laden streets. Closing in on their prey. A shout from the pursuers though inaudible to Oracle just yet causes the scientist to take off in another sprint through the snowy landscape.


Tracking the mans rush through the snow, Oracles systems reveal who he is: Doctor Buddy 'Bud' Blank, a scientist that works with a Wayne Industries sister company: Pseudopersons, Inc.

Checking the avatars on her screens, Oracle activates her comms unit "Batman, Oracle. We may have a situation. A scientist from Pseudopersons appears to be pursued and they are coming towards you." tapping her comms unit again, she speaks to Kane "Fox, Oracle. Your services may be required, be ready."

The Information Goddess has already started searching for 'who' this scientist is and just what may make him interesting enough to chase through the snow.


"Woah there!" It's fortunate that Kane's package isn't fragile. Not exactly. Getting dropped propably wouldn't be the best thing for the wooden saucers though and the cups and pots might dent. It'd be bad. Fortunately Kane does mange to avoid dropping anything. Unfortunately in the process of dodging he does get knocked by someone coming up behind him and stumbles a bit right into a certain dark haired amazon.

"Ack. Sorry there." Bruce will notice, of course, but if Oracle's watching… she may note too… and know who it is.


Diana watches the stammering youth, one manicured brow rising along with the simultaneous tug at one corner of her lips, a slow nod not fully ending as he is dragging his words out and she is confirming them at the same time. "Wonder Woman."

Poor Bruce will get his order in soon, if the boy does not break himself in the meantime, or end up fired. Though when the stumbling begins the domino effect is all that Diana can see occuring and instead of watching human folly ensue she rises and sweeps forward, catching the waiter in a fist full of his white button up shirt and making a nice lean to for Kane as he also stumbles, her other hand wrapped lightly around his arm to keep him aloft.

Bruce should be used to it, of all people, the look she passesback his way one of mirth.

'Almost perfect' seems to be the coined phrase this night. Kane manages to save his wares in a graceful display that ends with him being caught up by Diana, the waiter as well. Who, by name tag is named Seth.
A small smile appears across Bruce's features next, "Please, Diana, don't juggle them next. I'm afraid I'm too jetlagged to enjoy that show."

Seth re-adjusts as non-chalantly as he can though his astonishment is evident, "You are her! Oh, sir! I apologize!" The waiter exclaims in his state of confusion as he steps to Kane, hands waving in the air as if he is checking the man over for any harm.

"Let us not make a scene here and just carry on with our night." Bruce interjects a hand motioning Diana back towards her chair as he ignores the continued neurotic activities of the waiter who is now hawking over Kane. Its then that he catches Oracle's transmission by means of his wrist watch a blipping light which he'll have to check in a moment.

Audio now a feed that is synced up to Oracle's surveillance systems as men in nondescript black to grey body armor corral Doctor Blank in towards a closed theatre entrance. The man turns and begins to pull at the gate, wedging it open enough to try and slip inside. He'll be in a black out location for her if he gets in. At least until she can hack the theatre's security.


The searches on 'who' this scientist is begin return results to Oracle and she frowns as she reads them, keeping an eye on the mans progress.

It takes a few seconds as the red head plots his forward progress and accesses the Theatres building management system. It doesn't take a lot of work, and soon the security feeds from that area begin to display.

Thanks to Kanes' Oracle Comm, she can see that 'Bruce' has not yet received the message, and who he is with. Another search has been started, if Diana has a cell phone or other communication device on her, Oracle should be able to contact her too.

Tapping her comms unit, she speaks to The Fox "You're up Fox. Downstairs, I need your help" and provides the description of the fleeing scientist and his co-ordinates.

Another tap on her comms unit "Batman, Oracle, the data on Pseudopersons has been wiped, whoever it is, they're good… I'm going to dig further, but it will take time. Dr Blank is entering the Theatre. I have eyes on and despatching the Fox… I see he is in your company."


"Thanks." Kane says to Diana as she prevents any more human pinball than has already been on display tonight. He too would appreciate not being juggled.

He has a bluetooth earpiece. Which isn't connected to anything to be clear. His phone is in his pocket, however he's discovered that people will ignore the darndest things if they think you're on a phone call. Plus, ever since Oracle made contact, that can suddenly be the case at the most awkward times. "Yes I hear you. We'll get that taken care of soon as I drop this off." Even with the earpiece there are limits to what one may say freely.

"Why don't you take this…" Kane hads his package off to 'Seth' as the man looks him over. He's not hurt. Really. "Back to the manager. And as the man says, we'll all get on with our evening."

Bruce gets a nod. Kane knows who he is, from papers. The man is Gotham's Tony Stark. Well, more reclusive, but still. Diana, self professed to be Wonder Woman (not that this isn't known) gets something that slightly more like a small bow. "Sorry to distrub you."

Relieved of both package and awkward 'run in' situation, the incognito Fox turns to head downstairs. "You know I'm not exactly in costume, right?" He hisses to Oracle once he's out of earshot of people.


Diana releases them both, not seeming to pay much mind to Seth's stammerings and returning the small bow with a nod before moving back for her seat that Bruce reminded her of. "If the juggler is good, the show will keep you awake. I can call on some exceptional ones…"

Unlike Bruce, Diana does not have a button to answer her comm, those star shaped earrings automatically connect with oracle and allow her to freely feed like a whisper into her ear. The only thing Diana gets as a warning is the crackle of white noise and then a feedback beep that both her and Oracle get to hear due to the fact that she is being hacked by an unknown channel.

Now Diana takes her seat with a cringe, one hand going to her ear, speak fast or she is going to rip that thing free…


The wristwatch is checked; Oracles voice translates to small legible text, Kane is more or less ignored (more to keep up with appearances than anything else).
"Time to make an exit." Bruce says quietly, quiet enough only Diana would hear as much. It's then his voice raises, "What kind of service is this? I thought the Dust was an establishment with some class!? You have idiot waiters running in to delivery men… this Darjeeling isn't even Makaibari. Tasteless swill… "

"Wha-what?" Seth stammers and goes pale. "Mr.Wayne, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to… "

Bruce grunts and leans in towards the young man face to face, "Your manager will hear of this and tell whatever clown is hiring you to embarass my guest and I by acting like a moron just helped you lose your job."
"Oh no, please, I need this job, it's putting me through college! He only hired me to take some photos of your date and find out her name… please, Mister Wayne…"
A dismissive wave of his hand and Bruce Wayne is storming off (with added staggering) also a spilled glass of wine on another customer his way. It'll be slipped in there that he was drunk once again and acting the spoiled rich kid he's known to be. Seth there will end up getting a letter of apology from the man with a sizable final check.

The closed Theatre doors shove open and Doctor Blank is forcing his way through a tight squeeze in to the outer doors, the space between small enough he has to kick his way through the inner doors and in to the theatre's interior. Fear aids him in his flight. Within heartbeats he is racing down the corridor that opens to the many viewscreens or stages and behind him those armor clad, weapon toting men follow. Doors for them are minor obstacles that take much less time to clear and they do not seem to be sparring the bullet or boot in their pursuit of their prey.
"Four left. The rest of you with me. Non-lethal." Lights snap on, their beams cutting out in to the darkened theatre, optics being switched in setting to amplify and adapt to the emitted light. High-tech. Not extraterrestrial levels but well-taken care of.


Oracle can talk quick and she does as her comms connect to Diana's earrings "Wonder Woman, I am Oracle as associate of Batmans. There's a situation downstairs that needs addressing. Batman has been notified."

Watching the good Drs' pursuit on her screens, Oracle narrows her eyes as they enter the darkened theatre and smiles grimly. Having access to building management systems can be helpful and the Information Goddess turns on all the lights. That should temporarily blind the pursuers and given their quarry time to hide.

Tapping her comms she speaks to The Fox "You might not need it, there are others in the vicinity. Find the target and get him out of there. I'll tell you where to take him soon."

Batman receives another update with the location and disposition of targets as Oracle watches his avatar move across her screens.


Kane needs fewer excuses to make an exit, so hes a floor ahead of Diana and Bruce as he reaches the street and breaks into a run. "Theater…. theater…" There. Across the street and down the block. Gated and fenced but Kane is a parkour enthusiast. Its the work of only a couple moments for him to be over the fence and looking for a rooftop or balcony vantage. Or perhaps a window. The Fox, unmasked, takes out a loop of paracord and ties the horshoe that he generally keeps on him to it. No one questiosns a horseshoe and it makes am excellent weight for a weighted rope if one needs a grapple or an emergency weapon.


The voice feeds over the comm unit just before Diana about rips it out of her lobe. Pausing and fidgeting now with it like that prime piece of jewelry needed to ensure seating. "Yes, so I see he has been…" Stated to Oracle in return lowly as Bruce now starts to make a scene. Oh sweet Penelope, grant her patience for this…

Diana slides her seat up with a dramatic sigh, one hand gathering up her dress between fingers, her other waving exaggertedly. "Oh why must you make such dramatics, the tea was only /slightly/ warm. Nothing is ever hot enough for…" Walking at his side she speaks lowly. "That poor kid is going to cry himself to sleep, you're an insufferable ass."

Diana swats him with her little hand purse and steps outside of the building in time to see the tail end of Kane's retreat.

Brow perk.


Nine trained armor clad men moving with a purpose have invaded the Parobeck Theatre. Four of them are now kicking open doors along the west wing and three others now head towards the east. The remaining two are headed upstairs. No one has stopped to disable security systems which have been silently blarring since Doctor Blank forced entry in past the interior doors. Someone beyond Oracle's immediate grid between her and the GCPD intercepted the signal.

Once out of earshot and in relative privacy Bruce looks to Diana, the voice change more than evident, sober, serious. Straight to business, "You're on, Princess. The man who left ahead of us may or may not be an ally but he doesn't need to know Bruce Wayne is Batman. It will look odd if I show up at your side, I'll hang back, assess the situation and cover you. "
"Oracle, how many of them and are you able to identify?" Bruce is walking briskly away from Wonder Woman now and towards street-level, somewhere he can watch without being sighted.


Bruce does not even need to tell Diana twice, as he speaks to her she is already popping off the brooches, the symbols of the old Greek gods and laurels, every clasp sliding that fabric looser over her skin.

"Hold my heirlooms." A smile and she was gone, only a slight breeze shifted before Bruce when she took to the sky, that deep red sateen fabric floating down to land like a puddle where they had stood, whether he was there any more or not.

Reaching the theatre she lands upon the rooftop and tries for the roof entry door. Old metal to match the old style architecture of the building… Unbudging for those who…


The locked doorknob is twisted off and she tugs the door open by the Wonder Woman made hole.


Oracle watches her screens and the progress of the three on the ground as she conferences Wonder Woman's and Batmans comms "Nine Batman. No identification possible at this point." Right now, she waits for the scenario to run its course.


Kane's finally inside. It taken him a couple flips and he's listening for others. He can hear some of them moving. Even at its best, no armor is silent. Too much rubbing and creaking and clattering. It may be muted, but it's there. He's got… it kind of looks like he's aping Wonder Woman with the rope. The difference is that he doesn't intend to tie anyone up with it. The end of it's already whirling. "Got any idea where the guy is that I'm looking for?"

Into the main auditorium of the theater he goes, creeping along the balconies looking for a mark of some kind. Any mark.


Static scribbles across one of Oracle's monitors, "You got to be fucking kidding me! I seriously couldn't resist saying hi." A smiley face appears. A voice that is highly electronically influenced projects. "A very dreamy hi to you. You, milady, are a Queen and I am but a lowly peasant not fit to even tread in the wake of your royal flatulence. Like, wow. Balls, who knew working for these bozos would let me cross digital swords with the Goddess of the Datastream herself. I… just… " The smiley face turns in to a wolf with it's tongue hanging down and it's eyes bugging out in the shape of hearts. "This is a real honor. I need your autograph." The face on the monitor vanishes in to scribble again and the digital inflected voice is all that is left. "Look, I know you probably want to like cock punch me or something for this and I know I'm going to get in trouble for contacting you but I couldn't help myself. This is a once in a life time opportunity. Maybe. I mean, I could get killed for this."

Parobeck Theatre —
Dr.Blank himself hunches down in 3A on the west wing in the third row clutching his dead cell phone. Knees and laptop to his chest. The laptop wasn't necessary but it has more work than just the work he's worried about right now on it. He always has it.
"Please, someone help me…" He whispers to no one.
2A the doors burst open and lights flood it as the three man hunting squad closest to Blank enter. "Come out come out, egghead… "
1A the Main Auditorium - two of the hunters walk on opposite sides of the lanes, both close to Kane as he is in this same room. Their lights sweeping from left to right, weapons with them. "I have movement."
A fist holds up and weapons both swing to the eastern side of the large room, lights flashing up through the upper terrace. Wrong side. Kane is on the other.
Wonder Woman with her advanced hearing can make out the general location of these men if she tries, they are not exactly being silent. With a very focused listen she can actually hear Blank's fear-whispers and mutters. The man's teeth are pratically clattering out of his skull.
No sign of Batman. He is, as he said, monitoring from a hidden vantage.


Coming down the hallway, Wonder Woman listens, one hand is running along the concrete wall while eyes stare dead ahead, piercing the darkness and beyond while every footstep she seems to be seeking something, waiting for the right moments, all the while her other hand slides fingers along the golden glowing lasso, prepairing.


"Why do I always attract the nutters?" Oracle shakes her head in disbelief at the intrusion, already running system checks to see how far this one has made it. She won't bother to speak to it, just types her message in == Who are you and who are they? == She'll give it an autograph, alright.

Her attention back on the theatre, she scans the feeds to find where the Doctor has hidden before tapping her comms "3A, West Wing, 3rd row. Guy with a laptop, secure him and get him to safety. Be aware you have four hostiles in that area."

On Batmans and Wonder Womans channel, the red head provides a similar update "You have three in 2A, two in the main auditorium and the remaining four in the West Wing. The Fox is seeking the Doctor and will take him to safety."


Kane is a floor above the good doctor. He can't hear him but Oracle just called out his location. Okay… this is going to be tricky… but…

Hop, vault, drop. Kane flips over the banister and drops to the balcony below before said bannister can break. "Doctor Blank. I'm here to help." He reaches out for the man wishing very closely that he had the charms on hand he needs to confer some protection on him. Alas, he's not in costume and didn't think to bring them. Just his horseshoe, rope and a pair of Sai.

"Stay quiet and close to me. This way." Motioning for the doctor to keep low he starts to lead him out the back, knowing pursuit is just below them.


"I am a fan. You can just call me Bird Watcher. As for these bozos, we'll just call them /the/ bozos. Do you like that? Bird Watcher and the Bozos. Great band name, huh? How are your guys doing right now? Mine are closing in. I think. I can't check because you took priority over the theatre's surveillance systems, tsk tsk, not very nice and uht oh, you're checking to see how much I fondled your precious systems. Don't worry. It's just the tip." That smiley face reappears with LOL scrolling across the screen. "I crack me up. I suppose I should pull out now before you traceroute me." A winking smiley face now projects. This hacker clown is enjoying himself.

"Oracle, patch me in as well. I have no visual from here." Batman's voice chimes in, cutting through the absurdity the 'Bird Watcher' is filling Bab's screens with. An annoyance at best. "This new guy, Fox, I want information on him when we can have a sit down." Despite the situation the Caped Crusader sounds his usual unreadable calm.

"West wing, clear."
"Center, clear."

"I don't recognize you… "The trembling man mumbles as he shrinks back from Kane, "Are you a cop? I need Batman. I need to see Batman… " The man doesn't budge beyond lifting himself a little and then a loud, "We have activity! Movement, east, east!" Shots are fired. Upholstery rips off of seats near the doc and Mr. Reynard. "Non-lethal damnit, non-lethal!" Follows the gun-fire which results in a momentary pause before the thunder of footsteps throughout the old theatre starts to resound. They're all moving on in Kane and his second package of the night.


A winding path, the rooftop entry winds -around- the buildings main levls, doors leading into the floors as well as the inner roundabouts, all locked for security purposes as this is the 'employees only' side of things. Sandalled feet carry the woman in a predatory stalk, but not to sneak up on anyone just yet, to allow her hearing to go unhindered moreso and as she is doing that her eyes are darting back and forth, almost in beat with the readings Oracle is giving in her comm.

Shots are fired and that is when it happens. As upholstery goes flying and cotton is bared like faux innards the fabric shreds now share airborne with brick and crete shards that burst outward from the walls behind the men taking fire. Vembraces flash and two men are gripped by their armor and slammed repeatedly into the brick wall that separates them from Wonder Woman on the other side… Temporarily.




Each slam of their bodies seeks to disarm them and possibly render them unconcious. Well hopefully before that brick buckles from the sheer forces and she yanks them through and to her side, discarding them to the side and stepping through.

Cerulean eyes turn to Kane and Blank, no smile but simple words to the scared office man. "Do you recognize me? Go with him. Now!"

The final word spoken and she is racing forward seeking to intercept.


Oracle conferences the channels together. "Fox, you're speaking with Batman and Wonder Woman" Let's see what the Druid makes of these myths.

The Bird Watcher has the redhead staring bemusedly at her screen as she types == Been a long time since anyone's said anything like that to me… Perhaps we should meet. ==


Well that's three down. And Wonder Woman certainly has a presene about her, so Kane decides to go for broke, grab the Doctor's wrist and make a break for it.

They get, oh, about twenty yards when the rest of the team starts to react. One of them spins around a corner with rifle up. Textbook. His partner will be right next to him in a second. No flagging. All smooth. Well until he takes a horseshoe to the face. Right on the bridge of the nose. Kane is not a believer that close enough couts in this particular case. Having one's nose broken is fairly painful and debilitating. Comes with lots of blood and sharp shooting sensations everywhere. He's not going to be pulling the trigger for the next heartbeat or ten.

His partner has about half as Kane whips his weighted rope back and sends it out again, this time around the neck. One tight yank later and the man isn't thinking about doing anything with his gun. Not thinking of anything but getting that rope off his neck. Which is when the Fox closes and brains him with a sai. Contrary to popular belief, Sai are not bladed. They're actually short clubs. They will, however puncture skin quite effectively, which is how that assailant ends up with a broken collarbone. He won't be shooting any time in the next six weeks.

Moving on, then. God he hopes no one shoots him or the doctor in the back.


"Fox. Oracle has updated me on the situation I need you to get that man clear of the area and have him ready for extraction. Tell Doctor Blank, Esse Est Percip, he will give you full cooperation once he hears that." Silence from the Dark Knight after that.

Four down. The men are quick responders, that removes the three directly and one of the center room assailants. The present, closest man startled enough by Wonder Woman's entry has spun to spray her with a stream of sub-machinegun rounds, modified of course, not quite rubber and they burst on impact to inject a toxin that will induce paralysis on standard human targets. Works great on flatscans, not something the Amazon classifies as.
This leaves only the four other than the shooting man.

Blank despite moving the same direction as Kane and having his wrist yanked is still seeking exit, one way or another. Even with Diana's annoucement of who she is. Seems to matter not - no doubt a reason for that.

The smiley face reappears and in a stunned O face and hangs silent several seconds, coordinates appear across the screen. Longitude and latitude. "But, daddy always said never trust strangers. I am a stranger. You dirty bird. I approve of this." A flag appears waving back and forth and the sound of cheers emits, "We have gunshots! Chaos! I really wish you'd let go of the cameras and let me see. Oh, do one better… aim a camera at you. I bet you're hot. Your font is hot." A pulsing heart appears on the screen.


Keeping an eye and an ear on the Theatre feeds, Oracle listens for instructions for herself.

Bird Watchers response has her laughing and the coordinates noted. She'll use them to her advantage soon. == You've fondled my systems and shown me the tip, surely that means we're more than strangers? I'd turn a camera on myself, but I doubt you'd survive just how hot.==


Wonder Woman is moving to cover them. If Oracle is laying some semblance of trust in this 'Fox' person he should be able enough to get him out while she handles the rest that lay ahead instead of behind. She can hear their melee even as she is rebounding those bullets fired, vembraces upon forearms serving as her shiled while she heads into the group, stopping in the center of this 'pack'.

The golden glow now eminates from the unwound lasso, the slightest flick of her wrist opening that loop before it is thrust forward. "Is that /all/ you can give me. It has the reek of a scared rhinocerous. I am offended!" Her words echo forth in a challenging call and a blow to egos done purposefully, aiming to capture one man within that glowing lasso and yank him forward while she sidesteps. Much like a trick with a yo-yo she uses his unsteady weight and begins to spin him through the air - using the man to knock his other comrades to the floor if successful.


What exactly does a scared Rhino smell like? Don't ask Kane, he's a Gotham Druid. Never been to Africa. "Esse Est Percip, Doctor. Not far now. PS, I don't think much of your drinking buddies here." Ugh. He needs to start carrying his charms with him. This is rediculous. Even more so as the one intelligent attacker in the hunting pack steps out in front of him and slams him in the face with a buttstock.

The Fox staggers back a moment and then hooks the barrel of the weapon in one of the tines of his Sai. This might take a moment. "Out the door doctor. Someone's waiting to extract you. I'll be right behind." And he will. Just as soon as he dislocate's this guy's shoulder and… breaks a couple of his ribs. Fortunately, he has two sai…


Extraction comes by means of an awaiting Batwing - the vehicle's engines a low hum but a dim white light is shining down to indicate a ladder. Blank just has to swallow his courage and get inside. The vessel itself is completely black, near invisible as the light seems to sweep off of it, a psuedo-cloaking camoflage. "Get in, Doctor." A voice transmits from the black flying machine.
A panick rattled, "Thank you… " is offered Kane before the man does as instructed. Wonder Woman's combat abilities are more than these unidentified soldiers are capable of handling, coupled with Kane's unorthodox style they are overconfident and underprepared. A folly no veteran should ever suffer.
"Well done." Batman manages over the comms. "Wonder Woman, will you escort? It might be a necessary call until we hear Blanks story and determine who our enemies are."

"Nose bleed levels of hot, no doubt! Ah well, fuck, Gotham Vermin 1, Bird Watcher and the Bozo's 0. Good game, my delightful digital dreamwoman. I look forward to our d-d-date." He sing songs that final part which comes out autotuned. "Fairwell, Lady O. I already miss you. XOXO Bird Watcher." The smiley face goes sad faced then falls over doing PacMan dying sounds.


Kane sees the Batwing. He has no idea what it is of course, but he can guess. His guess is 'super secret paramilitary- this is what normal people must feel like when I talk about magic.' Either way it's time to go. Disangaging from that last soldier with a 'crunch' the Fox gives Wonder Woman a half salude and slams out a fire exit. Seriously. Not in costume. Time to make tracks.


Wonder Woman is standing there with one of the men in her lasso, the terrified look in her direction not doing a thing for her in regards to wavering in the way she held him dangling over the open floor space of the theatre.

"Looks like the rest of your secrets are safe.." Not like she needed to know any more about his joy in wearing satin boxer briefs and how much it sucked for him in this armor. "Was great meeting you Gaylord."

The lasso was slackened in her grip and slipped between fingers and palm, leaving him to Wilhelm scream and pass out. But he would not impact, she stopped him before then and set him down in a chair, winding her lasso back up and exiting the theatre.

Hovering now beside the Batwing, Wonder Woman gives a small salute back to Kane, tilting her head and escoring the vehicle back to the Batcave.

A girl couldn't ask for a better date. Right, Oracle?

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